NWA-TNA Impact 5/20/2005

Full TNA Impact! Results – 5/20/05
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of WrestleView.com

-Still photos are shown highlighting this past Sunday’s Hard Justice PPV.

-The Impact opening airs.

Sonny Siaki vs. Monty Brown
Lock up, Brown with a knee followed by some punches. Brown with the irish whip to the corner, and charges in, but Siaki gets a foot up. Siaki with a high sidekick. Chops from Siaki. Brown reverses an Irish whip attempt into a fallaway slam. Brown with a chop. Brown executes the Pounce and gets the pinfall in 0:52.
Match View: The match did what it was supposed to do. A squash victory for Monty Brown. The few moves they did were executed well. Not a whole lot else to say. 3/4*

Winner: Monty Brown

-Backstage, Terry Taylor is with Michael Shane and Traci. Shane says the people backstage have been trying to play a political game to keep them apart, but he and Traci played that game a little bit better. Shane insults Sabin, asking if he really thinks Traci would want to be with him. As far as Trinity, he says he took a nobody stunt woman and let her hang out with greatness. Traci says she’s with Shane instead of Sabin because he’s bigger, more muscular, more talented, and “way sexier than Chris Sabin will ever be.” She then says what was way sexy about him was the X Division gold he used to wear around his waist, and she says “Can you go get that for me?” Shane tells Taylor he has some business to take care of and leaves the scene.

-Mike Tenay is in the ring and he calls out the brand new NWA World Heavyweight Champion, AJ Styles, for an interview. AJ says it’s hard to believe this is reality. He says even though it may sound cheesy, he doesn’t think he could have done it without his fans all over the world. Tenay mentions Abyss being the #1 contender after winning the gauntlet. AJ acknowledges Abyss is a monster, and talks about their match at Lockdown as being one of the most grueling he’s ever had. Jarrett’s music comes on, and out comes the former NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett tells Tenay, and the fans, they should be ashamed of themselves for applauding AJ. He tells AJ he should be ashamed of himself for wearing that title because it took two men to beat him. Jarrett says he is going to exercise his rematch clause at Slammiversary. AJ says he’s going to give Jarrett something to cry about, and he says “why don’t you come take this belt from me right now?” AJ is attacked from behind by Monty Brown. Brown works over Styles. Styles comes back with some right hands. Jarrett then comes in the ring, and AJ fights him off. Styles goes for a cross body coming off the ropes, Jarrett ducks, and Brown catches him. Brown then positions AJ on his shoulders and powerbombs him. Abyss’ theme comes on and he comes out. Abyss pushes Jarrett off AJ. Brown and Abyss stare down. Abyss then turns around and nails the Black Hole Slam on AJ. Jarrett then pats him on the back. AMW and Sean Waltman run out to make the save, and Abyss, Jarrett, and Brown abandon the ring.

-Backstage, Jarrett confronts Dusty Rhodes with Abyss and Brown at his side. Jarrett says he’s tired of Rhodes trying to screw him over month after month and he wants his rematch. Jarrett says there will be hell to pay if he doesn’t get it. Rhodes says he’s going to get it, but it’s going to be a King of the Mountain match. He points at Abyss and says he will be in the match with him. He then points at Monty Brown and says he will be in King of the Mountain. Rhodes then says he has a wild card entrant that’s also going to be in the match. Jarrett turns around to his Brown and Abyss and says they got the numbers and the belt is coming back home.

-Tenay and West are joined at the announce position by championship committee member and Impact judge Larry Zbyszko. Raven comes out angry, banging a chair against the announce table. Raven says the fact that he has to even ask to be the wild card in the King of the Mountain match is rediculous. Raven says he will give Larry one chance to tell him he is the wild card, or he will turn TNA into a bloodbath. Larry says he is not at liberty to give away the information yet, and Raven will just have to wait and see like everyone else. Raven then starts to insult Larry about being old and being brittle. Raven says he is in position to deny him, and the only thing holding Larry together is chewing gum, paper clips, and the fact he sold out Shea Stadium in 1980 and beat Bruno. Raven says this is 2005, and he wants Larry to tell him what he wants to hear or he’ll hospitalize him. Larry begins to tell Raven he couldn’t even sell out something, when Raven slaps the headset off Larry’s head. Raven tells Tenay and West are next unless they tell him what he wants to hear. Larry bashes Raven’s head into the announce table, and then the steel ramp. Larry starts working over Raven with punches, but then Raven uses the chair. Raven takes Larry into the ring. Raven says if he can’t be the savior in this company, he’ll be the destructor. He then gives Larry the Raven Effect DDT. He keeps asking Larry if he’s the wild card. He gives Larry another Raven Effect DDT. Security comes out and Raven lays them out. He keeps screaming at Larry to tell him if he’s the wild card, saying he knows he can still hear him. Dusty Rhodes comes out. Raven screams “tell me what I want to hear!” Dusty tells Raven how dare he puts his hands on a TNA official. Dusty says as of this moment, Raven is suspended from TNA. Raven says Dusty can’t suspend him, because he quits. Raven stomps out of the arena. Really good segment.

