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WWE Macho Madness

Written by: Tom Hopkins

This is a DVD I’d never thought I’d see. Macho Man and Vince are on the outs with each other and have been for some time and when word of this DVD first came about fans were excited. Of course, it was nixed and fans were upset. Now, they can’t be upset anymore since this three-disc collection is now in our hands. The official title of this is called: Macho Madness: The Randy Savage Ultimate Collection.

The Main Characters
–He is easily one of the biggest stars of the 80’s and his explosive in-ring skill was only matched by his electric interviews and psychotic personality. He was a combustible star for Vince McMahon who would continue working with WCW into the New World Order stories, but his personal life and attitude ended up pushing all those close to him away.

The Setting
Randy Savage had a very long career, working in the Memphis territory before hitting it big with the WWE. This DVD chronicles his beginnings in the WWE in 1986 up to his WCW years in the late 90’s.

The Film
This isn’t a program as much as it is a collection of matches. Why talk about a guy that Vince McMahon has heat with? Let’s just get some money out of him!

—Disc One—(2:37:32)
We start with a nice video package of Macho’s career highlights then head over to Matt Striker and Maria who host this shindig. Matt Striker was a school teacher at Cardozo High School in New York City before he was fired for taking a sick day to work a wrestling show. Now he works at the WWE. I mention the school he was at because it’s about 15 minutes from where I love. Matt does a pretty good Macho Man impression before we get a brief history on Angelo Poffo, Macho’s father, and Macho’s early days in the business.

Randy “Macho Man” Savage vs. Rick McGraw
This is Macho’s WWE Debut. It took place on July 9th, 1985 (at Madison Square Garden, of course) and aired on Primetime Wrestling. Randy doesn’t have any entrance music yet, and doesn’t have a manager yet, either. Randy yells at Okerlund for not giving him a proper in-ring introduction. They lock-up and jostle around the ring before Macho corners McGraw and breaks clean. He bails to the outside and grabs a chair when some fan throws his drink at Macho Man. Macho does some major stalling to start, really just to draw the ire of the fans. Macho works the arm and while holding McGraw in an armbar drives his knee into his face. It is little touches like that make things slightly more believable. McGraw tries to headscissor Macho Man but Macho holds him up and drops his throat across the top rope. McGraw comes back with an airplane spin into a Samoan Drop and covers but Macho’s foot makes the rope. You know you are watching an 80’s match when you see the airplane spin. McGraw monkey flips Savage and backslides him for two. Savage bails and draws even more heel heat. Macho comes back and elbows McGraw for two. McGraw is suplexed for two then elbowed to the outside. Macho heads upstairs and axehandles McGraw on the outside. That was a big move at the time, leaping from the top to the outside like that. Savage sends McGraw into the steel railings and then suplexes him on the concrete floor. Savage then stalks his prey and charges a knee into his gut when McGraw tries to get into the ring. McGraw does nail Macho on the way in but can’t do anything with it when Macho charges him on the ropes and sits on him. A second attempt misses and McGraw sends Macho to the corner, hanging him in a tree of woe. McGraw sends him to the corner again but Macho clotheslines him on the rebound. Macho heads upstairs and the flying elbow drop finishes this at 12:48. Who gets 13 minutes in a debut match nowadays? Who gets 13 minutes in any match nowadays? This was a surprisingly good debut match for Randy in the WWE and he instantly showed what kind of worker he was and made him one of the most hated guys at the time. He also showed he was a completely different worker than the other musclebound guys at the time. ***.

Macho was a huge free agent at the time, getting managerial offers from Bobby Heenan, Freddie Blassie, Mr. Fuji and Jimmy Hart among others but he brought in his own manager, Miss Elizabeth. Elizabeth helped Macho’s career as much as he did hers. She was also the first of the Divas that would populate the WWE some 15 years later.

Macho Man Randy Savage vs. Ricky The Dragon Steamboat
This is a Boston Garden match-up from December 7th, 1985. Macho shoves Steamboat to start and then hides behind Elizabeth. Steamboat turns his back and Savage attacks from behind. Steamboat comes right back by sending Macho to the corner and then bringing him outside and slamming his arm into the ringpost. Steamboat starts working the arm of Savage and Savage sells it. Savage pulls Steamboat down then bails to the outside. Steamboat chases and they end up back in the ring, where Steamboat works the arm! Savage breaks and they criss-cross but Macho just bails out of the ring. Savage jaws at fans at ringside but doesn’t see Steamboat behind him. Steamboat chops Savage and chases him back to the ring where he grabs another armbar. Savage dumps Steamboat over the top but Steamboat skins the cat. Savage sees this and clotheslines him out and follows with a double axe-handle off the top rope. Savage sneaks around and drives a knee into the back of Steamboat sending him into the crowd. Savage brings him in and hits a second rope axehandle for two. Steamboat tries a bodyslam but Savage falls on top of him for two. Savage heads up for the flying elbow drop but Steamboat rolls out of the way. Steamboat rolls out of an atomic drop and gets one of his own. Steamboat heads upstairs but is caught and tossed off a la Ric Flair. Steamboat is slammed down and Macho heads upstairs, trying for an axehandle. Said move fails when Steamboat hits Savage in the breadbasket. A suplex for Steamboat gets two. Steamboat chops away at Randy but Randy finds an illegal object and punches Steamboat with it and covers, finishing this match at 11:14. See, Savage is a bad guy and he would cheat to win. Another classic, fun match. ***.

Hulk Hogan(c) vs. Macho Man Randy Savage for the WWE Title
This match-up took place on December 30th, 1985 at Madison Square Garden. Hogan gets an incredible pop here. We were heading into year two of the title reign, by the way. Hogan shoves off Savage and poses before blowing a kiss to Elizabeth. That gets a good reaction form the fans. Savage does the stalling bit to draw some heat before taking on Hogan. He misses the splash on the ropes and Hogan sends Savage to the corner and clotheslines him down. An atomic drop sends Savage outside and Hogan goes out to follow, but Savage hides behind Elizabeth. That’s why Savage had a female manager. If that was say, Bobby Heenan, he hid behind, Hogan would attack him like he would anyone else. Savage catches Hogan coming back into the ring and snapmares him over. Savage heads upstairs and tries a cross body off the top rope but Hogan catches him and connects with a backbreaker that again sends Savage to the outside and behind the skirt of Elizabeth. Savage jaws with the fans and goes away from Liz and this time Hogan catches him from behind. He rolls him in but Savage knees him on the way in and hits an axehandle off the top for two. Hogan is dumped to the outside and does his patented double axe-handle from the top rope to the outside. Savage again hits Hogan on his way in and start throwing rights but Hulk hulks up and hits the big boot, sending Savage to the outside. Elizabeth pleads with Hulk not to attack Savage so he lifts her up and moves her to the other side. He brings Savage in but a back drop attempt finds the boot of Savage. Savage hits the flying elbow drop and covers but Hogan kicks out at two. Hogan goes to clothesline Savage but Savage ducks and the referee is clotheslined down instead. Savage knees Hogan to the outside and grabs the belt. He goes upstairs and drives the belt into the back of Hogan. Hogan gets counted out at 10:01 and grabs the belt and has Elizabeth put it around his waist. When Savage learns he didn’t win the title he knocks the ref out and walks off with the title. This was a totally different Hogan match than what he was doing at the time and it was really Savage working at his best. ***1/4.

