NWA-TNA Impact 10/8/2005

Full TNA Impact! Results  10/8/05 (taped 9/27)
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of WrestleView.com

-A video package airs recapping Team 3D’s TNA debut last week. It calls them the most destructive tag team in wrestling history.They are then shown backstage. Brother Ray asks, “You want an impact? That’s exactly what you got.” He says tonight they will take the next step towards winning the most prestigious tag team titles in the history of wrestling by taking on America’s Most Wanted. Devon says AMW is about to find out why Team 3D is the baddest tag team on the planet.

-The iMPACT! opening airs.

-Footage is shown of Raven being taken out of the building by security earlier tonight. Tenay notes that, because of last week, Raven has been banned from the Impact Zone.

Team Canada (Eric Young, A-1 Ralphz & Bobby Roode) w/ Scott D’Amore vs. 3 Live Kru (Konnan, BG James & Ron Killings)
Konnan and BG James do their usual microphone routine in the ring before the match. It’s a big brawl in the match at the beginning. It ends up with Roode and James in the ring alone. James works over Roode with his punch routine. He comes off the ropes, but Young nails him in the back. Roode works over James on the mat. D’Amore gets on the mic with Tenay and West. A1 works over James in the corner. D’Amore takes credit for Raven being banned from the Impact Zone, since he was involved in Jarrett getting the NWA Title back. Kip James comes out and watches the match from the top of the ramp while seated on a folding chair. Roode continues to work over James with a neckbreaker. Tenay notes BG and Kip were multiple time WWE tag champions in the past. BG fights out of a chinlock. He exchanges right hands with Roode. They collide in mid ring with James coming off the ropes. Both men down. Killings is tagged in. He takes down all members of Team Canada. Eric Young was tagged in as well. Killings with a spinning drop kick. Near fall. Konnan takes down Young after Killings went to the outside. Konnan dodges a splash attempt in the corner from Young. Konnan throws his shoe at Young and misses as the shoe flies into the crowd. He takes off his other shoe and throws it. It connects this time. He throws it at Roode as well. Killings is back in the ring now. Young turns around and runs into a kick to the gut followed by an axe kick from Killings. Killings makes the cover and gets the pin. Pretty good, quick opening match.

Winners: 3 Live Kru

-After the match, Team Canada and Coach D’Amore attack 3LK. They work over BG in mid ring with the other 2 members of 3LK having been tossed to the outside. Kip James runs down the ramp and protects BG James. Konnan comes in the ring and argues with Kip. BG puts his arms up between the two to calm them down. Tenay wants to know what is going on with Kip James and the 3 Live Kru. Tenay says it looks like tension is developing once again.

–COMMERCIAL BREAK (A WWE No Mercy commercial ran)–

-West and Tenay talk at ringside. They talk about Team 3Ds TNA debut later tonight taking on America’s Most Wanted, and they say it’s a match everyone has always wanted to see.

-An Ultimate X video package airs (explaining the match to new viewers).

Christopher Daniels vs. Matt Bentley w/ Traci vs. Austin Aries
B takes down Aries with a clothesline. Arm drags are exchanged all around. Aries takes out both men with a double springboard back elbow. Bentley rolls to the outside. Aries snaps Daniels over the top rope. Aries springoboards in the ring, twisting and splashing, to get a two count. Bentley with a double Diamond Cutter manuever. 2 count on Daniels. Tenay notes Bentley was trained by his cousin Shawn Michaels. Bentley works over Daniels. Daniels comes back with a judo style STO takedown. Near fall, broken up by Aries. Daniels goes for a suplex on Bentley, but Bentley slands on his feet on the other side. Daniels with a reverse DDT on Bentley and an STO on Aries at the same time. He goes to cover both and gets a near fall. Daniels goes up top, but Aries stops him. Aries and Bentley toss Daniels off the top back into the ring. Aries with a slingshot suplex on Bentley. Aries gives Daniels and Bentley a series of clotheslines. Aries with a dropkick in the corner on Daniels. Bentley breaks up the pinfall attempt. Bentley throws Aries into the corner. Aries with a back elbow. Aries with a reverse huricanrana on Bentley, taking both of them over the top rope to the outside. Awesome move. Daniels goes for the moonsault to the outside on both men on the outside, but they both move. Bentley tosses Aries back in the ring and follows. Both men go for a cross body block, and connect in mid ring laying both out. Petey Williams comes out and approaches Traci, attempting to hit on her. Sabin then comes out and they start fighting. Bentley then executes a flip plancha over the top rope onto both men (Williams and Sabin). Daniels crotches Aries on the top rope. Soon after, Daniels nails the Angel’s Wings and gets the pinfall. Very good match with lots of creative spots and moves. ***1/2

Winner: Christopher Daniels


-An Abyss video package runs.

-Tenay builds up the Monsters’ Ball Match at Bound For Glory.

