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WWF House Show 4/24/1989

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation House Show
From: New York, NY

Tony Schiavone and Lord Alfred Hayes are on commentary for the event.

Opening Contest: Greg Valentine defeated the Blue Blazer (Owen Hart):
Blazer gets the first explosive amount of offense with a running cross body on Valentine. Blazer kept control working on Valentine’s arm but he rolled to the floor to escape an arm bar. Blazer gets the hold back on Valentine as soon as he returns to the ring. Valentine is able to side step a charging Blazer and sends to him to the floor where he delivers an axe handle off the apron. Blazer is tied up in the ropes while on the apron and Valentine nearly rips his mask off after delivering a few shots. Back in the ring, Valentine maintains control of Blazer with several forearm drops. Blazer avoided a figure four leg lock a few times and nearly cradles Valentine for the win. Blazer kicks Valentine to the floor and delivers a dropkick once he returns followed by an elbow drop off the middle rope for a two count. Blazer connects with a backbreaker but Valentine kicks out at two. Blazer continues his flurry of offense with a backdrop and an elbow drop but only gets a two count. Valentine falls down after being rammed into the top turnbuckle. Blazer hits a missile dropkick but is still unable to get a three count. Blazer plants Valentine with a snap suplex and heads to the top rope where Valentine catches him in midair and slams Blazer. Valentine covers Blazer and uses the tights for leverage to win the bout. (**1/4. I thought it was a decent opener to the show. Blazer’s offense was fairly entertaining and well executed. It’s refreshing seeing a guy like Blazer do a more fast pace and top rope oriented matchup.)

Second Contest: Hillbilly Jim defeated the Honkytonk Man by disqualification: I’m not quite sure what the point of this was. It lasts about thirty seconds. Jim stalks Jimmy Hart in the ring and Honky whacks Jim with the megaphone causing the disqualification.
After the match, Honky and Hart beat down Jim for a few moments. Jim gets to his feet and is angry saying that he doesn’t want his music to play because he didn’t win the match. Though, he did by disqualification. Oh well…

Third Contest: Dino Bravo defeated Hercules:
The start of the match was pretty much what a big man vs. big man match tends to be. They both tried to show off their strength by doing a test of strength and other strong power holds such as a side headlock. Hercules continued to try and put the full nelson on Bravo but was unsuccessful as Bravo wisely went to the ropes. Bravo gets the advantage following an eye poke and an atomic drop. Hercules breaks out of a bear hug but is slammed by Bravo who misses an elbow drop. Hercules drops Bravo with several clotheslines and puts a Torture Rack on him but drops him for a two count. Hercules attempts a sunset flip from the apron back into the ring but Bravo uses the ropes to sit down and gets the pin. (*1/2. The match had its moments of entertainment but it didn’t last long.)
After the match, Hercules puts a full nelson on Bravo, who passes out. Jimmy Hart tries to punch Hercules but doesn’t really do anything. Hercules lets go of Bravo and scares Hart from the ring.

Fourth Contest: Paul Roma defeated Boris Zhukov:
Roma managed to overcome having his backed worked on for several minutes by Zhukov and got the pin following a power slam after Zhukov came off the ropes.

Hillbilly Jim comes back out and says he is disappointed over what happened earlier. He feels that everyone has been cheated and calls out the Honkytonk Man. Nothing happens and he returns to the backstage area.

Fifth Contest: Jake Roberts defeated Ted DiBiase:
A rather slow start to the contest with DiBiase doing his best to stall. Roberts knocks DiBiase to the floor following a few jabs. DiBiase returns to the ring and takes on Roberts in a test of strength battle. DiBiase actually manages to get the upper hand, but as usual Roberts gets to his feet and goes for the DDT but isn’t able to as DiBiase bails to the floor. Roberts is pulled to the mat by his hair and returns the hair pull to DiBiase but the referee sees it and warns him. Roberts knees lifts DiBiase and goes for the DDT but once again DiBiase bails to the floor. Roberts knocks DiBiase and Virgil into each other face first on the floor! Roberts continues to beat on DiBiase before tossing him back into the ring. Roberts rolls in and is met with an elbow drop by DiBiase who also chokes Roberts for a few moments. DiBiase leaps off the middle rope and connects with a double axe handle. DiBiase soon puts the Million Dollar Dream on Roberts right in the middle of the ring! Roberts drops to the mat but his foot is on the bottom rope causing the hold to be broken up. Roberts counters a sleeper hold with a stunner! Roberts battles back with a series of jabs and DiBiase backs off into a corner where Roberts delivers a short arm clothesline! Roberts tries for the DDT but Virgil grabs his foot from the floor and DiBiase hammers away on Roberts. Roberts is able to roll DiBiase up after he hangs onto the ropes on a go behind attempt and wins the match! (**1/4. The match was rather standard and pretty uneventful if I’m being honest. Not every top tier match on house shows are going to be great.)
After the match, DiBiase and Virgil attack Roberts and kick him to the floor. Roberts grabs Virgil on the floor while DiBiase heads to the backstage area. DiBiase returns in time to save Virgil from a snake!

Backstage, Sean Mooney interviews Mr. Perfect. Perfect says that he has no flaws and is the perfect wrestler but he will not discredit Bret Hart. Once Perfect leaves, the Bushwhackers come over and mock the intelligence that Anderson and Blanchard have. They are going to take care of Heenan’s men.

Backstage, after a commercial Randy Savage is interviewed by Sean Mooney. Savage is going to take Hogan’s heart, soul and spirit away. He is going to take the belt from Hogan tonight! Sherri Martel tells Mooney that this is not a challenge and asks what Hogan is going to do when Savage runs wild on him!

