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NWA-TNA Impact 8/19/2005

Full TNA Impact! ResultsĀ  8/19/05 (taped 8/16)
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of

-The show opens with a recap of what happened at the Sacrifice PPV this past Sunday night.

-The Impact opening airs.

Samoa Joe vs. Jerrelle Clark
Clark goes to take down Joe, but Joe just falls on top of him and holds him down. Joe with a snap mare and a stiff kick. Joe with a knee drop. Joe whips Clark into the corner, then runs in with a knee. Joe charges in again, and nails a knee to the face. Joe with another whip and comes charging into the corner, but Clark moves. Clark with some chops and a running leg lariat. Clark moonsaults off the top rope, but Joe just moves and Clark falls falt on his face. Joe with a back splash. Near fall. Clark reverses an Irish whip attempt and nails a drop kick. Clark comes off the top rope with a springboard clotheseline attempt, but Joe catches him and throws him down. Joe nails the muscle buster out of the corner. Joe then locks on the Kokino Clutch and Clark taps out.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Match View: Pretty much just your average quick squash match. *1/2

-Christopher Daniels runs in after the match and nails Joe with the X Title belt in the back a couple of times. Daniels goes to try and execute the Angel’s Wings, but Joe lifts his head and sends Daniels up in the air and down to the mat. AJ Styles runs out and fights with Daniels. Joe runs in and nails a clothesline on Daniels. Styles then nails a drop kick to Joe and Daniels, sending both outside of the ring.


-Shane Douglas is backstage outside of Larry Zybskzo’s office. Jarrett comes out of the office door, arguing with Larry. Jarrett says, “When we get to Spike TV, I’m going to be champion. I’m tired of being nice.” He says he is not going to ask anymore, he’s demanding. Larry says if he can get Rhino to give him the title shot he earned by pinning Raven in the tag match on Sunday, and step aside, then Jarrett can have the title match. Rhino then comes into the room. Jarrett says for the good of company, he needs to be the World Champion when they get to Spike TV. He asks Rhino about stepping aside and giving him the title shot. He says if he does, he will give him the first title shot after he beats Raven. Rhino says he will give Jarrett a title shot. He then notes it will be after he beats Raven at Unbreakable, and Jarrett can be first in line. Jarrett keeps saying “Rhino, you don’t know them.”

2005 Chris Candido Memorial Tag Team Tournament – First Round
Simon Diamond & Mikey Batts vs. Chris Sabin & Shocker

Tenay notes the teams for this tag team tournament were made by a blind drawing by the TNA management. Batts and Sabin start things off. They start off by trading armbars and reversals. Sabin with a deep arm drag and an armbar. Batts with some punches. Sabin with a sit down drop kick to the face after dodging several offensive attempts from Batts while he was bouncing off the ropes. Shocker is tagged in. Sabin with a running knee lift. Shocker then springboards off Sabin’s back and nails a clothesline on Batts in the corner. Diamond runs in, and Sabin and Shocker take him down with a drop toe hold. Diamond lands on Batts. Double drop kick by Sabin and Shocker to Diamond. Batts gains the advantage on Shocker. Batts slingshots over the top rope to the outside, but Sabin moves and he lands on Diamond.


Shocker with a suplex on Batts. Shocker with a twisting elbow drop. Shocker nails a scoop slam. He then goes to the outside, and slingshots over the top rope with an elbow drop. Sabin tagged back in. Sabin comes off the ropes, and Diamond trips him from outside the ring. Batts sends Sabin to the outside with a head scissors. Diamond works over Sabin on the floor before sending him back in the ring. Batts works on Sabin with some punches. Diamond is tagged back in. Diamond with some stomps. Diamond with some punches. Near fall. Batts is tagged back in. Batts with a snap mare. Batts wrenches back on the neck of Sabin with a chinlock. Sabin with some elbows to break the hold. He comes off the ropes and runs into a knee to the gut from Batts. Diamond is tagged back in. Diamond with three rolling snap suplexes, the Simon Series. He bridges on the last one for a near fall. Diamond with a hard chop and some punches. Simon with a couple Irish whips on Sabin sending him into the corners. Sabin comes back with a springboard back elbow. Batts and Shocker are tagged in. Shocker with a couple boots and a clothesline. Shocker with a sit down powerbomb and a cover. Diamond makes the save. Shocker with some punches on Diamond, but Batts rolls him up from behind for a near fall. Sabin is tagged in by making a blind tag himself. Sabin with a kick. Batts goes for some offensive, but Sabin ends up getting Batts on his shoulders in position and nails the Cradle Shock. Sabin makes the cover and gets the pinfall.

