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NWA-TNA 7/8/2005

Full TNA Impact! ResultsĀ  7/8/05
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of

-The Impact opening airs right away to start the show.

-Tenay greets us as the first match starts immedietely.

David Young vs. Chris Sabin
Lock up, standing headlock from Sabin. Young fights out with some forearms. He then throws Sabin into the ropes, and they both give each other a shoulder block and stare at each other. Young comes off the ropes and Sabin takes him down with a drop toe hold. Sabin with an atomic drop followed by a jawbreaker. Sabin comes off the ropes and nails a huricanrana. Young rolls to the outside. Sabin comes off the ropes and slides under the bottom rope to the outside, but Young goes back inside the ring. Sabin jumps up to the apron, and dodges a shoulder block attempt from Young, and follows that with a kick to the face of Young. Sabin with a sunset flip over Young, but he lands on his feet and comes off the other ropes to springboard and nail a back elbow and score a near fall. Sabin with a couple right forearm shots. Sabin with an Irish whip to the other corner on Young, Young floats over out of the turnbuckle and nails a release german suplex on Sabin followed by a clothesline. Near fall. Young puts Sabin in a headlock. Sabin fights to his feet and tries breaking the hold, but Young grabs him by the head and throws him down to the mat. Young with a belly to side suplex. Young throws Sabin back down to the mat by the head again. Young with a headlock on the mat to a seated Sabin. Commercial break. This week they have added commercials to the internet broadcast, although it is just a commercial for the No Surrender PPV and the AMW DVD. Back from the commercials, both men exchange forearm shots. Sabin whips Young into the corner and comes in with a forearm shot. Sabin climbs up to the middle turnbuckle and nails a tornado DDT on Young. Near fall. Young with some right hands. Young comes off the ropes, flips off the back of Sabin whom was going for a back body, Sabin nails a kick. Sabin then comes off the ropes, but Young catches him and drops him with a face plant. Near fall. Young goes up to the top rope, and moonsaults off but Sabin moves and Young lands flat on his chest. Sabin with a back kick. Sabin springboards off the top rope to nail a drop kick. Sabin nails the Cradle Shock and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Chris Sabin

Match View: Solid and fast-paced opening contest, though short (don’t have much choice with 6 matches on an hour long show). Sabin was on as usual, and Young is a lot better than most give him credit for. **3/4

-After the match, Samoa Joe runs out and attacks Sabin from behind. He nails repeated knee shots to Sabin. Joe locks on a sleeper hold which he takes down to the mat and turns into the Kokino clutch. The ref tries to break it. Eventually Joe lets go as the segment ends.

-Backstage, Terry Taylor is with AJ Styles and Larry Zbyszko. Styles talks about Waltman costing him the NWA World Title at Slammiversary. Styles says he can accept that. Styles can’t accept Waltman coming to ringside and running his mouth during his matches like he did last week. Styles says he wants to give Waltman a match. Zbyszko says he thinks both of them are great athletes, and he says that Styles reminds him of a young Waltman. Zbyszko says that he has another wrestler in TNA with interest in Waltman, a pioneer of the X-Division. Zbyszko says at No Surrender it will be AJ Styles vs. Sean Waltman and Jerry Lynn will be the special referee.

-After the commercial break, AMW with Taylor backstage. Harris says people have failed to realize that they have proven they are the best tag team in the business today. He says they proved it at Slammiversary and last week on Impact. He says Shelley and Shane want to jump in their business. About Shelley and Shane, Storm says, and I quote, “you guys walk around like you are the king turds of poo-poo town.” (Note to viewer: Hopefully somebody that gives you a hard time about being a wrestling fan didn’t overhear that one.) He says after No Surrender, they might have to find a church to ask God for forgiveness about what the best might do to them.

Mikey Batts vs. Zach Gowen
Lock up, they trade reversals in the go behinds. Batts with a hip toss. They each throw a drop kick and miss. Gowen with a drop kick to the legs. Gowen with a clothesline. Gowen with a back elbow. Gowen goes up top and moonsaults off but misses. Batts throws a kick, Gowen catches his leg, but Batts catches him with the other leg. Near fall. Batts with a flying forearm. Jarrett comes down and grabs a mic from the broadcast table. Jarrett tells the time keeper to ring the bell. Jarrett grabs the bell himself and rings it. Jarrett tells Gowen and Batts to get out of the ring, the match is over. Batts leaves confused. Gowen stands there looking at Jarrett. Jarrett gets mad and asks him if he’s deaf. Jarrett says, “Get out of my ring hop-a-long.” Gowen pushes Jarrett. Jarrett grabs his guitar. Gowen hobbles around trying to avoid him. Jarrett smashes the guitar over Gowen’s head. Jarrett rolls Gowen out of the ring. Security circles the ring. Jarrett says since he can’t get any answers out of nobody, he’s going to tell people how it’s going to be. He says if anybody comes into Planet Jarrett without him knowing, they are going to have hell to pay. He says Raven has his title, and Abyss has his title shot. Jarrett says he’s going to be at No Surrender and he’s going to take both.

