NWA-TNA Impact 8/26/2005

Full TNA Impact! Results  8/26/05 (taped 8/16)
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of WrestleView.com

-The Impact opening airs right away to start off the show.

-Mike Tenay welcomes us to the show and informs us that we will have two matches in the Chris Candido Memorial Cup today as well as Raven vs. Bobby Roode.

Chris Candido Memorial Tag Team Tournament – First Round
Sean Waltman & Alex Shelley vs. Shark Boy & Abyss w/ James Mitchell

Shark Boy and Shelley start things off. Shelley takes advantage with a go behind arm bar. They exchange a hip toss and scissor hold quickly before going back to their feet. They take turns reversing arm bars. Shelley fights back with some right hands. Shelley with a drop toe hold, but misses an elbow drop. Shark Boy with a drop kick followed by some chops. Shark Boy nails a face buster. Shart Boy then bites Shelley on the ass. Waltman is tagged in and Shelley quickly takes him down. Waltman fights back and throws a running Shark Boy up in the air so he lands directly on his face. Waltman with a leg drop. Waltman with a chop in the corner. Waltman with a scoop slam in the middle of the ring. Waltman then throws Shark Boy to the corner and then nails a clothesline in the corner. He goes for it again but Shark BOy moves, and Shark Boy goes for a roll up out of the corner for a near fall. Waltman gains advantage again and tags Shelley back in. Waltman throws Shelley into Shark Boy in the corner, as he nails a high knee. Waltman then nails the bronco buster on Shark Boy. Abyss comes in and goes for a double chokeslam on Waltman and Shelley. Instead he nails a double clothesline. He throws Waltman to the outside, then nails the Shock Treatment on Shelley. Shark Boy gives a thumbs up to Abyss. Abyss then nails the Black Hole Slam on his own parter, Shark Boy. Shelley comes back in the ring and hits his Shell Shock finisher. Shelley goes for the pin and gets the 3 count.

Winners: Sean Waltman & Alex Shelley

Match View: Decent opening contest. Abyss turning on his partner was a good idea. I have a feeling Waltman and Shelley could be a very good tag team if they stuck together. **


Simon Diamond & David Young vs. Mikey Batts & Jerrelle Clark
Clark and Young start off. Clark with some right forearm shots. Clark nails a springboard huricanrana. Batts is tagged in. Young goes to tag out, but Diamond just slaps him. Young nails a side face plant on Batts. Young with some stomps. Diamond now gets tagged in. They note on commentary that Diamond slapped him to get him focused. Diamond and Young take Batts down with a double back elbow. Batts fights back with some right hands, but Diamond takes him down with a quick kick. Young tagged back in. Young nails a kick to the gut, then soon after tags Diamond back in. Batts ducks a clothesline and nails a kick to the back of the head. Both men are down and crawl to their corners. Young and Clark tagged in. Clark quickly takes down both opponents. Clark with another huricanrana on Young. He goes for one on Diamond, but Diamond throws him off and Young nails a clothesline. Young nails a spinebuster and gets the pinfall.

Winners: Simon Diamond & David Young

Match View: Another decent match. Short as usual. More intensity than the opener. I like this new “Diamond’s in the Rough” stable that Simon Diamond is putting together. Helps give some of the undercard guys a purpose on the show, and David Young looked good in this match with his power moves. I’d love to see Jerrelle Clark become a contender in the X Division at some point. **1/4


-Shane Douglas is backstage with Larry Zbyszko. He asks Larry what he has planned for the tag team division. Larry says he inherited a mess here from the prior administration. He talks about Spike TV and how the movement is going to sweep the land. Larry notes there will be a 4 team tag team match at Unbreakable for the Tag Titles. It will be the Naturals defending against AMW, Team Canada, and the winning team from the Candido Cup. It will be an elimination style match. Christopher Daniels comes in. He talks about being the most important part of the new Spike TV show. He says he has to defend his title against Samoa Joe at Unbreakable. He asks how he is supposed to be at his best when he always has to look over his shoulder for AJ Styles. Daniels asks him how he’s going to keep Styles away from him at Unbreakable? Larry says he can’t control him. He says if he you can’t keep them out, you might as well let them in and see what happens. He announces the match at Unbreakable will now be a threeway match with Daniels. vs. Styles vs. Joe.

