NWA-TNA Impact 5/6/2005

Full TNA Impact! Results – 5/6/05
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of WrestleView.com

-Footage is shown of Dusty Rhodes last week announcing Tito Ortiz being the special ref for the Styles/Jarrett match on May 15 at Hard Justice. They show highlights of Jarrett’s promo last week talking about the match with Ortiz as ref. They splice in footage of Ortiz throwing punches wearing a TNA shirt.

-The Impact opening airs.

Cassidy Riley vs. Abyss
Abyss charges at Riley, and Riley rolls outside the ring. Abyss chases him around the outside, they then get back in the ring. Riley with some stompos and punches. Abyss with an irish whip, and Riley runs to the outside again. He dives to get back in after Abyss chases him, but Abyss grabs his foot. Abyss throws Riley into the safety rail, and then the steps. Abyss throws him into the rail again. Abyss with a big slap to the chest. Abyss drives the elbow into the back of Riley. Abyss throws Riley in the rail again. Back in the ring. Abyss charges at Riley , but Riley gets a boot up. Riley then charges at Abyss, and Abyss nails the black hole slam and gets the pinfall in 2:03. Not much of a match, a typical squash victory for Abyss. Match Rating: 1/2*

Winner: Abyss

-Christopher Daniels, X Division Champion, comes out to join the announce crew.

Sonjay Dutt vs. Shocker
Lock up, Shocker with a wrist lock, Dutt reveses it. Shocker turns it into an arm bar. Dutt escapes. Test of strength, Shocker pushes him into the ropes and executes a monkey flip. They exchange some reversals and Dutt executes a arm drag. Shocker gets Dutt down and drops an elbow. Dutt goes for a flying head scissors, and after a couple revolutions executes it. Dutt with a drop kick. Dutt goes for another but Shocker moves. Shocker clotheslines Dutt to the outside. Shocker slides out to the floor. Dutt goes back inside, and executes a flip dive over the top rope to the outside on Shocker. Commercial break. Back from the commercial. Shocker with an irish whip, dutt drops a cltoheslines, dutt with a pinattempt. Near fall. Dutt with another pin attempt, another near fall. Dutt with a hurricanrana, but Shocker rolls through to make the pin attempt. Near fall. Shocker with a cradle for a near fall. Dutt with a right hand. Dutt with another. Shocker gets pumped up and nails a right hand of his own. Shocker goes for a suplex, but Dutt floats over the top. Dutt goes for a roll up, but Shocker escapes. Shocker with a big right hand. Shocker with a sunset flip, Dutt escapes and nails a drop kick. Dutt gets a near fall. Dutt sets Shocker up on the top turnbuckle. Dutt climbs up top, and gets on Shockers shoulders. Dutt with a hurricanrana off the top rope. Near fall. Dutt fires Shocker into the turnbuckile head first. Dutt with a whip to the opposite turnbuckle, and clotheslines Shocker in the corner. Dutt goes for another hurricanrana off the top rope, but Shocker grabs Dutt and holds him to block it, and then nails a powerbomb off the ropes and gets the pinfall. Match was kind of sloppy early on, but there were some good moves at the end. Shocker really hasn’t shown me much since he’s joined TNA. Match Rating: **

Winner: Shocker

-Raven talks backstage about his match with Jeff Hardy at the PPV. Raven mentions his heros Keith Richards, Joe Frazier, and Jake Roberts. He says Hardy is like them because he’s willing to take 3 just to get 1. Raven says the glory in his future means extinction in Hardy’s. Raven says caring is a luxury he can no longer afford. Raven says there is no salvation for him and where he’s going the only way to advance is to cause more pain. Raven calls himself a human cancer, and a slaughter of souls. He says God, Allah, and Buddah are working overtime having a hard time keeping score. Raven tells Hardy to be “prepared to be terminated with extreme prejudice.”

-They announce next week on Impact, Ortiz will comment on his status in the UFC (who cares? This is TNA, shouldn’t he be talking about his business in TNA?)

The Outlaw vs. Konnan
They start off exchanging right hands. Konnan gains the advantage. Konnan with his rolling clothesline. Konnna with a modified hip toss. Konnan whips Outlaw into the turnbuckle. Konnan throws his shoe repeatedly at Outlaw. Outlaw rolls to the outside. Konnan smashes outlaws face on the steps. He does it a second time. Konnan smashes Outlaw’s head into the announce table. The ref comes over to break it up, and when Konnan turns his back to push the ref away, he turns back around into a chair shot from Outlaw. 3 Live Kru comes out, BG James with a chair. Outlaw backs away smiling. Security comes out. Medical staff checks on Konnan as Outlaw walks to the back. The ref declares the match a no contest after about 2 minutes of a match. Match Rating: not applicable.

Winner: No Contest

-The 3 Live Kru helps Konnan to the back.