Winner: No Contest

Samoa Joe vs. Elix Skipper vs. Shark Boy
Skipper and Joe face off. Shark Boy tries to but in but keeps getting pushed down. Joe and Skipper exchange kicks. Shark Boy comes off the top taking both out. Shark Boy dropkicks Joe out of the ring. Shark Boy plants Skipper with a bulldog. Shark Boy runs into Joe, whom drops him neck first across the top rope and then clotheslines him out of the ring. Joe with a chop to Skipper. Joe with an Irish whip sending Skipper into the turnbuckle. He charges in and nails a knee to the gut of Skipper. Joe with a headbutt. Joe sets Skipper up on the top turnbuckle. Joe with a chop. Joe climbs up top, and Shark Boy climbs in the ring and hangs on to Joe. Joe nails a superplex on Skipper, while Shark Boy nails a powerbomb on Joe. Shark Boy goes for the cover on Joe and gets a 2 count. Skipper holds Shark Boy from behind to go for a German suplex, however Joe comes in and grabs Skipper from behind and nails German suplex on both men. Skipper nails a back-spin kick to Joe. Skipper comes off the ropes, but Joe takes him down with a kick to the legs. Joe with a headbutt to Skipper. Joe with an Irish whip on Skipper, Skipper hangs on to the ropes, and Joe charges in but Skipper throws him through to the outside. Skipper with a kick to Joe on the apron. Shark Boy comes in with a kick to the gut, followed by a Stunner to Skipper. Skipper sets Shark Boy on the middle rope, and goes to walk the top rope, but Joe comes in and knocks him down. Shark Boy goes to go for the Dead Sea Drop, but Joe blocks and nails the muscle buster on Shark Boy. Joe then locks on the Kokino Clutch on Shark Boy. Shark Boy taps out.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Match View: Another solid, short match. Skipper has been on the rise, so I think they had the right guy tap out here. Joe continues to impress with his solid power moves. The double German suplex was a nice touch. **1/2

Petey Williams vs. The Amazing Red
X-Division Champion Christopher Daniels joins Tenay and West for commentary on this match. They start off shoving each other. Red with some chops, Petey reverses an Irish whip, and sends Red into the turnbuckle. Red moves when Petey charges in and kicks Petey in the back. Red goes forthe 619 but Petey moves. Red sunset flips over Petey to the outside and hangs on to powerbomb Petey off the apron. Petey fights it off and goes to drop down on Red, but Red moves and Petey lands on the apron. Red sends Petey down to the floor, and nails a backflip off the apron on to Petey on the floor. Back in the ring now, Red comes off the top rope with a missle drop kick. Red with a chop and an Irish whip. Red goes for a huricanrana but Petey powerbombs him down to the mat. Near fall. Petey chokes at Red on the mat. Petey puts Red into a reverses facelock. Petey with a German suplex. Near fall. Petey with a forearm shot. Petey with a chop to Red in the corner. Petey sets Red up upside down in the turnbuckle and then climbs up and taunts. Red falls to the mat. Petey with a backbreaker to Red. Near fall. Red comes off the ropes but runs into a back elbow. Red with a series of kicks and a splash. Red goes up top, and he goes for the infrared but Williams moves and Red crashes to the mat. Petey nails the Canadian Destroyer. Petey then puts the Sharpshooter on Red in mid-ring, while taunting Daniels, as Red taps out.

Winner: Petey Williams

Match View: Another good, short match on Impact. The most fast-paced match on the show. It was nice to see Petey pull out the Sharpshooter to show Daniels he can finish an opponent in more ways than just the Canadian Destroyer. **3/4

-Backstage, Monty Brown is with Terry Taylor. Brown says he wants an answer from 3 Live Kru. He says they’ve had 7 days to answer him. Monty calls them the 2 Live Kru. He says he knows they have a lot of problems, but they need to come answer his challenge. He says all 2 of them, 3 if James stops crying, will get the Pounce.

Abyss w/ James Mitchell vs. Cassidy Riley
Well this one should be the shortest match of the show. Riley springboards off the top and goes for a clothesline, but badly misses, to start the show. Abyss charges in the turnbuckle at Riley, but Riley moves, and charges in at Abyss to nail an elbow. Riley comes off the ropes and runs into a big boot. Abyss puts Riley in the torture rack position, spins, and drops down to nail a modified back breaker. Abyss with an Irish whip, and then nails the Black Hole Slam on Riley. Pinfall.

