NWA-TNA Impact 7/1/2005

Full TNA Impact! Results  7/1/05
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of WrestleView.com

-The show starts showing what happened between Raven and James Mitchell/Abyss last week on Impact.

-The Impact opening airs.

Sean Waltman vs. Sonjay Dutt
Test of strength, or not, Waltman gives the crotch chop. Lock up, Waltman with a handlock into a armbar, then a trip, then he just slaps Dutt on the back of the head and walks across his back. Lock up, Waltman with an armbar, Dutt reverses out and executes an arm drag. Lock up, Waltman with a standing headlock. Dutt throws him off into the ropes, but Waltman with a shoulder block. Dutt with a flying head scissors off the ropes. Waltman throws Dutt to the outside. Waltman follows to the outside. Waltman with a couple chops to Dutt. Waltman goes to throw Dutt in the ring, but Dutt grabs the bottom ropes and swings around in 619 style to kick Waltman. Dutt throws Waltman to the inside. Dutt slingshots over the top rope and flips and splashes onto Waltman. Dutt with a standing moonsault onto Waltman for a near fall. Dutt with an Irish whip on Waltman into the corner, he then charges in, but Waltman kicks him in the face sending him down. Near fall. Waltman with a snap mare into a headlock. Dutt fights out with some punches to the gut. Dutt comes off the ropes but Waltman throws him up and down to the mat. Waltman with a leg drop and a near fall. Waltman positions Dutt in the corner, goes for the bronco buster, but misses. Dutt with a jumping elbow to Waltman. Dutt with a knee lift ot the chest. Dutt with a snap suplex. Dutt with a moonsault off the middle rope for a near fall. Waltman flops into the corner, and Dutt goes up for the 10 punches. A few punches in, Waltman throws him off after using a low boy, and the plants Dutt with the X-Factor facebuster and gets the pinfall for the win in 4:17.

Winner: Sean Waltman

Match View: A very quick opening bout that had a couple nice spots in it. A tight match. Dutt’s 619 style kick when Waltman was going to toss him into the ring was innovative. Waltman was solid in what he did. Short, not great, but decent. **1/2

-Highlights are shown from Lance Hoyt doing the moonsault on Scott D’Amore at Slammiversary.

-Backstage, Terry Taylor interviews Team Canada. D’Amore is absent. Taylor asks Roode where D’Amore is. Roode says he has wires and tubes hooked up to every part of his body, and Roode is blaming himself. Petey Williams tries to calm everyone down, being the Captain. He tells his teammate Eric Young to go out and destroy Lance Hoyt right now if he loves Scott D’Amore so much.

Eric Young w/ Petey Williams vs. Lance Hoyt
Lock up, Hoyt just throws Young to the ground. Williams then destracts Hoyt, and Young attacks him from behind. young with some punches. Young chokes Hoyt across the middle rope. Williams then interferes and does the same behind the refs back. Young with some punches. Young with an Irish whip, and he then nails a back elbow to Hoyt. Young with some punches. Young throws Hoyt head first into the turnbuckle Young rakes at Hoyt in the corner. Young climbs onto the turnbuckle going for the 10 punches on Hoyt, but Hoyt quickly throws him off. Hoyt goes to punch Young, Young ducks, and hits Hoyt himself. Hoyt reverses an Irish whip, and Young flips over the rope to the outside apron. He goes up top, comes off, but Hoyt catches him and throws him into the corner. Hoyt climbs and nails ten punches to the head of Young. Hoyt with an Irish whip, but Williams pulls Young to the outside to help Young get things together. Commercial break. Williams is destracting Hoyt from the outside, and Young attacks Hoyt from behind. Young with a snap mare, followed by a leg drop. Young with a couple punches. Young then chokes Hoyt with his leg on the mat. Young with a couple stomps. Hoyt reaches his feet and points at Young. Hoyt blocks a punch and nails one of his own followed by a couple clotheslines. Hoyt with a back body drop. Hoyt with his big boot and he gets the win.

Winner: Lance Hoyt

Match View: Not a great match by any stretch of the imagination if you are looking for wrestling. A lot of punching and stomping and not a lot else. No moonsault from Hoyt. Not too much to this one. *1/4

-After the match, Team Canada runs in and Hoyt fights them off. Eventually there’s too many guys, as Roode catches Hoyt from behind with a chop block. All four members of Team Canada lay into Hoyt. The Naturals then run out to make the save and Team Canada runs off.

-Backstage, Taylor interviews Monty Brown. Taylor asks him how he feels to be one of the biggest big game players in TNA but to not be part of the NWA World Title picture. He said he did exactly what he said he’d do at King of the Mountain, he destroyed everything in his past. He talks about giving the Pounce to Raven in the first 30 seconds of the match. Pouncing everyone in the match. But Raven snuck up and got the title, he says. He says he’s being disrespected by giving Abyss a title shot, but he’s used to being disrespected. He says he will earn respect because nobody can stop them. He says he could care less if 3 Live Kru can get along and whether or not they like the Outlaw. He says if they lay their hands on him, he doesn’t have a problem, but they do. He says he and the Outlaw will be waiting if they want to come after them.