-Backstage we find Ron Killings and BG James. James keeps saying he’s sorry. Killings asks him if he has heat with 3LK. James says Killings is making something out of nothing. Killings says there ain’t no Kru. He says it’s James’ fault.

Cassidy Riley vs. Christopher Daniels
During Daniels’ entrance, Michael Shane and Traci run out from behind him and pull off Daniels’ hood. Shane points at the X Division title around Daniels’ waist, saying he wants a title shot. Daniels says, “Don’t you ever interupt me again. Get out of here!” The bell rings and here we go. Lock up, Daniels with a knee to the gut. Daniels with some punches int he corner. Riley fights back, but Daniels slaps him. Daniels whips Riley into the corner, then runs in with a knee. Dnaiels with a body slam, followed by an elbow drop. Daniels drops a knee across the chest of Riley. Daniels with a half suplex into a gut buster. Near fall. Daniels with a seated abdominal stretch. Riley fights out with some left hands, but he’s quickly back to the mat after another gut buster. Daniels gets a near fall. Daniels rakes at the face of Riley. Riley attempts to fight back with some punches to the gut. Riley with some punches to the head. Riley comes off the ropes and nails a handspring back elbow. Riley with three running clotheslines. Riley with a sit down body slam. Riley with a split legged moonsault. Near fall. Riley with a right hand, followed by a cradle suplex. Riley with a moonsault off the middle rope, but Daniels gets his knees up. Daniels with a face buster into his knees. Daniels screams, “Michael Shane, you want this? You’re going to take this!” into the camera and he then nails the Angel’s Wings for the pinfall in 3:18.
Match View: Very short match but it was good for the time that they did have. Given more time it could have been better. Daniels continues to perform strongly every week. **1/4

Winner: Christopher Daniels

-After the match, Shane attacks Daniels from behind with a clothesline. He then grabs the X Division title belt. Sabin runs out and tries to hit a springboard dropkick on Shane, but Shane ducks and he nails Daniels. Sabin ducks a belt shot attempt from Shane, and Sabin gives Shane some right hands. Daniels then attacks Sabin. Security quickly comes out to break things up.

-Backstage, AJ Styles comes in Dusty Rhodes’ office. AJ says he can’t do this and it can’t be like this. AJ says he’s a fighting champion, but anyone he wants in the King of the Mountain match. But Jarrett is trying to ruin the show, and he’s getting jumped by people like Monty Brown. AJ says he can’t wait until June 19th to get his hands on Jarrett. Dusty says he doesn’t have to wait, next week it will be Jeff Jarrett and Monty Brown vs. AJ and any partner he wants.

#1 Contenders Match for a shot at the NWA World Tag Titles
Team Canada (Petey Williams & Eric Young) w/ Scott D’Amore & A1 Ralphz vs. America’s Most Wanted (James Storm & Chris Harris)

Storm and Williams start things off. Williams with a quick knee and right hands. Storm fights back. Big chop from Storm. Williams with a sunset flip off the middle rope that doesn’t go anywhere, as Storm quickly escapes. Storm with an atomic drop. Storm with a running clothesline. Williams dodges another lockup attempt from Storm, and quickly goes to the go behind position. Storm with a couple elbows. Storm with a german suplex. Williams pulls Storm into the turnbuckle and then tags in Young. Young with some punches. Team Canada goes for a double clothesline attempt, but Storm ducks and tags in Harris. AMW then lifts up Petey and throw him onto Young. Commercial break. Back from the commercial, Williams with a Russian Legsweep on Harris. Williams tags in Young. Young chokes at Harris on the mat. Young with an irish whip and a back elbow. Near fall. Young tags Williams back in. Williams with some right hands in the corner. Another quick tag. Young with a kick in the corner. Then another. Harris starts to fight back, hitting both members of Team Canada. Harris with an atomic drop on Young. Williams charges across the ring and knocks Storm off the apron. Harris with a powerslam on Young. Storm is quickly back on the apron, and he is tagged in. Storm takes out Young with an elbow and a right hand to williams. Young is sent into the ropes, and Storm nails a big powerslam. Storm with the “Eye of the Storm” on Williams (he spins around in the pre-slam Razor’s Edge position and then just drops the opponent). Storm with the pin attempt, but Young makes the save. Harris knocks Young to the outside. Storm gets Williams in position, and Harris goes to bounce off the ropes to nail a double team maneuver but A1 trips up Harris and pulls him to the outside. Williams then flips over the top of Storm and takes him down. Williams puts the sharpshooter on Storm. Young then comes off the top rope and nails a flying elbow on Storm while he’s in the sharpshooter. Near fall. Williams then goes for the Canadian Destroyer on Harris whom has just re-entered the ring. Harris counters it into a sidewalk slam. Storm with a superkick to Young. AMW then goes to use Triple X’s old finisher. Harris suplexes Williams on to Storm’s shoulders and they have him in position. Harris has to let go to spear A1 who comes in the ring. Williams then executes a huracanrana into a pin and gets the pinfall on Storm in 8:08.
Match view: Solid action from both teams. It’s interesting to see this little losing streak for AMW unfolding. These two teams have had better matches, but this one certainly was not bad. ***

