WCW Nitro 6/14/1999

Written by: Kevin Kindelberger

WCW Monday Nitro 6/14/99

After a shitty PPV WCW needs to comeback with a strong Nitro. The ratings did increase a bit to a 3.7 but fell drastically to a 2.9 but rose back up to a 3.2. RAW received a 6.65 off of a 6.5 and 6.8.

I thought I would add the Master P segment. Seems like the crowd booed the shit out of them….I guess it is Hoodie Hoo….My bad.

Savage is in the house as he and the ladies get out of the limo. Vicious is there too and Savage states Team Madness is getting vicious.

Poor DJ Ran: He is trying to get the crowd riled and not doing a great job. He got some crowd support.

Match 1: Brian Adams and Vincent v. Curt Hennig and Barry Windam

Brian puts Curt in a side headlock and tosses him. The match has been back and forth. Vincent got worked over for a bit but gets in some offense. However Barry clotheslines him and Curt gets the tag and he unloads on Vincent in the corner stomping away. Adams tries to help him out but he is pushed back and Vincent is knocked to the floor. Back in the ring he is chopped some more. Vincent strikes with a suplex. Adams gets the tag and unloads on Curt and after a legdrop gets the near fall. But Windham made the save and Hennig clotheslines hima nd now all four are going at it. Adams snaps Barry over as Vincent hammers Curt. Bobby Duncum pulls Adams to the ground but is punched. Somehow the ref misses Vincent getting pasted by the cowbell and it is over.

** Not a terrible opener. It fairly long.

Gene is introducing Master P at a press conference. It is amusing how Gene tries to sputter out the names of the songs. Master P did play in the NBA and the CBA in the 00s. Master P is glad to be here in the WCW. He is discussing his feud with Hennig but does not mention his name. Rasslin’ as he calls it has always been with him. He is excited to be here. Rey looking like he is 10 is happy he is here. Bischoff talks about how positive the No Limit Soldiers are. Master P is happy to be among the rasslers who support them and he calls out: Hooty Hoo!

Here comes Macho! He calls him the boss. He is the uncrowned, crowned, WCW champion. It was the crime of the century. Nash made the elbow legal and everytime he drops it people get beat (unless you are Hogan) and Savage believes that what happened was an obstruction of justice and he wants to replay it. Mona (Ms. Madness) saw it, and the greatest women’s champ saw as did the undefeated Gorgeous George. George lays down for Savage demonstrating the elbow and Madusa slowly counts after Macho covers. Macho calls himself the champ. Savage is going to be unbelievably Vicious. This is not over and Nash is not in his league and he is the champ and asks for props from the crowd and gets it. He tells Nash that the Wolfpac sucks, and he is going to getcha. Nash’s career is over and his own is on fire!

Match 2: Hugh Morrus v. Kidman

Morrus clubs him knocking him down and slowly works him over. Kidman gets punished but knocks Morrus to the floor. He leaps after him but he is caught and driven into the post. He is placed back in the ring and Jimmy Hart has laid a chair in the ring. Kidman is up and uses the ropes to bulldog Morrus. He goes for Jimmy Hart but he is caught and press slammed onto the chair! Morrus is going to powerbomb him onto it but he is faceplanted right into the chair. Shooting Star Press! Win!