Abyss w/ James Mitchell vs. Sonny Siaki w/ Apolo
Lock up and Abyss just throws Siaki down. Siaki with some punches and chops. Siaki goes for an Irish whip, but Abyss just throws him into the ropes. Siaki stops himself by grabbing the ropes. Abyss charges at him, but Siaki with a drop toe hold sending Abyss into the ropes. Siaki with a kick to the face, and Abyss rolls to the outside. Siaki slingshots over the top with a cross body, but Abyss just catches him and drops him across the steel barrier. Abyss with a clotheslines to the back of Siaki as Siaki was leaning up against the ring post. Abyss throws Siaki into the steel steps. Back in the ring now. Abyss goes for the cover and gets a two count. Abyss with a big punch sending Siaki down. Abyss with an open hand slap to the chest of Siaki. Another one. Abyss with a body slam. Abyss goes to the middle rope, and comes off with a splash. Near fall. Abyss charges at Siaki but Siaki moves and comes off the ropes. Abyss catches him. Siaki with a kick, and a running neckbreaker. Siaki with some punches and a chop. Siaki with a huricanrana. Siaki goes up top, he jumps off, but Abyss catches him by the neck and choke slams him. Near fall. Siaki with an uppercut. Siaki comes off the rope and runs right into a Black Hole Slam. Abyss gets the pinfall.

Winner: Abyss

Match View: Certainly not a great match, but it was better than the last one. Abyss executed his power moves well, and Siaki did a good job in the underdog role getting pinned quickly for Abyss but still saving face by not getting completely squashed. It still lacked something in excitement although it wasn’t sloppy or anything. **

-After the match, Apolo jumps in the ring with a steel chair. He stands in between Abyss (whom had grabbed a chain) and his fallen friend Siaki to protect him. Abyss acts as though he’s going to leave the ring, but when Apolo turns his back, Abyss attacks him from behind. Abyss grabs the chair and wedges it between the top and middle rope in a corner of the ring. Raven runs out and attacks Abyss. Abyss throws Raven into the ropes and nails a big boot. Raven reverses an Irish whip attempt and nails his Raven Effect DDT on Abyss. Raven puts the chain around Abyss’ neck and pulls him right into the chair wedges between the ropes. Raven grabs a mic. He tells Abyss to listen if he’s still conscience. Raven wants his title match with Abyss at No Surrender to be a Dog Collar Match since they already have the chain out there now. And since the PPV is called No Surrender, Raven wants to add another stipulation. There will be no quitting allowed in the match, his manager can not throws in the towel, so Raven says he can beat on Abyss as long as he wants until a pinfall.

Simon Diamond & Trytan vs. America’s Most Wanted (James Storm & Chris Harris)
Simon talks before the match about recruiting Trytan, and now everyone has a problem and he has the answers. Harris and Diamond start off. Lock up, Harris with a standing headlock. Diamond pushes him off but receives a shoulder block. Harris blocks a hip toss attempt and nails a clotheslines. Diamond gets in a kick. Trytan makes the blind tag. Trytan runs into some right hands from Harris. Trytan reverses an Irish whip sending Harris into the corner. Trytan charges in but receives a boot from Harris. At this point, Jeff Jarrett makes his way out to the announce position. Jarrett says he wants to know where Larry Zbyszko is at. He wants to know who’s to blame for him not getting his title shot. Tenay tells him he’s the person to blame. Now in the ring we get a glimpse of Trytan beating down on Harris with some punches. Throughout this segment. Harris goes for a cross body, but Trytan catches him and nails a body slam. Near fall. Diamond is tagged in. Harris reverses an Irish whip and nails a Lou Thesz press with some punches. Storm is tagged in and goes to work with some punches. Diamond gets a knee in to reverse the tide. Trytan grabs Storm from behind from outside the ropes by the hair and throws him down to the mat. Trytan tagged back in, and he immedietely nails a big right hand. Right after this Jarrett, whom is still arguing with Mike Tenay, says, “I will run Hardy out of here.” Tenay says, “What are you talking about? Jeff Hardy has been suspended.” Jarrett replies, “I may not be talking about Jeff Hardy.” The camera work for this match is really bad, as in they are using no split screen to show the action in the ring and Jarrett arguing with Tenay. We are mostly seeing Jarrett arguing with Tenay and no footage of what’s going on in the ring. Back in the ring, both men are down, Diamond and Storm. Harris is tagged in. Harris with an Irish whip and a back body drop. Harris goes up top. As Harris jumps off the top, Trytan gets in the ring and pushes Diamond outta the way only to catch Harris coming down by the throat. He throws Harris into the ropes, who bounces off to duck a clotheslines and then nails a flying forearm of his own. Harris turns around into a right hand from Diamond. Harris reverses an Irish whip from Diamond, bends down for a back body drop but Diamond kicks him in the chest. Harris ducks a punch and nails a full nelson slam to get a near fall. Harris with an Irish whip to Diamond sending him into the turnbuckle. Harris charges in, but he is met with a back elbow from Diamond. He then turns around and Trytan grabs him and goes to use his T-3 move, but Harris reverses out of it and executes a suplex. Harris clotheslines Harris over the top rope to the outside. Diamond then attacks Harris from behind. Diamond Irish whips Harris (whom Storm made a blind tag to on the back during the Irish whip), goes for a move but Harris floats over and pushes Diamond into the ropes. Storm gets in the ring, and when Diamond comes off the ropes, nails a superkick to him. Storm makes a cover and gets the pinfall.

