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CSWF 6/26/2004

Written by: Sean McCaffrey from

June 26th

From Wayne, NJ
Attendance: 150 or so
Refs: Ref Koehner (SP?), Jim Molineaux and some new dude
Ring Announcer: Some new guy who wasn’t introduced. It seems that every CSWF show that I go to has a new ring announcer. Wasn’t Cindy Rogers the voice of CSWF for a show?
The show opened up with a somewhat of a CSWF Tradition, by having Missus Levy sing the National Anthem. Could Yankee Stadium be next? Oh shit, I’m feeling foreklempt. Talk amongst yourselves. Here’s a topic: does Missus Levy have better singing talent than her husband has wrestling talent?

Ok I’m back. I wonder if anyone knows where I poorly stole that from.

For the CSWF Internet Title
(c) Mike Tobin w/”The Sure Thing” John Shane d. Danny Jaxx w/Tara Charisma

Wasn’t Danny Jaxx called Curt Daniels at the last show or am I just confusing the former members of Phi Kappa Tegga Whateva? The CSWF has had this internet title for a while, and yet not one of the matches have appeared on their website. I think they’d be better off with a fake posting title and bringing in the Masked Maniac. Heynow! This was your classic heel vs face match. Tobin played the coward role very well in this match. Shane kept interfering in this match, and wound up getting manhandled by Jaxx. Tobin was able to capitalize on Jaxx’s distraction, as he hit a nice fistdrop and neckbreaker early on. Tobin also hit a left leg superkick, making it the first time that I can remember, that he’s done that move. Looked real good. Later on, Tobin accidentally hit Shane. This led to Tobin and Jaxx brawling on the outside. The referee started making the 10 count. At the 9 mark, both men looked to get back in the ring. Tobin slid into the ring, and as Jaxx went to go in, that deviant John Shane pulled Jaxx’s leg, preventing him from getting back into the ring and causing him to lose the match.
Decent match here. Tobin has really elevated his game since becoming a singles wrestler. Jaxx has a good look. I think this match is good watching by itself, but due to what happened later, it set the pace for alot of repetiveness, which I’ll get to later on.
POSTMATCH: The Solution (Papadon/Havok) ran out. They attacked Danny Jaxx. John Shane blocked off the ref from breaking things up. The Solution hit The Problem Solver on Jaxx. Mike Tobin attacked Tara, and looked to Havok to Problem Solve her. Before Havok/Tobin could get off a Problem Solver on Tara, the CSWF Interim/Assistant Commissioner, Jackie Dreamer ran out (with a new visor and all) with Genesis and Queenan Creed. That trio broke up the manhandeling and Tobin/Solution/Shane all went to the back. Outside of the new stable, why The Solution would care about Danny Jaxx is beyond me. It looks like this Shane/Tara feud will continue.

Julio Dinero d. Danny Doring

PREMATCH: Dinero read what seemed like Act I, II and III of a Shakespeare play. Not only did this suck because it was too long, but the acoustics are still a problem in CSWF and you could barely hear it, which might’ve not been such a bad thing… Dinero also harrassed some ringside fans in CSWF T-Shirts. Gotta say, alot of CSWF T-Shirts sold, as about 20 people were wearing them. At least CSWF has somewhat of a fanbase. Anyway…
This match was s……l………o…………..w and l…..o…..n…..g. You could’ve left the building, do your Christmas Shopping on Christmas Eve in Times Square, and still come back and catch the end of the match. Doring wore out Dinero for the majority of the match and came back with some strikes and a vicious forearm to level Dinero out. Doring also hit a baseball slide in this match. Dinero came back later on with a flying clothesline. Dinero also hit a nice swinging fisherman suplex. Doring hit his superkick towards the end of the match. After a ref bump, Doring hit his finisher. There was no ref to count it. Blimey. While Doring tries to get the ref up, Dinero comes from behind, grabs a handful of trunks and gets the pinfall win.
Bah this was like watching an old WWF MSG house show match. If that’s what they were going for, they succeeded. With this match being the second match in, it drained the crowd immensely.
POSTMATCH: Dinero went back on the microphone and prolonged the show some more. Maison Rage, wearing a red-shirt, presumably to be the Red Shirt Security of CSWF, was called out by Jackie Dreamer. Dreamer was able to make Dinero leave the ring, due to Maison’s appearance. Hey good job by Maison Rage- get paid just to come out, fold your arms across your chest, and leave. And he only had to be out there for 2 minutes. He probably earned the most on an hourly scale than any other talent on the show. Who knows if this leads to a Dinero/Rage match?