Tito Santana(c) vs. Macho Man Randy Savage for the Intercontinental Title
This is from a February 8th, 1986 show held in Boston. The two men jockey for position to start, until Macho thumbs Tito in the eye causing Tito to chase Macho to the outside, where he jaws with a fan. This allows Tito to attack him from behind. Savage quickly comes back, rolls Tito and the ring and tries for an axehandle off the top. Santana catches him and slams him down. He tries for the flying forearm but Savage quickly bails, draws Tito outside then blindsides him when Tito gets back into the ring. Tito comes right back with an atomic drop. He covers but Savage’s feet are in the ropes. Savage takes control again with a thumb to the eyes. Savage drills Tito with an axehandle off the top but that only gets a two. Savage tosses Tito to the outside then connects with an axehandle off the top rope. He was high-flying at that time, folks. Tito blocks an attempt to be sent to the turnbuckle and he hits a double axe-handle of his own. He covers but again Macho’s feet are in the ropes. Tito sends Macho to the corner but a blind charge hits Macho’s knees. Macho covers for two but the kick out by Santana tosses Savage onto the referee. Tito small packages Macho but the ref is not there to count. Macho tries for a splash but Tito evades and Macho hurts his knee. Tito works that knee over and puts on the figure four. Savage makes the ropes and heads to the apron allowing Tito to suplex him in. Tito goes for the figure four again but Savage kicks him off and makes the ropes. Savage pulls something out of his tights as he stands on the apron but misses Santana. Santana tries to back suplex Savage in but as Savage is in the air he punches Santana with the illegal object, allowing him to cover for the pin and the title at 10:32. This was a really exciting match, and I don’t know if Savage had a bad match in the 86 or 87. ***1/2.

Macho Man Randy Savage(c) vs. Bruno Sammartino for the Intercontinental Title
Bruno was noted as being in “the twilight of his career.” Despite being the heel, Macho Man gets a pretty good reaction here. That’s how cool the guy was. Randy jaws ad Bruno before the match even starts and draws the ire of Bruno. Bruno charges him but Randy hides behind Elizabeth. Sammartino manages to sneak up behind him and nail him from behind. Bruno slugs away and Savage sells like crazy for this. Savage bails to the outside and hides behind Liz before taking control with nefarious means. He slugs Bruno down and drops his patented axe-handle off the top rope to the outside. Savage brings Bruno back in as Elizabeth runs to the locker room for some reason. Savage hits an axe-handle off the top inside the ring but Bruno no-sells it slugs at Randy in the breadbasket. Bruno controls with the 1950’s offense (punches and kicks) and knees Savage to the outside. Savage tries to ram Bruno’s head into the steel ringpost but Bruno blocks. Bruno doesn’t block the chair shot to the back, in full view of the referee mind you, and Savage rolls in to get the count-out victory. Sore-loser Sammartino locks Savage in a bear-hug and Savage needs the help of the entire jobber to the stars locker room to break the hold. Why not job Bruno, who was clearly over the hill, to Macho Man, who was clearly on the rise, cleanly? This was a case of two styles not meshing well at all. *.

Macho Man Randy Savage(c) vs. Ricky The Dragon Steamboat for the Intercontinental Title
Taken from my Wrestlemania Anthology Vol. I DVD Review
Lock-up to start, broken by Steamboat, and Savage bails to Elizabeth, who leads her away from Steele. Savage comes back in where he’s armdragged down, then choked by Steamboat. Savage bails, draws Steamboat to the outside, then draws him back to the ring where he takes control, choking Steamboat on the ropes and covering for two. Blind charge by Savage misses, and Steamboat goes after the arm of Savage, dropping it on the top rope. Savage comes back with an elbow to the face, then tosses Steamboat to the corner, where Steamboat flops over the top to the outside. Savage pulls Steamboat to the apron, then elbows Steamboat in his injured throat. Savage brings him in and elbows him down for two, then drops a knee to the chest for two. Savage tries to send Steamboat’s head into the turnbuckle but Steamboat blocks and its Savage who eats turnbuckle. Steamboat ties Savage to the ropes and pounds him away. Steamboat backs off and gets kicked in the gut for it. Steamboat with a crossbody gets two, then a good shoulderblock/two-count sequence for Steamboat, which Savage follows with a knee to the back of Steamboat. Savage tries to toss Steamboat to the outside but he skins the cat and comes back in, only to get clotheslined back to the outside. Savage follows to the outside then knees Steamboat over the barricade. Steele brings Steamboat back inside, where Savage immediately tosses him again. Savage goes to the top then hits an axehandle onto the back of Steamboat. Savage brings Steamboat back in and hits another axe-handle from the top, then drops an elbow for two. Savage clotheslines Steamboat’s throat over the top rope as he hops to the outside and gets a two-count for it. Savage with a suplex gets two. Steamboat makes a comeback but Savage comes back with an eye rake. Gut wrench suplex gets two. Steamboat flips over Savage and chops away, but gets kicked in the face trying for a back drop. Savage charges and Steamboat back drops Savage over the top rope onto the outside. Steamboat sends Savage back in then heads to the top rope where he hits a chop off the top. Steamboat covers but Savage’s foot makes the rope. Steamboat with a chop off the ropes gets two. Savage bails to the apron, where he’s punched to the outside. Steamboat follows but Savage beats him back in. Steamboat with a sunset flip from the apron for two, then a school boy for two, then another roll-up for two. Small package for Steamboat gets two. Steamboat slams Savage then slingshots Savage into the turnbuckle and rolls him up for two. Steamboat with a roll-up but Savage reverses and pulls the tights, but only gets a two. Savage sends Steamboat’s shoulder through the ropes into the steel post. Savage and Steamboat try for Irish whips but they keep getting reversed, and the ref ends up getting bumped. Savage clotheslines the Dragon down, then hits the flying elbow drop, but the ref is down. Macho goes to the outside and grabs the ringbell. Steele comes in and takes the belt, but takes a boot in the face for his troubles. Savage gets the bell back and heads to the top, but Steele pushes him off. Savage picks up Steamboat and bodyslams him, but Steamboat small packages him for the pin and the Intercontinental title at 14:36. This was just an awesome match, with Savage and Steamboat working just an amazing match, which still may be the best one ever seen at a Wrestlemania. *****.

Honky Tonk Man(c) vs. Macho Man Randy Savage for the Intercontinental Title
This is a match-up from The Main Event that was held on February 5th, 1988. This was my 6th birthday, too. This Main Event is probably better known as the Andre/Hogan title match with Andre winning thanks to a crooked referee. Honky tells us in a pre-match interview that he knows Elizabeth has the hots for him and he throws in a bunch of Elvis Presley song references. Macho gives his own promo prior to the match, too. Honky dances for Macho and that just pisses him off. He chases Honky around before catching him with an elbow. Macho is on fire early, including a double-noggin knocker for Hart and Honky. Hart interferes and Honky is able to control with some elbows to the back. More shenanigans follow as Savage chases Hart in the ring and Honky is able to use the megaphone and drive it to the gut of Macho before covering for two. Honky chops away at Savage and we have more of the heel double-teaming while the ref is distracted. Honky lays out Macho in the ring and starts stalking Liz at ringside. Liz is caught between Hart and Honky until Savage runs out and deals out some old-fashioned punishment to Honky, including the patented double axe-handle off the top rope to the outside. Macho connects on another one inside the ring and covers for two. Savage brings Hart into the ring and Honky knees his manager after some heel miscommunication. Savage grabs a sleeper hold on Honky but breaks it when he sees Peggy Sue bothering Liz at ringside. Honky tries an axe-handle off the apron but Macho catches him and sends him into the ringpost. Honky is counted out at 8:21 but he retains his title. Honky grabs his guitar and threatens Macho with it. Savage is cornered and Hart nails Savage with the megaphone. Honky readies the guitar but Liz gets between Randy and Honky. Honky swings the guitar but Macho is up and catches it before Honky can use it. This must have been one of the first times that Honky won via DQ. This was a great match to show the relationship between Liz and Macho. ** for the match, but the whole thing was epic storytelling and the WWE at its best.

Matt and Maria set up the next match, starting with the WWE title getting held up after Andre won it at The Main Event and then defeating Butch Reed, Greg Valentine and One Man Gang before meeting Ted DiBiase in the finals.

