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WCW Nitro 6/28/1999

Written by: Kevin Kindelberger

WCW Monday Nitro 6/28/99

I have gone into some detail with Master P already. I will say more after tonight on the bottom as I want to see how it plays out. I have heard he may be done with promos after last week. The build to this PPV has been better. Still Nash just does a promo in the ring and then leaves…..that is it. Savage is fun to watch but I do not agree to the burial on Thunder of Buff and Malenko. Jesus, make new guys strong instead of half-assing it. I am hoping that they continue to have nice long matches but the ratings have been really low the last couple of weeks. I am interested to see what they do to spice things up a bit. Nitro has still be relatively solid. The Master P crap has not made it better, but it has not done irreparable damage like said last week. I see why they are doing it. Anyway, let’s roll. The ratings are the highest in a five weeks with a near 3.7 off of a 3.9 and a 3.2 and then up to a 3.6. RAW rose up to a 6.8 off of a 6.4 and amazing 7.2 for the night after one of their bigger PPV’s.

Ric is standing outside with the owner of the United Center in ChiTown and is saying Be Like Dave over and and over next to the Jordan statue as he is challenging Nash for the title.

Match 1: Steven Regal and Fit Finlay v. Saturn and Chris Benoit

Fit and Benoit lock up and Fit takes him down and works over the arm for a bit. Benoit is up and punches free. Benoit runs him over. Fit yells at him with indignation. Benoit has him in a headlock and he is shoved off and clotheslined.


Fit connects with forward roll slam on Saturn and dumps him to the floor. Dave Taylor uses the Union Jack to choke him out. Saturn is dropped throat first onto the top rope. He is hammered by Regal and he works over the arm. Regal hammers him some more; Fit is in and he puts him in a sleeper after some blows. Saturn is hit with the flag as he tries to escape. Or someone was. Benoit and Regal are in. Benoit runs him over and chops the shit out of him. Benoit runs him down again and then suplexes him. He goes up top and hits the flying headbutt. Fit runs in and he is put in the Crossface but Regal makes the save. Regal ties up Saturn and Benoit makes the save. All four are in and Regal is finished by the DVD.

*** Fun opener.

Flair and Piper are giggling in the back playing grabass. Flair is rubbing up against Asya. Van Hammer interrupts and apologizes. He has been on a roll lately and would like a title shot. He has it against Steiner at the PPV. So much for the Rick push.

Flair and company have come down. Chicago should thank a champ like Flair for even blowing through this town. He hypes up Hot Rod and calls him out. Piper babbles about Jordan. Someone is hung like a pimple. Keith Richards and Fabio. He is the reason the youth of America is messed up. I am lost. Maybe all the young men, or Buff. There is one young man who has morals and Nash will wrestle tonight and there will be Lumberjacks. Ric will announce the number one contender. Flair will never be champ again because of the politcal structure of WCW (He was champ when he was president). But his son can. Charles will be the ref. One of the greatest names in our sport is the Macho Man and if he is back there or arch-enemy Flair would like to shake your hand and apologize. Savage and Sid come out. Flair is coming up with a deal and wants to bond one time. They both hate Nash. David is wrestling Nash and everyone will be there. He is asking Savage and Big Sid to join up with Naitch and the Enforcer tonight, Lumberjack style. Flair will legalize that elbow drop. Charles Robinson does not like that as he has a scar….I guess Nash reinstated it only one match. Savage no longer if he is the champ or if anyone else is. The bottom line is that he does not want Nash to have it. Savage is leaning that way and Sid wants to let the Madness run free. Flair yells that he wants to be like Dave. Savage tells Nash it will be his worst nightmare. The elbow is legal. Piper talks about if Flair is not feeling okay then he will basically take over.

Lodi is giving Lane a shoulder rub. Horrible acting.

Match 2: Lenny Lane v. Eddie Guerrero

The ref goes down right away. Eddie is doubleteamed but Eddie walks the ropes and springs a kick into Lodi and then armdrags Lane. He follows up with a brainbuster and goes up top. Lodi begs off but Eddie leaps onto both and gets the win!

*** Extra star for Eddie! That was classic. I know it is not a true three stars but is anyone really keeping tabs?

More grabass with Flair and Piper.