**1/2 Extra half star for Kidman winning.

Ric is checking himself out on the big screen and Gene asks him if he likes it. Flair does and bellows that it is great to be president. He tells the crowd to shut up and tells a kid that he will take his mother and make a woman out of her. He will make her go woo-woo-woo! Fuck Yeah!! He is going to prove he is the man. He is going to create a coup. It is about Piper and he is telling….he changes it to asking. He and Piper have fought for 20 years and he wants him to VP of the world with him. He has a bagpipe band play and they lead Piper out. Piper is grinning as Gene asks what he thinks. Piper makes a Bigelow joke with wind and Taco Bell (had to do with bagpipes). Fans jeer and call out Goldberg and other people. Piper jokes they are calling our name. Flair tells them that Piper will take all their mothers home. Flair makes a Hillary joke. Piper promises to treat the VP like DC does. He will make all the wrestlers happy like Clinton does. He is happy to president and Piper asks if Flair gets hit by a tobacco truck will he become president. Flair responds that he could keel over right now and the job is his if it happens. Malenko comes down, and he tells them that if a man woke up from a coma after 15 years they would watch Nitro and they would notice that nothing has changed. Time is moving really fast and he is sick of being held down. It is time to step down for others and he rattles off their names. Step down with dignity like Elway and Gretsky and Flair is pissed that he compared those two lightweights. Dean is not asking anymore he is taking it. Flair cannot believe what he is hearing and tells him off. Dean asks AA where he stands. AA responds that you do not bumrush greatness it comes to you. AA, Piper and Flair will be remembered 50 years from now and he is either a Horseman or a casualty. Piper tells him to leave and Malenko gently pushes him aside and so Piper decks him. Buff runs down and starts to clean house but he is downed. Benoit and Saturn make their way towards the arena but are blindsided by the Jersey Triad and destroyed. Buff fights back and they go to break….

Bischoff is at the announce table and freaks out about crap, he said crap, and I am not sure what he is talking about. But he wants us to call the Hotline.

Match 3: Cat v. Scott Norton

I was wrong about Norton last night. Bischoff claims that Piper and Flair’s days are done and it is time for some younger guys. I will believe it when I see it.

He wants Norton and will whoop anyone. Norton obliges and starts to destroy him. He runs him over and knocks him to the floor. Norton chops away down there and sprinkles in some stomps. Norton beats him some more. Back in the ring the Cat takes him down and dropkicks the knees. He kicks him a few times but a big blow drops him. Norton bodyslams him with ease. He goes for a powerbomb but is uppercutted square in the nuts. Sonny is digging under the ring and Cat has the shoe on but he misses the kick. Norton drops him but clotheslines the ref and he is out cold. Cat finally connects with the kick but Norton kicks out. It was the crowbar and now the sidekick finishes him off….

** Cat gets a win. Why bury him earlier in the year?

Bischoff needs to get the fuck off the mic. He is telling everyone to get tickets for the Superdome because Master P is from there. Bischoff is claiming that Nitro’s this summer will be like a party as they are kicking off a music festival. Oh shit.

Match 4: Disco Inferno v. Van Hammer

The new Wrath! They finally lock up and Disco is tossed into the corner and then run headfirst into the opposite one. Hammer dumps him to the floor. Back inside the ring Disco is getting mauled. The crowd is silent. He tosses him back to the floor and goes after him. Hammer is run into the side of the ring. Disco pounds on him in the corner and after a sledge he gets two. Disco is caught and murdered by a vicious spinebuster. Hammer takes his head and drives it into the canvas over and over. He then chokes him out.

Bischoff is saying hello to Bret Hart who is KC. He feels confident that when the time is right Bret will be back. Tony: Nicely said Eric. Jesus Christ Schiavone….

Hammer chokes him out some more. He has him in a sleeper. Disco escapes but is spiked. Disco slugs away but is pushed aside. Hammer charges but misses and Disco hooks him and the swinging neckbreaker was terribly muffed. He follows up with a Russian sweep. He goes to the middle rope and after some swaying of hips he gets two after a flying forearm. He goes for the Chartbuster but is shoved into the ref. Disco takes Hammer down again but the ref is down. Disco checks on him and he is planted and finished by Hammer.

** Okay match. Why the fuck is Van Hammer getting a push?

Disco is pissed and he kicks the ref and gives him the Chart Buster!

Great….Rodman is coming back to WCW.

Match 5: Fit Finlay v. Brian Knobs

Fit goes after him and knocks him to the floor. Fit shoves him into the post and then the other one. Fit throws him into the steps and then stalks Jimmy Hart. When he turns back towards Knobs he is dropped face first onto the railing and then shoved into the steps. Back in the ring Fit decleats him with a clothesline and after the legdrop he gets two. He drives him into the corner and uppercutse him. Fit is whipped into the corner and Knobs sandwiches him. Pitty City time! Knobs powerslams him and he gets two. Fit tosses him to the floor. Back in the ring Fit jumps on him a couple of times and then plants him with a Samoan Drop getting two. Fit keeps hammering him and Jimmy Hart has a chair but Knobs is pushed into it and then Hak knocks him out with the Kendo stick and Fit gets the win.

