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NWA-TNA Impact 10/15/2005

Full TNA iMPACT! ResultsĀ  10/15/05 (taped 10/11)
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Adam Martin of

– The TNA promo hits.

– A video package airs showing highlights from iMPACT! last week when Gail Kim debuted in TNA and America’s Most Wanted & Jeff Jarrett destroyed Team 3D leaving them bloody.

– The opening for iMPACT! hits. We then go to the IMPACT ZONE in Orlando, Florida. A huge display of pyro goes off in the entrance way, in the ring and above the ring.

– They preview the upcoming Iron Man Challenge involving Christopher Daniels that will see Daniels attempt to defeat three X Division wrestlers in under 15 minutes chosen by AJ Styles. Plus, Rhino vs. Sabu later tonight.

Handicap Match
Monty Brown vs. Mikey Batts & Jerrelle Clark

The match starts with Batts leaping over the top rope and Brown catching him. Brown throws Batts against the ring post and then throws him at Clark when he jumps out. Brown throws Clark back in the ring. Clark gets in a few elbows, but Brown fights back with a huge overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Brown sends Clark into the ropes and then connects with The Pounce. Batts then goes up to the top rope, jumps, but Brown catches him and plants him with the Alpha Bomb. Brown covers both Batts and Clark and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Monty Brown

After the match, Monty Brown gets on the mic and says, “Welcome to the Serengeti. No one will stop the Alpha Male on his quest to the NWA Heavyweight Title. No one.” Lance Hoyt’s music hits and he makes his way down the babyface ramp to loud chants of “HOYT.” Hoyt gets in the ring and taunts at Brown. Brown leaves and said only on his time. Hoyt gets on the mic and asks if he forgot about him. He said don’t forget about a 6 foot 9 ticked off Texan. He said come Bound for Glory, Brown will never forget the name Hoyt.

– Backstage, Shane Douglas is with Larry Zbyszko and TNA Security. Zbyszko announces that next week on Spike TV here on iMPACT!, The Naturals will defend the NWA World Tag Team Titles against America’s Most Wanted. Raven then jumps in and yells at Zbyszko. He calls it bullsh*t that that he allowed Jarrett to steal the NWA World Title away from him and then let Kevin Nash step in to get a title shot. Raven yells out, “What about me? What about Raven?” TNA Security remove Raven from the backstage area.


– A promo for the Jushin “Thunder” Liger vs. Samoa Joe match at Bound for Glory on October 23rd is shown.

Matt Bently w/ Traci vs. David Young w/ Simon Diamond
The match starts with David Young running at Matt Bently and getting in a few hard rights. Bently fights back with a big jumping spin kick off the ropes on Young. Bently gets in a few rights on Young, goes off the ropes and Diamond trips him up. Young takes the advantage and gets in a big backbreaker on Bently. Young then hits a quick back suplex and follows that up with a big kick to the back on Bently. Young gets in a few more kicks until Bently fights back with a few chops. Young rakes the eyes of Bently and then launches him into the corner. Young covers, but only gets a two count. Bently fights back with some right hands and follows that up with a spinning neckbreaker and big brainbuster. Bently goes up to the top rope, jumps and connects with the flying elbow. Diamond jumps up on the ring apron and Bently takes him down with a right hand. Young then attempts a spinebuster, but Bently counters and sends Young into Diamond. Bently then hits a superkick on Young and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Matt Bently

After the match, Petey Williams hits the ring and he gives Bently the Canadian Destroyer. A loud “TNA” chant starts up as Williams goes to leave. Williams then sees Traci who comes in to attend on Bently. Williams takes off his Team Canada shirt and walks towards Traci. Williams grabs Traci by the hair and he kisses her. Traci slaps him and Williams grabs her again. Williams gets her in the Canadian Destroyer position. He lifts up her skirt a bit to expose her backside. Chris Sabin then hits the ring and he takes out Williams. Williams rolls out and Sabin taunts at him from the top rope.

– STILL TO COME: Iron Man Challenge involving Christopher Daniels and Rhino vs. Sabu.

– A promo airs highlighting AJ Styles in TNA.


– A promo for upcoming TNA video titles airs.

– A promo airs highlighting the current NWA World Tag Team Champions The Naturals (Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas) in TNA.

