WCW Thunder 11/12/1998

Written by: Kevin Kindelberger

WCW Thunder 11/12/98

Match 1: Glacier v. Chris Adams

Glacier starts strong but is nailed and given a back suplex. Adams straddles his back and hammers him. Glacier is able to backdrop him to the floor and he goes out after him. Pounds him and rolls him back into the ring. Glacier goes up to the middle rope and leaps into a kick and is powerbombed. He kicks him in the head and has the pin but Sonny comes down and Glacier has his foot on the ropes. Cat runs in and kicks Adams and now Glacier uses his thumb to press a nerve and he gets the win.

** Decent brawl.

Match 2: Kendall Windham v. Kaos

Windham is nailed and given a belly to belly suplex. Kendall takes the offensive and works him over for a while. Now Kaos takes control. Kaos wins.

*1/2 What happened to his tag belt?

Match 3: Jerry Flynn v. Stevie Ray

This has been a long ass demolition.

* Squash.

Match 4: Rey Mysterio Jr. Juventud Guerrera

Juve gets the upperhand early and tosses Rey to the floor. He gets back into the ring and places him in a headlock. Juve reverses it. Rey is up and is free and he leaps over Juve. Rey and Juve exchange chops and neither get the advantage. Juve sends him into the ropes and they tussle and Rey is plexed onto the top rope. Juve pounds him in the corner and Juve floats over on the reversal. They go back and forth and Rey takes him down with a headscissors.


Rey snaps him over and puts him in a chinlock. Juve counters by pulling back on his arms. They both try for a suplex and Rey escapes striking with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and he gets two. After a split-legged moonsault he gets two more. Juve counters with a powerbomb and he gets a near fall. Juve is bitter that he did not get the win and circles around. Both go back and forth; they exchange holds and punches. Rey whips Juve into the corner and Rey misses on the running shot. Juve places him in position. He takes too much time and Rey grabs his leg in order to stop him from going up top. Juve springboards in and lands awkwardly on his leg. Rey pulls him up and snaps him over and applies a headscissors. Juve is up but gets dropkicked to the floor. Rey charges at him but Juve moves so Rey holds on to the ropes. Juve takes off towards the back as Rey celebrates with the crowd. Now Juve heads back to the ring. He gets back in the ring and again they go back and forth. Juve hits the brainbuster and he gets two. The bell rings and it is over.

**** Fucking hate time limits.

Oh, we are getting overtime because the winner faces Kidman at the PPV!

They again exchange blows. Rey drops him and goes up top. He just nicks him and both men are down. Rey crawls over to Juve and gets two. Rey pulls him up and runs into a spinkick and he falls to the floor. Juve springboards out on top of him. Both end up on the top rope and Juve powerbombs him off and rolls him up and gets 2.8! They are both vertical again and Rey floats over but he is caught and it is Driver time! Juve points up top and pulls Rey over but wastes too much time! He slowly heads up top and Rey crotches him and Rey manuevers him into position. Rey goes up top again and the Frankensteiner off the top ends it.

****1/2 Yeah!

Match 5: Chavo Guerrero v. Kidman (c) for WCW Cruiserweight Title

Chavo knocks him down but Chavo is up only to be used as a platfrom for Kidman to dropkick him. Kidman has the arm and then knees him and goes back after the arm. Now they go back and forth, some standing switches and Chavo flips around him and takes him down and then grabs the head and pulls him over getting two. Chavo pulls him up by his hair after talking to Pepe and he back back suplexes him getting a two count. He pulls back on the arm. Kidman gets up and is powerslammed. After a two count. Chavo grabs Pepe….


Kidman is down and getting stomped on after having him in a Boston Crab. Chavo gets another two after a bridged German suplex. He puts him in a rear chinlock. Chavo has him down and pulls back on the head. Kidman gets up and clubs the back and then strikes with rapid stomps. Kidman misses the dropkick and Chavo drops the elbow getting a two count. Chavo stomps on him. He rides Pepe, and drops Kidman again. Okay, it has been back and forth. Kidman has regained control but is rolled up for a two count. Chavo launches him into the corner and then splashes him. He strikes with a bulldog and gets two and a half. He goes for a powerbomb but Chavo is bulldogged and he goes up top for his finisher and here comes the lWo and Kidman goes after them but he is overwhelmed. Now they go after Chavo and Eddie runs down and pulls them off of him. Rey comes down and missile kicks Rey and then they clear the ring.

***1/2 Fun match.

Match 6: Kanyon v. Dean Malenko

They take each other down. Now they go back to square one and Dean applies a headlock. Dean escapes, goes off the ropes and runs him over. Kanyon ducks in the corner. Malenko patiently waits and kicks him in the corner. But Kanyon takes him down and stomps a hole in him and then chokes him out. He pushes him into the corner and drives his shoulder into him. Down he goes but off the whip he is able to get two after a sunset flip. Kanyon has him and then goes up top while holding him. He sits on his head, leaps and drives the head into the mat. He applies a sleeper. Malenko immediately counters with a back suplex and both men are down. They finally get up and Kanyon gets the first blow in but Dean kicks him back over and over, and has him in the corner but a forearm knocks him back and into the other corner. Kanyon follows up with a vertical suplex. He slingshots into an elbow drop and gets a two count. Back to the sleeper. Kanyon picks him up and slams him; he goes up top and nose dives square into the mat. Dean takes advantage and hammers him in the corner and then connects with a dropkick and gets a near fall. He runs Kanyon in to the corner where he sandwiches him. Kanyon rakes the eyes and a knee lift sends him to the floor. Kanyon helps him back into the ring, and he bodyslams him. Raven leaves and Kanyon looks sad but Dean rolls him up for two. Kanyon spikes him but Dean recovers and goes for the Cloverleaf and Kanyon escapes and then pancakes im getting a two count. Kanyon brings him over to the corner and goes for the move again where he sits on him but he grabbed and slammed and he is put in the Cloverleaf. But Lodi runs down and is attacked. Benoit runs down and beats on Kanyon and Lodi.

**** Another great match. Not a great ending…..DQ.

Match 7: Konnan v. Giant

Giant knocks Konnan to the floor and after he gets back into the ring, the Giant just unloads on the back. Down goes Konnan, and then thrusts him into the corner but he misses the splash. Konnan unleashes a flurry of blows. But he goes for a bodyslam and the Giant falls on him and then stomps away. Now a Russian sweep. Giant hauls him up and a headbutt knocks him to the floor. Giant heads out after him and a chop drops him down. Now a headbutt does the same, and he places him against the ring where he chops him again. Giant picks him up and bodyslams him. Giant has the table and places it against the post, and he places Konnan against it and runs right into it as Konnan moves, a little early, but it works. Konnan has a chair and blasts him with it. The match has been tossed but both are game. Konnan decides to leave.

** Only to see Konnan not get destroyed.

The ref is chokeslammed!

****1/2 Another great Thunder, all wrestling and their was some great wrestling to boot. Overall they keep having good matches and even set up a match for the PPV.

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