-A pretaped interview in an empty Impact Zone airs. Mike Tenay interviews Jeff Jarrett and AJ Styles with all three sitting in chairs in the middle of the ring. Jarrett talks about them hiring Ortiz as another scheme to try and get the belt off the “King of the Mountain.” Jarrett rattles off the names of all the people he’s defended his title against. Jarrett says that Dusty came up with this plan with Ortiz because he’s not so sure about Styles. He says Styles is a punk who has earned nothing. Jarrett says you have to walk, talk, and look like a champion and AJ Styles does none of that. Jarrett says he’s not affraid of Tito Ortiz. Jarrett says when he sees Ortiz he’s going to slap his teeth right out of his mouth. Styles says it’s been a goal since he started in TNA, to be the world champion. Tenay asks Styles how he’s going to counter the experience advantage that Jarrett has. Jarrett interupts. Tenay asks Styles about his athletic advantage over Jarrett. Jarrett interupts some more and they start arguing. Styles says he’s done talking and both men stand up and get face to face. Security comes in the ring as Jarrett and Styles argue some more. Security seperates them before any punches are thrown.

Michael Shane w/ Trinity vs. Chris Sabin w/ Traci
Shane attacks. Shane with some right hands. Shane with a side suplex. Shane with some punches to Sabin on the mat. Shane throws Sabin headfirst into the turnbuckle. They exchange chops in the corner. Shane with some right hands, and Sabin with some back. Sabin springboards off the middle rope for a crossbody and near fall. Shane goes to the outside. Sabin baseball slides under the ropes to the outside at Shane, but Shane ducks. Sabin charges at Shane, and Sabin just bounces off the ropes and catches Sabin with a head scissors. Sabin with a loud chop to Shane. Trinity distracts Sabin, and Shane attacks him from behind. Shane throws Sabin into the rail. Back in the ring. Shane stomps Sabin. Sabin is thrown into the ropes, and when he runs back Shane executes a quick belly to belly suplex and gets a near fall. Shane with a reverse chin lock on Sabin. Sabin fights to his feet. He breaks the hold with some elbows. Sabin comes off the ropes, but Shane gets his knee up and nails Sabin in the gut. Near fall. Shane sets Sabin upside down in the turnbuckle, and then pushes at Sabin’s throat with his foot. Sabin with a baseball slide into the face of the upside down Sabin. Near fall. Shane with a sleeper hold on Sabin on the mat. Sabin fights to his feet and breaks the hold with some elbows. Sabin with some punches. Sabin whips Shane into the turnbuckle, and then charges in, but Shane gets his foot up and nails Sabin in the face. Near fall. Shane with a hard right hand that sends Sabin to the mat. Sabin nearly falls out of the ring, but his feet hold him at a diagonal from the floor to the bottom rope. Shane slingshots over the top rope to the outside and nails a clothesline across the neck of Sabin. Back in the ring, near fall by Shane. Shane with some right hands, Sabin fights back with some of his own. Shane throws Sabin to the outside. Commercial break. Back from the break, Shane has a headlock on Sabin. Sabin fights off. Sabin with a big kick to Shane who was going to executes a back body drop. Sabin with a sunset flip for a near fall. Shane with a quick clothesline to get back the advantage. Near fall. Shane with a vertical suplex followed by another near fall. Shane chokes Sabin across the middle rope. Shane distracts the ref, and Trinity chokes him across the rope some more. Shane with a near fall. Sabin attempts to fight back with some punches to the gut. Sabin with some big right hands, sending Shane into the corner. Shane with a shot of his own to get back to the offense. Shane with an irish whip, Sabin ducks a clotheslines, and nails a hurricanrana for a pinfall attempt. Shane with a quick clothesline again to go back on the offensive. Shane with a short armed clothesline. Shane with another. Shane comes off the ropes, Sabin ducks the clothesline, and nails a release German suplex. Both men are down as the ref begins the 10 count. They are up, Sabin with some right hands. Sabin with a back kick to the gut. Sabin with a powerbomb position, into a DDT on Shane for a near fall. Sabin with a kick. Sabin goes for the Cradle Shock, but Shane blocks. Shane with an atomic drop. Shane with a reverse version of Jarrett’s Stroke. Near fall. Shane goes for a powerbomb, But Sabin fights out. Sabin springboards off the ropes to go for a tornado DDT, but Shane just throws him off. Shane goes for the superkick, but Sabin moves and gets a side rollup for the pinfall. Good match with a solid build to it and some nice spots, but a kind of heatless finish that hurt it. Match Rating: **3/4

Winner: Chris Sabin

-After the match, Shane nails his superkick on Sabin from behind. Trinity holds Sabin, and Shane nails another one. Trinity holds him, and Shane nails a third superkick. Traci must have been layed out by Trinity on the outside before all of this , but I missed it. Traci slams Trinity down and checks on Sabin. Shane “warms up the band” for a superkick possibly on Traci, but the show goes off the air.

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