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WCW Thunder 11/5/1998

Written by: Kevin Kindelberger

WCW Thunder 11/5/98

Match 1: Kanyon v. Barry Horowitz

Kanyon does his “Who is better than Kanyon” shtick. Kanyon takes out his anger towards the fans on Barry. Barry gets in a little offensive but is run over. Barry is up and knocks Kanyon down with an uppercut and works him over in the corner. Barry gets some surprising offense in but is finished.

*1/2 A bit long but it had its moments.

Scott and Buff come down and makes fun of Virginia. The women of VI are jealous because they are standing next to their fat out of shape husbands and boyfriends. He also has you hook up. Buff shows off his new alternative lifestyle vest and invites the ladies to take it off with their lips. No one wants to step up to the plate and face him and tonight he is taking out Luger, proving he has the better body and he will fear Scotty.

Match 2: Raven v. Alex Wright

Raven is just sitting there as Alex mocks him in German and English, calling him uneducated. Raven has had enough of the taunting and nuts him. Alex leaves but Raven does not go after him. So he heads back to the ring and they brawl back and forth. Disco and Lodi and Kanyon all get involved in the match. The fight continues in the ring and Alex mounts and pounds him but is shoved off. Raven just decides to leave! He is counted.

** Decent brawl.

Jericho comes out with screwy hair and Ralphus and he mocks Greenberg again and states that he is the true champion. If you are a couch potato and married to the TV you are a Jericho fan. He is four and zero and better than Goldberg and a better champ and he better watch himself.

Match 3: Fit Finlay v. Booker T

They shove each other around. Fit finally knocks him down and hangs him over the apron drilling him with blows and bashes the back of his neck into the side of the ring. Now Booker does his thing, a series of kicks and blows. He hits the Harlem Kick but Fit sticks him in the corner and forward roll slams him. Fit uppercuts him and then sends him into the corner and Booker lands on top of him rolling him up for the win.

*** Fun match. More to it than what I wrote….

Konnan’s “kick-ass” music video…..FUCK ME…It is Breakin’ 3 bitches.

Match 4: Cat v. Glacier

Cat is declaring himself the greatest and rip something off and he is the real deal and challenges the audience. He taunts Kayashi as he came out and got his ass kicked, and now here comes his OG partner: Glacier. Glacier talks about being a karate man like him and will watch his back…..some sort of fued brewing here.

Match 5: Horace v. Norman Smiley

Horace makes short work of him.

* Squash.

Here comes Eddie Guerrero. Oh it is a match….

Match 6: Eddie Guerrero v. Rey Mysterio Jr.

Eddie wants him to join the lWo and is upset that he has not joined. So, it is the easy way or the hard way. Rey chooses the hard way and if he loses he will join. Eddie slaps him but gets tossed around. Rey uses the ropes to lift himself back into a scissor throw, and Eddie is tossed across the ring. They go to shake hands, and Rey is reluctant, wisely so as he is clotheslined. But Rey takes him and runs him into the corner and cracks his head into all three turnbuckles. Rey runs into him and then mounts and pounds him but he is grabbed and given an atomic drop and clotheslined. Eddie is working over the knee. He leaps on it and then wrenches it sideways.


Rey is still wrapped up and he grabs the rope, forcing the break. Eddie tosses him over and takes his time pulling him up and then hangs him in the Tree of Woe and strikes with a series of dropkicks. He runs at him for a baseball slide and Rey lifts himself up, slides into the pole and falls to the floor. Rey is up top and senton’s on top of Eddie and both men are down. Rey pushes him back into the ring and strikes with a spinning backbreaker. He heads upstairs and leaps connecting with a headscissors. Rey favors the leg and is dropkicked there from behind. Eddie is trying to take off the brace. Eddie has him all tied up, twisting him around and the lWo screams for him to surrender and he does so. Nope, the time limit has expired!

**** So it will continue. Sad they have to fight the same matches over and over but fuck are they great.

The lWo wants to attack him but Eddie holds them back.

Match 7: Prince Iaukea v. Chris Jericho (c) for WCW TV Title

They have gone back and forth, Jericho is run over and put in a side headlock. Jericho is hiptossed and the ref keeps Iaukea back and this allows Jericho to get in some offense. He dumps him throat first on the top rope. Jericho poses for the crowd and follows up with a big vertical suplex. He snaps him over and has him in a rear chinlock, turns it into a choke and the ref forces the break and Jericho decides to kick him in the back of the head a few times. Prince fires back, hitting the head but he is kneed and dropped with a forearm. Jericho hauls him and slaps him, works him over but runs into a boot in the corner and is knocked down with a standing sidekick. But Iaukea runs into a clothesline and Jericho goes for the Lionsault only to leap into knees. Jericho is grabbed but he rolls forward and he goes for the Tamer but is rolled up and nearly pinned. Prince strikes with a Samoan Drop, and then a slingshot blow getting two. But Jericho catches him again and turns him over….over.

*** Decent.

Match 8: Disco Inferno v. Scott Hall

Hall makes fairly short work of him….with nWo help.

*1/2 Hall needs a win but Disco needs to look impressive.

Schiavone calls out the Horsemen. Arn makes fun of that and mocks Steiner and Hogan. Dean gives us a history lesson of being in VI and his dad. He wants to get Benoit healthy and he does too. Flair is happy for Ventura and taunts EB and tells Hogan he will be giving the orders to him soon.

Match 9: Scott Steiner v. Lex Luger

Scotty goes after Nick Patrick because he was the ref at Havoc. He tries to break his leg. Finally Luger comes down and pulls him off. He shoves him into the corner where he hammers him over and over. Luger mounts and pounds him but is grabbed and given an inverted atomic drop. But Luger clotheslines him. Buff gets involved and he is shoved back but Steiner knocks him down and Scotty goes after Patrick again as he is wheeled off in the gurney. Buff hammers Luger and now Scott takes over and chokes him out with his own Wolfpac shirt. Scotty with some help from Buff keeps dismantling him. He drops and kisses his bicep and then goes back to work. Luger makes a brief comeback but is knocked down and choked out by a boot. Buff is on the stick mocking him and he gets knocked out and he takes it to Scotty but a knee stops that and down he goes again. Luger ducks and gives him an atomic drop and it is Luger time. His typical offensive assault. Luger is sent into the corner but gets the foot up and runs him over again. He motions for the Rack and has him. A new ref is in the ring and Buff is in too, down goes the ref and he knocks Luger down. Buff is nailed and Scotty nails him from behind. Scotty hangs the ref upside down as Buff beats on Luger. Here comes Rick Steiner and he clears out the ring and they sprint to the back.

**1/2 Fun main event.

****1/2 Remember Thunder is not ranked the same as Nitro or RAW. Damn was this fun. Nothing special, just solid wrestling. I am digging Steiner now. Also, the beer made it a lot more fun!

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