Ted DiBiase vs. Macho Man Randy Savage
Taken from my Wrestlemania Anthology Vol. I DVD Review
DiBiase has Andre the Giant with him. Lock-up to start, and DiBiase pushes Savage to the corner. Savage breaks free only to have Andre trip him up. Savage goes off the ropes, only to get tripped again. DiBiase misses an elbow as Savage complains about the interference of Andre. DiBiase works in an arm-bar then slugs at Macho in the corner. DiBiase drops Savage and covers for two. DiBiase shoulderblocks Savage then tries a sunset flip, which is blocked by a Savage right hand. He clotheslines DiBiase for two. Steamboat takes over by clotheslining DiBiase’s throat on the ropes, then knees him in the back to the outside. Macho heads to the top but Andre gets in his way and Savage can’t jump. Macho tells Elizabeth to go to the back for some reason (astute fans are cheering for Hogan) and DiBiase takes control by attacking Macho from behind. He drops a trio of elbows for two then works in a reverse chinlock. As this happens, Elizabeth comes back with Hogan in tow. DiBiase works over Savage in the corner, drawing more interference from Andre, which draws Hogan. DiBiase clotheslines Savage down and drops an elbow for two. Gut wrench suplex for DiBiase gets two. DiBiase bodyslams Savage then heads to the top. Savage pops up and catches him, tosses him off, and he runs to the top. He misses the flying elbow drop and DiBiase goes for the Million Dollar Dream. For some reason, Andre distracts the ref, allowing Hogan to run in and hit DiBiase in the back with a chair. Savage revives, sees DiBiase lying there, heads to the top and connects with the flying elbow drop and Randy Savage wins the WWE Title at 9:18. This was a really condensed match, probably due to the fact the show was over 3 hours long at this point, but it had an inherent value to me, being such a big fan of Savage. This wasn’t a classic, though, by any means. **1/2. Randy, Elizabeth and Hogan celebrate in the ring to end the show.

Macho Man Randy Savage(c) vs. Ted DiBiase for the WWE Title in a Steel Cage Match
I’ve never seen this one before. This is an MSG match from June 25th, 1988. DiBiase has Virgil in his corner and comes out to no music. Savage has Elizabeth, of course. DiBiase boots away at Savage as soon as he enters the ring but Macho comes right back with some elbows. DiBiase returns the favor and elbows Savage down. DiBiase misses a knee-drop but slugs Savage down and makes his way to the top. Macho catches him and introduces his head into the top turnbuckle ten times. Macho telegraphs a back body drop and DiBiase says, I see this move coming and will punch you in the face to counter. DiBiase hits a backbreaker on Savage and tries to head over the cage again. Macho catches him and pulls his trunks down, giving us the obligatory heel ass shot. Macho chucks him off the top rope and tries to send him headfirst into the turnbuckle. The Million Dollar Man proves he’s just as good in the ring as he is with the finances and he blocks it this time. DiBiase clotheslines Macho down and tries another exit of the top and again Savage pulls him in by the trunks. DiBiase gets tied up in the ropes and Macho tries to exit through the cage stage top but Virgil frees DiBiase and attacks Savage at the top of the cage, sending him back in. Savage is up first and sends DiBiase face first into the cage. Macho tries to exit and again Virgil heads him off. Macho keeps trying a quick escape but DiBiase isn’t down and out and dumps Macho to the mat. DiBiase tries to go through the door but Macho catches him and double clothesline knocks both guys down. They both make it up and try to exit through opposite sides but Virgil knocks Macho Man down and for some reason DiBiase gets off the ropes to attack Savage some more. DiBiase tries a suplex but that is blocked and Macho instead hits the maneuver. Macho atomic drops and DiBiase knocks himself out by hitting the steel cage. Macho heads for the door and tries to head out but Virgil slams the door into his head, an almost Chyna-level shot on Mankind. DiBiase crawls to the door and is almost out the door when Macho pulls him back in. Macho slams DiBiase into the cage again and starts his way over the cage. Virgil heads him off again when some idiot fan runs out to help Macho. While Virgil is bothering Macho, DiBiase starts to exit the same side Macho is on. Macho takes this opportunity to unleash the dreaded double noggin knocker, sending Virgil off the cage and DiBiase inside the cage. Macho Man is free to climb over the top to end this at 12:21. This was a lot better than their Wrestlemania match, though the prevalence of punching and kicking lowers the rating somewhat. ***1/4.

—Disc Two— (2:53:54)
Macho Man Randy Savage & Hulk Hogan vs. Andre The Giant & Ted DiBiase
Taken from my Summerslam Anthology Vol. I DVD Review
This was the main event of the first ever Summerslam held on August 29th, 1988 at Madison Square Garden (where else?). Quite simply, Andre and DiBiase were pissed about losing at Wrestlemania and wanted to rough up their foes. Jesse Ventura is the special guest referee for this match. The Mega-Bucks have Bobby Heenan and Virgil in their corner while the Mega-Powers have Elizabeth. Hogan actually comes down with Macho Man while Pomp and Circumstance (Macho’s theme song) plays. Macho Man and Andre start, but only after Ventura moves the tag ropes. Macho gets thrown down by Andre and DiBiase comes in. DiBiase wants Hulkster so Macho tags in Hogan. Hogan works in an atomic drop and DiBiase is pinballed from Macho and Hogan, until finally falling down. DiBiase sells like crazy for Macho and Hogan. Savage hits a double axe-handle from the top then drops an elbow for two. Double big boot gets two. Hogan drops a series of elbows but Andre’s had enough and injects himself into the match, turning the tide to the heels. Andre is tagged in and sits on Hogan, then does the nerve pinch. DiBiase comes in to work on Hogan some, as Gorilla claims Hogan’s been beat on for 5 to 6 minutes, despite the match being only 6 minutes old. DiBiase with a rear-chinlock after a few nearfalls, but Hulk breaks free and Hulks up. Double clothesline spot puts both men out but Hogan’s up first and he makes the hot tag to Savage. Savage backdrops DiBiase then drops DiBiase’s throat over the top rope as he jumps to the outside. A double ax-handle from the top follows, but Savage misses a blind charge. He responds with a high crossbody for two but walks into a clothesline and in comes the Giant. Andre tosses around Savage and DiBiase comes back in and hits a gut-wrench suplex for two. A backbreaker follows but DiBiase misses an elbow drop off the second rope. Savage breaks free and makes the tag to Hogan, and Hogan’s fired up. Hogan sends DiBiase to the corner and follows with a clothesline, then suplexes DiBiase. Andre comes in but Hogan knocks him down. Savage heads to the top rope, but Hogan tells him to get off. Hogan puts a sleeper on DiBiase as Savage heads to the other corner and comes off the top onto Andre, but Andre puts up a foot to block, sending Savage outside. Andre attacks Hogan from behind and tosses him to the outside. Jesse starts to count-out the Mega-Powers and Elizabeth gets on the apron to get the attention of Jesse and stop the count. Elizabeth surprises everyone by taking off her skirt and revealing her bathing suit bottom, as Jesse stands there to admire the scenery. This allows the Powers to come in and clear Andre from the ring. Hogan bodyslams DiBiase which leads to the flying elbow drop from Savage and the leg drop to end things at 14:51. This wasn’t a perfect match but damn it was really fun to watch. They had good heat segments and the selling of Macho and DiBiase made this really enjoyable. ***.

Of course, the Mega-Powers exploded when Macho Man would be getting extremely jealousy over Hogan and his interaction with Miss Elizabeth. Matt Striker places some of the blame on Elizabeth which Maria takes offense to. These two work really well together. The Mega-Powers officially exploded at the Main Event held on February 3rd, 1989. Elizabeth took a monster bump in this match and Hogan carried her off to the back. Macho snapped and this brought us to the Wrestlemania V main event.