Winner: Abyss

Match View: A short squash match as was expected. Abyss nailed his moves strong, and Riley took them well. Not a lot else to say. *1/2

-After the match, Abyss chases the ref out of the ring and then goes back to Riley. Abyss nails another Black Hole Slam on Riley. Raven runs out with a chain wrapped around his arm. He clotheslines Abyss outside the ring. As Raven is looking at Mitchell, Abyss grabs him from the outside, trips him, and crotches him into the ring post. Abyss gets back in the ring and grabs the chain. Abyss chokes Raven with the chain. Raven is sitting on the edge of the ring, and Abyss positions the chain across the middle rope for leverage to hang Raven. Security comes out to finally break it.

Team Canada (Eric Young, A-1 & Bobby Roode) vs. NWA World Tag Team Champions The Naturals (Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas) & Lance Hoyt w/ Jimmy Hart
Stevens and Young start things off. Loud “USA” chants. Lock up and break. Lock up, Stevens with an arm drag. Stevens ducks a clothesline and nails another arm drag. Stevens comes off the ropes with a flying forearm. Stevens with a kick to the gut and a roll up for a near fall. Stevens with an arm bar. Stevens goes to set up a tag, but Young pokes him in the eye and tags in Roode. Roode runs right into a back body drop. Stevens tags in Douglas. The Naturals with a double Irish whip sending Roode into the turnbuckle, and as he bounces out Douglas smashes Roode’s face into Steven’s knee. Near fall. Douglas with an Irish whip and a running knee to the face. Douglas with a punch to the face. Roode ducks a punch, and A-1 grabs Douglas. Roode charges in with a right hand, but Douglas moves, and Roode nails A-1 sending him crashing to the floor. As Douglas comes off the ropes, A-1 trips him from the outside and Roode goes to work on Douglas with some stomps. All 3 members of Team Canada come into the ring and stomp on Douglas as the ref has his back turned. A-1 is tagged in. A-1 works on Douglas in the corner, but Douglas grabs him and throws him into the corner and nails some punches of his own. Douglas with an Irish whip that A-1 reverses sending Douglas into the opposite turnbuckle. Douglas goes to rise out of the turnbuckle, but he lands right on A-1’s shoulders. A-1 with a running powerslam and a near fall. A-1 throws Douglas into Young’s boot. Young is tagged in. Douglas fights back with some right hands. Douglas with a running sunset flip for a near fall. Young with a quick clothesline sending Douglas back down. Near fall. Young tags in Roode. Double Irish whip on Douglas, followed by double back elbows sending Douglas down to the mat. Roode nails a knee drop on Douglas. Roode goes for the cover, but Stevens makes the save. As the ref forces Stevens out of the ring, Roode chokes Douglas on the mat. Roode with a forearm to the back of Douglas. Roode puts a reverse facelock on Douglas. Douglas fights to his feet, but Roode just slams him back down to the mat. Roode nails Hoyt and Stevens on the outside, bringing them into the ring. As they run in, the ref is distracted and Team Canada gangs up on Douglas quickly. A-1 is back in. A-1 chokes Douglas across the middle rope. A-1 stomps Douglas, sending Douglas to the outside. A-1 suplexes Douglas from the outside back into the ring. Near fall, Hoyt makes the save. Young gets into the ring thinking he got the tag, when A-1 goes to tag Roode. Young stays in. Young with a headlock to Douglas on the mat. Douglas fights to his feet and breaks the hold. Douglas quickly receives a boot to the stomach. Young spits on Chase Stevens, distracting the ref again when Stevens tries to come into the ring. Roode comes back in the match. Roode with a big right hand. Douglas fights back with right hands of his own. They exchange punches. Douglas floats over out of a powerslam, ducks a clothesline, and nails a neck breaker. Both men down. Douglas makes the tag to Hoyt, Hoyt takes Roode down with a couple clotheslines. Hoyt clears house on Tam Canada. Hoyt Irish whips Roode, and lifts him in the air and drops him flat on his face. Hoyt goes for the pin, but A-1 makes the save. Hoyt mounts Roode in the corner and goes for the 10 punches. Roode pushes him off, Hoyt charges in but Roode moves. Roode then charges in the corner at Hoyt, but Hoyt moves. Roode turns around to receive a big boot from Hoyt. Hoyt makes the cover and gets the pinfall.

Winners: The Naturals & Lance Hoyt

Match View: Longest match on the show, and the best match of the show. Had kind of an old school wrestling match feel to it for me, which is a good thing. Solid build to it with Douglas trying to fight back most of the match with the ring being cut in half by Team Canada. I kind of thought the finish was a little bit flat after such a good match, with it ending with just a big boot, but it didn’t hurt the match too much. ***1/4

-After the match, A-1 and Young attack Hoyt from behind. They double team Hoyt. The Naturals eventually come in and it’s a big brawl. Petey Williams runs out with a hockey stick and it’s 4 on 3. Team Canada completely lays out the Naturals and Hoyt as the show goes off the air.

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