Elix Skipper w/ Simon Diamond vs. Apolo w/ Sonny Siaki
Skipper with a kick to the back of the leg. He goes for something, but Apolo throws him off all the way across the ring. Skipper with the go behind and quick take down. Apolo easily gets to his feet and smiles. Skipper goes to console with Diamond in the corner as we go to commercial.


Skipper with some elbow shots. Apolo throws Skipper into the corner. Skipper lands hard. Apolo with a press slam. Near fall. Apolo with a hard slap. Skipper comes back with another spin kick to the back of the legs taking down Apolo. Skipper with some hard elbow shots to Apolo’s left leg. Skipper continues to work over the legs with a leglock. They exchange chops standing up. Skipper with a snap mare, followed by a kick to the back. Skipper with a kick to the chest of Apolo on the mat. Near fall. Skipper goes for a suplex, but Apolo blocks. Apolo nails a hard sit down powerbomb. Both men are down. Apolo takes out Apolo with a drop kick to the legs. Skipper runs up to the top rope and nails a moonsault off the top. Near fall. Prime Time goes up top and goes for a leg drop, but Apolo moves. Apolo with a super kick. Apolo with a fireman’s carry into a diamond cutter. Apolo goes for the cover and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Apolo

Match View: Another pretty average match, although maybe the best of the show so far. Apolo’s best match on Impact in a while, although he continues to not sell much for his opponents. I liked Skipper’s focus on the legs in this match. It was nice to see some logic thrown in, as a man the size of Skipper fighting someone the size of Apolo would naturally try to take out the legs of his opponent. Good strategy there. Skipper should definitely be more of a player in this company than they are letting him be. **1/4

-Backstage, Shane Douglas is with Kip James and Petey Williams. James talks about it being unique to put a veteran with a young star. James says veteran doesn’t mean old, it means he is really that good. James says with his experience and Petey’s Canadian Destroyer finisher is just doesn’t get any better than that. Monty Brown comes in and says “until now.” He talks to James about telling him that BG couldn’t be trusted. He says it’s now time to do things the Alpha Male way. He tells Petey to nail his Canadian Destroyer and to get things done. He then looks to James and says after that, he needs to get his head back in the game. Brown says he has big plans and they involve him. He says they are going to be hunting Jarrett comes in and says, “You don’t get it, do you Monty Brown?” He says they are the ones being hunted by TNA management. He says if they don’t all stick together, everybody whom has built this company from the ground up will be replaced. Williams says he talked to the Coach and all of Team Canada is with him. He turns to Kip James and James says he is with him. He turns to Monty Brown, and Brown says he has never trusted him from the beginining. He says they had an agreement, and Jarrett blew that agreement. Brown tells him that he had one chance and he blew that chance. Brown says he is serving notice to everyone here or coming to TNA that he is going to get what is coming to him. The NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Good segment.


Chris Candido Memorial Tag Team Tournament – First Round
Kip James & Petey Williams vs. Konnan & Lance Hoyt

Konnan does his usual spiel on the mic before the match. Konnan and Williams start things off. Konnan with a quick arm drag. Konnan with an armbar, but Williams reverses it. Konnan then with a snap mare but Petey pops up. Konnan grabs Hoyt and throws him into the corner as he nails Petey with a clothesline. Konnan throws his shoe at Petey. Konnan nails James with his shoe. Konnan goes to fight James, but Petey comes from behind and chop blocks him. James works over Konnan. At some point a tag was made to Kip but I missed it. Petey is now tagged back in. Petey works over Konnan with some right hands, and then mocks Konnan, yelling, “Odelay!” James is tagged in. Konnan fights back with some right hands to the stomach before James takes him down with a knee to the gut. Kip goes for 2 quick covers and gets two quick 2 counts. Petey is tagged back in. Petey with a kick to the stomach. Petey chokes Konnan across the ropes. Konnan with his rolling thunder clothesline. Hoyt is tagged in as is Kip James. Hoyt with a series of clotheslines. Hoyt with a side slam. Hoyt grabs Williams by the neck, but Williams takes him down with a kick to the knee. Petey looks to go for the Canadian Destroyer but it turns into more of a sunset flip. Hoyt picks up Petey and powerbombs him. James turns Hoyt around. James comes off the ropes but Konnan grabs him and distracts him. James turns around and Hoyt nails his big boot and gets the pinfall.