Randy Savage(c) vs. Hulk Hogan for the WWE Title
For some reason, Macho Man is introduced first. Ventura notes the challenger was not introduced first and it pisses him off a bit. He also calls Elizabeth a gold-digger. Savage bails to start and major stalling before the first lock-up. Savage gets a side headlock but is knocked down and he bails again. He returns and this time can use the side headlock to his advantage. Savage bails again and Hogan chases him around the ring, so Savage pulls Elizabeth in front of him. They return to the ring and Hogan wrestles? He gets a drop toe-hold and works in a side headlock. Savage backdrops him but misses an elbow off the ropes. Savage comes back and hits a double axe-handle from the top rope for a two-count. Savage works an arm-bar in for good measure, but Hogan finally fights back and tosses Savage to the outside. They head back in and Hogan works on Savage with some elbow drops but gets a kick in the face when he telegraphs a back body drop. Savage gets two then slaps on a rear headlock, showing that Hogan has been cut open. Hogan tries to fight back but Savage still has the advantage, kneeing Hogan in the back and rolling him up for two. Savage works him over in the corner some more but Hogan revives and slams Savage’s head into the turnbuckle six times before following with some punches. He whips Savage to the corner and follows with a clothesline. Hogan bodyslams Savage over the tope to the outside prompting Elizabeth to help, and Savage swipes her away. Hogan follows outside and is about to slam Savage to the post when Elizabeth steps in front of him. Savage hops off then pushes Hogan into the same post. Savage sends Elizabeth away to the back, then hits a double axe-handle from the top rope to the outside, ramming Hogan’s throat into the barricade. Savage starts working on the throat of Hogan, bodyslams him, hits a kneedrop for two, then chokes the Hulkster, knocking him out. Savage heads to the top and hits his famous flying elbow drop from the top rope. He covers, but only gets a two. A revived Hogan kicks out and there’s no stopping him now! Punch, punch, punch, big boot and a leg drop ends it at 17:53 and we have a new WWE champion, Hulk Hogan. The conclusion was never in doubt, and Savage and Hogan worked a very good match together, telling a compelling story (Savage’s savagery) and Hogan taking a beating for most of the match before finally winning. ***1/4. The commentary on here was easily *****, though, with some awesome interplay between Gorilla and Jesse.

After Macho Man lost his title he dropped Elizabeth as his manager. He brought on Sensational Sherri as his new manager. They soon became the Macho King and Queen Sherri.

Hulk Hogan(c) vs. Macho Man Randy Savage for the WWE Title
This took place at The Main Event held on February 23rd, 1990. Buster Douglas is the special guest enforcer here. Buster is best known for knocking out Mike Tyson in an improbable victory. Mike would be the special guest enforcer at Wrestlemania just 8 years later. Gene interviews Buster before the match. He plays up the whole he beat Mike Tyson thing. I think Tyson was originally supposed to be in the slot here but having lost, why have a loser as your celebrity enforcer? A lock-up between Hogan and Savage ends with Savage getting shoved down and he heads outside. Macho is also shoulder blocked down and he ducks out again. Hogan is about to go after him but Douglas wards him off. Savage comes in with a punch to the gut and he clotheslines Hogan over the top rope. He knees Hogan in the back to send him out and goes for the axe-hande, only to have Douglas ward him off. Hogan then inexplicably accosts Sherri who was on the apron. Savage goes for the knee from behind but Hogan ducks out and Sherri takes the brunt of that attack. Hogan pounds at Savage in the corner and connects with a running elbow. Hogan atomic drops Savage then goes off the ropes. He’s tripped up by Sherri so he turns his attention to her only to have Savage attack from behind. A Savage clothesline gets two. A kneedrop also gets two. Sherri chokes Hogan at ringside and Buster has to break that up. He tosses her from ringside and Sherri scrams to the back as Macho hits an axe-handle inside the ring for two. A Main Event commercial took place here and we return with Douglas coming back out to the ring and Savage holding onto a sleeper hold that almost has Hogan out. Hogan revives in time to elbow out of it and a double clothesline sends both down, but Savage is right up and does the arrogant cover for two. Savage dumps Hogan and this time he’s able to do the patented double axe-handle off the top to the outside. Savage rolls Hogan back in and axe-handles Hogan down for two. Savage keeps getting two counts and then slugs Hogan to the outside. He tries for the axehandle again and this time Buster intervenes. Macho brings Hogan back in and bodyslams him. The flying elbowdrop follows and Hogan kicks out at two, hulking up in the process. The big boot sends Savage outside and Savage pulls Hogan out and rakes his eye. Hogan punches Savage, who bumps the referee, and this allows Hogan to hit the legdrop. Buster Douglas comes in and counts the three-count, even though it was fast and Savage kicked out. Well, Hogan retained at 9:51. Savage isn’t happy with Buster’s officiating and he has a valid point, he was the guest “enforcer,” not referee. Savage slaps Buster as Savage hops around the ring all boxing like. Savage keeps taunting Buster until Hogan (ever the sportsman) shoves Savage into Douglas and Douglas cold-cocks him. The match was a lesser version of their Wrestlemania match. The ending stuff with Douglas was predictable but enjoyable. **.

The Macho King & Queen Sherri vs. Dusty Rhodes & Sapphire
Taken from my Wrestlemania Anthology Vol. II DVD Review
This is the classic upper class royalty vs. lower class working man match. It was set up at Royal Rumble, which was becoming the new breeding ground for feuds at Wrestlemania. The music of Dusty and Sapphire sounds overdubbed. I’m not one who gives a crap if it was or not, and I won’t keep track of it at all, but it just sounds that way. Dusty gets on the microphone again and brings Elizabeth out. Dusty starts out with Macho Man and early hi-jinx lead to Macho and Sherri getting tossed into each other a couple of times. Sapphire lands some terrible hip shots on Sherri, who bumps like it hurts, then airplane spins her for one. Sherri tries to slam her but Sapphire is too big and falls on top of her for two. Sapphire tags out and the rules state that Macho must come in. He does, and runs into a clothesline. Sapphire slaps Macho, drawing Sherri. Macho is tossed into Sherri and Dusty puts his attention towards her, too. Macho knees Dusty to the outside then double axe-handles him from the top rope. Sherri cheap shots Dusty, and Macho does it again. He tries a third time but Sapphire gets in the way. Jesse urges Macho to hit her anyway. Macho tosses her aside, rolls Dusty in and hits his axe-handle from the top for two. Macho suplexes the big man for two. Sherri distracts the ref and Macho uses the scepter on Rhodes. Sherri is tagged in and she goes to the top, hitting a splash for two. Macho tries for another axehandle but runs into the fist of Dusty. Double noggin knocker for the King and Queen as Gorilla condones this action and Jesse says it’s alright for Dusty because he’s playing favorites. Sapphire messes up a snapmare and covers for one. Sapphire tosses Sherri outside, then Elizabeth tosses her back in. Sapphire does something that resembles a DDT and covers, drawing Macho, which draws Dusty. Sherri yells at Elizabeth, who shoves her in the ring over a crouched Sapphire and Sapphire pins Sherri for the tainted victory at 7:31. This was beyond terrible. Sapphire was one of the worst things I’ve seen in the ring in like ever, though it wasn’t as bad as the three faces dancing in the ring after the match. DUD, and only because I don’t give negative stars. The dancing in the ring after the match was just as bad as the match, too.

They give a quick run-down of the Warrior/Savage feud that led to this next match.

