NWA-TNA Impact 7/29/2005

Full TNA Impact! Results 7/29/05 (taped 7/19/05)
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of WrestleView.com

-A short Super X Cup video package airs, followed by highlights of Jarrett and Rhino’s attack on Raven last week.

-The Impact opening airs, and we are greeted by Mike Tenay and Don West from ringside as Elix Skipper makes his entrance right away to begin the show.

Elix Skipper vs. Shark Boy vs. Sonjay Dutt
All three men circle at the beginning trying to decide what to do. Skipper with a kick to Shark Boy. Dutt with an arm drag to Skipper. Dutt goes flying out of the ring courtesy of Shark Boy. Shark Boy tosses Dutt over the top again, but Dutt catches himself. Dutt springboards off the middle rope on to Skipper, Skipper catches him on his shoulder, and Shark Boy knocks them over to go for a pin and gets a near fall. Shark Boy with a drop kick on Dutt. Dutt with a kick to Skipper when Skipper was setting up the POD. Shark Boy goes for the DSD on Dutt, but Skipper kicks Shark Boy and knocks him to the floor on the otuside. Shark Boy climbs back up to the apron, Shark Boy counters a suplex attempt fro Skipper, and he rolls up Skipper from behind. Dutt then nails a drop kick off the ropes to Shark Boy. Skipper with a back kick and a forearm shot to Dutt. Skipper with a double underhook suplex on Dutt. Dutt executes an impressive huricanrana from a seated position on the middle of the top ropes, sending Skipper over the top rope and to the arena floor. Shark Boy then knocks Dutt to the arena faloor. Shark Boy slingshots over the top rope with a cross body to the arena floor below on to Skipper, but Skipper catches him and drops him across the ringside barrier. Skipper snapmares Dutt on the arena floor and then nails a kick to his back. Skipper throws Dutt back in the ring. SKipper then throws Dutt into the ringpost on the outside. Skipper throws Shark BOy into the ring. Skipper climbs to the apron, and Dutt takes him out with a springboard dropkick out of the turnbuckle, sending Skipper down to the arena floor. Shark Boy goes to lift up Dutt and slam him, but Dutt counters, flipping over backwards and nailing a form of a reverse DDT. Dutt gets the pinfall.

Winner: Sonjay Dutt

Match View: Fast-paced opening match from the X Division. Skipper continues to lose while Dutt continues his hot streak. A short match with some cool spots mixed in. Not a lot of build to the match itself, but it had a sense of strategy in each competitor taking out his opponent to work on the third man. **


-Backstage, BG James and Larry Zbyszko are talking. Larry tells him he’s been causing a lot of problems between the tag teams. BG says he’s not the insigator, he’s the victim. Larry says he has a crew of referees that think they are the victims and won’t referee the tag match at the PPV. Larry says he’s got a solution, and that is BG will be the referee at Sacrifice in the tag match between 3 Live Kru vs. Kip James & Monty Brown.

-The Super X Cup trophy and tournament bracket are shown.

Super X Cup – First Round
Alex Shelley vs. Shocker

They lock up, and Shocker goes behind and takes Shelley down. Shocker with a standing arm bar, Shelley counters and gets on an armbar of himself. Shocker grabs Shelley by the head and jumps in the air and whips him over the top of him in a snapmare. Shelley goes rolling out of the ring. Shelley gathers himself on the outside and enters the ring again. They lock up, and Shelley gains advantage with a standing headlock. Shocker shoots him off into the ropes, but Shelley takes him down. Shocker with a quick wristlock armdrag. Shelley gets to his feet and executes the same maneuver on Shocker. Both men take turns tripping the other and going for pins. Shocker shoves Shelley. They exchange slaps. Shocker nails a big right hand sending Shelley to the outside.


Shocker with a kick to the gut. Shocker comes off the ropes and nails a shoulder block. Shocker with another wristlock armdrag. Shocker with a DDT. Shocker springboards off the middle rope and nails a drop kick. Shocker with a corkscrew elbow drop. Near fall. Shelley lifts a charging Shocker in the air and drops him across the ropes. Shelley with a kick. Shocker rolls to the outside. Shelley nails a suicide dive to the outside on to Shocker. Shelley nails a right hand on the outside and then sends Shocker back into the ring. Shocker nails some right hands on Shelley as he climbs into the ring on the apron. Shocker goes to suplex Shelley back into the ring but Shelley counters. Shelley with a drop toe hold. Shelley with a pinning attempt for a near fall. Shocker with a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Shocker with a big boot to the face. Shocker goes up top and comes off with a frog splash. Near fall. Shelley counters a clothesline attempt and rolls up Shocker with Shocker’s own pinning combination.