Mike Kruel d. Michael Shane w/Tracy Brooks in a non title match

PREMATCH: Crowbar came out, and said he was given orders by Mike Tenay. Apparently, Crowbar was the TNA Ambassador for this show. Crowbar gives this speech that the current championship that Shane wears, the CSWF Cruiserweight Title, is not good enough to be around his waist. Crowbar asks Shane to dispose of it. Michael Shane then launches, what has to be a thousand dollar plus belt 30 feet away, crashing to the floor. Wow. Eric Walker was seen for the rest of the show crying about a precious belt being purposely destroyed and disrespected. Hell, I couldn’t blame him. Anyway, Crowbar then presents Shane with the CSWF Cruiser X championship, so apparently they renamed the division and created a new belt for it. CSWF probably spends more money on title belts than most promotions spend on their talent for their shows.
Kruel was Shane’s mystery opponent. Kruel, like in most of his matches did two things. One, he worked on Shane’s left arm. Two, he walked out of the ring with a bloody nose. Tracy Brooks was all over this match and tried to interfere whenever she could. Towards the end of this match, Reefer and Nick Maddox came out and started stalking Tracy Brooks. While this was going on outside, Kruel hit a german suplex on Shane. Shane then knocked Kruel down, and wanted to see what Reefer/Maddox were up to. Kruel then got up and rolled up Shane from behind for the 1-2-3.
POSTMATCH: Nick Maddox and Reefer chased Tracy to the back. Shane instead of saving his woman, harrasses more ringside fans. Shane then got into it with another fan and this time offered the fan a chance to challenge for his Cruiser X title. This lasted a long time and pretty much blew goat dick.

Remember how I said the first three matches were similar? Every single match that has been reviewed up to this point went like this: Wrestle, Wrestle, Wrestle, outside, outside, outside, interference, interference, wrestle, distraction, screwjob finish. Kruel/Shane was the first of many matches to have roll-up pins as finish as well. Kruel/Shane and Tobin/Jaxx would stand out on their individual promo tapes, but as for a show collectively, was very boring and repetitive. The crowd just saw the same three matches happen, just with a different twist at the end. How do you fix this problem? Either tell the wrestlers what’s going on in other matches, or have the wrestlers watch the matches as they are going on. It’s not really the wrestlers fault persay, but how can you expect a crowd to be hot when they just saw the same thing three times?

For the CSWF Tag Team Titles
Gauntlet Match
America’s Most Wanted (James Storm/Chris Harris, with the NWA TNA Tag Team Titles) d. The Youngbluds (Rob Eckos/Matt Striker) to win the CSWF Tag Team Titles.

This match was straight out of a USA Pro show. Well, at least the beginning. The match went like this:

-Genesis/Queenan Creed d. The Himilaya Playaz

Two guys who looked like Men on a Mission (THP) lost to an albino and Creed. Creed is actually pretty good, so I was suprised he debuted in this type of a match. The Himilaya Playaz looked burnt out 3 minutes into the match. Creed/Genesis won this match after a top rope elbow to the face of the fatter member of THP. Awful.

Firehawk/The Smoke d. Creed/Genesis

The two bigger guys (Fire N Smoke) did what two guys who were bigger than them (THP), couldn’t do in the previous match- they grounded the cruiserweights. Fire and Smoke slowly dominated this match. After a double DDT to Creed, Fire N Smoke advanced to the next match.

Fire and Smoke d. Prince Nana/Dan Barry w/Miss Asia and Destiny

I feel for Prince Nana and Sir Barry. Here you have a guy who has won ECWA Championships, JCW Championships, USA PW titles and various other championships. He’s also one of the biggest heels in wrestling and a complete package. His name is Prince Nana. His partner, is one of the top cruiserweights in wrestling, winning championships in CSWF, SSCW, NYWC and competed in the J-Cup (twice) and Diamond Cup. His name is Dan Barry. On the other side, you have a guy who has made a “career” of imitating The Rock. His name is The Smoke. His partner is the promoter of the promotion and at this point in his career, doesn’t belong actively participating. His name is Firehawk. Just to paint the picture a little bit clearer, ask any regular casual indy fan who Prince Nana and Dan Barry are. 9/10 of them will be able to tell you something about them and their matches. On da flipside ask anyone about Fire and Smoke, and outside of CSWF, you’d be lucky to find a fan who know who either one was. Oh, and let’s not forget that Barry/Nana are the CSWF Tag Team Champions. So when Fire/Smoke won this match, I was pretty disgusted. Just horrendous. Nana looked pretty pissed off and looked to take it out on The Smoke, due to The Smoke wrestling like a cardboard cutout of the Rock, and not the actual Rock. Firehawk wins this match by hitting a banzai drop on Barry. Pathetic.

The Youngbluds (Striker/Rob Eckos) w/Miss Michelle d. Fire/Smoke

The Youngbluds came out from the other side of the ring and snuck up on Fire/Smoke. They quickly rolled up The Smoke for the pinfall and won the match in three seconds.