Ultimate Warrior vs. Macho King Randy Savage in a Retirement Match
Taken from my Wrestlemania Anthology Vol. II DVD Review
Macho King has Sherri with him, and Elizabeth is at ringside. Out of the three of those mentioned, only Macho Man is still alive. Warrior has his overcoat on, and surprisingly doesn’t run to the ring. Both wrestlers gauge reaction from the crowd, and Macho actually gets a face pop, though Warrior’s is much louder. Lock-up and Warrior tosses Macho aside. Warrior shoulderblocks Macho and he bails, but comes back in and is quickly clotheslined down. Atomic drop for the Warrior, and Sherri interferes, but Warrior tosses Savage into her. Savage gets wrapped up in the ropes then takes a punch to the gut from Warrior. Warrior puts his head down for a back body drop but gets kicked in the face and clotheslined down. Warrior goes for a body press from the top, but Warrior catches him. He stands Savage up instead of slamming him, and smacks him. Savage bails and tosses a chair in, but does that to turn Warrior’s back and attack from behind. Warrior has none of that and slugs Savage down. Savage is sent to the corner but a Warrior blind charge misses and Warrior flies to the outside, where Sherri gets in a shot on the Warrior. Savage sends Warrior to the ring post where again Sherri gets in another shot. Bodyslam by Savage, then a kneedrop gets two. Savage tries for a backslide but its reversed. Savage responds by spitting in Warrior’s face, then bailing. Sherri distracts Warrior but Warrior is wise to Savage attacking from behind and clotheslines Savage down. Warrior tries for a shoulder block (while Savage is on the ground?) but misses and Savage gets a two-count. Savage with a reverse-chinlock, but Warrior breaks free. Double clothesline sends both men down, and Sherri tries to revive Savage. Savage tries to bodyslam Warrior but Warrior reverses it to a small package, but the ref isn’t there due to Sherri’s distraction. He finally shows up and gets a two count.

Warrior argues with the ref as Savage gets a high-knee, knocking the Warrior into the ref and knocking him down. Savage holds Warrior as Sherri comes off the top rope with her shoe, but Warrior evades and Savage gets the heel. Warrior goes after Sherri, and comes back and Savage school boys him for two. Warrior is up right away and rains punches down on Savage, who sends him to the turnbuckles. Savage with a bodyslam gets two. He heads to the top, and hits the flying elbow drop. He goes back again, and hits another one. Still not enough, Savage gets the flying elbow drop hat trick. He goes for a fourth one, all while Warrior is lying there, and hits a fourth one. Savage goes up for a fifth time, and hits a fifth time! Savage covers but Warrior still has it in him to kick out. Imagine now if someone kicked out of not one Pedigree, but FIVE. Savage doesn’t know what to do and Warrior starts reviving. He clotheslines Savage down, press-slams him, then hits his splash, and Savage kicks out! Warrior looks to the heavens wondering why Savage kicked out, and he starts leaving. He stands on the apron and Savage helps him leave, knocking off the apron to the mat. Savage has Sherri hold Warrior onto the steel barricade, then goes to the top rope, but as he tries his axe-handle, Warrior knocks off Sherri and punches Savage on the way down. Warrior sends Savage back into the ring, lifts up Savage, and hits him with a flying shoulderblock, sending him to the outside. Warrior brings him back in, and does it again, then he goes for the shoulderblock hat trick, and again Savage goes out. Warrior pulls him back in, puts a foot on him as the ref counts the pinfall. We’re done at 20:51, and without a doubt this was Warrior’s best match, as he actually looked motivated, didn’t seem to be completely blown up 2 minutes into it, and Savage just crafted an excellent match. ****1/2.

The events that transpired after the match are almost as well-remembered as what happened during the match, maybe even more famous. Sherri, upset that her meal ticket is now gone from wrestling, just lays into Savage, smacking him around and beating an already beaten man. Elizabeth, watching in horror at ringside, can’t stand it anymore and runs into the ring and tosses Sherri down. She then goes to Macho Man. Macho, thinking it is still Sherri, tries to shoo her away. When he realizes it is Elizabeth he sees a woman who will stay with him even in his darkest time. They embrace and this moment gets perhaps one of the biggest reactions in wrestling history (no hyperbole there) with fans in the audience having tears in their eyes. This probably the most real a storyline could get in wrestling. Elizabeth holds the ropes for Randy to leave but Randy actually stops her from doing that and holds the ropes open for her. Great moment, great match, and a great story.

Wow, this is like four losses straight on this DVD for Macho Man now, having two losses to Hogan, one to Sapphire and Dusty and one to Warrior. How about a couple of wins?

So Macho Man stayed retired from the ring but not from television. He married Elizabeth at Summerslam 1991 and had a reception shortly afterwards, a reception that was crashed by Jake Roberts and the Undertaker. Weeks later Roberts attacked Savage and sent his snake after him, leading to the memorable images of the snake literally attached to Macho’s arm. Macho would come out of retirement to battle Jake The Snake at This Tuesday In Texas, a pay-per-view experiment by Vince to see if he could get away with PPV’s on Tuesdays. It didn’t work. We see clips of Jake crashing the wedding and the snake bite.

Macho Man Randy Savage vs. Jake Roberts
This was their Tuesday Night In Texas encounter held on December 3rd, 1991. Macho attacks Jake from behind as Jake was heading to the ring. That’s the crazed Macho Man for ya. Savage slugs away at Jake inside the ring while still wearing his jacket and hat w/feather. He even connects on an axe-handle off the top before taking it off. Jake counters with a shot to the gut as the referee is talking to Macho and he tosses Macho to the outside. Jake sends Macho’s arm into the steel ringpost. Jake immediately goes to work on the arm by hitting an atomic drop. Jake then knees the arm and starts wrapping off the gauze on the snake-bitten arm. Heenan notes that Savage wouldn’t have these problems if he stayed single, as would a bunch of other guys. Too funny. Savage ducks the short-arm clothesline and sends Jake into the corner. A blind charge hits the boot of Jake, however. Jake is now able to hit the short-arm clothesline, his prelude to the DDT. Jake panders to the crowd before calling for the DDT. He sets it up but Savage backs Jake into the corner. Jake hurts his ribs and falls on the ground. Macho quickly gets to the top rope and the flying elbow drop finishes this at 6:24. The Savage comeback was pretty short and wasn’t a convincing win by any stretch of the imagination. Jake worked well with Macho Man in this match. This was also a good comeback match for Macho Man, showing he could still work. **1/2. Macho Man isn’t done and he finds a chair but one of the ring officials pulls it out of his hand. So Savage grabs the ringbell instead. The ref pulls it from him and it allows Jake to DDT Savage. Savage actually makes it to his feet so Jake DDT’s him again. Macho Man is out but Jake isn’t done. He’s about to take out the Cobra when Elizabeth runs down to try and help Macho Man. She pleads with Jake to leave but he doesn’t because he’s a psycho. Macho makes it up to his feet again so Jake DDT’s Macho Man a third time. Jake was just awesome here as the heel. They just cut away after awhile. I don’t think this feud was ever really blown off, though.

Matt tells us that this was finished off at an episode of Saturday Night’s Main Event. Well, that answers my question. Maria tells us the great Flair/Savage back-story with Flair saying he had a relationship with Elizabeth before Macho Man was with him. We see some of the great clips here as well as the doctored photos.

Ric Flair(c) vs. Macho Man Randy Savage for the WWE Title
Shortly after Macho’s retirement ended he competed with Ric Flair for the WWE Title. This is their Wrestlemania VIII match-up held on April 5th, 1992, an event my cousins attended. The champion Ric Flair is the first one out and it always bothers me when the champ comes out first, regardless of whether or not he’s a heel or face. Macho doesn’t have Elizabeth with him. Macho attacks Flair outside the ring and Perfect drags Macho Man back to ringside and off of Flair. Macho gets into the ring where Flair is waiting with a chop. Macho comes back with a clothesline of his own and knees Flair in the back face first into the corner. Macho props Flair onto the ropes to charge but the ref distracts him. He charges anyway and is backdropped to the outside. Flair heads outside and chops him, then rams his back into the apron. Flair suplexes Savage once they’re back inside the ring and covers for two. A back suplex gets two as well. Flair chops Savage down to get another two-count. Savage is dumped again and Flair sends his back into the apron, again. Flair suplexes Macho back into the ring and gets another two-count. Macho Man blocks a back drop attempt with a swinging neckbreaker and both guys are out. Flair is up first and controls with an eye-rake before heading upstairs and (as you can guess) getting tossed off. Savage gets a backdrop and sends Flair into the corner. Flair flips to the outside and heads upstairs and leaps off, only to get caught with a clothesline. Savage covers for two. Savage clotheslines Flair to the outside and we get the patented axe-handle off the top. Flair’s head hits the steel barricade and Flair does the ol’ blade job, something you WON’T see today in the “kid-friendly WWE.”

