WCW Nitro 11/23/1998

Written by: Kevin Kindelberger

WCW Monday Nitro 11/23/98

Once again the PPV showed the best and worst of WCW. A five star match and finally a great main event. However, there were some serious bumps in the road. Two matches did not happen. The fact that Jericho could have fought Goldberg here….shit, Goldberg fights midcarders all the time. Bigelow was pretty cool coming out and that would have been a good Starrcade match, and save Nash and Goldberg for SuperBrawl but whatever. Nash winning is fine; he has been in the background for some time and is over, there is no doubt about that. I just worry with Hall and Nash reconciling and Hogan gone we are on the verge of something and I am not too keen about it. WCW has a tendency to abruptly end feuds and hotshot other one’s and that rarely ends well. This is a shame because of all the fucking talent in WCW and the great matches and potential and yet the small things just bring it down, slowly but surely. I am enjoying it for now nand while the Fingerpoke is nearing I will enjoy the ride…..The ratings went up to a 4.5 off of 5.0, 4.4 and 4.1 while RAW received a 4.9 and it says 3.7 first hour and 5.0 second….it has to be a 4.7.

Sorry about the messy writing on this one. I am a bit tired….a lot of wrestling. School is starting up and the kids have gone to bed early so I am trying to get a lot done.

Match 1: Mike Enos v. Lex Luger

Wow, Enos has put up quite the fight. They have fought on the floor. He piledrives Luger and gets two and then puts him in a rear chinlock. Luger is up but is powerslammed and nearly pinned again. Luger finally shows signs of life and runs him over with lariats and forearms. He places Enos up top and superplexes him off. He covers him getting two. Enos fights back with an atomic drop but Luger powerslams him and it is Rack time.

**1/2 I actually enjoyed this.

A limo has arrived and Nash has gotten out with Konnan. Goldberg is out in the back and Nash giggles that he is next and Goldberg tells him that is not a safe place to be and tells him to ask his girlfriend. Konnan starts to say you wish and they go to the intro.

Gene welcomes Kidman. They discuss last night. Kidman wants to bring out Rey and he likes the help he recieved and now that the old Rey is back he is willing to put the belt on the line tonight. Rey thanks him in return and they shake. The fans hate two faces….oh they are booing Eddie and his partner who has no name. Eddie informs that Rey is not out of the lWo yet due to some contract. He is willing to give him another chance and he gives Rey an XXXXXL shirt and screams for him to put it on due to legal means. Rey resisted but finally does so and it looks like a dress.

Match 2: Norman Smiley v. Chris Benoit

Benoit locks him up but Norman goes around only to get slapped in the face. Norman wisely backs off. Benoit knees him in the gut and ties him up. Benoit is taken over.  And Benoit fires back and beats him into the corner. But Norman comes back with some stomps and smacks of his own, chops him him a few times in the corner. Norman showboats a bit and hammers him in the corner, Benoit blocks the whip and it is rolling German suplex time! He hits three of them. Benoit calls for it to be over and goes up top, and it is diving headbutt time. Crossface time and over.

**1/2 Another decent match.

Here comes the Wolfpac! Nash is getting some major cheers as he hypes up G. Rapids MI. Wolfpac is in the house. Konnan does his thing too. Luger is happy that Nash won and calls him the next champ. Nash states they have defied the odds, this with everyone coming after them and taking out Sting and Savage but whether they like it or not he is next and laughs. He does not call people Wolfpacaholics and he is about to say something but some Goldberg chants start and he stops and acknowledges them and then states that the one loss of Goldberg’s will be against him!

Gene is in the back with Nash and Luger and he wants to know about Hall. Nash agrees the fans wanted it but he still does not trust him. Gene thinks that the trust was shown last night. Goldberg walks by and Nash wants Luger to watch his book. Goldberg tells him not to worry as he wants him to see that big truck run him right over.

Match 3: Tokyo Magnum v. Kanyon

Magnum got some offense in but is defeated with ease.

*1/2 Squash.

