JAPW Basebrawl 3/6/2004

Written by: Sean McCaffrey from http://www.declarationofindependents.net/doi/pages/index1.html

March 6th at the South Plainfield Middle School
Attendance: 300

Refs: Ref Hanson and Ref Turner
Commentating team: Marc Clemson and KC Blade (Da Bald Guy was at WXW, and KC Blade is still injured after suffering a stinger last week)
Ring Announcer: Gerry Strauss (Scott Matthews was presumed to be at WXW as well)
Taped by and available from: Modtrom at http://www.modtrom.com

PRESHOW: Drank some Heineken, but quickly ran out, and made it a Miller Lite Night.

Corvis Fear d. Rush Margera

The New Reality splits up here for a one on one match. I guess JAPW is adopting the Japanese philosophy when it comes to their tag teams. (Cue laugh track.) Seems that Corvis/Rush have a Raven/Steven Richards relationship, where Rush is second and inferior to Corvis. This match was pretty decent, but had some messy spots. Both guys were announced from Hellview… scary. Match started off with Corvis slapping Rush in the face. After a sequence, Corvis hit a really nice inverted DDT, but didn’t go for the cover. Rush had his moments, hitting a nice hurrannacarana then following it up with a superkick flush across Corvis’s face. Rush then pulled out this freaky ass move where he set Corvis up in the middle of the ropes, then lionsaulted from the opposite side and landed belly down with his feet barely touching Corvis in the face. That can be a really great fucking move with more practice. Get a name for it Rush. Corvis rebounded, and hit a frogsplash, then a trap piledriver for two. Corvis hits a pumphandle slam on a steel chair for the three count. Seemed like they were trying to do every move they could. Both guys are improving and starting to make a name for themselves. That lionsault dropkick could become one of the nicest looking moves today.
POSTMATCH: Corvis slaps a chair upside Rush’s head for good measure. Man, last week they are a cohesive unit, and this week they are feuding. Hopefully more light will be shed on this late breaking development lol.

And we got a 50-50 raffle going. Ray Sager informed the live crowd about this.

The Solution w/Church and Johnny D. d. Christopher Street Connection w/Devin Sturgis and Dana Dameson

Good booking here by JAPW, by having two managers on each side. Johnny D. has taken over the managerial reigns of The Solution from Fat Frank. Church, who has been a JAPW regular for some time also was there giving a helping hand to The Solution. Dana made her return as the manager of the CSC. Devin Sturgis managing the CSC is a good fit, but is he now known as a gay pimp? This was also Devin’s JAPW debut. I have seen this match alot of times, and this was definitely the most toned down of the series. Figures with the kids, that JAPW didn’t want the CSC being overly gay. Solution attacked the CSC from behind to start the match. They stole their gear, and the Solution pranced around the ring in CSC garb. During the match, Havok chopped Buff-E. Buff-E then said, “This is supposed to be entertainment but you’re hurting me.” Funny stuff. Buff-E then went on to fall down, presenting his ass to Havok. Mace got in, and hit a DDT on Havok. Later on, Havok threw 5 clotheslines at Buff-E, which Buff-E ducked on every single attempt. Havok then finally got Buff-E and made the tag to Papadon. The Solution then hit a double powerbomb/H-bomb on Mace, and Papadon picked up the pin. Good tag team finisher that could be used instead of the problem solver, like it was tonight.
POSTMATCH: Solution and CSC brawl. Johnny D and Church maliciously and violently attack Devin Sturgis. Dana Dameson gets in the ring and slaps Havok. Mistake. Havok then gores the living shit out of Dana. Incredible. Good tag team match and I enjoyed the post match antics.

Dixie d. Johnny Heartbreaker

I kid you not, Heartbreaker looked like a jacked up Feinstein, which some of the crowd let him know. Unfortunately, it looks like the H-Effect is a distant memory, as even though Deranged was there, he wasn’t with Dixie. I thought the H-Effect had some of the best segments in JAPW during their later Bayonne days. This match featured alot of chain wrestling. Heartbreaker had alot of power moves. Heartbreaker had a pretty good look. After a diamond cutter, Dixie rolled up and pulled Heartbreaker’s tights for the win.

