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JAPW Awesome Sacrifice 4/24/2004

Written by: Sean McCaffrey from

Rahway, NJ
Attendance: Looked to be in the high 600s. JAPW announced 720 which was legit due to me getting in the high 600s. However, the visual of the building wasn’t as great as last show with everyone filling up the bleachers. This was due to JAPW adding about 200+ seats on the floor, which took away from people filling up the bleachers.
Refs: Ref Garry and Ref Matt
Color Commentators: Da Bald Guy and Doc Daniels. Damn, Doc Daniels is stealing all of Clemsons jobs.
Ring Announcer: Scott Matthews
Drunks Before the Show: Myself and Anthony Da Funker Drunks After the Show: Everyone at Breathless

Eric Stevens d. Dirty Money w/Noel

I guess JAPW was feeling Dana Damesonish today, as they called Dirty Money’s match a dark match. Where’s Ivan when you need him? This was a pretty decent match but the wrong person won. Dirty looked fantastic in this match. I guess Noel was there so they threw her out there to see how she’d do in front of a crowd that has more than 100 people. Zing lol. Stevens hit a nice overhead suplex on Dirty. DM later in the match hit a huge kick ass plancha over the top rope illiciting chants of HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT. Back in the ring yo, DM wiped Stevens out with a big clothesline in the corner. Later on, Steve hit the Demanto senton splash. Noel had enough of this crap, so she got up and slapped Stevens twice in the mouth. DM then hit a big spinebuster, but it was all for naught, as Stevens wouldn’t stay down. Stevens hit a spinning slam that can best be considered as ‘wack’ or ‘weak’ for the pinfall win. It seemed that Stevens took every regular wrestling move known to man, and just spun around and twisted it in this match. DM looked good and could probably earn a spot on the main roster.

We then proceeded to the main show. Ring announcer Scott Matthews introduced the hundreds AND hundreds of JAPW fans to Doc Daniels, the new voice of JAPW. We also then were introduced to Danny Maff, who was going to do commentary. Why was Maff doing commentary was a question pacing in my head, but the answer would soon be revealed…

Rush/Roach d. The Christopher Street Connection w/Dana Dameson + Devin Sturgis

After watching this match, it was right there and then that I said to myself, “Self- it’s time to write about the CSC and try to figure out why every fed gives them the shoulder.” CSC are one of the most over tag teams, are great wrestlers and do so much in the ring. They get jobbed out everywhere, and I don’t get it. I mean I was disgusted when I saw them lose the next day in the first round of The Samoan cup. The CSC haven’t really gotten that much big time buzz, including championships, which is sad, because these fags can go. Anyway… before the match Devin Sturgis cut a promo, which can best be described as forgettable. The crowd wasn’t really feeling a promo I guess, and kind of were quiet. It’s weird because you think wrestling fans would want to hear from a big pimp in a white pimp suit. The almighty fickle wrestling fans did brighten up when Buffy took the mic and spoke his piece.
As far as the match, the biggest story was Dana Dameson indy diva flirting with Rush. At many points in the match, Rush was distracted by Dana Damesons (lopsided for you Maniacaholics) knockers. This was a good opener that got lots of good heat from the crowd. Towards the end, Dana looked like she was going to kiss Rush. Rush closed his eyes and waited for Dana’s wet lips (The ones on her mouth heynow!) but when he opened his eyes, he realized that it was Buff-E’s 8 inches of manhood in his mouth. (His tongue, what else?) Rush was freaked out, and pushed Buff-E away, and Corvis rolled up Buff-E for the win. Big win for Rush N Roach.
Maybe CSC need to turn heel or something if they are going to lose matches like this in this fashion.

After the match, Mike Awesome and Monsta Mack ran out. They destroyed everyone in this match. Mike Awesome hit the Awesomebomb on Rush. Huge props to Rush, going through a table like that. (Awesomebomb=getting powerbombed from the ring through a table on the outside) Mack and Awesome then cut a promo saying they want Maff, who was right there at the commentating booth. Awesome started talking more shit, and Maff dropped the headphones and made his way to the ring. Awesome cut him off in the crowd, and both men brawled through the crowd. It was eventually broken up by faces/heels of the JAPW locker room and Maff was escorted outside.
This was surreal to watch and really livened up and set the tone for the show. Brawling through the crowd= HOT crowd. JAPW really discovered that in this show, as you’ll see later on.

Justice Pain d. Insane Dragon

I guess I was wrong and JAPW was right on this guy. Justice Pain looked really good in this match. The last match Pain had, was one of the worst matches to ever take place in JAPW against Kaos. I guess we can see who was the Buff Bagwell of that match, as Kaos won’t be back. Izzy hit a nice leg lariat to start. Pain then took Izzy outside, and both men fought on the outside of the ring, and took turns getting tossed into the guard rails. Very vicious. This was a really good fucking match. Pain hit a wicked powerbomb and a neckdrop driver for 2. Dragon was able to hit his moonsault dropkick on Pain. Izzy then hit hit the springboard DDT for 2. Pain came back with a DVD. Izzy then was able to hit a twisting plancha on Pain. Looked nice. Finish saw Pain win after a suplex. Really good match.

