NWA-TNA Impact 5/13/2005

Full TNA Impact! Results – 5/13/05
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of WrestleView.com

-Footage is shown from the AJ Styles / Jeff Jarrett interview that Tenay conducted last week.

-The Impact opening airs

-Tenay and West hype up the PPV Sunday, discussing the matches, mainly the Jarrett vs. Styles match.

4 Man Elimination Match
Elix Skipper vs. Eric Young w/ Scott D’Amore vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Christopher Daniels

Hardy is thrown to the outside by Young through the middle of the ropes early. Young and Daniels execute a nice two man suplex on Skipper. Daniels throws Skipper to the outside through the ropes. Hardy comes back in the ring from the top rope, jumping down nailing Daniels and then working over both men. Young eventually gains the advantage on Hardy. Young nails a suicide dive to the outside on Skipper. Hardy then springboarded off a chair in the ring, and jumps over the ropes onto Young and Skipper. Daniels picks up the chair in the ring, and climbs to the middle rope. He jumps off and uses the chair to take out Young and Skipper. Raven has come out, and he and Hardy fight throughout ringside, and back to the back. Daniels is alone in the ring, and he knocks Young and Skipper off the apron as they try to get back into the ring. Commercial break. Back from the commercial. Daniels continues to keep Skipper and Young from getting in the ring. Daniels has successfully kept Young and Skipper out of the ring for close to 5 minutes, which translates into not much action in a 10 minute match. Daniels brings Skipper back into the ring with a suplex. He then kicks Skipper back out of the ring. D’Amore is now even trying to get in the ring, but Daniels keeps him out. Skipper finally gets in the ring. He nails some clotheslines. Skipper chops Daniels in the corner. Skipper gives him a kick. Skipper with a belly to belly suplex and a near fall. Skipper with a big clotheslines. Skipper crotches Daniels on the top rope, and he then nails his walking the top rope hurricanrana. Young comes in. Young goes for a reverse pile driver, Skipper reverses it, and they teeter back in forth with some reversals before Skipper nails the Sudden Death and gets the pin on Young. Skipper then quickly rolls up Daniels from behind and gets the pinfall, but the time limit had expired as found out a couple minutes later. Apparently Hardy was eliminated when he went off fighting with Raven. There was some good spots in the match, but the finish was kind of anti-climatic and I thought the part with Daniels keeping the other two out of the ring went on a little long. In a real life fight that would be a great strategy, but in a 10 minute worked match it got kind of old and took up half the match. Match Rating: **

Winner: Time limit draw between Daniels/Skipper

-A video recapping the Shocker/Daniels feud airs.

-Tenay and West clarify what just happened at the end of the last match. They say the crowd was too loud, and the referee did not hear the time limit expire. Skipper pinned Young with 5 seconds left in the match, but he pinned Daniels after the 10:00 time limit expired. The referee’s decision has been overturned to a time limit draw between Skipper and Daniels.

-A very well done AJ Styles video package airs.

-Another well done video package recapping the one year feud between the Naturals and America’s Most Wanted airs, highlighting all their past history and matches.

-The interview with Tito Ortiz airs. He says Jimmy Snuka and Tito Santana were his favorite wrestlers growing up. He also briefly mentions Hogan. He talks about TNA making it’s way up. Ortiz talks about the prestige of the NWA World Title, mentioning Flair, Dusty Rhodes, and Shamrock as former champs. He jokes Shamrock is lucky he didn’t beat his ass for that belt. Ortiz talks about Styles and Jarrett a little, praising the talent of both. He says there is always young sharks coming up, and that may be a factor for Jarrett with Styles. Ortiz says he thinks Jarrett is beatable after seeing him wrestle a few times. Ortiz emphasizes Jarrett won’t be using his guitar in this match. Ortiz talks about how Dusty talked to him about bringing him into TNA to bring hard justice to this match.

-A video recap of the Raven/Hardy feud airs. A song by Hardy plays in the background throughout the video. Hardy needs to stick to wrestling.

10 Man Gauntlet Match
Chris Sabin starts things off with Michael Shane. The rules are Sabin and Shane will wrestle for 2 minutes, and then a new entrant comes out every 30 seconds. Sabin’s head and jaw are taped up. Sabin with a big clothesline. Trinity and Traci come in the ringk, and end up chasing each other backstage. Shane on the advantage now. Shane works over Sabin in the corner. Sabin fights back with some right hands, but not for long. Sabin with some knee lifts to Sabin on the ropes. The next entrant comes out, and it is Bobby Roode. He attacks Sabin from behind right away. Roode with a big right hand to Sabin’s jaw. The next entrance comes out, and it’s Petey Williams. Team Canada work over Sabin and Shane. Sabin springboards off the middle rope and nails Roodge and Williams. David Young comes out as the next entrant. Roode is eliminated from a spin kick. The next entrant is Trytan. He nails some big boots to Williams. Young and Trytan fight. Trytan quickly throws out David Young and then Michael Shane. A1 from Team Canada comes out next. Petey Williams is thrown out by Trytan. Sabin with a springboard hurricanrana on Trytan. Hoyt is the next entrant to come out. Trytan with a big boot to Hoyt. A1 with some forearms to Trytan, but he gets a big clothesline for his trouble. Abyss comes out as the next entrant. Trytan is eliminated by Lance Hoyt. Abyss with some big clotheslines all around. The last entrant is Apolo. A1 is eliminated by Abyss. Apolo with a superkick to Abyss. Apolo with a neckbreaker to Hoyt. Hoyt fights back on Apolo as we go to a commercial break. Apolo, Abyss, Hoyt, Sabin are left. The winner of this match will be the last entrant in the 20 man gauntlet at the PPV. Abyss eliminates Apolo. Sabin is almost eliminated twice, but he hangs on. He nails a spingboard dropkick to Abyss and Hoyt. Abyss eliminates Sabin. It’s not often you hear “Hoyt” chants from a crowd. Hoyt charges at Abyss, who backdrops him over the top rope to the outside. The last two men have to win by pinfall or submission. They fight on the outside. Abyss whips Hoyt into the ringside barrier. Abyss throws Hoyt into the steps. Hoyt is rolled back in the ring by Abyss. Abyss charges into the corner, and gives Hoyt a clothesline in the corner. Hoyt with a shoulder block. Hoyt with some right hands. Hoyt with a back elbow. Hoyt with a sideslam on Abyss. near fall. Hoyt jumps off the second rope, but Abyss catches him by the throat. Abyss then choke slams Hoyt and gets a near fall. Hoyt with a boot to Abyss. Hoyt with a clothesline off the middle rope. Hoyt climbs to the top rope, and he moonsaults on to Abyss and gets a near fall. The Naturals run out, but Hoyt tosses them aside. Hoyt goes for a move, but walks right into the Black Hole Slam and Abyss gets the win. Abyss will be the 20th, and final, entrant in the 20 Man Gauntlet Match Sunday. Good gauntlet match. The stuff with Abyss and Hoyt at the end was a little better than you’d expect. Match Rating: **1/2

Winner: Abyss

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