– NEXT WEEK ON IMPACT!: The Naturals defend the NWA World Tag Team Titles against America’s Most Wanted.

– We then go to the ringside area with Mike Tenay & Don West. They mention what happened to Team 3D last week and were informed of a video they were sent earlier.

Team 3D Funeral
A segment airs involving Jeff Jarrett, America’s Most Wanted, Team Canada and Abyss with James Mitchell as the minister. Mitchell reads a sermon regarding Team 3D. As Mitchell continues to speak, Team Canada smash their black hockey sticks in respect. America’s Most Wanted are up and they put some Team 3D t-shirts over the casket. James Storm is shown crying. Chris Harris said someone should offer Abyss a tissue. Abyss smashes the tissue box. Harris continues, putting over the money & power. He said Team 3D is an example of how a team can’t come into TNA and take their spots. Some members of Team Canada are shown crying. Storm said he thinks he can hear Brother Devon saying “Brother Bubba…get the…” and he gets cut off. Jarrett said their careers are already dead, they don’t need another lawsuit on their hands. James Mitchell said they are scheduled to be back again for another burial after Bound for Glory and this involves a certain Nash, Kevin. America’s Most Wanted, Team Canada, Jeff Jarrett, Gail Kim, Abyss and Mitchell all laugh. Everyone leaves as James Storm stays behind trying to pee in one of the caskets. Chris Harris stops him and they leave. Pretty funny segment overall.


Rhino vs. Sabu
The bell rings and here we go. Rhino charges at Sabu and Sabu trips him up. Sabu gets in a few had rights, but Rhino fights back with a big shoulder tackle. Sabu hits a side kick and then gets in another spin kick spring boarding off the ropes. Sabu attempts a flip moonsault off the ropes, but Rhino rolls out of the way. Rhino gets in a few hard rights and elbows to Sabu’s head. Rhino chokes out Sabu and then throws him back down. Rhino kicks Sabu in the gut and hits a few forearms to the back. Rhino backs up and hits a running forearm on Sabu. Rhino backs up a second time, but this time Sabu sends him to the outside. Sabu flips over the top rope and nails Rhino on the outside. Sabu grabs a chair, gets back in the ring, Rhino grabs one too and comes in as well. Both swing and hit the chairs a few times. Sabu drops it after a few shots and Rhino nails him over the head with force. Rhino covers Sabu, but only gets a two count. Rhino puts both chairs on top of each other near the corner. Rhino grabs Sabu and moves him towards the corner, looking to hit the Rhino Driver on the steel chairs. Sabu counters this into a big huricanranna that sends Rhino off the top right on the steel chairs! Sabu covers, but only gets a two count. Sabu goes up to the top with a chair, Abyss runs out and Sabu throws the chair at him. Abyss falls off and then Rhino hits the Gore on Sabu. Rhino covers and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Rhino

After the match, Abyss comes back in and takes out Rhino. Rhino fights back with a big belly-to-belly suplex on Abyss. Rhino backs up and looks to hit the Gore on Abyss. Abyss stands up, Rhino charges and Abyss takes him out with a big boot. James Mitchell then throws in the bag of thumbtacks at Abyss. Abyss holds them high in the air and then Jeff Hardy runs out. Hardy clotheslines Abyss over the top rope to the outside. Rhino takes out Hardy and then Sabu throws a chair at Rhino’s face. All four men recover and stare each other down in the ring. They then all start to brawl as TNA Security hit the ring to attempt to break it up.

– UP NEXT: The Iron Man Challenge involving Christopher Daniels. Daniels must defeat three opponents of AJ Styles’ choosing in 15 minutes.


– A new promo for Bound for Glory on October 23rd airs.

– A video airs highlighting the NWA World Heavyweight Title Match between Jeff Jarrett and Kevin Nash with Tito Ortiz as the special guest referee.

– NEXT WEEK ON IMPACT!: The Naturals defend the NWA World Tag Team Titles against America’s Most Wanted and a big Six Man Tag Team Match with Jeff Jarrett, Monty Brown & Abyss vs. AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy & Lance Hoyt.