*** I really dug this match. Fit won too!

Sable is in the crowd! Looking fine. Bischoff mentions Playboy and how he reads the articles. She signed a no compete clause for 18 months. This is what baffles me, the WWF claims they are Independent Contractors but they sign no compete clauses. What a damn shame. Sable would not have turned the tide but would not have harmed WCW. Rumor has it she would have been the driver of the Hummer. Too bad. The Savage angle had potential and then like so many other things it will be tossed out…..mostly for Hogan but we will wait and see what happens.

Nash gets a nice pop. He was in the back listening to Savage claim he beat him for the belt. If that was the case Savage would be holding it but he is. He does not know what Savage is smoking but he needs to visit the guys in the white coats. Nash came out to talk to Sid. He wants Sid tonight for the belt. He is going to kick his ass. Sid is on the screen. He cackles and knows what buttons to push. It is on.

Match 6: Kanyon and DDP and Ric Flair and Roddy Piper v. Chris Benoit and Saturn and Dean Malenko and Buff Bagwell

They run into the ring and the brawl is on. The heels get annihilated. Buff takes out Piper and he falls to the floor. Flair gets in the ring and Benoit unloads a flurry of chops in the corner. He backdrops Flair and it is Crossface time! Piper rakes the eyes but the other faces run in and knock them to the floor. Piper is in and he wants Buff. Here he comes and he kicks Piper and rakes his face and punishes him with punches knocking him to the floor. Piper gets back in and tries to fight back but gets his face run into the top rope and now all four faces slug him and he stumbles into an inverted atomic drop. Piper begs off and Flair blindsides him.


Flair is chopping him over and over. He goes for a back suplex but Benoit lands on his feet. He takes down Flair and gets two. Now he gets two after a backslide for two more. Flair drops him but Benoit bridges up and slides down Flair for two…..Bischoff claims that Benoit could be the future and all he needs is an opportunity and he is getting that tonight. I have heard nothing but the opposite….Anyway Flair smacks him around but he is taken down and put in the Figure Four. Saturn takes out DDP who runs in and he puts him in the Figure Four and now all the heels are in the Figure Four. Bigelow runs in and finally all are released. Flair covers Benoit and gets two. Piper chokes him out real quick before crawling to his corner. Kanyon is in and he and Benoit go at it. Kanyon makes the blind tag with DDP who leaps in and crashes into Benoit. Now he stomps away. He runs over and decks Saturn who runs in and so Piper jumps in and stomps on Benoit. Flair is in and he punches Benoit in the nuts. Kanyon is in and he spins Benoit into a lariat from DDP. Piper is in and he slaps Benoit around. Benoit gets to his feet and punches him back but Piper tackles him and wails on him. He tags in Kanyon who continues the punishment. Kanyon strikes with a Russian sweep and then DDP drops the elbow. He applies a front facelock. Benoit escapes and makes the tag. Ref did not see it…of course. The punishment continues. DDP goes up but leaps into a boot and the fans come alive as Bagwell leads the cheers for the tag and Buff gets the hot tag and he plows into Flair. He backdrops him and now two clotheslines and he takes out all the heels and the match has broken down and all eight are in the ring. Saturn and Benoit are on the ground against DDP and Kanyon. Buff hits the Blockbuster on Flair and gets the clean win!

*** What I do not like is that every fucking tag match Benoit is the whipping boy and gets pummeled everytime and then makes the hot tag. He needs to look stronger. Buff getting the clean win was essential. If they follow up….