The Youngbluds w/Miss Michelle d. The Solution (Papadon/Havok) w/John Shane

This was probably the best individual tag match in this gauntlet. Papadon and Striker started things off by trying to “outheel” each other, as both tried several moves at the same time to get the upperhand. A little later in the match, Papadon suplexed Striker, but Striker was able to rebound and hit the lungblower on Papadon. Havok was able to slam Eckos around. The finish of this match saw The Solution go for the Problem Solver on Eckos, but out of nowhere, Eckos got a chain. Eckos ducked on Havok’s shoulders, and we saw Papadon crash on the mat. Doesn’t he crash on the mat anyway when he hits it? Eckos, still on top of Havoks shoulders took the chain and punched Havok in the head. This lead to the three and for another screwjob finish on the show.

Crowbar then came out, and before Eckos/Striker could celebrate, he told them there was one more team they had to beat…

America’s Most Wanted d. The Youngbluds to win the CSWF Tag Team Titles

This was like a TNA Xplosion match. Eckos/Striker got some stuff in, but in actuality, it was like watching a squash match. Miss Michelle interferes and “turns”, (I put turns in quotes because I don’t think anyone cared or even noticed it) and throws a chain to AMW. AMW hit some double team moves, and Harris drops a leg on Eckos for the three count.
Ugh what a wet fart to end this crap. Why bring in AMW just to wrestle for 5 minutes? Plus, how do The Solution beat AMW in a 25 minute match, but lose to Eckos/Striker in 6 minutes, only for Eckos/Striker to be squashed by AMW? CSWF should hire a storyline editor just to keep things in check and logical. It was nice that AMW are the tag champs and should get CSWF some buzz. In the end though, it would’ve been better just to have AMW beat Barry/Nana in a good match instead of plaguing this gauntlet with some crap matches. How this makes the CSWF tag belts look good I don’t know. I think AMW can start making them good, however, with some good title matches in the future.

POSTMATCH: Devin Sturgis came out. No one knows who he is. You can’t just throw Devin Sturgis out there and expect people to know him. For some reason he cuts a promo on Michelle, and Michelle tells him that she turned on the Youngbluds to be with real men, in AMW. AMW tell Michelle that they will show her the real meaning of a tag team later on. Cool, sexual innuendos pop crowds. That was that. Why this was on the show or what Devin Sturgis’s role is are two questions left unanswered. And really, Miss Michelle with AMW? Poop on that.

INTERMISSION- Much deserved beer break time!

It was announced, by Larry Zbyszko that Ron Killings wouldn’t be able to make the show. Killings in reality, couldn’t be there because he is afraid of air planes. He was stuck in Tennessee and wouldn’t be able to drive out to the show in time. It was announced that Darkbird aka Chris Kanyon would face Slyk Wagner Brown in the main event for the CSWF Title.

Crazy Ivan w/Destiny and Miss Asia d. Josh Daniels by DQ

This was like the first three matches. Wrestle, wrestle, outside, outside, wrestle, interference, wrestle, screwjob finish. Ivan hit his signature elbow in this match. Give Ivan credit- this was his third match of the day for his third different promotion. He also went 3-0 by winning in UWA, ECPW and here. Ivan wins this match when Josh Daniels-charges-at-Ivan-and-Ivan-takes the-ref-and-puts-him-in-front-of-Daniels-making-Daniels-collide-with-the-ref-and-despite-Ivan- putting-the-ref-in-harms-way-Josh-Daniels-gets-dq’ed gimmick. Yay!

April Hunter d. Tracy Brooks

PREMATCH: Michael Shane, wearing a ROH T-Shirt, despite representing TNA in CSWF, comes out and attacks April. Slyk Wagner Brown comes out and makes the save. Zybsco comes out again and bans the men from the ring. Word up.
This match looks better on paper then it came off here tonight. It seemed that the girls wanted to wrestle for real and show their talent, but it just fell apart, so it looked like they just said let’s do the T and A gimmick. April hit a nice armdrag early on by starting this match on the wrestling route. Tracy got off that route, and went down the vicious route as she choked April. At one point, April pulled down Tracy’s pants and the crowd got to see some ass cheeks. Crowbar was also interfering in this match. Tracy hit a DDT and a face slam on April. Shane came back out to the ring, in his ROH shirt, and went to interfere. April instead bumped Tracy into Shane and hit the scorpion death drop aka Henry O Godwin Slop Drop for the 1-2-3.
Match could’ve been better. For two wrestlers who usually try to take their matches seriously, it seemed that this match focused more on T+A.