Trent Acid d. Roderick Strong and MDogg 20 in a Triple Threat Match

Good three way match, that was short on time. Acid is a star. Acid has it all from wrestling to charisma. Acid and Strong start the match off by aligning together and clotheslining M20 down. Trent then pushes Strong out of the way and acts all cocky. Trent and M20 then got into it with Trent being overly dickish. Trent then hit a suplex turned into a powerbomb on M20. Strong got back in there and hit a wicked cradle backbreaker on Acid. Trent finally won this match after a yakuza kick on M-Dogg 20. Enjoyable match, that would’ve been even better with time. Trent Acid is now fulltime with JAPW and should be stealing shows soon. Roderick Strong continues his string of strong (no pun intended) matches in JAPW. No clue if M-Dogg 20 will be back.

It was then announced that on June 5th, JAPW would be returning with all the big names from tonight coming back.

Teddy Hart w/The Stampede Bulldogs and a security crew came out. Teddy Hart cut a promo saying how much he loved the fans. The fans ate this up. Man, Teddy Hart has really taken the ball and ran with it since the infamous backflips. Teddy says he does this for the fans. He says without the fans he’s nothing. He says Red is washed up, and at the end of the match, the only thing that will be red will be Red’s face, due to blood. Hart introduces his new manager, Jill Love. Hart also has a new ring announcer with him, in the name of Steve D’Angelis. Bobby Cruise who lol? Teddy Hart says he wants Homicide. He says Homicide is not here tonight because Homicide is a pussy. Hart just doesn’t give a fuck. Hart thanks the fans again. Hart then gets out of the ring, and walks into the bleachers to share love with his fans. Despite what they say about Hart, he is very entertaining and can own any crowd.

For the JAPW Light Heavy Weight Title
Match of the Night, in my opinion
(c) Jay Lethal d. Azraiel to retain his championship

Wow, fucking paw match. This match had it all, from great in ring work to great crowd reaction. Az and Lethal brought in a chair early on and did several spots on it, where one would sit on it, and the other would hit some sick move to get the guy off of it. These guys also exchanged some chops in the beginning. Az hit a variation of the Ki Krusher for 2. Az then hit a somersault plancha. Holy fuck! Later on, Az was sitting on a chair on the outside all dazed. Lethal then hit a suicide dive exploding into Az’s mid section. Back in the ring, Az was powerbombed into the corner, where a chair was waiting for him. Towards the end, both guys teased slamming each other onto a chair. You really need to see this spot, as both guys really showed the impact of what landing on the chair feels like. They really did a 5 star job of it. After teasing it for a while, Lethal hits a sick ass brainbuster on the chair. Lethal got up, and was able to hit the Benoit headbutt. He then hit a full nelson suplex for the pin. Kudos to both guys. JAPW is the one promotion that really highlights Azraiel correctly, and has done wonders for Jay Lethal’s career.

For the JAPW Tag Team Titles
The Solution (Papadon/Havok) w/Johnny D. d. (c) Shaolin Wreckin Crew (Suba/Magic) to become new JAPW Tag Champs

I felt bad for everyone in this match. JAPW hates having intermissions, which means that one match on every show is going to get shit on and turn into the bathroom break. Unfortunately for these guys, this was it. They also had the unfortunate task of following up a great match. For some reason, I don’t think The Solution click with the SWC and vice versa. Out of the three matches they’ve had this year, not one of them was particularly that good, although due to the finish of this match, I thought this was the best of the three. This match was more or less a big brawl. Magic hit a big time powerslam on Havok. Solution were in trouble in this match towards the end. Johnny D. got in the ring to try to break up the craziness. J.D. wound up eating a SWC squash sandwich. SWC were on fire and looking for the win. J.D. got up and behind the refs back, threw a fireball at Suba. Havok then put his foot on the ropes and pinned Suba to win the belts. This was Solution’s second set of tag belts they took from the SWC this year. (SSCW being the other one)
Good way to keep the SWC strong, and show that anything will be done to win the belts. The “D” factor stepped up here. If John Shane isn’t managing The Solution, Johnny D is a good replacement. Can the D Factor take The Solution to Da Hit Squad level? Time will tell.

The Stampede Bulldogs (Harry Smith/Ted Wilson) d. The H-Effect (Deranged/Dixie)

This was a really good tag team match. The Bulldogs made a good impression, in their first match in the north east. Remember that folks- JAPW had them first, I’m sure more will follow. Speaking of which, look for a big JAPW press release on this issue and others, including Vader. The H-Effect haven’t been around in full force recently, so it was good to see them get a big match like this tonight. Deranged hit some fast lightening kicks on Harry Smith. There were lots of tag team moves from The Stampede Bulldogs. The Bulldogs win this match after a Problem Solver, which looked really good. Could the battle of the Problem Solvers, Solution vs The Bulldogs be up next? That would be hot.