Short Slim Samson d. Little Killer Bronx Thug

This match was originally supposed to be Little Louie vs King Sleazy. For whatever reason it didn’t happen. Samson is better known as the WWE midget, who was on Smackdown back in October with John Cena. I think he may have also done something with Kurt Angle as well. Little Killer Bronx Thug looked like The Notorious 93.5, aka, a mini Homicide. His facial expressions, and ring gear looked like Homicide’s as well. All that was missing was the Scarface shirt. This match was just that, a match. It didn’t feature comedy like most midget matches. It was a pretty good wrestling match. Unfortunately, I don’t think fans want to see midgets wrestle, myself included. Midgets are usually used in a comedic way in all forms of entertainment, whether it be music, tv’s, movies or wrestling. Maybe that’s why this match wasn’t that great in my eyes, because I was expecting something else. I think the majority of the fans thought the same thing. Samson finally wins this match, and gets the crowd alive, after hitting the W-O-R-M. He even did it better than Scotty 2 Hotty.
POSTMATCH: Samson tries to get Ref Hanson to do the worm. Hanson tries to do the worm, but fails miserably. Samson has enough of watching Hanson going for the worm, and bulldogs Hanson down. Samson then gives Hanson the worm to an ovation.

For the JAPW Tag Team Titles
Shaolin Wreckin Crew (Magic and Suba) d. (c) Slyk Wagner Brown and April Hunter to become new JAPW Tag Champions

Really odd finish. Slyk/April have held those titles for a bit, and the SWC hasn’t been around often to even earn a tag shot. Eh, I guess I’m just anal about prestige in championships. I think if Slyk/April had to drop the belts, they were better off dropping them last week to the DRS, who have been actually, you know, feuding with them for 5 months. SWC has been a loyal JAPW tag team however, so no complaints seeing them win, I’d just would’ve liked to see it been built up. Slyk/April have a tour of UK and Puerto Rico coming up, so maybe that’s why the switch came out of nowhere. As far as the match, it was a contrast of styles. April/Slyk hit a nice suplex on Suba. It was really fucking strange to see the SWC be heels. They have been faces their whole time in JAPW, and it was just odd and I think hurt the match to see them be heels. I don’t think the SWC as heels will last long anyway, with heel teams like the DRS, Solution and the off and on H-Effect gunning for the belts.
Most of the match saw Slyk get double teamed (hey another joke waiting to be made lol) by the SWC. Slyk took a beating from the SWC and took various splashes and big man moves. Slyk finally got some life, when Magic missed a splash and then moonsaulted Magic for only a 2. April ran in the ring, but the ref brought her back to the corner, and behind the refs back, Suba hit Slyk with the belt across the head. Suba wasn’t Suba at all tonight, it was dissapointing. Suba is a raging animal, who is out of control, not a smooth, calculating individual, at least in the ring. SWC then hit the boston crab/splash combo on Slyk. April has enough and runs in to make the save, but she gets squashed on both sides by the SWC, and Magic goes for the pin on April and wins the belts. Shitty finish to an unusual match. April wasn’t the legal person, and if the ref stopped her before, why did he pin her this time when she ran in? I’m a big fan of all 4 people in this match, maybe that’s why I was dissapointed in the execution, although if you never seen JAPW before, I think you would’ve liked it.

During intermission, EC Negro cuts a promo about La Familia. Afterwards, Chris Candido and Balls Mahoney, with other JAPW wrestlers, do a commercial for the upcoming wrestling seminar they are having. This was similiar to the commercial they cut at JCW 2 weeks ago. After several takes, Candido thanked the crowd and we went back to the show.

For the Junior HeavyWeight Title
(c) Jay Lethal d. Azriael, Deranged and Izzy

Special K explodes! Seems that now that Jay Lethal is the champion, the belt has been renamed. Whether it’s a lightweight, cruiserweight or Junior Heavyweight, it doesn’t mean a damn, as the division continues to produce great match after great match. I thought this was the match of the night. Before the match, Deranged asked Lethal to hand over the belt. Surprisingly, Lethal didn’t comply with his requests. Lots of unique 4 way moves in thsi one. Deranged hit his flipping powerbomb on Izzy. Lethal pins Izzy after a suplex. Pretty good match that highlighted all 4 mens abilities.
POSTMATCH: Azriael jumps Jay Lethal and beats him down. Good carry over from the last show.

