NWA-TNA Impact 5/27/2005

Full TNA Impact! Results – 5/27/05
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of WrestleView.com

-Footage is shown from last week promoting the King of the Mountain match at Slammivesary and the conclusion of the show when Abyss turned on Jarrett.

-The Impact opening airs.

3 Live Kru (BG James & Ron Killings) vs. America’s Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm)
Before the match, Killing and James argue a bit. Killings grabbed the mic from James when he was about to do his typical prematch microphone sequence. James and Storm start thigns off. James starts on the offense with a kick and some punches. After exchanging some reversals, James with a knee drops, followed by a near fall. Killings is tagged in. Killings with a kick, followed by a standing arm bar. Harris is tagged in after Storm regained control. Killings with a standing head lock. Killings with a shoulder block. Harris with a Lou Thesz press to an oncoming Killings off the ropes, followed by some punches. Killings with a flying forearm. James is tagged back in. He receives an atomic drop. Harris with a running clothesline. Storm is tagged in. They double team James in the corner with some kicks. Storm with a big right hand. Another. Irish whip, James ducks a clothesline, and they both run into each other with a double shoulder block. Both men are down. All four men get in the ring. Now its Killings and Harris in the ring. A big jumping clothesline from Harris on to Killings. Storm slides a chair into the ring. Killings nails an axe kick on Harris right on to the chair when Harris was leaning down to pick it up. Killings makes the cover and gets the pinfall at 3:29.
Match View: Solid action. Short, but that’s to be expected on Impact when you put 5 matches on an hour long show. Good opener, with AMW’s losing streak continuing. Interesting to see where they go with this angle. This dissention within 3LK is also a solid building storyline. The finish with the chair, with Storm sliding it in the ring as desperation for a win, and Harris looking like he didn’t want to use it, was intresting. **1/4

Winners: 3 Live Kru

-After the match, Killings gets on the mic saying James has had a week to tell him what’s up. Out runs the Outlaw, Bill Gunn, and James pushes Killings out of the way and gets hit by Gunn himself. Konnan runs out. They all attack Gunn. Killings hits James with a shoe. Some turmoil develops with the Kru, with them pushing James. James is left in the middle of the ring by himself.

-Terry Taylor is backstage with AMW. They are arguing. Harris says sports teams have slumps, and tag teams can have them. They say they are going to pick it back up. Storm says what they are going to do is it’s time for a change. He says the other teams argue more than they do, and Taylor asks, “Do they?”

Romeo vs. Zach Gowen
Romeo starts off with a slap, but receives a drop kick and clothesline from Gowen in return. Romeo throws Gowen into the corner. Romeo stomps on Gowen in the corner. Romeo with a running kick to the face of Gowen. Romeo with a a non-chalant cover in the middle of the ring for a two count. Big clothesline from Romeo. Near fall. Romeo with a suplex in the middle of the ring. Near fall. Romeo with a couple chops to Gowen in the middle. Romeo charges into a boot from Gowen. Gowen with a tornado DDT to Romeo out of the corner. Gowen with a springboard leg lariat. Near fall. Romeo with some forearms. Romeo with a side suplex. Romeo crotches Gowen up top. Gowen fights Romeo off and sends him down to the mat. Gowen with a moonsault off the top rope and the cover to get the pinfall in 2:39.
Match View: Decent match. Gowen does do some impressive things for a kid with only one leg, there’s no denying that. Romeo looked kind of lost in what to do with Gowen, and Gowen was the impressive man in the match. *1/2

Winner: Zach Gowen

-Terry Taylor is backstage with Chris Sabin. Taylor asks him about how feels about what Traci did. He says he will be focused on his match at Slammiversary, but he should have known not to trust a girl like Traci. Trinity comes into the interview. She says they need to work together on this situation. Sabin looks hesitant. She says it’s in their best interest to work together. Taylor tells the truck to roll the footage from last week. They show Shane’s interview from last week with Traci. Shane was talking about taking a nobody stunt woman and letting her hang out with him in Trinity. They come back to Sabin and Trinity. They make a deal. They will each do their own parts in working together.

-Scott D’Amore comes out and joins Tenay and West before the next match.

Bruno Sassi w/ Big Tilly vs. Lance Hoyt
Bruno attacks Hoyt from behind before the match. Hoyt comes back. Hoyt is distracted by Tilly on the apron and turns around into a kick. Bruno with a right hand in the corner. Bruno throws Hoyt to the outside, where Big Tilly works him over. Hoyt gets rolled back in the ring. Bruno with a face rake. Bruno pulls at Hoyt hair in the corner. Bruno with a snap mare, followed by a stomp. Bruno with some punches to the face. Hoyt is Irish whipped, but nails a shoulder block of his own. Hoyt with a big boot. Hoyt goes up top, and nails his moonsault. Hoyt makes the cover and gets the pinfall in 2:13.
Match View: Not good. Mainly because Big Tilly was doing most of the offense, which looked sloppy. Hoyt is capable of a better match. As far as Big Tilly goes, this was probably about his best effort. 1/2*

Winner: Lance Hoyt

-After the match, Tilly attacks Hoyt. Hoyt nails a big boot on Tilly and Tilly rolls out of the ring. Scott D’Amore then gets on the mic and talks about how it will be a different story at Slammiversary when he has to face Bobby Roode. He says that Hoyt might not make it to Slammiversary, as he might take care of himself right now at Impact. Hoyt is distracted staring down D’Amore, and Roode attacks Hoyt from behind with a hockey stick. Roode beats down Hoyt while D’Amore screams at Hoyt, “June 19th you’re done!”