Flair is suplexed onto the outside mat before getting rolled back in. Savage works on that open wound and heads upstairs for a double axe-handle for a long two count. The fans are really into this match now. Savage bodyslams Flair and heads upstairs again. Savage connects with the flying elbow drop but Perfect reaches in and pulls Savage out of the ring. Savage chases Perfect and Perfect is able to toss a foreign object to Flair. Flair uses it on Savage as the ref’s back is still turned and covers for two. Flair can’t believe he didn’t get the pinfall there. Perfect uses a steel chair to drive it into Savage’s knee while the ref is again distracted. Liz comes out to help out Macho Man as a young Shane McMahon and Dave Hebner try and hold her back. Flair works the knee as the activities at ringside start to over-power the match itself. Flair locks on the figure-four and Macho is almost counted out when his back is on the mat. Macho is powered by the claps of Liz and he turns the hold around on Flair, forcing Flair to break the hold. Macho sells the knee and Flair goes right back to it. Flair goes for the bodyslam but Savage small packages him for two. Flair smacks at Savage but Savage blocks a punch and school-boys Flair (pulling the tights) to get the pinfall at 18:02. The fans really liked that and Liz goes to celebrate with Macho in the ring. This should’ve been the main event. Flair yells at Liz and kisses her, causing Liz to snap and slap Flair. Savage goes after him, bum knee and all, to protect his woman. Flair and Perfect attack Savage after the match, because they are bad guys, before heading to the locker room. For a guy who just won the WWE title he looks a little worse for wear. I love how Savage sold the bad leg throughout. Savage gets to celebrate in the ring with his title afterwards. This wasn’t Savage’s first or even second best Wrestlemania match, but it was definitely top three. ****.

—Disc Three—(2:20:30)
Macho Man Randy Savage(c) vs. Shawn Michaels for the WWE Title
This match-up from Sheffield, England that took place on April 19th, 1992. This is quite an interesting pairing. The match-up actually makes sense though if you think about Sherri wanting to get back at Macho Man. I don’t remember them feuding at this time, though. Michaels tries to go after the leg that Macho injured at Wrestlemania but fails and Macho sends him to the corners a few times. Shawn bails to the outside and Macho chases him back into the ring. Savage tries to dump Michaels but he skins the cat. Savage sees this and clotheslines him over the top to the outside. Macho follows with the patented double axe-handle off the top to the outside and I feel like I’m watching Steamboat/Savage from disc one. Savage sets up a piledriver but sees Sherri accosting Liz and goes out to stop Sherri and send Liz to the back. Shawn uses this opportunity to pearl harbor Savage. We head back to the ring and Michaels works in a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and covers but Macho’s feet are on the ropes. Michaels sends Savage to the corner and follows with a neckbreaker for two. Savage is really going out of his way to sell for Michaels. Macho eventually slingshots Michaels into the corner and subsequently having Michaels hit his head on the ringpost and Savage covers for two. Macho then slingshots Michaels over the top rope before kneeing him in the back to the outside. Macho connects on ANOTHER patented double axe-handle before sending Michaels into the ringpost. Savage brings Michaels back inside where a third double axe-handle connects for two. Macho tries a fourth and finally Shawn counters that with a punch to the gut. I love Macho but he really needs to mix it up a bit here. Michaels hits the super-kick for two. For newer fans, that didn’t become Shawn’s finisher until much later. He was using the teardrop suplex back in his early solo days.

Michaels bodyslams Savage and heads upstairs, connecting with a fistdrop. Savage rolls to the outside which allows Heenan to make fun of a fat girl at ringside. Sherri gets her shots in at Macho while Shawn distracts the ref before Macho rolls back into the ring. Michaels uses the rope as a clothesline now and elbows Savage on the apron. Michaels slugs Macho down for two. Michaels telegraphs the back drop and he gets a boot to the face. Savage goes off the ropes and the ref gets bumped in the process. Savage clotheslines Michaels over the top rope (again) before bodyslamming him. Savage heads upstairs and the elbowdrop follows and covers but there is no ref. So Sherri comes in and boots Savage instead. Macho chases her out and brings the ref back in where he covers for two. Savage spits at Sherri and she starts to yell at Macho from the apron. So Liz comes out and shoves Sherri into the ring as Macho gets a flying cross body from the top for two. Liz takes another swipe at Sherri as Michaels gets a sunset flip off the ropes for two. Savage reverses an Irish Whip with another crossbody off the top and this one gets the pinfall at 16:21. Shawn isn’t happy and clotheslines Macho down. He holds him up for Sherri to come off the top with her shoe but heel miscommunication and all that and a double noggin knocker takes care of the heels. This was really an interesting match, featuring Shawn on the way up in his WWE career with Macho on the way down. Macho sold like a champ for Michaels and even though a bunch of moves were repeated the ending was different and the whole match is a lost classic from Macho’s second WWE Title run. ***3/4.

Shortly after this Macho’s popularity skyrocketed and into pop culture with his Slim Jim ads.

Macho Man Randy Savage & Bret Hart vs. Ric Flair & Shawn Michaels
This is an interesting pairing, too. This comes to us from Worcester, Massachusetts and took place on July 20th, 1992. Michaels has Sherri with him and Flair has Perfect with him. Bret Hart is the IC title holder by this point and Savage still had the WWE belt. Liz is noticeably absent, though. Macho Man, the two time WWE champ, has had the fewest World title reigns of anyone in the ring. Bret and Shawn start with Shawn getting an armdrag. Wow, these two guys should headline a Wrestlemania! They trade hammerlocks with Hart breaking it with an elbow to the face. Bret catches Michaels and atomic drops him before tagging in Macho. Savage clears the ring with clotheslines. Michaels tags in Flair and we have Flair and Savage. These two guys already headlined a Wrestlemania. Flair backs Savage into the corner and WHOOOOO right in his face. Flair and Savage get into a slapping and shoving match leading Flair to regroup in his corner. He draws Macho in and chops at him and the heels double-team Savage in the corner. Savage tries to fight back but two against one is too much. Savage is sent to the corner and Michaels charges but Macho ducks and Michaels busts his shoulder on the ringpost. Bret Hart is tagged in and goes right after that bum shoulder. Savage comes in with an axe-handle off the top and a clothesline and brings Hart back in. Michaels backs Hart into the corner and brings Flair in. Flair chops at Hart in the corner. You know, it’s interesting with the people in this match. Savage won the title from Flair, then lost it back to him. Flair held that title until losing it to Hart for his first title reign. Hart would eventually lose the WWE title to Michaels for HIS first title reign. It’s like the six degrees of separation for the WWE title. Savage comes back in and Flair goes to work. He tries for a couple of figure four attempts but Flair kicks him off. Michaels comes in and double-teams Savage and Savage has to roll to the outside where he’s double teamed by Michaels and Perfect.

Savage is all face-in-peril now, getting sometimes triple-teamed by the heels. Savage is chopped down for two as the heels do a great job of drawing in Hart to double-team some more. Savage gets back with a boot to the face on a Michaels back drop attempt but can’t make the tag. Flair chops at Savage as the fans WHOOO in delight in the crowd. I didn’t know people did that this early. Flair covers and uses the ropes but can only get two. Flair tries a hiptoss but Savage turns that into a backslide which is broken up by Michaels. Michaels tries a bodyslam but Savage counters with a small package but the ref is distracted by Hart. So Flair turns Michaels over into a small package of his own for two. Michaels back suplexes Savage for two then wraps him in a side headlock. Flair comes in and catches Macho in a sleeper but Macho heads to the corner and ducks out, causing Flair to hit his head on the turnbuckle. Flair is up first and heads upstairs but is tossed off. Savage tags in Hart who cleans house. He sends Michaels to the corner and he ends up lying face down on the top and gets booted off. Flair ends up on the apron and Hart suplexes him in and gets a backbreaker. Her covers but Michaels breaks up that pinfall. So Savage comes in and rolls-up Michaels and the ref counts? Neither man is legal. Hart and Flair end up on the outside and Savage sends Michaels into Sherri and rolls up Michaels for the pinfall at 17:17. Still, neither man was legal. That ending sequence seemed really off and it’s a shame because the match was building up really well. The Hart sequence at the end should’ve lasted longer, too. Still, an awesome gem of a tag match. ***1/2.