Winners: Chris Sabin & Shocker

Match View: Good match. Sabin and Batts made the match. Diamond and Shocker weren’t bad either, but most of the highlights were Sabin and Batts. Finish came out of nowhere with not much build, but surprisingly it didn’t take much away from the match. **3/4


-Backstage, Shane Douglas is with Monty Brown. He notes BG James showed his true intentions at the PPV and proved Kip James wrong. Brown notes he told Kip that BG couldn’t be trusted. Brown mocks Kip, how he talked about BG as a brother and loves his family. Brown says now they are going to do his things. Kill or be killed, hunt or be hunted, survival of the fittest. He says BG is weak. He says he should ahve weeded out the weak a long time ago, and now he will. He mentions Rhino, Jarrett, and Raven. He says the title is coming to where it should have been long ago.

Rhino vs. Sonny Siaki w/ Apolo
Things start off with Siaki nailing some punches and a couple hip tosses. Siaki with a leg drop. Near fall. Siaki with some more punches. Siaki runs into the corner at Rhino, but runs into a right hand. Rhino lifts Siaki into powerbomb position, and then just drops him backwards into the turnbuckle head first. Near fall. Rhino chokes Siaki across the middle rope. Siaki with a couple hard right hands. Rhino with a kick to the stomach, then comes off the ropes and nails a kick to the side of the head. Near fall. Rhino with a snap mare, and then he holds on for a chin lock submission. Siaki fights to his feet and breaks the hold with some elbows. Siaki with a single leg drop kick to the chin. Siaki with a diamond cutter. Siaki rises out of the corner after a whip from Rhino. Rhino turns around and nails a Gore. Rhino makes the cover for the pinfall.

Winner: Rhino

Match View: Another average, short squash match with Siaki allowed to show some of his athleticism at times. Rhino looked good in his powerful style, and Siaki showed the glimpses of what he could do if given the chance. He’s been set in nowhereville lately jobbing. I’d like to see him get back in the thick of things in the X Division. *1/2

-After the match, Rhino gets on the mic. He yells “Gore! Gore! Gore!” He says he is going to Gore Raven and make him bleed. He says he came to TNA for the World Heavyweight title and nobody will stop him. He says why wait for Unbreakable. He calls out Raven. Raven’s music comes on and out he comes. Raven says “Gore me once, shame on you. Gore me twice, shame on me. You’re going to pay Rhino.” Security runs out before Raven gets to the ring. Raven gets in the ring but security is seperating both men. Rhino breaks away from the security and Gores Raven.


2005 Chris Candido Memorial Tag Team Tournament – First Round
BG James & Cassidy Riley vs. Ron Killings & Sonjay Dutt

Tenay notes on commentary how it will be interesting to see two members of 3 Live Kru on opposing teams after they just reunited on PPV this past Sunday. Killings and Riley start things off. Riley starts off with an armbar, but Killings reverses it. Killings takes down Riley with a shoulder block coming off the ropes. Riley dodges a kick and tags in James. Killings and James shake hands before going at it. They joke around by tapping feet together. Riley and Dutt come in and get mad. James nails Dutt, and Killings nails Riley simultaneously. Killings then gets Riley in an armbar as Riley is the legal man now. Riley with some punches to break the hold. Killings with his twisting flying forearm. Dutt is tagged in. Dutt with a kick to Riley. Dutt with a snap mare and an elbow drop. Near fall. Riley comes off the ropes, but Dutt takes him out with a dropkick to the knee. Riley with a face buster after nailing a clothesline in the corner. James is tagged in and he takes down Dutt with some right hands. Dutt comes off the second rope, but runs into a kick from James. Riley with a cradle suplex on Killings. James then comes over to check on Killings. Riley gets mad. James then gives a pump handle slamm to his partner Riley. Dutt comes off the top rope with a 450 splash. Dutt makes the cover and gets the pinfall. Tenay notes James basically threw in the towel for his team.