Iron Man Challenge with Christopher Daniels
(Christopher Daniels must defeat three opponents of AJ Styles’ choosing in 15 minutes)

Match #1:
Christopher Daniels vs. Shark Boy

The match starts with Daniels diving to the outside and chasing Shark Boy around the ring. Shark Boy gets in the ring, Daniels follows and Shark Boy jumps out again. They do this two more times when Shark Boy finally gets in a quick right hand and drops Daniels over the second rope. Shark Boy goes up to the top, jumps and connects with a missile dropkick on Daniels. Shark Boy covers and gets a two count. Shark Boy follows this up with a reverse neckbreaker, covers again, but gets another two count. Daniels counters Shark Boy by flipping over him after coming off the ropes and then connecting with the Angel’s Wings. Daniels covers and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Christopher Daniels

The countdown clock continues to run with 13 minutes remaining.

Match #2:
Christopher Daniels vs. Sonjay Dutt

When Dutt hits the ring, Daniels gives him some stiff forearms to the back. Dutt gets in two dropkicks to Daniels’ head followed by a leaping splash over the top rope from the ring apron for a two count. Daniels fights back with a chop and elbow. Dutt flips off the ropes, lands and then hits a head scissors takedown on Daniels. Dutt then sends Daniels over the top rope. Daniels gets up on the ring apron and Dutt dropkicks him off of it. Dutt goes to the ring apron and hits a springboard moonsault taking out Daniels! We go to a commercial break with the clock approaching 11 minutes.


We are back and Dutt has Daniels in a full body submission. The clock is at 7:29 when Dutt springboards off the top rope, but Daniels catches him and slams him face first into the mat. Daniels hits a running knee at Dutt and Dutt flies back into the corner from the force. Daniels kicks Dutt a few times in the corner and the gives him three big scoop slams. Daniels taunts and the crowd in Orlando boos. Daniels sends Dutt into the corner with force. Dutt bounces off and Daniels kicks him in the back a few times. Daniels then locks Dutt into what looks like a submission, but flips him and Dutt hits the corner back first! Daniels hits a quick gutwrench powerbomb, covers Dutt, but only gets a two count. The clock is at 5:29 when Daniels applies a neck submission. Dutt attempts a comeback, but Daniels cuts him off with a kick to the gut. Dutt gets in a few kicks cutting off Daniels. Dutt hits a big huricanranna over the top rope from the ring apron. Dutt hits a big high back body drop on Daniels followed by a big clothesline. Dutt walks the ropes, does the “sprinkler” taunt and then comes down on Daniels’ shoulder. Dutt drops an elbow on Daniels, covers, but only gets a two count. The clock is at 4:00 as Dutt hits a hard right on Daniels. Daniels ends up catching Dutt on his shoulder from the corner, but Dutt counters that into a DDT. Dutt covers, but only gets a two count. Dutt then leaps from the top attempting the Hindu Press. Daniels moves out of the way and fights back with a kick to the back of the head followed by the Angel’s Wings. Daniels hooks the leg and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Christopher Daniels

Daniels gets on the mic and calls out the next “victim.”

Match #3:
Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles

Daniels is shocked as AJ makes his way out into the ring. Daniels leaves the ring and Styles chases him around it. Daniels throws a chair at Styles’ face. Styles goes down holding his face. Daniels throws Styles into the ring barricade and then throws him back into the ring. Daniels picks up AJ and sends him into the corner with force. Daniels does the same, but follows it up a second time with a running knee. Daniels hits a snapmare on Styles, covers, but only gets a two count. Daniels gets in a quick scoop slam and Daniels covers again getting another two count. Daniels signals the end is near at :40 seconds left, going for the Angel’s Wings. Styles counters this and both trade some right hands. Styles gets in some big clotheslines with :10 seconds left. Styles slides under Daniels, stays on the ring apron, leaps up to the top rope, jumps, but Daniels bails out of the ring as Styles lands on his knee. Time expires.

Winner: No Contest

Mike Tenay reminds the viewers that Christopher Daniels couldn’t hold his promise in beating three X Division wrestlers in 15 minutes. After the match, AJ Styles gets on the mic. Styles said normally, he would go up that ramp and fight him. He adds that instead, he has the chance to do just that for 30 minutes in an Iron Man Match at Bound for Glory for the X Division Title. Styles throws down the mic and his music hits as Daniels shakes his head staring down AJ as the show goes off the air…

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