Our hosts would rundown the fact that Macho would lose his title to Flair and retire for a bit before debuting on Raw as one of the color commentator’s with Vince McMahon and Rob Bartlett. He would still wrestle and even squared off against the biggest WWE wrestler on Raw.

Macho Man Randy Savage vs. Yokozuna(c) for the WWE Title
This is from Monday Night Raw airdate February 28th, 1994. This was shortly before Wrestlemania X, where Macho feuded with Crush. Yoko was the WWE champ at the time but I think this is non-title. Randy attacks from behind before Yoko could even throw his salt! Yoko was at his thinnest here if you could believe it. He would literally balloon up after this. Macho clotheslines Yoko down and covers for two. He took him off his feet pretty easily. I’m surprised the DVD glosses over the fact that these two were finalists at the 1993 Royal Rumble. Yoko recovers quickly and we start to sloooow down. Yokozuna punches Macho in the corner and then Macho punches Yoko. Yoko responds by choking, literally sucking the life out of Macho Man, the crowd, and the reviewer himself. Yoko bodyslams Yoko but misses a splash. Savage takes his opportunity to knee Yoko in the back and to the outside before knocking Fuji off the apron. Savage hits the patented axe-handle off the top as Jim Cornette runs down to ringside. Raw took a commercial break here and if you were watching it live you would wait two minutes before seeing Macho try to roll Yoko into the ring. I only had to wait a few seconds. Well, it turns out this is a title match since Vince tells us that to win the title you need a pinfall. The DVD doesn’t list it as a title match, though. Cornette distracts Macho and Yoko attacks him from behind. He sends Savage to the stairs before rolling him back into the ring. Macho comes back and axehandles Yoko down to his knees. A crossbody from the top gets two for Savage. Yoko comes right back with a thrust chop and things slow down once again. Yoko sends Macho to the corner and a big huge splash follows. Yoko drags Macho to the center of the ring but misses a legdrop. Cornette distracts the ref again allowing Fuji to give Yoko the bucket. Savage blocks and uses that bucket on Yoko, knocking both guys down. Savage is up first and covers for two. Cornette gets up to the apron again so Savage slugs him down and heads upstairs. The flying elbow drop follows and he cover but Crush comes in and breaks up the pinfall, drawing the DQ at 11:40. The ending was way cheap, but you have to keep the title on Yoko three weeks before Wrestlemania. Still, Savage did the impossible and worked a decent match against Yoko. Say what you will about how fat Yoko was but the guy could work a 10-minute plus match. Crush batters Savage as Hart runs out to help. He doesn’t do well but Luger comes out and is able to clear the ring. Too bad he CHOKED three weeks later. This was a lot better than I was expecting. **. Vince likens Savage getting robbed to Oksana Baiul robbing Nancy Kerrigan of the Gold Medal at the Olympics. Because that’s what wrestling fans were watching.

So we get a brief wrestling history lesson as the small territories were “swallowed up” by the big two, WWE and WCW. This then inevitably led to the Monday Night Wars and they really started off strong, acquiring Hulk Hogan, Lex Luger and Randy Savage. His first big feud was with Ric Flair who promptly attacked Savage’s father, Angelo Poffo and then defeating Randy at Great American Bash by using Poffo’s cane. Striker says the Lifeguard match is really a lumberjack match but because they are at the beach they are lifeguards.

Macho Man Randy Savage vs. Ric Flair
This is a lifeguard match. Ooooh Yeah! This is from Bash at the Beach 1995 held at an actual beach on July 16th. Once again, the Lifeguard match is just a Lumberjack Match but because they are at a beach the Lumberjacks are called Lifeguards. We see some of the lifeguards and of course half of them are heels and half are faces. Savage starts off with some ground and pound and clotheslines Flair in the corner. He whips him to the other corner and clotheslines him off the rebound and then follows up with a few more and even one to send him to the outside. The lifeguards roll him back in where Savage stomps away. Flair counters some shots in the corner with an atomic drop. Savage is tossed to the outside where the faces ward off the heels and roll Macho back in. Flair is sent to the corner and he flips to the outside. The lifeguards roll him in and he immediately tosses Macho outside. Macho hits the cameraman on the way out, too. Flair tries to suplex Savage into the ring but Savage blocks and it is Flair that ends up getting “suplexed” to the outside. Flair’s rolled in and he’s sent to the corner and back dropped on the rebound. Flair revives quickly and chops at Savage. Savage is dumped outside and rolled back in. Flair heads up top but Savage “pulls the ropes” and Flair falls on Savage hurting his jaw. That didn’t look kosher at all. Savage grabs a sleeper but that’s reversed to a kneecrusher. I wonder if Savage is still selling the knee from Wrestlemania VIII? Flair puts on the figure four but Savage is able to reverse it. Flair breaks the hold and suplexes Macho Man which is good or a two-count. Savage blocks an atomic drop (though I don’t know how that is possible) and Flair is dumped. Flair evades the lifeguards and tries to run to the back but they catch him and bring him back in where Savage does another corner-back drop combo. A double axe-handle connects off the top as Anderson gets into the ring as the ref is distracted. Flair is back dropped to the outside and caught by the Nasty Boys. Arn attacks Savage again and DDT’s him. Flair covers for two. Savage blocks a hiptoss and backslides Flair for two. Flair is sent to the corner and elbows a charging Savage. Flair heads upstairs but I think you know what happens next. Savage heads upstairs and he connects with a double axe-handle. The bodyslam sets up the flying elbow drop and that’s enough for the pinfall victory at 13:53. This definitely wasn’t as great as their WWE matches but was still enjoyable. You could see how Macho was a little more limited in what he could do, even compared to his 1992 WWE run. ***. Savage celebrates with a Baywatch beauty after the match.

Savage would win his first WCW Title at World War II only to lose it to Flair at Starrcade.

Ric Flair(c) vs. Macho Man Randy Savage for the WCW Title
This is the rematch for the WCW Title. This comes to us on from Monday Nitro and aired on January 22nd, 1996. Macho rolls out a bevy of beauties before he makes his way out. One of the women is Woman, too. Hogan joins us for a second to wish Hogan luck. Hogan wants a shot at the WCW Title when Macho wins it. Flair confronts Woman at ringside and he gets slapped as a result. Savage chases him outside and this match starts at ringside. Savage is sent to the steel barricade before we head inside. Savage is selling a bad arm here. Savage clotheslines Flair for two. Flair is sent to the corner but elbows a charging Macho Man. Flair chops away in the corner as Bischoff just shills tomorrow’s Clash of the Champions and the LOD reuniting as well as Liz and Savage. Savage ends up outside (again) and sent into the barricade (again). They continue brawling outside and this all leads to Flair getting back dropped on the outside. The patented axe-handle from the top follows as we head to commercial. Macho missed that axe-handle and we return with Flair controlling in the ring. We slug it out back and forth with some more ringside brawling before Macho gets a backslide in the ring. Flair gets a kneecrusher and goes right to the figure-four. He didn’t even go to school first. Flair uses the ropes for leverage and the ref forces him to break the hold. Macho fights back and ignores the injured leg by hitting a pair of double axe-handles. He tries for the elbow drop but is distracted by Hart. The ref is distracted by Hart, too, and this allows Arn Anderson to make his way to ringside. He intends to use the brass knuckles on Savage but instead hits Flair. Savage covers for his second WCW Title at 7:57. Definitely the lesser of the Savage/Flair matches on here. **1/4.