Winner: Ron Killings & Sonjay Dutt

Match View: Interesting dynamics to the match with Killings and James on opposite sides. They played it off perfectly with James helping his 3LK partner win and refusing to fight him, thus reeling in his 3LK partner and further planting the seeds to make the Kru believe he is loyal to them before he makes what seems like an inevitable turn on the Kru to team with Kip James. **


-Backstage, James Mitchell talks about the TNA Championship Committee obviously being deaf since he’s been saying the past few weeks that Abyss will not wait around for a title shot. He notes Raven will be fighting Bobby Roode on Impact next week. He says Roode is in a spot that belongs to Abyss. He says next week, either Abyss gets his title shot or he will cripple everyone in his path. He tells Larry Zbyszko to “put down your golf clubs” and give Abyss his title shot, or the blood of everyone in Abyss’ path will be on his hands.

NWA World Tag Team Championship Match
Team Canada (Eric Young & A-1) vs. (C) The Naturals (Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas) w/ Jimmy Hart

The Naturals go on the offensive right at the beginning with some right hands. It’s a big brawl in the ring. Stevens sends Young from corner to corner with Irish whips before eventually sending him out of the ring. They then take down A1 with a double team modified clothesline. Stevens and A-1 are now the legal men when the dust settles. Stevens with a drop kick. Young is tagged in. Stevens takes him down with a drop toe hold. Douglas is tagged in. Douglas with a leg drop on the arm, and then holding on for an armbar. Douglas with a dropkick to Young. Near fall. Douglas with a reverse chin lock. Stevens is tagged in. Stevens with a punch and then an arm bar. He takes Young down to the mat and wrenches back on the arm. Douglas is tagged in. He comes off the top rope with an elbow across the arm of Young, that was still in Steven’s armbar. Douglas gets distracted by A-1 on the ropes, and turns around into a clothesline from Young. Young distracts the ref as A-1 chokes Douglas across the bottom rope.


A-1 with a back elbow to Douglas. A-1 then chokes Douglas across the middle rope. A1 with a neck breaker. A1 goes for the cover, but Stevens makes the save. A1 with a snap mare. Young gets the tag. Young makes the cover and gets a near fall. Douglas fights back with some punches. Douglas goes for an awkward looking roll through backslide. Near fall. Young with a scoop slam. He then comes off the ropes and drives the elbow into the chest of Douglas. A1 is tagged back in. A1 wrenches at the neck of Douglas. The crowd chants “USA.” Douglas fights to his feet and breaks the hold with some punches to the gut. Douglas with a kick to the face in the corner, but he then walks into a powerslam from A1. Near fall as Stevens makes the save. Young is tagged back in. A1 body slams Douglas. Young comes off the middle rope with a leg drop, but Douglas moves. Stevens is tagged in. Stevens with some right hands to Young. A1 runs in and receives a flying forearm. He is wobbling, and Young finishes the job with a drop kick sending A1 down. Now all 4 men are in the ring. The Naturals send A1 over the top rope to the floor below. The Naturals then nail their Natural Disaster finisher on Young. They go for the pin, but Bobby Roode runs out and breaks the cover as the ref calls for the bell.

Winners and Still NWA World Tag Team Champions: The Naturals via DQ

Match View: It was a pretty solid match up until the finish. Yet another Team Canada match ending with a DQ. This weeks show was a strong show if you are into tag team wrestling. With 3 tag team matches on one hour long show, it brings to mind something TNA should focus on if they are going to go to war with the WWE. With WWE pretty much writing off tag team wrestling, TNA should definitely make it one of their focuses, along with the X Division, to hopefully bring in some new fans who are disgusted with the WWE’s (read: Vince) complete disregard of tag team wrestling and the tag team title belts. **3/4

-All of Team Canada has now hit the ring as they gang up on the Naturals. Stevens attempts a comeback before being taken down because of the numbers game. America’s Most Wanted runs out to make the save. West notes that AMW’s hatred for Team Canada is still more than their hatred for the Naturals. The Naturals and AMW then get in each others faces. Jimmy Hart tries to seperate them before anything happens. Hart gets pushed aside and AMW and The Naturals go at it. Team Canada stands on the ramp laughing to themselves as the show goes off the air.

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