NWA-TNA Impact 6/24/2005

Full TNA Impact! Results 6/24/05
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of WrestleView.com

-The show starts off with highlights shown via still photographs of what went down at the Slammiversary PPV with Raven winning the NWA World Title.

-The Impact opening airs.

-Mike Tenay greets the viewers as we start off right away with a match…

Michael Shane w/ Traci vs. James Storm w/ Chris Harris
Shane quickly dodges a lock up attempt from Storm at the beginning and slides out of the ring to delay the start of the match. Shane slowly re-enters the ring. Shane with a poke to the eye. Shane with a chop in the corner, followed by another. Storm grabs Shane and throws him in the corner and gives him a chop of his own. Storm with another big chop in the corner to Shane. Shane with a knee to the gut followed by an irish whip that Storm reverses. Storm takes down Shane with a fist to the chest. Storm with a punch, and they then exchange advantage a couple times before Storm hits a big powerslam for a near fall. Storm sets Shane up on the top turnbuckle. Storm goes up top to try and execute a high risk move, but Traci trips Storm and crotches him on the top. Shane with a swinging neckbreaker on Storm off the top turnbuckle. Chris Harris has some handcuffs, and he threatest to put them on Traci. Shane comes to her aide, and Harris decks him. The referee then bans Harris and Traci from ring side. Storm with some big right hands, but Shane grabs him and throws him through the ropes. Shane then snaps Storm’s neck backwards across the top rope and pushes him off the apron into the guard rail. Commercial break. Back from the break, SHane is throwing Storm down the ramp. They get back in the ring. Shane with a near fall, trying to use the ropes but the ref catches him. Shane with a snapmare into a sleeper. Storm fights out with some elbows. Storm comes off the ropes, but Shane gives him a belly to belly suplex. Near fall. Shane chokes Storm across the middle rope before the ref breaks it. Shane with some right hands to the face of Storm in the corner. Shane then with a foot to the neck on Storm. Shane with a body slam followed by a knee drop to the face for a near fall. Shane with a reverse chin lock. Storm fights out with elbows. Storm comes off the rope, catches Shane’s foot. He goes to kick Shane, Shane grabs his foot, and then Storm executes a nice enziguiri. Both men are down. Storm uses the ropes to fight to his feet. Storm with some big right hands. Storm with an irish whip and a back body drop on Shane. Another Irish whip, but this time Shane reverses it and throws Storm over the top to the outside. Storm hangs on to the top rope and skins the cat to get back in the ring. Storm ducks a couple clothesline attemps and nails a flying headscissors for a near fall. At the top of the ramp, Traci and Alex Shelley are seen talking. Storm puts Shane in the Razor’s Edge position and spins around before dropping Shane and getting a near fall. Storm gets distracted looking at Shelley and Traci at the top of the ramp, allowing Shane to get a clothesline in followed by a near fall. Shane with an irish whip to the corner on Storm, but he then runs into a boot from Storm. Storm with a reverse DDT on Shane out of the corner for a near fall. Alex Shelley runs down and gets on the apron distracting Storm. Shane attacks Storm from behind with a double axe handle smash. Shane with an irish whip that Storm reverses, and he then lifts Shane up into the air and drops him sending him into the ref and Shelley. Storm executes a nice offensive manuever where he gets Shane up on his shoulders and then drops him spinning down to the mat. Storm goes for the cover but the ref is down. Shelley jumps off the top rope into the ring only to receive a superkick to Storm. Storm then turns around only to receive a superkick himself from Shane. Shane makes the cover and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Michael Shane

Match Thoughts: Solid opening contest for this first internet exclusive (unless you have Sun Sports or live outside the USA) edition of Impact. Shane looked solid and Storm showed again he can work a good match as a singles wrestler, which you know will become an issue down the line. Good use of Alex Shelley in the finish. ***

-Backstage Abyss is with James Mitchell. He’s asking Abyss how close he came to becoming the NWA World Champion at Slammiversary. Mitchell says the problem was there were 4 other men in the ring with him, and the thing he’s never been given since he’s been in TNA is a one on one world title match. He says he can give him that, and he tells Abyss he’s never had someone that can get through all the backstage politics for him. Abyss goes to leave and Mitchell grabs Abyss’ hand telling him to wait. Abyss turns around agitated scarying him. Mitchell says he just needs one chance to prove to Abyss he can do this for him.

-Mike Tenay is in the middle of the ring in a sit down interview taped earlier with Konnan and Killings. Tenay says there have been a wide amount of emotions in the past couple of months with 3 Live Kru, everything from mistrust to unity. Tenay mentions the empty chair next to them, noting the word he thinks of is “seperation” since BG James no showed this interview. They say they don’t know where BG’s head is at. Konnan says BG’s indecisiveness has driven a wedge in the Kru. Out comes the Outlaw Billy Gunn. Outlaw says he doesn’t expect them to believe him so listen to BG himself. Konnan and Killings turn around to a guy dressed up as BG James in the ring who starts the “Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls…” routine before attacking Killings and Konnan with help from the Outlaw. The guy is Monty Brown. After laying the two members of 3LK out, Monty Brown does the BG James speech routine in the ring. Brown finishes saying “Screw the 2 Live Kru.”