-Exclusive footage is shown of Raven last week after he “quit” TNA. Raven nearly runs into the cameraman backstage, then gets out of his car and leans down and looks at the camera (the camera man fell down when he thought he was going to be hit by the car). He talks about how he will make Dusty Rhodes and TNA pay for not putting him in the King of the Mountain match. He says he will not give up until he is given a title shot against AJ Styles. He says the blood is on Dusty’s hands.

-Backstage, Terry Taylor is with the Naturals. He asks them about taking on Team Canada at Slammiversary. Chase says he doesn’t expect things to get any easier and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Andy says they know what to expect from Team Canada at Slammivesary. He says there mystery mentor set them down and told them exactly what to expect from Team Canada.

Lex Lovett & David Young vs. NWA World Tag Team Champs The Naturals (Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas)
Young and Lovett attack the Naturals from behind at the beginning. The naturals come out of it and execute a back body drop to each of their opponents. Douglas and Young start things off. Young with a face slam, and then tags in Lovett. Lovett with a high leg lariat. Lovett chokes Douglas across the middle rope. He then springboards over the ropes and nails a leg drop across the back of the head of Douglas. Nice spot. Near fall. Young is tagged back in. They take down Douglas. Young with a suplex on Douglas. Near fall. Lex is tagged in. Lex with a kick to the stomach. Douglas ducks a clothesline and nails a running high knee. Stevens is tagged in and he cleans house on the oopposite team. Stevens with a cross body block on Young. The Naturals nail the Natural Disaster on Lex and gets the pinfall in 2:24.
Match View: A solid, short 2 and a half minutes of action. After the Bruno Sassi match, anything resembling wrestling would look like Flair/Steamboat. The Naturals continue to look impressive in this short glimpse of action. David Young and Lex Lovett had high intensity in the match and both looked good today. **1/4

Winners: The Naturals

-After the match, Team Canada runs out (Eric Young & Petey Williams) and attack the Naturals. A1 Ralphz comes out to put the odds in favor of Team Canada. They work over the Naturals. Williams nails the Canadian Destroyer on Chase Stevens.

-Terry Taylor interviews Jeff Jarrett and Monty Brown backstage. Jarrett says Abyss made the worst decision of his life last week. He says in the King of the Mountain match at the PPV, he and Brown will still hold the advantage with the numbers game. Jarrett says the war begins right now.

Monty Brown & Jeff Jarrett vs. NWA World Champion AJ Styles & Sean Waltman
Styles and Jarrett start things off. Styles with a quick drop toe hold and hip toss. Jarrett comes back with some knees to the gut. Styles with a high drop kick to Jarrett coming off the ropes. Jarrett with a poke to the face, and tags in Brown. AJ throws Brown to the corner and tags in Waltman. Waltman and Styles work over Brown. Double team Irish whip followed by a double back elbow spot. Waltman recives a hard clothesline from Brown. Brown chokes at Waltman on the mat. Brown with a side suplex. Brown tags in Jarrett. Abyss is watching the match from the top of the ramp, and the fans are chanting loudly for him as well as for AJ at times. Jarrett with a forearm to the back, followed by stomps. Brown quickly tagged back in. Brown with a kick to the stomach. Brown with some hard forearms. Waltman ducks a clothesline and nails a drop kick. Waltman with some kicks to Brown in the corner, but Jarrett comes in from behind and attacks Waltman. Jarrett eventually receives a spinkick from Waltman. Waltman with the bronco buster to Jarrett in the corner. Styles nails a spin kick to Brown. Waltman goes for a bronco buster on Brown, but Brown blocks. Brown with a suplex on Waltman followed by a near fall. Brown with a headlock. Brown chops Waltman in the corner. Jarrett tagged in. Jarrett with a big drop kick to Waltman. Jarrett stomps at Waltman on the mat. Jarrett chokes Waltman on the middle rope, then runs and jumps on the back of Waltman. Brown is tagged in. Brown knocks Styles off the apron, and Styles wants in badly. Brown drives Waltman’s back across his knee twice. Jarrett is tagged in. Sleeper hold applied by Jarrett. Waltman fights out and nails a back drop suplex. Both men down. Brown and Styles are each tagged in. Styles with an enziguiri on Brown. Jarrett springboards off the top rope, and takes out Jarrett and Brown. Styles goes to bounce off the ropes, and Jarrett pulls the ropes down sending Styles to the outside. Waltman receives an overhead release slam from Brown in the ring. Near fall. I never saw Waltman tagged in, but apparently he was by a blind tag. Brown holds Waltman in place and Jarrett goes to use the guitar, but the ref tries to pull it away. While the ref distracts Jarrett, Waltman reverses the hold and is holding Brown in place. Jarrett turns around and ends up hitting Brown with a big guitar shot. Styles with his Spiral Tap off the top rope on Brown to get the pinfall in 8:37.
Match View: Very solid action for a good final FSN Impact main event. Waltman has really been impressing me since making his comeback. Styles was very solid as usual. Jarrett and Brown looked good. The finish was great and it will be interesting to see where they take things between Jarrett and Brown from here. Obviously a Brown face turn seems imminent. ***1/4

Winners: AJ Styles & Sean Waltman

-After the match, Styles and Waltman celebrate as Jarrett looks at Brown looking shocked.

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