Winners: Team Canada

-After the commercial break, Mike Tenay informs us that a camera got footage of Raven throwing a fit after quitting TNA earlier and the footage will be shown next week on Impact. He also informs us that AJ Styles has picked Sean Waltman as his partner for the tag match against Jeff Jarrett and Monty Brown next week. Jeff Jarrett and Monty Brown come to the announce position before the main event. Jarrett again reiterated the point that the numbers are in his favor in the King of the Mountain match at Slammiversary. Tenay makes a joke that when looking at Jarrett, it seems like something is missing.

Abyss vs. Chris Sabin
Sabin with some right hands to the face to start the match. Sabin goes for a shoulder block, but it doesn’t seem to affect Abyss much. Sabin goes for an arm drag, but Abyss just throws Sabin. Abyss with a right hand to Sabin. Abyss tosses Sabin in the air. Abyss with a big running splash on Sabin in the corner. Abyss with some right hands on Sabin in the corner, then goes for another running splash but Sabin gets a kick in. Sabin goes up top for a possible high risk move, but Abyss blocks and goes for a top rope chokeslam. Sabin blocks and shoves Abyss to the floor. Sabin then jumpes off the top turnbuckle and executes a nice huracanrana. Sabin goes to execute another high risk move, but Abyss catches him by the throat. Sabin gets out and goes for another huracanrana, but Abyss blocks and throws Sabin into the ringside steps. Abyss throws Sabin back in the ring. Abyss with a chokehold and some big right hands. Abyss with a chop. Abyss drops Sabin to the mat. Abyss wrenches at the neck of Sabin. Sabin fights out and ends up getting a kick to the face of Abyss. Sabin comes off the ropes, but Abyss nails a big boot to the face. Abyss exits the ring and gets a chair ringside. He positions the chair in between the top and middle rope in one of the turnbuckles. He then ends up receiving an enziguiri kick from Sabin. Sabin nails another. Sabin with an atomic drop. Sabin springboards off the turnbuckle and nails a tornado DDT. Near fall. Sabin comes off the ropes, but gets a kick to the gut. Abyss goes for a powerbomb, but Sabin goes for a sunset flip escaping it. Abyss slides out and nails a chokeslam on Sabin. Near fall. Abyss goes and grabs the chair out of the corner. Abyss swings, but Sabin dodges it. Sabin with a punch. Sabin then springboards off the top rope with a drop kick, sending the chair right into Abyss’ face. Sabin kips up, and goes for the Cradle Shock. Michael Shane runs out, and while Traci distracts the ref, Shane nails a superkick on Sabin before he could execute the Cradle Shock. Shane exits the ring, and Abyss then nails a torture rack slam on Sabin. Abyss makes the cover and gets the pinfall in 8:40.
Match View: Solid main event match. Sabin was tremendous with his high spots, and Abyss did really well with his power moves as usual. This was a good show overall that you should try to check out on the replay late Saturday night if you missed it. ***1/4

Winner: Abyss

-After the match, Jarrett left the announce position to congratulate Abyss on his victory. Monty Brown joins him. Jarrett extends his hand to Abyss for a handshake. After hesitation and looking to the fans who booed, Abyss did shake the hand of Jarrett. Jarrett smiled and looked at Brown. Abyss then grabs Jarrett and nails the Black Hole Slam on Jarrett to the delight of the fans. Abyss and Brown then stared each other down with Jarrett on the mat under them as the show ended.

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