Winner: Alex Shelley

Match View: Pretty decent match. Not a bad match, but the weakest of the 3 X Cup matches so far. The finish came out of nowhere, but I liked the way they had Shelley use Shocker’s own pinning combination and then point to his head afterwards signalling he outsmarted his opponent as Shocker pounded the mat in frustration. Tenay had noted earlier in his commentary that Shelley is good at scouting his opponents, so this made sense. Shelley looked good as usual, and Shocker looked better than on recent Impacts. The fans still weren’t really into Shocker. **1/4

-Backstage, James Mitchell talks about TNA’s officials being up in arms over the twisted and broken bodies Abyss left behind last week. Mitchell talks about how wrestlers are often told to wait in line when wanting a world title shot, and Mitchell announces Abyss is an impatient man. Mitchell asks how you control a man like Abyss. He says you don’t. He says as far as Abyss is concerned, everyone in his way is his prey and he’s the predator. Mitchell notes Lance Hoyt happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and he won’t be the last as Abyss will dismantle TNA in his rage and display his dominance.


Cassidy Riley vs. Mikey Batts
Riley makes his entrance wearing a Raven t-shirt, furthering his storyline of worshipping Raven. Before the match starts, Riley sits down on the mat in the corner against the turnbuckle just like Raven does. They exchange slaps to the face. Batts with a knee to the gut and nails continuous blows the back. Riley comes back and throws Batts into the turnbuckle chest first, then nails a clothesline on Batts as he bounces out. Riley with a knee to the gut. Riley then does Raven’s taunt, throwing his arms straight out to the side. Rhino runs out and nails the Gore on Batts. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner: No Contest

Match View: N/A

Jeff Jarrett is now in the ring as well. Rhino then Gores Riley. Rhino nails the Rhino Driver on Batts, then goes to nail one on Riley as Raven’s music hits. Raven comes out to the ramp, and Rhino discards Riley to the side. Raven says they must figure if they put him in a tag team situation, they are going to get a 2 on 1 match at the PPV since he has no friends. Raven asks who could he possibly get to be his partner? Raven says it’s amazing what you will find after 17 years of giving your heart and soul to wrestling. Raven says two people can bond over having broken their bodies together. Raven says sometimes if you have no friends, an enemy will do. The lights then go out. When the lights come on, Sabu is in the ring behind Rhino and Jarrett with a chair. He takes out both men with the chair. Sabu then nails a springboard moonsault off the top rope on Rhino. Raven talks on the mic, saying it won’t be 2 on 1. Raven says he can promise Jarrett and Rhino pain.


Matt Bentley w/ Traci vs. James Storm w/ Chris Harris
Tenay notes this match will be the battle of the superkicks. Bentley quickly exits the ring at the beginning to buy some time. Storm chases him around the outside. Bentley slides in the ring, then nails an elbow drop on Storm when he comes in. Bentley throws Storm face first into the turnbuckle, then chokes him with a boot to the throat. Bentley with an irish whip, he lowers his head, and Storm comes off the ropes and grabs him and throws him to the outside. Storm with a chop on Bentley on the outside. Storm lifts up Bentley and crotches him on the guard rail. Storm throws him back in the ring. When Storm climbs to the apron, Bentley runs into him and sends him crashing into the ringside barrier on the outside. Bentley comes to the outside and throws Storm back first into the side of the ring. Bentley whips Storm into the ring post. Bentley throws Storm into the ring and goes for a cover, near fall. Bentley with a scoop slam. Bentley with a knee drop. Near fall. Bentley locks on a sleeper hold on the mat. Storm fights to his feet and breaks the hold. Storm comes off the ropes but runs into a knee to the gut from Bentley. Near fall. Bentley sets up Storm on the top turnbuckle. Bentley with a superplex. Near fall. Bentley locks on a rear chin lock. Storm fights to his feet and tries to break to the hold, but Bentley throws him down to the mat. Near fall. Bentley chokes Storm across the middle rope. Then Bentley distracts the ref and Traci chokes him across the rope. Bentley goes for a suplex, but Storm blocks and rolls Bentley into a small package for a near fall. Bentley takes down Storm. Bentley goes for the cover and gets another 2 count. Storm nails some punches to the gut of Bentley trying to fight back, but Bentley pokes him in the eye. Bentley throws Storm back to the mat. Bentley locks on a headlock on the mat. Traci grabs his feet behind the refs back, giving him some extra leverage. Storm fights up to his feet and nails some elbows to the gut to break the hold. Storm goes for a superkick, but Bentley blocks it. Bentley goes for a superkick and Storm blocks. Storm comes off the ropes, but Bentley catches him and nails a slam and gets a near fall. Bentley sets up Storm on the top turnbuckle. Bentley goes for another superplex, but Storm blocks. Storm throws Bentley dow to the mat. Bentley charges in at Storm and Storm nails a boot. Storm, still sitting on the top turnbuckle, then grabs Bentley and comes off the ropes nailing a reverse DDT. Storm makes the cover and gets the pinfall.