In the Match of the Night
Sonjay Dutt d. Grim Reefer w/Nick, Ken Scampi w/Tara Charisma and Nick Berk in a four way match

This was a very good match, and probably the best match on the show. The finish sucked, but that seemed to be the gimmick for the night. Sonjay and Reefer started this match off. In a flash of comedy, the ref got pinned by Scampi. Berk hit a nice moonsault on Reefer. Berk then suplexed Sonjay. Sonjay came back and put Berk in an octopus. Scampi hit his fishermans block buster on Reefer. That move is dope, yo. I should also comment for the people here reading, that Tara’s ass looked nice tonight. Reefer hit a midrope russian legsweep on Sonjay. At one point in the match, we saw all four men put on a submission move on each other, and Tara ran in the ring to make it a 5 way submission. We then saw a 4 way superplex/powerbomb combo by all four men. Reefer got up first and hit his swanton bong on Scampi. Sonjay then hit the osaka cutter on Reefer. Reefer then was able to get up and put Sonjay in the chronic crossface. Michael Shane then made his 94590849 to the 95th power appearance on the show. He hits Reefer, setting up Sonjay Dutt to get the pinfall on Reefer.
POSTMATCH: Reefer/Shane brawl all over the place. This looekd really good. It was funny at the end though. They brawl all over the place and the refs and security break it up. They make their way towards the back, and the security and refs go back to the ring as Shane/Reefer go to the back. One would presume that they would still be brawling after the refs/security left. Bah, the questions of the smart mark. Anyway, this sets up Reefer vs Shane for the Cruiser X title, in a ladder match, at the next show.

For the CSWF Heavyweight Championship
Slyk Wagner Brown d. Chris “Darkbird” Kanyon

Kanyon came to the ring to DDP’s old WCW Nirvana “Smells Like Teen Spirit” Music. He even did the bangs and the self high five. Unfortunately for CSWF, I don’t think one person was expecting DDP to be there. Darkbird unmasked and it was Chris Kanyon. I think if it was DDP the people might’ve actually been suprised. Blame the message board or the internet, but everyone knew it was going to be Kanyon.
The match started off with Danny Demanto’s favorite move, the armdrag. This was a good back and forth match here. After missing a moonsault, Slyk exchanged chops with the former Mortis. Kanyon hit a big spinebuster on Slyk. Kanyon then brought out a chain, because we haven’t seen enough chains on this show already. I guess Kanyon likes chain wrestling ha ha ha NO. That was weak. Anyway, Kanyon punches Slyk in the head with the chain. 1….2…. oh no it was a false finish. Really good shit there. Kanyon brings two chairs into the ring. Kanyon did the drop toe hold onto the chair. Kanyon then hit the diamond cutter on Slyk. Instead of going for the pin, a 28 inch TV started playing. It was a DDP cutting a promo on Kanyon.
Cool idea by CSWF by doing this. The only thing that would’ve made it better would to have it on a big screen TV, but the innovation factor was there. DDP challenged Kanyon on August 28 and vowed to kick Kanyons ass. After the promo aired, Slyk rolled up Kanyon for the pinfall and to win the CSWF title that he should’ve been wearing a year ago.
Good match here and a good way to set up the main show, even if there is no immediate challenger to Slyk’s title outside of Ron Killings.

Final McWord

I thought this was a step down from previous CSWF shows. Too many matches felt the same. The tag gauntlet was foul. Some matches didn’t deliver like they could’ve. Also, there were way too many fucking promos tonight. Every match had a before match and after match promo. Just way too much too absorb, and it also prolonged the length of the show.

As far as what I liked, I liked the last two matches alot. Slyk has been long overdue to win that CSWF Championship, so it was good to see him win that. The four way match was really good and livened up the show.

CSWF still needs to work on their acoustics. Maybe all the promos wouldn’t have been too bad if you could hear them. Also, if you’re going to have everyone cut promos, shouldn’t John Shane, who’s probably the best promo guy there be talking?

Some wrestlers, specifically tag teams, cough Fire and Smoke cough need to hang up the boots. Maybe other roles can be created for them, but their in-ring work hurts the product overall.

Devin Sturgis’s promo and Miss Michelle heel turn wasn’t explained properly. Sometimes when you’re doing stuff for commercial release, it affects the live show negatively.

CSWF has the money and tools to do things right. Maybe with a storyline editor, or with someone with experience like a John Shane, Homicide, Simon Diamond overseeing things, the shows would be tighter and more enjoyable. There were too many little things to call this a good show. I thought the show was fun, but I’m able to have fun at any show. With a dying market for wrestling, any promotion in NJ can step up to be number 2 right now. CSWF has the potential to do it if they fix some of the crap that’s blogging some of the shows down.

Overall- Good talent, good building, good heart, but not enough to make this a good show. Things need to be fixed, as it seemed that for all the good CSWF does, theres double the bad.


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