Match 4: Glacier v. Kendall Windham

Oh shit it is Bobby Duncan Jr. I have not been paying attention….I mean what impact will this match have? This is irritates me about WCW. Duncan will get a minor push, face Meng in a PPV match and then disappear to random Thunder and Saturday Night matches. Okay, it has been a decent back and forth brawl with a series of close falls. Glacier powerslams him but is caught with a DDT and nearly pinned. Duncan goes for the damn rope again and Schiavone gushes over him and Bobby just finishes him off with the Miz’s now finishing manuever.


Gene calls out the Giant. He tells the Giant that Nash spearheaded the campaign to toss him out. Giant agrees with that obvious assessment. Giant calls him a skinny coward. Giant goes off and calls him chicken and wants his ass tonight. Gene is unsure if that will happen….Gene is annoying at times.

Match 5: Silver King v. Saturn

Saturn will beat him up in a minute but calls out the Cat first letting him know he will get his before too long. They go back and forth, Silver King takes him down and gets two after a somersault splash. He kicks him in the back and goes up top. He misses and is bodyslammed and Saturn springs off the ropes striking with a legdrop. King is kicked over and over in the corner. Saturn hangs him out to dry on the top rope and knocks him to the floor. The Cat is at the top of the ramp answering his challenge. Cat mocks him for getting beat up by a midget as he points at Sonny and that gets some giggles from the fans. Cat is about to tell everyone to kiss his big black ass but Sonny interrupts with a Shaft like shut your mouth. Saturn finishes off King with the DVD.

**1/2 Fast paced match.

Saturn rumbles to the back.

Match 6: Rey Mysterio v. Kidman (c) for WCW Cruiserweight Title

They go back and forth and Rey hammers him in the corner but Kidman leaps from the apron and takes him over with a headscissors. Rey is up in a powerbomb position but Rey locks the legs and pounds his head and both fall to the floor. They both head back into the ring and then Kidman sends him out to the floor and leaps on him. Back in the ring again he gets two after a guillotine legdrop. Rey fights back and hits his own guillotine legdrop. Kidman though crashes into him with a flying crossbody. Kidman is lured to the floor where he crashes and burns and Rey leaps over the top rope and crashes into him. Kidman is rolled back into the ring and Rey springs right into a dropkick. Kidman has him grounded pulling back on the arm. Rey is up but he is thrust into the corner. Rey reverses the whip and is sent to the apron. Rey flips onto Kidman but he is caught and grabbed and somehow flips around on Kidman and spikes him with a sort of kick ass bulldog. Kidman comes back with a lariat and now he gets a two count. Rey bullodgs Kidman, an elevated one and he gets a two count. Now Rey goes up top but Kidman runs over and swipes the legs. Kidman goes up after him but Rey powerbombs him off the top but cannot hold him down and Kidman barely kicks out. Kidman floats behind and walks up the corner hitting another bulldog. Kidman is up top and now Rey is there, and he superplexes him off! Rey leaps and is powerbombed. Eddie sneaks down and is dropkicked off the apron by Kidman and then he leaps out on top of Eddie. Juve runs in and gives Rey the Driver! Kidman slowly gets back in the ring and goes up top and finishes him with the Shooting Press.

****1/2 Fuck it, for a ten plus minute match it just does not get any better.

Gene is in the ring and Bischoff is with him. He will settle this with Flair tonight and he reminds everyone what happened to Hall when he is crossed. Here comes Flair. Gene is happy this meeting is finally taking place. Flair is overwhelmed with the fact that in MI tonight that EB has the guts to stand eye to eye with him. EB admits that Flair does deserve that and this thing has both men’s family and everyone in the arena and industry. One thing Flair has to understand is that EB runs this company. Flair will acknowledge that even  man like Ted Turner makes a few mistakes and he is one of them. EB brushes that aside. He brings up Barry Windham and Flair does not have the ability to hire or fire anyone and he wants BW out here and here he comes. EB states that Windham will beat up Flair tonight. Flair denies that stating that BW has walked that aisle and was a Horseman and knows about tradition. But EB declares he has the power and then smacks Flair. Flair attacks EB and BW assaults him from behind. Flair tries to fight back but is taken down and beaten. Flair is getting stomped on. The Horsemen run down but the nWo run them down from behind and the fight is on in the aisle as Flair is laid out in the middle of the ring.