Winners: Konnan & Lance Hoyt

Match View: Decent match. Boy, Petey looked small in there next to these other 3. Hoytamania continues to run wild at the Impact zone. **1/4

-Backstage, Shane Douglas is with AMW. Harris talks about getting their title match which they’ve wanted for months, and they get a chance to beat the hell out of the Naturals, something else they’ve wanted to do for months. He says they walk in the most dominating tag team, walk out the champs. Storm says they became the most dominant tag team in wrestling by beating people like the Naturals up. He says they are good wrestlers, but better fighters.


-Backstage, Shane is with Larry Zbyszko. Larry is looking for Jeff Hardy as they walk around backstage. Hardy comes into the picture hanging upside down by the rafters. He says, “You wanted me back, you got me back.” He then goes out of the picture. Larry tries to get him down there to talk, but Hardy is gone.

Bobby Roode w/ Petey Williams vs. NWA World Heavyweight Champion Raven
Raven lays the title belt in the middle of the ring between he and Roode. They exchange right hands. Roode with a kick to the stomach and some right hands. Roode stomps away at Raven in the corner. Roode charges in, but Raven moves, and Roode’s shoulder hits the post. Raven with a kick to the head and a snap mare. Raven with a kick to the back. Raven throws Roode across the ring through the turnbuckle and shoulder first into another post.


Raven once again throws Roode through the turnbuckle into the post. Roode with a low blow as Petey Williams distracts the ref from the outside. Roode pounds away at the face of Raven on the mat. Roode rakes at the eyes. Roode throws Raven head first into the top turnbuckle. Roode wrips at Raven’s face on the mat before the ref breaks it. Roode with a snap suplex, followed by a near fall. Roode with a kick. Roode stomps Raven in the corner. Roode distracts the ref and Petey chokes Raven. Raven rolls to the outside. Petey throws him face first into the steps. Petey then throws him back into the ring. Near fall. Roode with a snap mare. Roode then with a headlock on the mat. Raven fights back up to his feet. Raven breaks the hold with some elbows, but then Roode throws him back down to the mat quickly. Raven rolls to the outside. Roode rams Raven’s back into the ring apron. Roode whips Raven into the ringside barrier. Raven nails a Russian legsweep on Roode out of nowhere. Raven crawls back into the ring. Roode follows. Raven with some right hands and a clothesline. Raven with another clothesline after whipping Roode chest first into the turnbuckle. Raven with a running high knee. Raven with a bulldog. Near fall. Raven with a kick to the face. Raven charges in, but Roode gets in a drop toe hold sending Raven to the outside. Petey throws Raven face first into the post. Raven then gets rolled back into the ring for a near fall. Roode throws some right hands to the face of Raven on the mat. Roode goes for Raven’s spot, sending Raven chest first into the turnbuckle, and then coming in with a clothesline while Raven bounces out of the corner. Raven moves, and Roode clotheslines the ref. Raven with a drop toe hold. Raven locks on an ankle lock. Petey comes in the ring and nails Raven with a hockey stick to the chest/stomach. Petey goes to nail the Canadian Destroyer, but Cassidy Riley runs in to make the save. Roode locks on a one legged Boston crab. Raven kicks Roode off of him into the ropes. Raven nails his Raven Effect DDT. Raven makes the cover and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Raven

Match View: Best match of the show. They used the interference well in the finish. Interesting to see where Riley’s obsession with Raven is heading. **3/4

-Rhino runs out after the match. Raven takes the advantage. Raven with a bulldog. Abyss runs out and takes the advantage over Raven. Rhino and Abyss work over Raven with stomps. The lights go out. They come back on, and Sabu is in the middle of the ring with a chair. he throws it at Abyss, and he then throws it at Rhino. Sabu springboards off the chair and nails a clothesline on Abyss sending him out of the ring. He then gives gives Rhino some drop kicks sending him out of the ring. James Mitchell then holds back Abyss from getting back in the ring. Rhino looks surprised at Sabu’s appearance.

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