NWA-TNA Impact 2/25/2006

Written by: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total-Non Stop Action presents Impact
Date: 2/25/2006
From: Orlando, FL


1.) Monty Brown defeated Dylan Knight
2.) AJ Styles defeated Roderick Strong
3.) Team Canada defeated the James Gang
4.) NWA-TNA X-Division Champion Samoa Joe defeated Shark Boy
5.) NWA-TNA World Tag Team Champions AMW defeated Rhino & Ron Killings to retain the titles

Angle Developments/Notes:

1. The show opened up with Monty Brown squashing Dylan Knight with the Pounce. After the bout, Brown got in a brawl with Christian Cage. It occurred after Cage pulled the old “What is the capital of Thailand?” trick.

2. Backstage, America’s Most Wanted talk about their match against Rhino and Ron Killings later tonight. Chris Harris says they will get a preview of the PPV tonight. Jeff Jarrett and Alex Shelley enter the scene talking about the viewing party. Jarrett finishes off the segment telling Gail Kim to bring Jackie Gayda to the viewing party.

3. Roderick Strong got a few backbreakers in against AJ Styles but didn’t have enough to pull out a three count. Styles hit the Styles Clash to win the bout.

4. Backstage, Gail Kim is forcing Jackie Gayda into the outfit that Jeff Jarrett wants her to wear for the viewing party.

5. BG James wasn’t able to finish his opening line due to being attacked by A-1. The James Gang recovered from the early beat down as Kip delivers a Stunner on Roode. However, LAX run down to the ring and after Konnan hits BG with a slapjack, Roode is able to pin BG after a lariat. After the match, Bob Armstrong runs down to the ring to save the James Gang from a beat down.

6. NWA-TNA X-Division Champion Samoa Joe made short work of Shark Boy with the Muscle Buster and put the Kokina Clutch on to win the bout.

7. Backstage, Gail Kim continues to mock Jackie Gayda as she gets ready for the viewing party.

8. Ron Killings got the early advantage on James Storm with a dropkick followed by a running power slam. Rhino was left dealing with Chris Harris on the floor until Abyss came out and hit a Black Hole Slam through a wall! That left Killings alone in the ring where he was soon super kicked by Storm and the champs hit the Death Sentence to retain the titles.

9. The viewing party consists of Jeff Jarrett, Alex Shelley, Scott D’Amore, Gail Kim and Eric Young. Jackie Gayda makes an appearance wearing a revealing maid outfit. The tape sees Alex Shelley taping Sting as he performs daily tasks. After the video is aired, Eric Young states he isn’t sure that Sting is truly retired. Jarrett wants Alex Shelley to get footage of Sting saying he quits for next week to convince Young.

Final Thoughts:

A decent show this week action wise. The main event was fine, but it was obvious to me that something was going to happen in the main event that would allow AMW to retain the titles. I liked how they advanced the Abyss/Rhino issues, though the wall spot was over done at the time, or eventually got over done. Lastly, the viewing party was enjoyable. Alex Shelley plays his role great and anything giving him a noteworthy spot on television is always a good thing.

Thanks for reading.

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