Match 7: Konnan v. Booker T

Booker has the arm, takes him down and has him in a headlock. Konnan shoves him off but is run over. They go back and forth and both collide and are down. Booker hits him and it is axe kick time. Ray comes down and attacks Konnan right in front of the ref and the match is tossed out.

** Angle advancement.

Ray and Booker are arguing. Ray wants to know where his head is at. He claims he whooped Konnan. Booker can handle his own business and Ray warns him to pay attention and points at his nWo shirt.

Gene calls out Bret Hart and he declares he should be the US champ. All the animals in the crowd think what happened was funny. Bret calls DDP’s win cheap and calls him a punk and the fans are punks too! Bret states this is not over and he wants a rematch. Bret mocks Dean’s leg and how that is a rough break and tonight he is going to take that leg and throw it out in the crowd and he wants DDP to watch until he gets the guts to step in the ring one more time with him.

Match 8: Wrath v. Kevin Nash

What? They are ending Wrath’s streak. Wrath tells him to fuck off and Nash does the crotch chop. Wrath does Nash offense in the corner after pushing him there. He whips him into the other corner but runs into a back elbow. Wrath takes off his fucking head with a running kick! Now a dropkick sends him to the floor. Nash gets back in the ring and they go back and forth. Nash wants snake eyes but Wrath slides free and back suplexes him. Wrath is up top and leaps striking with a clothesline and Nash barely gets the arm up on the pin attempt. Wrath drops elbow after elbow and gets another near fall. He brings Nash to the corner whips him into the other one and runs into a boot and now Nash gets a near fall after a side slam. Nash sends him for the ride, Wrath ducks a clothesline and drops him with a flying shoulder block but Nash gets him in the corner and then strikes with the big boot. Nash calls for the powerbomb, and it happens! He covers him and it is over.

*** Actually a great match. But sweet Jesus, why? One big boot and it is over. Sure he allowed Wrath to get in some offense and it plays on becoming the streak breaker but good God, they build up Wrath and just toss it out the window. Maybe Nash is booking now at this point. I know he was a consultant and he claims that it was March when he fully took over but most say early November. This was pretty lame….good match as Wrath carried it but lame.

Gene calls down Jericho who is not happy with the fans for not cheering so loudly. He reminds them that he is better than all of them. Oh, shit, it is Duncam….Jericho mocks making fun of his name. He makes fun of the Cowboy gimmick. Duncam brings out Ralphus who is hogtied. He leaves him there and leaves. Ralphus is barking at him I think as Jericho wants him to relax so he can help him.

Hall comes down to do the final survey as he has figured out why the fans are there and they bellow all the factions….now he states that the nWo booted him out and he thought he started the nWo and did it all by himself. So if he all alone that is the way he likes it. The Wolfpac gets cheers as he mentions that. Hall states that Nash wants him to prove himself and perhaps the fans do too. But he only has to prove things to himself….I am rambling I think….And I am sober. Too much wrestling, staying up too late after the kids go to bed.

Match 9: Alex Wright v. Scott Hall

Alex wants respect and yells at the fans and Hall. He gets in the ring and dances around. Hall knocks him to the floor and Wright pulls him out and attacks him, works over the back and drives him into the apron and then rocks him punches. He rolls Hall into the ring and goes up top and hits a missile dropkick. He pulls him up and then gets two after a running back elbow. He connects with two European uppercuts and Hall fires back rocking Wright as they exchange shots and now Hall decks him a few times and down goes Alex. Alex ducks the clothesline but is caught in the fall away slam. Hall calls for the Edge and he hits it and it is over.

**1/2 Wright got in some offense but it ended suddenly too.

Match 10: Dean Malenko v. Bret Hart

Right away Bret goes after the knee and stomps away. Bret has him in the corner and beats him some more. Dean fights back stuns him with a few blows. Now he stomps a hole in him in the corner and shoots him into the ropes and then applies a waistlock but Bret has the arm and twists but Dean reverses and pretzels him getting, no count as Bret had rolled into the ropes. Bret heads to the floor. He gets back into the ring and….


