NWA-TNA Impact 10/1/2005

Full TNA iMPACT! Results 10/1/05 (Spike TV – Taped 9/27)
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of WrestleView.com

-A video package opens the show talking about TNA finally getting their chance after being in “relative obscurity.” The package hypes up some of TNA’s stars. Very well done. The video ends saying, “Welcome to the dawn of a new era in professional wrestling.”

-A brand new Impact opening airs. Very cool intro, much better than the old one.

-Tenay welcomes us to the show. Lots of pyro goes off, and Tenay goes over what we will see on tonight’s show.

AJ Styles vs. Roderick Strong
Strong attacks AJ from behind at the beginning. AJ comes back with a couple arm drags and some chops. AJ throws Strong into the turnbuckle and works over Strong. Strong gets in a back elbow, He goes to the go behind, but AJ fights it off. Styles with some chops. AJ nails a high drop kick. Strong goes to the outside. Styles executes a flip dive over the top rope to the outside on to Strong. Back in the ring now. Styles gets a near fall. Styles puts on a submission hold in mid ring. Daniels comes out on the ramp to watch the match. Styles turns around to look at Daniels, and Strong nails a drop kick and a back breaker. 2 count. Strong puts on a camel clutch. AJ with a kick to the back of the head out of nowhere. AJ with his paylay back drop kick. Styles with a forearm, and a springboard into a reverse DDT. Styles goes for the Styles Clash and nails it. Styles gets the pin. Solid, short opening match for TNA on Spike.

Winner: AJ Styles

-After the match, Daniels stares down AJ from the ramp.

-Tenay and West once again welcome us to the show from the announce booth. West says this is a chance for America to see what everybody has been talking about. Tenay mentions what is still to come on the show, including the footage from the “Controversy in Canada.”


-A Monty Brown video package airs.

-Shane Douglas interviews Monty Brown backstage. Brown says SpikeTV has become Serengeti Television. He says his opponent tonight is about to feel the Pounce.

-Raven is shown fighting backstage with some men. You can’t see who the men are. Larry Zbyszko orders security to take Raven away. Raven is in a rage still after losing the NWA World Title.

Monty Brown vs. Lex Lovett
Brown works over his opponent. He executes an overhead release suplex. Lovett gets in some right hands. Brown quickly comes back with a back breaker and fall away slam. Brown nails the Pounce. Brown gets the pin. Average squash match with Brown looking dominant.

Winner: Monty Brown


-An X Division video package airs.

Petey Williams vs. Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin
Should be a good match here. Petey and Shelley act like they are going to double team Sabin. Shelley counts down until they are going to attack him, but then lets Petey go to Sabin by himself. Petey walks into some offense from Sabin. Sabin then charges at Shelley, but Shelley takes him down. Shelley puts on a submission on Sabin, but Petey drop kicks him off. Sabin with a sit down drop kick on Sabin. Petey works over Shelley with some right hands. Sabin kicks Petey. Sabin with a sunset flip. Shelley goes to pin Petey but it’s broken up by Sabin. Sabin with a springboard stompo on to the head of Petey. Sabin with a baseball slide into Petey. Shelley with a suicide dive to the outside on to Petey. Sabin with a moonsault off the middle rope on the outside on top of both opponents. All three men are layed out on the floor as we go to commercial.


Petey with a DDT. Near fall. Shelley with a side suplex. Shelley puts on a head scissors submission as Petey cheers him on. Shelley rams Sabin’s head into the mat over and over. West mentions Petey is able to catch his breath as he watches Shelley work over Sabin. They nail a double suplex on Sabin. They accidently bump heads and start to argue. Then they fight over the pin. They start to exchange slaps. Sabin with a double drop kick on the two. Sabin moves and Shelley crashes a shoulder into Petey. Sabin nails a shoulder block into Petey’s gut in the corner. Sabin sends Shelley into Petey again, this time head first with him landing on Petey’s groin. Shelley comes back and fights with Sabin. Shelley goes for a reverse DDT, but Sabin fights it off. Petey with a side Russian legsweep on Shelley. Petey goes for the canadian destroyer, but Sabin catches him and nails a running powerbomb. Shelley with a neck snap on Sabin. Shelley with a kick to the head of Sabin. Sabin comes back with a kick to the back of the head on Shelley. Sabin nails the Cradle Shock on Shelley and gets the pin. Petey was just late in going to break up the pin. Very good TV triple threat match. On PPV with some more time this could have been great.

Winner: Chris Sabin

-Petey attacks Sabin from behind after the match and nails the Canadian Destroyer.