Winners: America’s Most Wanted

Match View: From what I saw, this was a very solid match. It was probably the best match on the show so far, but since the camera was showing Jarrett arguing with Mike Tenay during the heart of the match, rather than the actual match itself, I don’t feel like I can make an accurate star rating for this match. Once again, bad camera work.

-Backstage, Terry Taylor is with X-Division Champion Christopher Daniels. Taylor says Daniels is on quite the roll lately. Daniels says he’s become a symbol of excellence in TNA. He says in the same way he’s transcending the borders of the world by beating wrestlers from all over the world. Daniels says he’s beaten the world, and then Team Canada’s Petey Williams comes in and disagrees. He says he hasn’t faced Canada’s greatest X-Division wrestler. Williams asks him if he saw what he just did to Lance Hoyt. Daniels says Hoyt is no Christopher Daniels. Williams says he will save him the embarassment right now, and tugs on the title belt but Daniels stops him. Daniels says if he wants a title shot he’s got it. The match will take place at No Surrender.

Alex Shelley vs. AJ Styles
They lock up, a knee from Shelley. Shelley with a big right hand. Shelley with a standing headlock. Styles pushes him off into the ropes, jumps over him, but Shelley grabs him from behiind and executes an arm bar. Shelley with a quick roll up for a near fall. Shelley goes to grab the legs, but Styles kicks him off into the ropes and gets up to nail a drop kick to Shelley. Styles with a kick to Shelley. Styles with a body slam. Styles comes off the ropes and nails a knee drop. Near fall. Styles with a vertical suplex. Near fall. Styles throws Shelley head first into the turnbuckle. He then takes him across the ring and does the same into the other turnbuckle. Styles with a big irish whip on Shelley to the opposite turnbuckle. Styles walks into a poke to the eye. Styles then walks into a STO from Shelley, who drops him face first into the middle turnbuckle. Shelley with an enziguiri kick to the back of the head of Styles. Shelley with a form of a slingshot suplex. Near fall. Shelley grabs Styles’ neck and twists it. Styles with some punches to the gut to fight back, but Shelley quickly takes him down. Shelley with some kicks on the ground. Shelley with a side Russian legsweep position, but he then rolls into an armbar with his legs on Style’s neck also stretching at the neck. Shelley rakes Styles in the eyes. Shelley with a kick to the gut of Styles. Shelley with an Irish whip into the turnbuckle, he then charges in and jumps and nails AJ in the chest knees and feet first. Shelley with a snap mare, into a facelock. Styles fights out with some elbows. Styles with a spin kick to the face followed by a couple clotheslines. Styles with a forearm shot. Sean Waltman has made his way to ringside. Styles with a suplex attempt, but Shelley lands on his feet. Shelley goes for a belly to side suplex, but Styles lands on his feet. Styles with a chop. Styles with a right hand. Styles with an Irish whip into the turnbuckle. He then charges in with a clothesline to Shelley. Shelley has been set up on the top turnbuckle. Styles climbs up and they fight back and forth on the top. Styles goes for a superplex, but Shelley pushes him off to the mat and then climbs down himself. Shelley nails a reverses pedigree, and goes for the pin and gets a near fall. Shelley with some right forearm shots. He comes off the ropes but Styles nails a huricanrana. Styles with the pin for a near fall. Styles then nails the Styles Clash and gets the pin in 8:03.

Winner: AJ Styles

Match View: Solid, solid match. I’d love to see these guys go at least 20 minutes on a PPV. Both guys were solid. Good technical match. The prospective matches in the X-Division with Shelley coming in and Styles back in the division look to be great. ***1/2

-Waltman is on commentary talking about being impressed, but he says that won’t happen to him if he ever gets in there with Styles. Waltman climbs into the ring with Styles. Jerry Lynn comes in as well while Waltman talks trash to Styles. Lynn tries to seperate the men before they fight as the show ends.

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