David Young vs. Shark Boy
Young attacks Shark Boy from behind to start the match. Young stomps at him in the ground in the corner. Young with a right hand and some more stomps. Shark Boy fights back with some chops and punches. Young reverses an Irish whip sending Shark Boy into the turnbuckle. He follows that up with a big clothesline in the corner. Young with another irish whip into the corner, but Shark Boy gets an elbow up. Shark boy then runs into a powerslam from Young and a near fall. Young with a headlock on the canvas. Shark Boy fights out with some elbows, comes off the ropes, goes for a neckbreaker but Young gets out. Young comes off the ropes with a knee followed by a neckbreaker and a near fall. Young goes back to the headlock. Shark Boy fights to his feet. Young with a punch. Shark Boy reverses an Irish whip sending Young into the ropes. Young springboards off the middle rope but receives a dropkick from Shark Boy. Both men are down. Shark Boy with a modified neckbreaker and a near fall. Shark Boy sends Young face first into the turnbuckle. Shark Boy then goes for the 10 punches in the corner, and after the 9th punch gives Young the “shark bite.” Shark Boy with a facebuster. Shark Boy then runs off the ropes but comes back only to receive a swinging side slam from Young. Young gets a near fall. Young sets up Shark Boy on the top turnbuckle and climbs up. Shark Boy fights him off with some punches and a bite. Shark Boy goes for the Dead Sea Drop out of the corner, but Young counters throwing him off. Shark Boy ducks a clothesline attempt from young, and school boys Young for the pinfall.

Winner: Shark Boy

Match Thoughts: A short match but another pretty solid match. Not a lot of build to the finish or psychology other than the headlock sequence, but some nice spots anyways and fast paced. **1/4

-Backstage, Jarrett is demanding to know from Zbyszko when he will get another title shot. Zbyszko says King of the Mountain was his shot and it’s not his fault he beat up some fan. Jarrett demands he’s the number one contender. Zbyszko talks about all the other guys that deserve shots and Jarrett will be waiting in line for a while now.

Samoa Joe vs. Delirious
Delirious starts off running all around ringside. He runs into the ring and Joe takes him down with a legsweep. Joe with a big chop. Joe with an irish whip to the corner, and runs into the corner driving a knee to the face of Delirious. Joe rakes his foot across the face of Delirious in the corner, whom is now laying on the ground in the corner. Joe comes off the ropes and squashes Delirious in the bottom of the corner. Joe with a headbutt. Joe with a snapmare, followed by a loud chop to the back. Joe drives a knee to the back of a seated Delirious. Joe with an abdominal stretch. He grinds away at Delirious’ neck. Joe lets go. Joe with a headbutt. Joe with an Irish whip into the turnbuckle, and he charges in but Delirious moves out of the way. Delirious charges in, but Joe catches him and just throws him down to the mat in almost a modified Rock Bottom style. Near fall. Joe with a powerful uppercut. Joe with an irish whip, Delirious ducks a clothesline and hits one of his own. Delirious with a forearm and dropkcik sending Joe into the turnbuckle. Delirious comes off the ropes, but Joe runs in and catches him with a powerslam. Joe throws Delirious into the corner and sets him up on the top turnbuckle. Joe then hits the muscle buster. Joe locks on the Tajita Clutch and Delirious submits.

Winner: Somoa Joe

Match Thoughts: Joe is impressive for a big guy, no doubt about it. Delirious is quick as hell and can obviously take some bumps. Joe’s muscle buster move out of the top turnbuckle was impressive, and it was a good way to finish him off going for the submission right after that move. A pretty short squash match, but that’s exactly the way Joe should be booked. **3/4

