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WCW Thunder 11/19/1998

Written by: Kevin Kindelberger

WCW Thunder 11/19/98

Match 1: Norman Smiley v. Booker T

Booker pushes him into the corner, and Smiley comes out and uppecuts him three times, and takes him to the corner where he smacks him in the chest. Smiley flings him into the corner and bodyslams him with some authority. He keeps him grounded with a chinlock. Booker gets right back up but is clotheslined and he wrenches the head to the side. Booker is up and elbows free but is pulled back down and stomped. Booker is up and runs him over, now he connects with a series of kicks and then boots his head off. He hits the Harlem Kick, and crushes him with his spinebuster and gets the win.

** Nice to see Smiley get in a little offense.

Match 2: Disco Inferno v. Scott Hall

Hall slaps him after throwing the toothpick and then drives him into the corner and musses his hair. Disco fights back and boots him in the gut and takes him down with a swinging neckbreaker and runs him into the corner and the other one. Hall fires back, knocks him around and it is fall away slam time. Hall finishes him off.

*1/2 Disco got in a moment of offense.

Oh boy! Skee-vone informs us that Bobby Duncan gets a rematch against Jericho at the PPV. Jericho does not like cowboys as that was his first character as a wrestler. He wants to know who Duncan Sr. is! Here comes Bobby and he hogties Jericho.

Kidman wants a match against the real Rey Mysterio. Eddie counters that Rey is part of his crew and he is Raza. Rey disagrees and he does have something to prove. Eddie will face Kidman and now they argue back and forth who will face who.


Match 3: Kidman v. Eddie Guerrero

Eddie dropkicks him and chops him a couple of times but is catapulted and sruck with a slingshot legdrop. Eddie retreats to the floor. Eddie slowly makes his way back into the ring and Kidman just hammers him. Kidman puts him in a sleeper and Eddie counters with a jawbreaker. But Kidman knocks him down and has him in a chinlock. Eddie gets to his feet and is weakly taken over with a hurracarana. Kidman whips him into the corner and clotheslines him off the rebound. But Eddie grabs him by the throat and throws him down. He slowly heads up top and Kidman is right there and superplexes him off. Kidman rolls over getting a two count. He goes for a suplex, Eddie floats over and goes for a powerbomb but Kidman counters it into a bulldog. Kidman goes up top, and Rey is arguing with an LwO (according to the shirt this is the right way) and so Kidman leaps on both! Announcers are baffled, and Kidman runs into the ring and powerbombs him. Eddie’s buddy is on the apron and Rey pulls him down allowing Eddie to roll up Kidman and with using the ropes gets a three count.

*** Fun match.

Match 4: Scott Putski v. Vincent

It was Norton….Norton kills him.

* Squash.

Kaz is trying to learn English in the back or some shit as he hangs out with Disco.

Match 5: the Cat v.

Cat does his thing and Sonny calls out somebody and Cat mocks the dude who comes out all dressed in a robe and wearing some sort of mascara.

Kaz comes from behind and is knocked down and then the dude in the robe is attacked. Saturn is out and challenges Cat and Sonny at the PPV.

Match 6: Chavo v. Alex Wright

Got distracted. Alex got on the mic and rambled. They have gone back and forth. Chavo is knocked to the floor and is hit with a double axe from the apron. Wright slams him and then gets back in the ring and dances. Chavo is on the apron and bounces his throat off the top rope and then slingshots into him getting two. Wright whips him into the corner and runs into him with a running back elbow. He leaps over from the apron, lands on Chavo and gets a two count. He snaps Chavo over and puts him in a chinlock. Now Chavo is up and gets in some offense. He works him over and gets two after a backdrop. Alex fires back and is able to roll him over and get the win.

**1/2 Not bad. Why Alex wins I am not sure.

Wright has Pepe and smacks it a bit and Chavo tosses him and then swings it at Alex who runs off.

Match 7: Kanyon v. Prince Iaukea

They start brawling on the aisle, and Kanyon is dragged into the ring. Prince hammers him and floats over dropkicks him and gets a two count. Kanyon hits the back after the telegraphed backdrop and Kanyon has him over his shoulder and spikes him down front first! He is slow to cover and only gets a two count. Kanyon chokes him out and stomps a hole in him. Kanyon stands on the middle rope and suplexes him into the ring. He gets another two count. Kanyon puts him in the Million Dollar Dream. Prince escapes but is taken down and nearly pinned. Prince fires off some shots and sends him into the ropes. Iaukea gets his foot grabbed and he strikes with an enzuguri. Prince hits a belly to back suplex and now an Angle Slam getting two. Kanyon blocks a suplex and hits the Flatliner for the win.

*** Not bad.

Match 8: Wrath v. Saturn

Saturn works him over, dropkicks him and then knocks him to the floor. Saturn attacks him down there and gets back in the ring. He greets him with a series of kicks and has the arm locked up. Wrath grabs the arm and clotheslines him and then connects with a backbreaker. Saturn is pounded, shoved front first into the corner and back suplexed. Wrath goes up top and gets a near fall after a leaping lariat. Wrath argues with the ref. Wrath punches him in the head a few times and then chokes him out. Saturn is flung into the corner, Wrath misses the leaping charge, and Saturn back suplexes him getting two. Both men are up and Wrath reverses the whip but Saturn takes him over with a sunset flip and gets two. Saturn drops him and goes up top and hits the big splash but Wrath kicks out. His suplex is blocked but he knocks Wrath down and Cat runs in and kicks him in the head. Wrath has Saturn and it is Meltdown time.

*** Solid big man match. Wrath remains strong and so does Saturn who is now in a potentially dead end feud.

Match 9: Konnan v. Bret Hart

They start hammering each other, but Konnan pushes him into the corner and wails away. He mounts and pounds him ten times. Konnan pushes him to the floor and bashes his head into the railing. He shoves him into the steps and squeezes his head, rabbit punching it. Konnan chases him into the ring and Bret greets him with a stomp, and a head shot sends Konnan down to the apron as does another. Konnan sunset flips in and Bret tries to hold the ropes but the ref knocks the hands free and Konnan gets a near fall. Stevie Ray runs down and hits Konnan with the slapjack. Now Bret Hart can take his time. He headbutts the gut and turns him over into the Sharpshooter. It is over. Bret refuses to break the hold and finally does so. He wants his hand raised and the ref tentatively does so. Bret grabs a chair, and heads back into the ring, and locks it into the knee. He goes up to the middle rope and he takes an hour waiting for DDP to get his ass down to the ring and he finally does so and they brawl as we fade.

*1/2 Angle Advancement.

*** Decent addition of Thunder. A time to give the midcarders a chance to shine, at least the wrestling was fairly solid. Not much done to prepare for the PPV but Jericho now has a match and they built up DDP and Hart a tad more. Other than that just wrestling and that is fine by me though most of the matches were not that great, just average.

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