Teddy Hart w/crew d. The Amazing Red

Great fucking match. This was like a WWE PPV Main event type of match. Lots of good wrestling with strong brawling. This match went into the crowd at various parts of the match and was just a huge fracas. The crowd was 50/50 in this match. Many anti TNA chants broke out in this match due to Red signing with TNA. Chants of FUCK BOB RYDER! FUCK JEFF JARRETT! and FUCK TNA! broke out. You know you’re an internet legend like one Ryder, when your name is blasted by 700 strong. I can’t really describe everything that happened, as it was one of those matches you just had to see. Get the tape from, it’s worth it. These guys fought in the bleachers, it was fucking nuts. Hart tossed Red into about 20 fans. Teddy ripped off Reds TNA shirt to a big pop. At one point in the match, Hart started kissing Jill Love. Red tapped Hart in the shoulder. Hart told him to go away. Red then turned Hart around and opened up. Great stuff. Teddy Hart pinned Red after some wild ass corkscrew press from the top rope. Good job by both guys. I don’t think Red is 100% after watching him the last few matches.

POSTMATCH: Trent Acid runs in. He is confronted by Hart’s security crew. Trent Acid wipes them all out like he’s fucking MacGuyver. Trent then goes to fuck up Hart but Hart bails. Teddy leaves and says that it’s great that Trent is going after him now like a pussy. Trent wants Hart now, but Hart says he has no time for this pussy. Hart bails. Trent goes into the crowd to celebrate. JAPW using some of CZW’s stuff…? At least they used the good part. Smart move by JAPW not only to give something to CZW fans but to all of wrestling fans.

It was then announced that JAPW would return on June 5th with these matches:
Sonjay Dutt/Jay Lethal
Teddy Hart/Trent Acid
And the debut of Samoa Joe

For the JAPW Heavyweight Title
(c) Danny Maff d. Mike Awesome w/Monsta Mack and the DRS

Wild match. The match started off as a brawl, with Maff and Awesome fighting all over the building. We actually saw a “BACK TO BAYONNE” spot, where Awesome just threw Maff into the wall of Rahway. This match was more or less just a brawl to set up the next show. I would’ve liked to see Maff vs Awesome without all the “sportz-entertainment”. The DRS tried interfering on Awesome’s behalf, but instead fucked it up, and Maff rolled up Awesome for the fast pin.
Weird match, that I wish saw Maff get more time against Awesome in a one on one environment.

Mike Awesome left pissed off. Mack and DRS jumped Maff and beat the crap out of him. All of a sudden, Vader, coming out to his old WWF music, came out. Vader cleaned house and wiped the floor with DRS and Mack. Maff then went to go shake Vaders hand in a sign of respect. Vader then wiped him out. Mike Awesome came back out. He went toe to toe with Vader, then smiled and leveled Maff. Awesome powerbombed Maff through a table. The DRS tried to help out, but Vader knocked Negro out, and Vader bombed Maff. Mike Awesome then powerbombed KC Blade through a table in a vicious act. Being a friend to Juan/Blade, I was not a fan of that, due to Blade’s existing neck condition. He was sore but thankfully ok. Awesome then covered Maff, with Vader playing referee and counting 3. Awesome then celebrated with the JAPW Championship. Vader/Awesome walked out together. As the crowd started filing out, Maff challenged Awesome/Vader to a tag team match, with his partner…. Samoa Joe. Honestly, I thought Mack should’ve tried helping out, and we could’ve saw Da Hit Squad vs Vader/Awesome. Joe is great and all, but if Da Hit Squad came back to fight, that would’ve meant something.


Another solid outing by JAPW.

Quick notes: Xavier was scheduled to wrestle but didn’t show up due to needing shoulder surgery. Not one person complained as Izzy did a fine job in his spot.

Johnny Kashmere no showed JAPW and has been taken off all future shows. Trent Acid will now be taking full time single bookings with JAPW.

As far as the show itself, I was really dissapointed that Vader didn’t wrestle. Vader could’ve squashed someone early, even between the two main event matches. Vader vs Eddie Thomas would be an ideal JAPW squash match. The fans did want to see Vader wrestle. At least he is guaranteed for next show, and in the eyes of JAPW, you’ll get to see Vader finally wrestle on June 5.

I strongly recommend this show when it goes on tape. It will be available from the Modtrom guys at Speaking of Modtrom, I’ll also have the REVOLUTION Tape Review sometime in the next 2 weeks, depending how far I get on my other tapes on the site.

I thought Az/Lethal stole the show. Pain/Izzy was also really good.

Teddy Hart = $$ He’s the real deal.

It was odd not to see Slyk or April at a JAPW show.

The JAPW After party at Breathless was great. Look for a review of that in an upcoming McRoss Report. All I have to say for now is that Ray Sager is a wildman!

Overall, another example of why JAPW is the best promotion, in my opinion, in NJ today. They are able to combine everything and seek out the best talent, as well as discover it.

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