Dean mounts and pounds him in the corner seven times. Bret is flung back into the corner and leveled with a forearm. Dean suplexes him but he sells the injured knee. He rolls over and gets a two count. Bret is up and strikes with some right hooks, goes for a bodyslam but Dean lands on him getting two. Now Bret goes for a suplex but it is turned into a cradle and Dean gets two. Dean rolls him up again for another two count. Bret shoves him into the corner, chokes him out and then gives him a backbreaker. Up to the middle rope and misses the elbow drop. Malenko has him in a sleeper but Bret gets to his feet but is back suplexed and Dean keeps it cinched in. Hart escapes but begs off biding some time, and Dean is a bit hesitant but still pissed and he goes over and just hammers the shit out of him. He uses his leg to choke him out. Bret though hits him and pounds him and then grabs the leg and is nailed with an enzuguri. But Bret is up first and uses the rope to choke him out. Bret goes up top but is knocked off and down to the apron and shoved to the floor. Bret is now limping and slowly gets back into the ring, nope he heads back down and limps in at the corner and is then snap suplexed and Dean drives his knee into him and then strikes with a dropkick but now Dean is selling the knee again, fighting through the pain. He goes for the Cloverleaf and tries to turn him over and does so! But Bret is right at the ropes, Dean breaks it and pulls him into the center of the ring. He goes for it again and Bret pokes the eye and he tackles him but they both fall to the floor with Bret landing on the knee. Bret grabs a chair but Dean knocks him back and now he has the chair. Bret knocks it out of his hands and he has it and the ref tries to grab it and this allows Malenko to strike with a missile kick. He slow to cover and gets two. They go back and forth off the ropes and Bret off the leapfrog from Dean pounces by snagging the knee! He then posts it a couple of times and works it over. The chair is on the ground and Bret Diamond Cuts Malenko onto the chair! But the ref calls for the DQ, which is BS. It was already there. Bret shoves the ref down and is going to lock up the knee in the chair and take him out but DDP comes out of the crowd but he is pasted with the chair and Hart goes after him but misses and DDP clocks him and Bret retreats to the floor. DDP calls him scum (of course) DDP states that he is right here waiting for him and calls him a wuss when he starts to leave. He challenges him next week as he gets jacked up when Hart feels the Bang!

**** Fans got restless but once again fuck them. Great match. BS ending but damn did the fans pop for DDP.

Match 11: Giant v. Goldberg (c) for WCW Title

Well shit. It was Goldberg that the Giant called out. Fuck I am struggling. Just over three minutes left and they are in overtime too. Giant attacks but Goldberg fights back. Giant reverses a whip and sandwiches him and then boots him across the ring. Giant chokeslams him and gets a near fall. Giant looks at his hand in shock. Goldberg gets up as he no sells the chops. Goldberg knees him into the corner. Giant is whipped into the other corner and he just stumbles into the spear! He has the Giant straight up and Jackhammers him for the win! Bigelow runs down and attacks him from behind. The fight is on.

** Um, send Bigelow down earlier. Jesus, a two minute squash, albeit an impressive one. I see what they are doing giving Nash a big win and Goldberg a bigger one but still, the Giant and Goldberg could have had a PPV blowoff match that never happened and that is a damn shame.

Nash has come down and now he and Goldberg go at it and there are about a million security guards in the ring holding them back.

**** Again the good with the bad. Wrath and Giant getting jobbed. At least Wrath looked good. I still never understood why Goldberg disappeared from TV for months from September, basically the Warrior on, as Hogan took the spotlight. Yes he fought DDP but the Jericho thing was classic and I know I need to shut up about that but that will cost WCW a great wrestler. The Giant will be gone soon too. More for money reasons but shit like this cannot really help. Despite this there were a couple of great matches and the Flair/EB angle finally got fleshed out a bit more. It was the final hour that saved the show and while the wrestling was solid there needs to be better story-telling. Then again I am really digging Bret Hart’s character right now. Oh, where was Hogan’s mea culpa for not being at the PPV? Not that I care but come on….

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