Hak is acting like Flair and demanding Flair to walk that aisle and to be the man he has to beat him. He wants Flair for banning the Hardcore matches. Instead of Flair Bigelow shows up and makes his way down the aisle. He gets in the ring and Hak stupidly turns his back and he gets blindsided and stomped.

Match 3: Bam Bam Bigelow v. Hak

Bigelow stomps on him and runs his head into the corner and then sends him into the other one. But he runs into a boot and is clotheslined. Hak tosses him to the floor. Hak leaps and is caught, and then driven into the post. Both men reenter the ring and Bigelow headbutts him and he lays on him getting two. He keeps him grounded with a chinlock. Bigelow yells at Chastity and gets nailed by Hak. But Bigelow regains the offensive; he misses the clothesline but hits the big boot and after the two count he goes back to the chinlock. Bigelow slams him and slowly heads up top and misses the headbutt. Hak is up and he unloads on him. Hak heads upstairs and misses the somersault splash. Hak takes out Bigelow and uses the stick. DDP and Kanyon eat it too. Hak hits his finisher but DDP runs in and Diamond Cuts him getting the win….Bigelow gets it.

**1/2 Nice impromptu match.

Here comes Nash. He hypes up Chicago. He knows that Flair and everyone else in WCW want him to lose the strap. The only ally he has is Scott Hall who is at home in Orlando. He is on his own tonight. Nash reiterates the stipulation for the match tonight. Seeing as he is putting up the gold he has a stipulation of his own and hopefully David is man enough. Obviously if David wins he gets the belt but Nash wants Torrie for 72 hours. He does not need the 30 days all he needs is 72 hours. David needs to bring it on as Nash is leaving here the world champ.

Match 4: nWo v. West Texas Rednecks

The nWo? There still around? I guess the Rednecks are faces. Barry and Brian start off. Barry hiptosses him and then armdrags him. And now a DDT. But he is kicked in the gut and Adams goes for a press slam but Curt grabs Barry’s boot and Adams falls and nearly pinned. Adams takes him down and gets two. Ray and Curt are in. Ray runs him over but he is kneed in the gut and chopped. Ray turns it around and he unloads on him. Ray runs into a boot and Hennig charges right into a scoops slam. Hennig rakes the eye and tags in Kendall who gets in a few blows. But he is knocked down and Vincent is in. He works him over but runs into a boot and follows up with a swinging neckbreaker. Bobby is in and he slams Vincent but misses the elbow. Horace is in. He and Bobby go back and forth. Curt is in and he strikes with a lariat. Kendall is in and he drops the elbow and then knee. He gets two. Bobby boots him in the head and slams him. He turns a Vader Bomb into an elbow drop getting two. Curt is in and Horace tries to fight back but gets an eye poke. Bobby is in and misses a dropkick and Horace back suplexes him. Four are in the ring right now and Vincent hits a swinging neckbreaker and the cover is broken up and the match has broken down. Vincent is is double bulldogged and pinned!

** Okay. Not sure where the Rednecks stand.

Match 4: Cat v. Disco Inferno

This is a dance off…..audience response determines the winner. Cat takes the mic and if the stupid people do not want vote for him he will beat the hell out of them! James Brown time! Cat dances….mostly boos. Disco time. For a fucking near jobber he gets some amazing crowd support. They are up on their feet as he dances. Kind of dances. Cat blindsides him and stomps a hole on him.

Now it is a match! Cat works him over but Disco comes back and takes him down. After a swinging neckbreaker he goes up to the middle rope, dances and hits the forearm. He gets two but after pulling up the Cat he is kicked in the throat. Cat slams him and shuffles around before dropping the forearm. He gets in the face of some of the fans and then dumps Disco to the floor. Sonny stomps on him. Disco is annihilated for a bit by the Cat. He gets his head kicked off but he misses a flying tackle and Disco fights back and hits the Chart Buster! Disco dances and then covers him. Sonny runs in and he gets hit. Cat rolls him up and gets two. Disco hammers him in the corner but the ref pushes him back. Cat has the slipper and kicks him in the head and he has him pinned and Sonny runs across him. Flynn blindsides him and he yells that once Cat wakes up he needs to sign a contract for a kickboxing match next week. Fans boo.

**1/2 A fun segment.

AA and Flair and Lil’ Naitch are at the announce table. Arn is reminding Nash of the parody. Nash will get his answer about what he thought of it tonight. He is the ref of the main event.