20 Man Battle Royal
Winner gets a shot at Danny Maff’s JAPW Heavyweight Championship
EC Negro defeats 19 other wrestlers to get a title shot.
Other participants included:

Papadon, Havok, Danny Demanto, Beaker, Corvis Fear, Rush, Azraiel, Oi Boy, Dixie, Johnny Heartbreaker, Mace, Buff-E, Slyk Wagner Brown, Jay Lethal, Church, The New Generation who looked like the Doublemint Zevons, and several ham and eggers.

Pretty quick battle royal. Danny Demanto’s JAPW debut lasted about 30 seconds as he was dumped out by Havok pretty fast. Negro took a beating in this one, but kept falling down on the floor instead of over the top. Solution, Slyk and Negro were the last ones in. Slyk eliminates The Pollution…er Solution, and we’re down to Negro and Slyk. We see the 1996 Shawn Michaels-British Bulldog Royal Rumble finish that has been duplicated many times since, and EC Negro is your winner.

After EC Negro wins, Dan Maff’s music plays. Negro looks on in anticipation, and after waiting for Maff to come out, he runs down the aisle and we got ourselves a match…

For the JAPW Heavyweight Title
(c) Danny Maff d. EC Negro

One of the many bright spots on EC Negro’s career, as he showed that he could handle in-ring work as a singles wrestler. Great match, that was pretty simple, but impactful. Maff looked good as usual. Lots of submissions in this match. Negro dominated the champion for a while towards the end, but after a MaffTazplex, followed up by a burning hammer, Maff picked up the pinfall victory. Could EC Negro be the next Danny Maff??? KC Blade didn’t want to answer that question lol.

Al Snow w/Head d. Chris Candido w/Sunny

Not the best WRESTLING match on the show, (I’d give it to the 4 way) but definitely the most entertaining and overall best match. Chris and Al really played to the crowd very well, and in the end, that’s what it is all about. Snow started off the match with some chops on Chris. Sunny interfered in the match by pulling Al’s leg as he hit the ropes. Snow shook this off, then crossbodied Candido, got a two count, then hit a back drop for another 2. Candido finally got a second wind, of many, then hit a suplex on Snow for a 2. Sunny interfered again, and Snow started chasing her around the ring, only to run into a Candido clothesline. Candido then threw Al in the ring, and hit a nice 25 second stalling suplex on Al. Candido then went for a fist drop, only to hit canvas. Candido then hits a slam on Al Snow. He goes for the pin fall but only gets 2. He tries again and only gets 2. He gets mad at Ref Hanson and screams at him. Candido then charges Hanson, but Hanson in self-defense bodyslams Chris Candido. Hilarious. Hanson looked shocked and said it was an accident. Snow just looked on in shock. Snow then got up and hit the Snowplow, but Candido kicked out of 2. This is where we got Wrestlemaniaed out, as everyone hit finishers for only two. Snow hit Sweet Chin Music. 2. Candido pedigree 2. Snow hits the people’s elbow (and a weak one at that) for 2. Candidio then hits an Undertaker chokeslam, then pins him UT style, for 2. Candido then hits the big boot and the Hoganesque legdrop for a 2. Snow gets up then hits the Stone Cold Stunner for the pinfall. Fun match that the crowd enjoyed.

Final McWord

Not your typical JAP show, as they had to tone down some of the things they did due to the venue. Just some notes/observations:
Johnny D. as The Solution’s manager should be fun to watch, and hopefully he’ll elevate them to the top of the tag scene like he did for Da Hit Squad. With that said, I’d rather see John Shane w/The Solution because he manages them in alot of promotions and I like to see continuity in the indies.

The Jr. Heavyweight division continues to steal shows.

As of right now, it looks like Homicide won’t be able to make the April 24th show due to a committment in Japan, but it’s not 100%. Regardless, Teddy Hart, and his crew will be there at the next JAPW show.

SWC are deserving tag champions, so it was good to see them win. I just wish it was built up.

Balls Mahoney was there to film his commercial. He signed autographs for the fans that were there.

The show was a fun time and gave some stuff for the internet/smart fans as well as the family and little kids.

Modtrom.com taped the show, it’s worth checking out to see EC Negro get his biggest singles match, as well as the Candido-Snow and 4 Way match. I’d pick it up if you missed it.

The 2/28 show featuring Hart-Homicide hasn’t been released yet, but Modtrom said they’d have it up soon. Once it’s available, we’ll let you know on the DOI site and on the board.

Overall, not the best JAPW show (I still say the 4/12/03 show and the 2/27/04 show) but a good show that had some good matches and showed why JAPW is one of the top promotions on the east coast today.

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