Elix Skipper vs. X-Division Champion Christopher Daniels
During Skipper’s entrance he hides up against the wall right next to where Daniels will be entering next. Daniels comes out and Skipper attacks him from behind. Skipper gives him some punches on the ramp. Skipper with a whip into the steel barrier. Skipper with some punches. Daniels fights back with a poke to the eye. Daniels charges at Skipper and Skipper nails him with a hip toss. They fight back into the ring, where Daniels gets advantage with some forearms to the back when Skipper is climbing in the ring. Skipper reverses an Irish whip, hangs on Daniels’ arm, and throws him overhead to the canvas. Skipper with a double underhook suplex. Skipper with some knees to the gut. Skipper with a snap mare followed by a kick to the back. Near fall. Skipper with a right hand sending Daniels down. Skipper with a punch and kick in the corner. Daniels counters with an elbow. Skipper gets Daniels on his shoulders and throws him down. Skipper with a kick to the chest on the mat. Skipper with some stomps. Skipper with another right hand. Skipper pushes Daniels to the corner and nails a couple punches. Daniels counters with a poke to the eye. Daniels with some right forearms. Daniels comes off the ropes but receives a dropkick from Skipper. Near fall. Skipper sends Daniels into the turnbuckle. Skipper with some punches to the gut, and then one to the head. Skipper with some forearms to the back. Skipper leans Daniels up against the ropes and nails a big forearm to the chest. Daniels goes to the outside and Skipper follows. Skipper throws Daniels face first into the apron. Skipper shoulder blocks Daniels into the safety rail. Daniels crawls back into the ring, Skipper follows, and it’s time for a commercial break. Back from the commercial, Daniels is seated on the apron in the turnbuckle. Skipper with a mule dropkick (I guess that’s what you would call it). Daniels rolls to the outside of the ropes. Skipper grabs him and nails a forearm to the chest. Daniels then grabs Skipper’s head and snaps the back of his head over the top rope in neckbreaker-type fashion. Daniels stomps at Skipper on the mat. Daniels with a belly to back suplex. Near fall. Daniels grabs Skipper’s neck and whips it around to the side. Daniels with a knee drop. Daniels with some stomps. Daniels with a boot to the neck of Skipper. Skipper crawls over so his head is hanging just over the ring apron, and Daniels climbs outside and nails an elbow to the neck. Daniels gives some knees to the back of the head of Skipper. Daniels goes for a cover, using the ropes for leverage, and the ref catches him. Skipper tries to fight back, but Daniels stops him with a forearm to the back. Daniels goes for another belly to back suplex, but Skipper backflips out of it and nails a kick to the gut. Skipper with some right hands. Skipper with an Irish whip, and he goes for a back body drop but Daniels counters with a forearm to the back. Daniels with a headlock slam. Near fall. Daniels cranks on the neck of Skipper. Daniels sets up Skipper in the corner with the back of Skipper’s head outside the top rope as he pulls back on it. Daniels goes for a vertical suplex, but Skipper slips out and grabs Daniels from behind. Daniels with some elbows to the head of Skipper to break. Daniels comes off the ropes but runs into a spin kick from Skipper. Both men are down as the ref begins the ten count. Daniels gets to his feet first and goes to grab Skipper, but Skipper punches him in the gut. They exchange right hands. Skipper with a kick to the gut. Skipper with some chops to Daniels in the corner. Skipper with an Irish whip into a back body drop. Skipper with a clothesline. Skipper with a reverse headlock takeover. Daniels exits the ring and walks up the ramp. Skipper goes and grabs him and throws him back in the ring. Daniels slides out of the other side of the ring. Skipper slingshots over the top rope to the outside on to Daniels with a spinning cross body block. Daniels gets in the ring and Skippers follows by flipping over the top rope, landing on his feet, and nailing a clothesline in fluid motion. Near fall. Daniels reverses an irish whip into a knee to the gut. Daniels then goes for the Angel’s Wings but Skipper raises his head up and rams Daniels upside down into the corner. Skipper then sets Daniels down on his feet and nails a tornado side slam. Skipper goes for the cover but Daniels gets a foot on the ropes. Daniels rolls to the outside and Skipper follows him. Skipper rolls him back in the ring. Daniels throws Skipper neck first across the middle rope back in the ring. Daniels then nails a STO, hangs on after the move and synches on his neck vice submission hold. Skipper taps out.

Winner: Christopher Daniels

Match Thoughts: At the beginning of the match I was thinking to myself, “These guys have sure had better matches than this one.” But by the end of the match it was starting to really get going. It started off as more of a brawl than a wrestling match, with few wrestling maneuvers the first half. That changed by the end. I liked the way Daniels worked on the neck the entire match, which effectively built to his neck vice submission at the end. Great psychology and build to the match with some really good spots the last couple minutes showcasing each man’s athleticism. ***3/4

-The new NWA World Heavyweight Champion Raven makes his way into the arena and the ring. Raven says he has risen from the ashes of a broken youth and disfunction. His eyes have been opened by violence. Raven talks about enduring everything that has been thrown at him. Raven says he has fulfilled his destiny. He says he has become TNA’s worst nightmare since he is now the World Heavyweight Champion. James Mitchell comes out interupting him. Mitchell says he’s sure Raven thought he’d never see him again after leaving him bloodied and battered. Mitchell says he’s alive and well. Mitchell says he will personally see to it that the only thing he’s destined for is failure. Raven says Mitchell’s tears of pain have brought him nothing but joy. Raven says the fact that Mitchell is back gives him even more excitement because that means he’s ready for a second helping of the Raven Effect. Raven hopes Abyss is smart enough to realize that even the most wonderous of pipers make poor pets. Mitchell says, “Just remember Raven, repent is a dish best served cold and dinner is served.” Abyss runs out from behind, but Raven fights him off with some punches and a clothesline. Raven goes for the Raven Effect DDT, but Abyss slips out. Abyss ducks a clothesline attempt from Raven. Raven comes off the ropes and runs right into a Black Hole Slam. Mitchell comes into the ring and instructs Abyss to choke out Raven with a chain as the show ends.

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