WCW Nitro 11/10/1998

Written by: Kevin Kindelberger

WCW Tuesday Nitro 11/10/98

A one hour special edition! Not a bad idea. Ratings for TNT and a way to hopefully get more exposure as the WWF has dominated the head to head ratings.

Match 1: El Dandy v. Rey Mysterio Jr.

They are still in Long Island. Dandy decks him as he enters the ring and then takes him off his feet with a running knee. Rey climbs over and armdrags him and then a couple of headscissor take overs and now a powerbomb. He places Dandy up top and goes up top and hits a top rope Frankensteiner. He pulled him up at two! But the troops have arrived. Kidman runs down to help him up and he missile kicks Rey on accident. He checks on him and he takes out La Parka and he and Rey clear the ring, talk to one another and Kidman leaves.

NR Angle Advancement.

Match 2: Sick Boy v. Perry Saturn

He now has a first name. Saturn kicks him in the head and then stomps a hole in him. He tosses him with an over the top suplex after he blocked a hiptoss. Sick Boy bounces his throat off the top rope and then springboard kicks him. Sick mounts and pounds him and then chokes him out. Sick Boy hits a TKO kind of move but instead of trying to pin him he chokes him out. Sick Boy ducks the lariat and Saturn chops him a few times, sends him into the ropes but Sick Boy uses his feet to spring off the ropes striking with a back elbow. He gets two two after a twisting front suplex; he had the win but he got caught using the ropes. Saturn hooks him and T-Bones him. He hauls him up and scoop slams him. He heads up top and drills him with the elbow. DVD and it is over. Nope he applies the Rings of Saturn just for fun and now it is over.

**1/2 Fun match.

Disco Inferno comes down and has the mic. He wants the fans to shake each other’s hands because they set a record for the most scumbags in one place. He wants his music hit for all his fans and instead it is Booker T’s!

Match 3: Disco Inferno v. Booker T

Tenay is jealous that Schiavone has a program to tell what is going on…..oh Schiavone! Okay, they lock up and Booker pushes him into the corner and makes the break. They slowly circle one another, and Booker kicks and punches away with alacrity. He chokes him out on the ropes and the ref calls for the break. He runs him down with a flying forearm and he gets two. He pulls him up and twists the arm. Booker side kicks him and Disco rolls to the floor. He gets back in and is put in a headlock. Disco pushes him off but is knocked back down. Disco retreats to the floor and lures Booker in, bouncing his head off the top rope and after a swinging neckbreaker he gets a two count. Disco dances up top and hits the elbow getting two (middle rope). He puts him in a rear chinlock. Booker gets to his feet, fights free and leaps over him and rolls him up for two. Disco strikes with a back elbow, and dances and then stomps away, he drops an elbow and puts him in a chinlock. Booker is up and elbows free, floats behind and it is axe kick time! Booker slams him and keeps after him. Disco reverses the whip and gives Booker an inverted atomic drop. He goes up top but Booker plants him and gets the win.

**1/2 Nice win for Booker.

Match 4: Fit Finlay v. Steve McMichael

It is sad that Fit will probably not win this match. Fuck. Oh well, he starts strong with a series of clubbing blows but he runs into a boot and is knocked down. Mongo kicks him in the gut and places him over his shoulders and gets two after a powerslam. Fit comes back, slams him and drops the elbow getting two. He applies a nerve hold. Finlay goes up to the middle rope and leaps right onto some knees. Mongo pulls him up and uppercuts him and kicks him in the corner over and over. Mongo pops him in the head but Fit rakes the eyes, and a European uppercut sends him down. Fit tries for some crowd support, gets none, and after getting kicked another uppercut takes him down and he takes him down with a forward roll slam. Fit misses in the corner and is posted and it is Tombstone time and Mongo wins.

** Fit carried the match. Fans chanted boring.

Match 5: Meng v. Goldberg (c) for WCW Title

Two minutes left. Poor Meng. They lock up and neither get the advantage. They lock up again with the same result. Goldberg is pushed into the ropes and they collide and no one budges. Goldberg clocks him and down he goes. Meng is undeterred and hammers away, both go for the clothesline and neither move. Meng misses the dropkick and is nailed with two clotheslines. Meng boots him in the face and Goldberg hops up and spears him! It is Jackhammer time and over.

** Give this about five more minutes.

**1/2 Just a way to get some matches in. Goldberg time. Should have had Jericho face him or something but oh well.

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