Sixth Contest: Mr. Perfect fought Bret Hart to a 20 minute time limit draw:
Hart hip tosses Perfect to kick off the contest causing Perfect to back off into a corner. Hart avoids a drop toe hold by leaping over his feet and taunts Perfect. Perfect kicks out of a cross body sending Hart to the floor but Hart quickly comes back with a sunset flip for a two count. Hart tries a few roll ups but isn’t able to get a three count so he goes back to a headlock. Perfect gets a scoop slam in but Hart kicks him away to deliver a power slam of his own. Hart gets up and clotheslines Perfect over the top to the floor. Perfect returns to the ring after stalling and knee lifts Hart to get the upper hand. Perfect prevents Hart from entering the ring with right hands knocking him off the apron. Hart gets back to the apron but is shoved off and hits the guard railing chest first! Perfect allows Hart into the ring and soon sends him chest first into a corner for a two count. Hart is knocked to the floor following a dropkick and baseball slide. Perfect works on Hart’s neck by wrenching on it for a few moments and gets a two count following a scoop slam. Hart is tripped to the mat where Perfect begins to work on his right knee but Hart is able to kick Perfect away and sends him shoulder first into the ring post! Hart sends Perfect shoulder first into the corner and connects with a hammerlock scoop slam. Perfect counters a crucifix pin attempt by hitting a Samoan Drop to stop Hart’s offense. Perfect rolls Hart up but is shoved through the middle rope to the floor. Hart takes Perfect out with a cross body on the floor! They quickly return to the ring where Hart atomic drops Perfect followed by a snap suplex for a two count. Hart drives Perfect down with a backbreaker and leaps off the middle rope to hit a forearm drop and goes for the cover but the bell sounds as the time limit has expired! (***. It was a fine match but nothing memorable. Their matches at SummerSlam 91 and KOTR 93 were way better than this one so you aren’t missing anything special here.)
After the match, Hart wants five more minutes with Perfect. Perfect declines the offer but attacks Hart from behind! Perfect scoop slams Hart and heads to the top rope but Hart is up and crotches him on the top rope. Hart kicks Perfect’s legs and hammers away on him in the corner as the crowd erupts! Perfect is sent hard chest first into the corner and dropped following a head butt. Perfect bails to the floor following a back elbow strike and Hart plays to the fans.

Seventh Contest: the Bushwhackers defeated Arn Anderson/Tully Blanchard:
Hey, it’s my least favorite tag team the Bushwhackers. I was tempted to watch this match in full because I really enjoy Anderson and Blanchard but I just can’t do it. Anderson and Blanchard comeback from being on the other end of a battering ram by double teaming Luke for several minutes working on his left shoulder primarily. Late in the match, Butch gets tagged in and Anderson tries to scoop slam him but Luke head butts Anderson in the gut and allows Butch to get the pin.

Main Event: Randy Savage defeated WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan by count-out:
Savage tosses his ring jacket at Hogan to get an unfair advantage at the start. Savage sends Hogan back first into a corner a few times and heads to the top rope. Savage leaps off the top to hit Hogan with a double axe handle and taunts the fans. Hogan removes the ring jacket from his body and grabs Savage off the middle rope to deliver an atomic drop followed by several right hands knocking Savage off his feet. Savage tries to leave but Hogan chops away on Savage in the corner. Hogan back elbows Savage in a corner and plays to the crowd. Hogan grabs Savage before he can roll into the ring and slams his leg down across the ring apron. Hogan blocks a kick and lifts Savage up in the air with a choke hold. Sherri gets on the apron and yells at Hogan who just mocks her. Sherri slaps him and leaps off the apron to allow Savage to knee lift Hogan in the back sending the champ to the floor. Savage pulls Hogan up and Sherri tries to ram Hogan into the ring post but he blocks it. Savage leaps off the top rope to hit Hogan with a double axe handle on the floor and gets a two count back in the ring after a clothesline. Sherri chokes Hogan while the referee has his back turned to prevent Savage from delivering further damage. Savage keeps Hogan on the mat with a sleeper hold but isn’t able to keep him down for long. Hogan gets up and elbows his way out of the hold and elbow drops Savage. Sherri yanks on Hogan’s leg as he runs the ropes and allows Savage to splash onto Hogan’s back while he is hung over the middle rope. Savage pulls Hogan throat first over the top rope and leaps off the top hitting Hogan with brass knuckles! Hogan kicks out of the cover and begins to Hulk Up. Hogan hits Savage with a big boot but is dragged to the floor where they trade right hands. Hogan sends Savage shoulder first into the ring post but as he tries to return to the ring Sherri gets on his back and Hogan is counted out as he stalks towards Sherri. Savage rams Hogan into the guard railing face first and returns to the ring to win by count-out. (**3/4. Another decent match as it was pretty much a formula match between the two. The count-out finish was fine as it keeps any future bouts between the two at other MSG shows interesting. Not a bad way to close the show, I thought.)
After the match, Hogan returns to the ring and rams Savage into Sherri! Hogan tries to hit Savage with the championship but Savage rolls to the floor. Hogan celebrates his lost to close the show.

Final Thoughts:
Aside from Perfect/Hart, and Savage/Hogan there really isn’t anything on this show that I found to be entertaining. Sure, the opener had its moments but it wasn’t all that good and the same goes for Roberts/DiBiase. It is hard for me to find the house show cards to be good shows as I always feel they save the good stuff for bigger shows that are aired everywhere. That being said I’ll give this show a thumbs down.

Thanks for reading.


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