Abyss w/ James Mitchell vs. Sonny Siaki
Siaki gives Abyss some punches at the beginning. Abyss quickly pushes him down. Siaki with more punches. Siaki attempts to whip Abyss, but fails. Siaki with some chops. Abyss takes Siaki down with a slap to the chest, when Siaki was running off the ropes. Abyss charges at Siaki in the cornere, but Siaki moves. Siaki with some right hands and a kick. Siaki with a leg lariat. Siaki with a huricanrana. Mitchell gets on the apron, and Siaki gets distracted for a moment. Siaki comes off the ropes and runs into a big boot. Abyss with a big clothesline to Siaki in the corner. Abyss puts Siaki in the Torture Rack position and drops down. Abyss nails the Black Hole Slam and gets the pinfall. Good match in a sense that Abyss looked strong and dominate without completely squashing Siaki, allowing him to get in some nice moves.

Winner: Abyss

-A Samoa Joe video package airs.


-Tenay is in the ring with Larry Zbyszko. Tenay says Larry has a special announcement to make about the NWA Heavyweight Title match at Bound For Glory. Tenay first asks how the championship committee allowed Jarrett to get a title shot in Canada. Larry says the committee is working on that, and he agrees with Tenay. Larry says TNA is Bound For Glory, and nothing is going to stop it. Larry says he is bringing in a special referee for the match. He says this man doesn’t have it in for anyone, and he has proven in the past he can get the job done. Larry announces Tito Ortiz, and Ortiz makes his way down to the ring. West notes Ortiz was the referee 4 months ago when Jarrett lost the title to AJ Styles. He says he has 2 rules for Nash and Jarrett. He says they are easy but very important. The first rule is from this night on they respect him as a referee. The second rule is if they ever lay a finger on him, he will break theirs. He says if they break his rules, punishment will be quick, severe, and final. Jarrett’s theme comes on. Jarrett makes his way to the ring with the NWA Title belt over his shoulder. Jarrett is not happy. He says he’s going to make it real simple for Ortiz. If he lays one finger on him, “I’ll break your freakin’ neck.” Jarrett then talks about Nash, the “wannabe actor.” He says for Nash it’s not going to be “The Longest Yard,” it’s going to be “The Longest Night Ever.” Nash’s theme comes on. Jarrett attacks Nash on the ramp, and they brawl back to the ring. Nash takes Jarrett down with a clothesline. Nash pounds on Jarrett on the mat. Ortiz then pulls Nash off Jarrett and puts a rear naked choke on Nash. Jarrett then works over Nash. Ortiz pulls Jarrett off Nash. Security comes out and seperates the men, with Ortiz in the middle helping out.


-Shane Douglas interviews Christopher Daniels backstage. Douglas says Daniels has demanded this time. Daniels says he ruled the X Division for 6 months and beat everyone. He says AJ stole the championship that was him. Daniels says Iron Man 2 at Bound For Glory will be the perfect time for redemption. Daniels says to prove he’s an iron man, next week on Impact AJ can pick any 3 X Division guys he wants, and he will beat them in less than 15 minutes. AJ comes in. AJ says he knows exactly what 3 guys he will pick.

America’s Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm) vs. Team 3D (Brother Ray & Devon)
Tenay notes on commentary that Team 3D has won the WWE, ECW, and WCW tag belts. He says the NWA tag belts are the only ones left for them to win. Devon and Storm start off. They exchange position before Storm works over Devon with some punches and knees. Devon comes off the ropes and nails a flying shoulder block. Devon with a body slam and leg drop. Devon with a running clothesline on both members of AMW in the corner. Brother Ray then splashes them both. Team 3D then sends both members of AMW to the outside.


Harris and Brother Ray are now in the ring. Harris is working him over raking at the face. Harris sends Brother Ray into the corner and tags in Storm. The crowd chants “Lets Go Bubba.” Storm works him over in the corner. Harris chokes at Brother Ray on the mat. Brother Ray comes back with a loud slap to the chest. And another. Storm continues to punch him. Brother Ray with a 3rd slap to the chest. Brother Ray with a sit out full nelson slam. Devon is tagged in. He sends Storm down. Harris runs in the ring and Devon takes him out with a running shoulder block. Devon with a flying shoulder block on Storm. Brother Ray and Harris fight to the outside. Storm has gained advantage on Devon in the corner, mountaing him with punches. Brother Ray comes in and sets up Storm on his shoulders, as Devon comes off the top with a clothesline to nail the Doomsday Device. They then execute a reverse 3D on Harris. They get ready to nail one on Storm, but Gail Kim comes out (making her first appearance in TNA) and hits Brother Ray with a low blow. Devon grabs Kim by the hair. Jarrett comes out and hits both members of Team 3D with the NWA Title belt. West notes Gail Kim must have aligned herself with Jarrett and AMW. AMW nails the Death Sentence on Brother Ray. Both members of Team 3D have been busted open. AMW then gives the Death Sentence to Devon. Jarrett then busts his guitar over the head of Brother Ray. Jeff Jarrett, AMW, and Gail Kim raise each other’s hands as the show goes off the air. Good match with a good storyline ending at the end. It will be interesting to see how Team 3D retaliates next week.

Winners: Team 3D via DQ

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