Match 5: Buff Bagwell and Dean Malenko v. DDP and Kanyon (c)

Okay, it has been back and forth. Buff goes off on Kanyon with two dropkicks and a swinging neckbreaker. Malenko gets the tag and kicks Kanyon and tries to pull him down with a sunset flip. DDP is tagged in and Kanyon allows himself to be rolled up and DDP flies from the middle rope nailing him. Bigelow comes in and mauls Malenko. Kanyon is in and he takes down Malenko and drops the elbow from the middle rope getting two. DDP is in and Malenko is still getting destroyed.


Dean is fighting back but is slammed by Kanyon and DDP crashes into him from the top. He pulls up Dean but is headscissored over. Buff gets the hot tag and he clears out DDP and pummels Kanyon. DDP and Kanyon are whipped into each other. Dean flies out after DDP. He goes for the Blockbuster, Buff does but is crotched by Bigelow and Kanyon spikes him but only gets two. Kanyon stomps a hole in him and then chokes him out. Bigelow is in and uses the ropes to choke him out. The fans get behind Buff as he continues to be manhandled. Kanyon is in and snaps him over and gets two. Now he uses his knee to choke him out. Kanyon suplexes him and hits the slingshot elbow drop getting two. DDP is in and he gets a near fall after a Russian sweep and elbow drop. He jaws with the ref and then goes back to work by applying a front facelock. Buff is up and tries to get to his corner but is pulled back by Kanyon and both place him up top. Kanyon gets the tag and DDP superplexes him off but Kanyon misses the top rope splash. Buff does not know where Dean is at and DDP stops him after he got his bearings with an elbow drop to the back of the neck. Kanyon has him in the front facelock but Buff is up and makes the hot tag. Here comes Dean and he gets in some blows and shoves DDP to the floor but he is run over by DDP as he rolls up Kanyon. Ref is knocked out too. Buff hits Kanyon with the Blockbuster but DDP clotheslines him to the floor and they fall to the floor…both sorry. Dean goes for the Cloverleaf but is hit by Bigelow and finished off.

***1/2 Nice long TV match. So much for Dean getting any sort of push.

Classic. It is the Rap is Crap music video! They are in a city setting with a bunch of adoring fans.

Match 6: Scott Putski v. Sid Vicious

Savage is at the announce table jawing. Sid is jawing at poor Putski. Finally after what seems like a month Sid takes him down and hammers him. Fans chant for Goldberg as Sid demolishes Putski. Savage is screaming about Nash losing the title. Sid chokeslams him and it is powerbomb time! Fuck he tossed him down hard. It is over.

* Squash. I just cannot get behind Sid yet.

Savage has the mic and here is the deal. Sid is the best big man in wrestling today. Sid babbles about the Madness. Savage drops the big elbow on poor Putski and calls his team the bomb.

Nash and then Flair are walking in the back.

Match 7: David Flair v. Kevin Nash (c) for WCW Title

David is knocked to the floor and then Nash is swarmed and dismantled by everyone. David puts Nash in the Figure Four and Arn counts but Nash gets his shoulder up and he is up and hammers David. He does his usual in the corner. Plays with his hair too of course. A sideslam now and AA gets taken out and here comes the troops. Nash fighting them off and Sid is dropped to the floor. Savage is in and David has the stungun and he just stands there and allows him to take it. David is stunned and a couple more. He takes George and Torrie goes along! Savage charges but is tazed! Nash backs off and then leaves. The heels are left laid low.

*1/2 I never agree with an entire stable of strong heels getting dismantled by one man. But Nash has not been utilized too well as of late. Tonight he was used a bit better.

Nash demands the door opened for the limo. Torrie obliges. There is a hummer and Sting is looking at him from the side mirror. Or a Sting masked dude. Savage is running and Nash gets in after staring at Sting and Savage leaps on the moving limo and we fade.

*** A step back. Not that it was a bad show. Minus Dean and Buff now spinning their heels doing nothing. Nash finally got more involved. Not sure why Savage who has been talking about the title for two months is now willing to team up with Flair knowing he may not get the belt. I would have asked for a match against David. The ending could have been handled better too. No more Master P. Well it did not go well. I will wait and see if he is comes back. It is clear the Rednecks are becoming faces. Overall there was some solid wrestling and they are setting up the PPV. Nothing great but it did the job and the crowd was hot.

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