Match 7: Hak v. Rick Steiner (c) for WCW TV Title

Rick attacks him from behind and knocks him to the floor. Hak is run into the railing and Rick runs a chair into his head and then drives his head into the railing; now another chair shot. They fight up the aisle and Rick has him in a headlock and pushes him into the side of the stage and shoves him into the back. He is pushed into the door and he is flung head over heels into a railing. Hak elbows him but he is shoved into some more equipment. Hak is shoved into some more equipment. He is put on top of a truck and they are fighting on the roof of it and Hak is knocked to the hood. Rick leaps on him but he is driven into the side of the car and then his head is run into the trunk of the Bronco. Hak kicks off pieces of a Harley and drives his head into the storage compartment. Rick fights back and Hak is thrown into a Hummer and over the Harley. He is hit with piece of the cycle but Hak tackles him and ruuns him into the Hummer. The tailpipe or muffler from the Harley is used to hit Hak. Now he chokes him out with it. He releases the chokehold and clobbers him with it. Hak throws a ladder at hi and they are on top of the Hummer brawling. Hak is slammed through the sunroof! Sting is in it and he shoves him off the Hummer. He tosses him through the wall of a trailer and the fans erupt. Sting is leading Rick towards the ring and drills him with the baseball bat. Sting heads to the ring: Riddle me this, riddle me that who is afraid of the big black bat. He keeps saying riddles or rhymes about dogs and Rick Steiner. It is Showtime and Sting goes over and wallops Rick with the bat and he carries him out.

*** That was great, but Hak could have gotten in more offense. Still he did not lose.

Match 8: La Parka and Psychosis v. Konnan and Rey Mysterio

Konnan does his thing. Rey shouts out to randoms again.

Rey and start off against Psychosis. Rey is knocked down. Rey fires back by flipping Psychosis. After some back and forth he uses the ropes to hiptoss him. Konnan is in the ring he headscissors Parka over and Rey flies in and strikes with a guillotine legdrop. Konnan clotheslines Parka to the floor. Back in the ring EB is gushing about Master P who is at ringside. Parka is pouding on Konnan and tags in Psychosis who strikes with a low dropkick. Konnan eats a double sandwich in the corner. Konnan comes back and clotheslines both. Rey slingshots into the ring and strikes with a flying bulldog. Now both dive out on top of Parka and Psychosis…..

Bischoff claims that like in 95 they are going to change the wrestling world. This is the beginning with Master P! But they need to do some things right and it will take time.

Rey and Konnan are destroying them. Bronco Buster and Konnan tosses him off the middle rope by hanging upside down. they take both down and pin both at the same time.

*** This was solid.

Rap is Crap! They are up at the DJ Ran position and run off as Rey and Konnan give chase. Master P has the mic and asks if the cowboy wants him still. He screams to the fans and keeps saying Hooty-Hoo over and over. He jumps up and down and tries to get the crowd behind them. They get none. They even get booed and the camera just stays on them! They hop around and play music and yell WCW and No Limit Soldiers. EB gushes that Master P was offered so much more money elsewhere but decided to stay with WCW….that was sad.

Match 9: Kevin Nash (c) v. Sid Vicious for WCW Title

Macho comes out with the mic and he tells Nash he is at the crossroads of a vicious career. He asks him to hand over the belt. Everyone knows that he pinned Nash last night. Nash tells him to come get it. Savage states he is not delusional but goes after the belt anyway and Nash unloads on him. He eats the big boot but George runs distraction and he is nutted. Ms. Madness goes for the missile kick and hitse Savage. Sid runs down and he is hammered. Savage is sideslammed. But Vicious takes down Nash. The ref calls for the bell and Bischoff screams that they need to keep it going. Goldberg chants. Sid and Savage are dismantling Nash. The ref gets decked and Sting runs down and Sid goozles him but is drilled with the bat and clotheslined over the top rope. Sting stomps a hole in Savage…..

NR angle advancement.

**** I have to rate this on the lower tier of four stars. In fact I am sure I will regret it later, however the show was entertaining. Cat and Buff got wins. Hak and Rick had a good match as did Fit and Knobs. Overall there was a lot of wrestling. I am not digging the angles but the wrestling was quite good. Master P got no crowd support that I could tell. He did a bit at the PPV but even with Rey and Konnan cheerleading they go little. That is sad. Bischoff’s cheerleading was horrific. He freaked out when Buffer called for the main event. He gushed about Hogan coming back, or possibly so and hinted at sooner rather than later. He repeated the same shit over and over and was just terrible as an announcer tonight. He detracted from the show. I will give another week to assess Master P as Louisiana is his home state and that is where they are at next week.

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