WCW Thunder 12/10/1998

Written by: Kevin Kindelberger

WCW Thunder 12/10/98

Match 1: Bobby Duncum Jr. v. Chris Jericho

Bobby runs him over, and a boot staggers him and a clothesline sends Jericho to the mat and he puts him in a reverse chinlock. Jericho counters with a jawbreaker and dropkick.


Jericho is working him in the corner but then backs off and charges right into a lariat. Jericho retreats to the floor and then gets back into the ring; he drops Bobby and after a backsplash gets two. Jericho keeps him grounded with a chinlock and now pulls back on the arms. Jericho is turned around but he back dropkicks him and then holds in the backbreaker. The ref forces the break and so Chris argues with him, stamping his feet. Jericho goes up top, stand there for an hour and leaps into a boot. Bobby bulldogs him and gets a near fall. Bobby goes for a powerbomb and Jericho rolls him up for the win….using the ropes.

**1/2 Okay. Please end this feud.

Here comes Konnan and he tells the ref that Jericho had his foot on the ropes. Like the ref would buy that. The match is restarted.

Jericho is front suplexed onto the ropes and then he tries to roll up Bobby but Konnan blasts him with the TV title and Bobby rolls him up for the win.

Score remains the same and I wonder if those goes anywhere.

Match 2: Glacier v. Saturn

They go back and forth. Saturn has the leg and Glacier gets to the ropes. Saturn pulls him off and applies a spinning toe hold. Glacier escapes, Sonny is down too. They go back and forth beating each other with Glacier getting the upperhand and he runs him over with a boot to the face. Saturn dodges a boot and Glacier is hung up and kicked in the skull. Saturn rolls him up for two. Now he tosses him over his back and makes his way up top. He hits the big elbow and gets two. He has the Rings applied. Sonny runs in to kick him and the bell is rung. Saturn just gets up and Sonny tries to pay him off and instead eats a DVD!

** Decent.

Now Saturn has the Rings applied. Glacier comes in and his elbow drop hits Sonny! Now Glacier gets T-Boned.

Match 3: Norman Smiley v. Kaz Hayahsi

It has been a back and forth match. Norman has catered to the crowd as they boo. Norman gets the boot but is tripped up on the charge. Hayashi leaps off the top and hits Norman….awkward series of events. Now Kazy rolls him up for two. Chicken Wing and match.

**1/2 Not bad. Hard to dislike Smiley!

Cat is out taunting fans again. He is the greatest and calls the fans fat pigs! Sonny wants to know where he was and wonders if he is scared of Saturn. Cat will beat everyone up. Cat teaches him some moves and he wants Sonny to beat up Saturn and pushes him aside and tells the crowd he hates them.

Match 4: Juventud Guerrera v. Rey Mysterio

They go back and forth and Juve finally dropkicks him down and then stomps on him. Rey is choked out on the ropes. He escapes a waistlock and strikes with a spinning headscissors. Juve rolls to the floor.

Fucking Commercial. Sweet Turok 2 ad for N64!

Juve slams Rey and takes a month to climb up top and leaps right into boots. Rey gets two after a split-legged moonsault. Juve leaps to the apron and he hotshots the throat of Rey off the top rope, goes up top and gets two after a flying crossbody. The lWo is down and now Eddie has arrived. Juve has Rey in a chinlock. Rey is up and takes him down and gets a near fall after a guillotine legdrop to the back of the head. Rey keeps him grounded with a headscissors. Juve is up, whips him into the corner but misses and now they try for moves and Juve reverse suplexes him onto the top rope. They go back and forth and Juve is powerbombed and Juve just gets his arm up. Now Rey gets another near fall as does Juve. Juve has him over his shoulders and Rey pushes him into the corner. He goes for a German suplex but is given the Juve Driver. Juve goes up top and I think Eddie grabbed his leg…..Rey Frankensteins him off. Here comes the lWo and Kidman is down and it is chaos.

*** Not their best but still fun…time to do something here though.

Match 5: Booker T v. Lodi

Booker is demolishing him. Here comes Stevie Ray and he yells at Booker and he thinks Booker has lowered himself wrestling someone like Lodi. Lodi cannot get the foreign object out and he is slapjacked! Stevie is getting sick of him and leaves…


Kanyon is in the ring doing his thing. Getting upset with crowd intentionally messing with him. But he is really upset with Raven. He wants to know what about him….what about Kanyon.

Match 6: Chris Benoit v. Kanyon

They exchange holds and Kanyon after some tussling rolls him up for two. Benoit has him in a headlock and is kicked and taken down, in a plex like move and pinned. Benoit is up and shoves him and Kanyon kicks him in the gut, but is grabbed and it is rolling German time. But Kanyon frees himself but is chopped not once but twice. Benoit sends him into the corner and places him up top. He goes up after him and superplexes him. Kanyon wisely rolls to the floor. Benoit goes after him and chops him a few times, breaks the count and goes back to work, posting Kanyon. Benoit rolls him back into the ring and hits a move and then a snap suplex getting a two count. Kanyon flings him front first into the corner and then suplexes him. Kanyon is on the apron and gets another two count after a slingshot elbow. Benoit makes a comeback with a suplex and some stiff chops. Kanyon stops that with a rake to the eyes and then crushes him with a bulldog from the middle rope as he sits on Benoit’s head. He gets two and has him in a chinlock. Benoit escapes but is caught and lifted over his shoulder and pancaked down and Kanyon gets a close one. Benoit counters and clotheslines him and all of a sudden calls for the flying headbutt. But Kanyon is stirring and Kanyon falls back into the corner crotching him. Raven comes down with something in his hand and he gets in the ring with a bucket of paint and knocks out Benoit! He leaves….

***1/2 Good stuff. Some fans chanted boring….fucking late 90s dumbasses….FUCK OFF. Okay, I am better now.

Benoit puts Kanyon in the Crossface for the fun of it!

Match 6: Stevie Ray and Horace and Vincent v. Lex Luger and Konnan

Konnan does his thing. The fans chant Wolfpac as Ray and Luger square off. They square off and neither get the advantage. Ray knocks him down and stomps on a hole in him. Luger makes a comeback and hammers him to death in the corner. Ray pushes him off and tags in Horace and Luger takes out all three but Horace fucks up the armdrag and just falls down and now Luger is overwhelmed. He goes down and Horace rakes the eyes. Konnan getes the tag and unloads on Horace, hits the rolling clothesline and Ray and Vincent get nailed too. Ray is up and knocks down Konnan with a boot and knocks Luger to the floor and that upsets him and he attacks Ray but the ref sends him back to his corner. Vincent gets the tag and he drives his fist into Konnan. Vincent pins him and Luger makes the save. Ray is in and he chokes out Konnan. The fans start a Wolfpac chant as Konnan is dumped to the floor and Vincent hammers him. He is rolled back in the ring and taken down and Horace who got the tag has him grounded with a chinlock. Luger is begging for the tag as Konnan escapes and he gets it as does Ray and Luger does his typical offense. Luger knocks the nWo off the apron and hits Ray with the bionic forearm but Ray nails him with a jawbreaker. Ray has the slapjack but Hall is right there and decks him and Ray tumbles into the Rack!

** Not bad….not much but okay.

*** I enjoyed the show. Some good wrestling and nothing terrible as usual. Thunder has too much filler but it often has some solid matches. Hopefully the Jericho/Konnan thing goes somewhere but I doubt it…

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