-Backstage, Douglas interviews Zbyszko. Larry says he has a big surprise for later on. Tito Ortiz comes into the scene. He says he has some business to talk with Larry about. Larry asks him to step into his office. Larry then says “Surprise” to Douglas.


-A promo airs for four TNA Home Video DVDs to be released this Tuesday, October 4th. They will be available everywhere (Best Buy, FYE, etc.). This will be the first time TNA DVDs are available in national retail chains (aside from a special Wal-Mart-only TNA 3 DVD set that recently came to select stores and their website within the past couple weeks).

-A 3 Live Kru video package airs. Tenay mentions they will be making their debut on Spike next week.

Rhino vs. Jeff Hardy
Rhino attacks Hardy at the beginning. He works Hardy over in the corner with some stomps and right hands. Hardy fights back with some elbows. Rhino quickly regains control with an arm bar. Hardy tries to fight back but runs into some chops. Hardy with a running clothesline. Hardy whips Rhino into the corner, then runs into a right hand from Rhino. Hardy lays out Rhino and has him layed against the turnbuckle. Hardy with a drop kick into the chest of Rhino. Near fall. Rhino comes back with a spine buster. Near fall. Rhino continues to work over Hardy. Hardy fights back from his knees, but Rhino quickly nails a scoop slam. Rhino goes up to the second rope. Rhino comes off with a splash, but Hardy moves. They exchange right hands. Hardy with a flying forearm. Hardy with a whip to the corner, and then a double leg drop shortly after. Rhino with a kick to the gut and a belly to belly suplex. Rhino positions himself to nail the Gore. Hardy moves and Rhino hits the turnbuckle. Hardy with the Twist of Fate. Hardy goes up top. Abyss comes out and knocks Hardy off the top rope as the ref calls for the bell.

Winner: No Contest

-Hardy fights off Rhino and Abyss unsuccessfully. James Mitchell throws a chair into the ring. Abyss and Rhino argue over the chair. The lights go out. When they come back on, Sabu is in the ring. Sabu takes out Abyss and uses the chair on Rhino. Sabu throws the chair at Rhino. Hardy sends Rhino out of the ring with a clothesline. Hardy comes off the top on to the outside on top of Abyss. Sabu works over Rhino.


-Footage is shown from September 15th in Ontario at Border City Wrestling where Jeff Jarrett defeated Raven for the NWA World Title. I’m sure most of you reading this report have read what happened that night so I won’t go over the details with AMW helping Jarrett.

-Jarrett’s theme plays, and the NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett enters the Impact Zone along with America’s Most Wanted. Jarrett says this is the greatest day of his life. He said when TNA started on SpikeTV he’d be World Champion, and that’s what he’s done. Jeff says everything he’s ever said he’d do he’s done (well except for feuding with Steve Austin, bad subject with Jeff). Jarrett says he built TNA from the ground up. Jarrett then builds up his new allies, AMW. Jarrett says he has a 4th member of his new team. He wants to introduce him now. It’s Coach Scott D’Amore. Tenay talks about how D’Amore owns the promotion where the title change happened. D’Amore says they made a deal, and he upheld his end of the bargain. D’Amore says Jeff needs to remember his end of the bargain. He says they will rule this place together, but when the Coach needs some help Jeff owes him one. The 3 Live Kru comes on. Out comes Ron Killings, Konnan, an BG James. Konnan says this is the first show on Spike and Jarrett is already putting the fans to sleep. 3LK say Jarrett didn’t build TNA, the fans and wrestlers did. They tell Jarrett to shut up, and Jarrett says why don’t they make him. A big brawl breaks out. Team Canada comes out to help Jarrett and AMW. An unfamiliar theme comes on and out comes the Dudley Boys. West calls them Team 3D. They are wearing Team 3D shirts with “Trademark This!” and a middle finger on the back. Team 3D cleans house on AMW and Jarrett. They give Storm and Harris the 3D. They then point to Jarrett. Jarrett gets thrown into the ropes as they set up the 3D, but Jarrett grabs the ropes and escapes the ring. Another theme then comes on, and out walks Kevin Nash. Jarrett retreats back down the ramp. Jarrett is forced back into the ring with nowhere to run. Bubba Ray sets up Jarrett, as Devon nails the signature top rope headbutt. Nash then nails his Jacknife Powerbomb on Jarrett. Nash grabs a mic. Nash says it looks like Planet Jarrett is a bit off axis tonight. Nash says he has some unfinished business, and it will be Jarrett vs. him for the NWA World Title at Bound For Glory. Devon gets on the mic and says “let’s give the people what they want.” Devon challanges AMW to a match with Team 3D next week on Impact.

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