WCW Nitro 11/24/1998

Written by: Kevin Kindelberger

WCW Tuesday Nitro 11/24/98

Another Tuesday edition:

Match 1: Kaz Hayashi v. Scott Norton

Kaz is annihilated with a vicious powerbomb.

* Squash.

Match 2: Disco Inferno v. Scott Putski

Disco is slammed and powerbombed. Disco though fires back and takes him down, runs him into the corner where he kicks him and strikes with an inverted atomic drop and lariat. They go back and forth and Disco finishes him off.

** Not much here.

Match 3: Tokyo Magnum v. Chavo Guerrero

Chavo him in a rear chinlock after grounding him. He checks on Pepe and then has him in a headlock but is pushed into the ropes and run over. They each duck blows and Chavo takes him down and kicks him in the ear and dropkick sends him to the floor. Chavo rides Pepe. Tokyo gets back in the ring; he gets in some offense but it does not last and he is taken down and worked over. Magnum is sent into the corner and squashed. Chavo springs off the ropes hitting him and then he back suplexes him getting two. Chavo locks up the arm and squeezes the head. He works him over for a bit more, now it is Tokyo’s turn and he dropkicks Chavo, he pulls him and chops him into the corner. Chavo is thrust into the corner, and placed up top and he misses the Frankensteiner. Chavo finishes him with a Tornado DDT.

**1/2 At least Chavo got a win.

Match 4: Stevie Ray v. Hammer

Ray has dominated the match so far; tosses him to the floor and Hammer shrugs off Vincent and goes for him but this allows Ray to sledge him from him behind and he is rolled back into the ring. Ray continues to punish him with some stomps and a scoop slam. Ray misses the elbow drop. Hammer gets in a little offense and is finished in short order.


Match 5: Prince Iaukea v. Juventud Guerrera

Prince pushes him against the ropes and chops him. They criss cross off the ropes and Juve is knocked down, and Juve strikes back with some chops. Juve runs into a forearm and is snapped over and hit with a legdrop to the back of the head and Prince gets a two count. Juve runs him into the corner and knocks him down, takes him down with a missile kick. But Iaukea comes back with a powerslam and stomps away. They end up fighting on the floor and get back into the ring where they fight continues and the Prince takes him down and applies a rear chinlock. Prince slams him and goes up top, and takes his time and jumps right into a foot and Juve is up and chops away. Juve sends him down with a hurracarana and they exchange roll ups and two count. Juve is sent over the top rope and to the floor. And now they brawl there and back in the ring. Juve has him but Rey comes in and  causes Juve to lose as Prince flies off the top and then gets the win.

*** Nice.

Rey makes sure that Juve sees him.

Match 6: Horace v. Wrath

Wrath starts strong but is clotheslined to the floor. He lands on his feet and pulls Horace out to the floor, but he is whipped into the railing. He blocks going into the steps and Horace eats them. Back in the ring Wrath picks him up and gets two after a side slam. Vincent is on the apron, so Wrath heads out after him. Horace comes out and grabs a chair and wallops Wrath in the back as he was solely focused on Vincent. Wrath is shoved back into the ring and Horace uses the ropes to try and pin him but he only gets two. Horace strikes with a Samoan Drop. Poses for the fans and heads up top, and misses the leap. Horace is up and misses the lariat but Wrath does not miss the shoulderblock, and he preps him for the Meltdown and hits it and it is over. Vincent runs in from behind and he too eats a Meltdown.

** A win but Wrath is going nowhere…..

** Just wrestling, nothing solid but it worked. No Thunder.

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