Winner: James Storm

Match View: Best match of the show so far. Good build to it, with Bentley on the offense most of the match and Storm fighting back. Surprising that no superkick was used in the actual match or after the match. **3/4


-Backstage, Shane Douglas is with AJ Styles. Douglas notes Styles will take on the winner of our next match, Williams vs. Sabin. Styles notes it wasn’t long ago that the X Division made AJ Styles. Styles then says, maybe it was AJ Styles that made the X Division, even though it may sound cocky. Styles notes that both men are phenomenal athletes, but whomever wins will find out why they call him phenomenal. Interesting promo by AJ as a couple of the comments sounded like hints of a possible heel turn in the future.

-Tenay talks about the bracket of the Super X Cup tournament so far.

Super X Cup – First Round
Petey Williams w/ A-1 Ralphz vs. Chris Sabin

X Division Champion Christopher Daniels joins Tenay and West for commentary on this match. He calls the tournament the “CDI”, the “Christopher Daniels Invitational.” They lock up, and Sabin takes advantage with a headlock. Williams nails a hip toss. Sabin nails an arm drag. Very fast paced action. They come to a stand still, with both men catching each other throwing a kick, as we go to a commercial break.


Williams has Sabin on the mat with a bear hug. Sabin fights to his feet and nails some elbows to the head to break it. Sabin nails a bulldog and gets a near fall. Sabin with a snapmare followed by a kick to the head. Near fall. Sabin with a forearm shot to the face. Sabin tosses Williams over the top rope. Williams lands on the apron. Sabin flips over the top of him to the outside, hanging on to go for a powerbomb on Williams to the ground. Williams holds the ropes to fight it off. Williams drops down, but Sabin moves. A-1 distracts Sabin for a second, allowing Williams to come off the apron and nail a tornado DDT on Sabin. Williams throws Sabin back in the ring and goes for a cover, getting a 2 count. Williams with some punches. Williams snapmares Sabin and nails a drop kick to the back. Williams chokes Sabin across the middle rope. Williams then distracts the ref as A-1 does the same to Sabin. Sabin with some punches to the gut to fight back, but Williams sends him down with a pounch. Petey gets Sabin in the corner and nails a chop. Sabin then dodges one. Petey with a poke to the eye of Sabin. Williams with a forearm across the back. Williams locks on a reverse chin lock. Williams with some knees to the back. Williams then lifts Sabin in the air, and drops him across his knee. Near fall. Sabin tries to fight back, but Williams gets in some shots. Sabin comes off the ropes and receives a back elbow from Williams. Williams with a scoop slam followed by a leg drop. Near fall. Sabin tries fighting back with some blows to the stomach. Sabin comes off the ropes, but Petey catches him and throws him through the ropes to the outside. A-1 works over Sabin on the outside. Williams pulls Sabin up to the apron and takes him back into the ring. Williams with a forearm shot across the back, then throws Sabin into the turnbuckle. Petey hangs Sabin upside down in the corner. Petey climbs up to the second rope, with Sabin hung upside down, and starts singing “Oh Canada.” Sabin sits up and throws Petey to the outside. Sabin nails a suicide dive to the outside on Williams. Sabin ducks a clothesline, nails a atomic drop, a jawbreaker, a kick to the gut, and then comes off the ropes with a dropkick to the head. Sabin with a backkick to the head, then nails a running Lyger Bomb. Near fall. Sabin goes for another powerbomb, but Williams blocks and nails a Northern Lights release suplex of his own. Williams signals for the Canadian Destroyer. Williams goes for it, but Sabin blocks countering with a roll through. Williams then locks on the Sharpshooter. Sabin gets to the ropes to break the hold. Sabin runs into a boot in the corner from Williams. Williams jumps out of the turnbuckle on to Sabin. Sabin catches him and drops him across his knee for a backbreaker, then quickly nails an exploder suplex for a near fall. Sabin then with a running enziguiri kick. Sabin then nails the Cradle Shock. A-1 distracts the ref as Sabin has Williams pinned. Sabin goes to talk to the ref. Sabin turns around, and Williams nails him with a shot to the gut with a hockey stick. Williams then nails the Canadian Destroyer and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Petey Williams

Match View: Awesome match. Clearly the best match of the show, and definitely worth the download off tnawrestling.com to see if you haven’t. The best match of the Super X Cup thus far. Sabin seems to get better every time he wrestles, and Petey was on as always. A fast paced match with strong moves after move the entire match. Even though it seems like Team Canada always wins by outside interference and some may not like that, in this case it made sense in that Sabin got pinned without it making him look weaker. ***3/4

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