Savage would lose the title a month later to Flair. In 1996 the New World Order formed catapulting WCW into the stratosphere. Savage and Liz joined the New World Order but Diamond Dallas Page and his manager, Kimberly, didn’t. So this was our feud.

You know what I realized. Savage has won the world title 6 times, twice in the WWE and four times in WCW. Do you know the only two people he’s ever dropped a title to? Yep, Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan (Flair three times and Hogan three times). That’s impressive given all the other talent who has held the title.

Macho Man Randy Savage vs. Diamond Dallas Page
This is a Falls Count Anywhere match from Great American Bash held on June 15th, 1997. DDP’s music sounds like a “Smells Like Teen Spirit” rip-off. Kimberly comes out of the entrance as Savage waits for Page. Page makes his way through the crowd and attacks Savage from behind. He goes for an early diamond cutter but Savage bails. So DDP connects with a pescado but only hurts his ribs in the process. They do some work in the ring before heading to the outside to begin the brawling segment. Savage is sent into a brick wall and finds a crutch to drive into Savage’s gut. As usual with matches like these, it goes from one move to the other with little regard for psychology. The flow is too herky-jerky. DDP hits a move and then Savage hits a move and vice-versa until the end. We end up back at ringside and Savage sends DDP into the stairs. Savage throw powder into the eyes of Page and then unwraps the wrapped-up ribs. Savage decks the referee for trying to get him off of Page and piledrives him. Savage chokes DDP in the corner and another ref runs out, only to get dumped by Savage. DDP turns things around but a blind charge hits Savage’s boot and he clotheslines DDP down and then to the outside. Kim tends to her fallen husband but Savage backs her off and a third referee makes his way out. We brawl some more into the crowd and head to a picnic area. A picnic area? WTF? I guess Great American Bash is all BBQ’s. DDP uses the flower pots to smash Savage’s head and then bodyslams him through one of the picnic tables. DDP chokes Savage with his shirt and brings him back to the ring. DDP crotches Savage using the ringpost and calls for the Diamond Cutter but Savage counters with a jawbreaker. DDP is dumped and sent to the steps. Savage takes off the protective mat and plans to piledrive DDP but the third referee stops that and he gets bumped as a result. Savage also attacks the camera man which allows for DDP to get a chair shot. The announcers had no problem with that but took umbrage with Savage wanting to piledrive DDP? DDP tries a third diamond cutter but a low blow stops that idea. Savage tries to suplex DDP but he flips over it and now hits the Diamond Cutter. Scott Hall makes his way to ringside to break up the pinfall. DDP hits a really weak looking atomic drop before Savage uses Hall’s belt to knock DDP out. The Razor’s Edge follows (which Hall almost blows) and Savage connects with the flying elbow drop for the pinfall at 16:55. This was a huge mess. I could’ve done without this match on this DVD. How about another Savage 1986 match instead? *1/2.

Macho took some time off from WCW and returned with a group of beauties led by Gorgeous George named Team Madness. He also returned a LOT bulkier than he ever was.

Kevin Nash(c) &Sting vs. Sid Vicious & Randy Savage for the WCW Title in a Tag Team Match
See if you can follow these rules. Nash is the WCW Title holder. He’s putting his title on the line and if anyone pins him, either Savage or Sid, he loses the title to that person. I think even Sting can pin him, too. This took place at Bash at the Beach from July 11th, 1999. All the ring introductions are skipped here. Savage and Sting start with Savage offering a handshake. Gorgeous George goes to the corner of Nash because of some inane wife-beater angle. She’s even sporting a make-up black eye. Savage heads outside to George but Nash gets in his way and Sting attacks from behind. Savage tags in Sid who throws some clubbing forearms while yelling at the ref to shut up. Sting hits a cross body and clotheslines Sid to the outside. For no real reason Sid is able to make a comeback to tag in Macho. Sid comes in with a reverse chinlock. Nash comes in to break that up, luckily. Sid just casually walks back to his corner so Macho can come in. Sting fights out of the corner and dropkicks Savage. Nash is tagged in and he clears the ring, hitting a side suplex on Sid and pounding on Savage in the corner. Man, I’m quickly losing interest here. Sting misses a Stinger Splash on the barricade so Sid drops him on top of it. The women of Macho Madness shove Sting into the ringpost, too. Sting is brought back in and he’s doing all the work here. Nash has hardly wrestled. Sid comes in with another reverse chinlock and it looks terrible. Sting elbows out of that and shoulder blocks Sid down before falling head-first into his groin. It missed by a mile but Sid still sells it. Sid tags in Macho as Nash makes his return. A big boot for Savage! A side suplex for Sid! Nash goes for the powerbomb on Sid but Savage is all over it. The women of the Madness come in and Sting is all over everyone with Stinger splashes! FEEL THE EXCITEMENT! He even splashes Nash by mistake! Sid dumps Sting who is then dumped by Nash. Gorgeous George makes his way to ringside and low blows Nash. Sid bodyslams him and Randy hits the flying elbow drop for the pinfall at 13:11. Wow, this was utterly terrible and easily the worst match of the entire DVD. DUD.

We close the DVD with Maria and Matt talking about the legacy of Randy Savage.

Collection Review
There are some great matches on here. The whole program was actually really well done. I loved Maria and Matt’s commentary throughout the collection and the two worked together really well. There was also a great assortment of matches. All the classics were there including the Steamboat match, the Warrior match, his three Wrestlemania Main Events and most of his major feuds in the WWE. There were some great rare matches in here too, including his first match, an early Steamboat match, the DiBiase cage match and some matches from the UK against Flair and Michaels. It’s interesting to me that the best matches on here were Macho losses. It seems that this collection more than any that there were a lot of losses for the person featured in the DVD but Savage always busted his ass and he always made his opponents look good. There is a noticeable drop in quality during his WCW years but luckily those WCW matches were kept to a minimum and did show some of his title wins and his other big feud against DDP. Regardless of the WCW stuff, this is a pretty complete collection featuring Macho Man and it does a great job both chronicling his WWE career while tossing in some nice hidden gems as well.

DVD Features
A) Extras

—Disc One—
1) A Match Made in Heaven: The Wedding of Randy “Macho Man” Savage and Elizabeth (16:51)
This took place at Summerslam 1991, held on August 26th at Madison Square Garden. I actually just reviewed this for the Summerslam Anthology collection. We then look at Macho Man proposing to Elizabeth in a past episode of WWE Television. We also see a musical tribute to Macho Man and Elizabeth. I remember seeing this on the best of Summerslam tape that came out about 1993 and my brother loved to stop it and see the part with Honky and the guitar in slow-motion. It just amused him for some reason. This is a really sappy video that describes their relationship well. I guess this is where the WWE started really going into the soap opera stuff that continues to this day. They’ve even used the cheesy music videos with Shawn Michaels. We proceed with the wedding, with Macho Man wearing a crazy outfit and Liz wearing a nice wedding dress. The official does the vows and now they are married.

—Disc Two—
1) Elizabeth’s Debut (3:55)
The Lovely Elizabeth made her debut on the July 30th, 1985 episode of Championship Wrestling. Macho gets on the mic to thank the managers that want to manage him; Mr. Fuji, Bobby Heenan, Johnny Valiant, Freddie Blassie & Jimmy Hart. However, he has someone else in mind to manage him. That manager is the one and only Elizabeth.

2) The Coronation of the Macho King (3:09)
This took place on an episode of Superstars from September 30th, 1989. Macho Man became Macho King and all the heels are out to celebrate with Macho King and his Queen, Sherri. The Genius (Macho Man’s real life brother) reads a poem about the Kingly one. DiBiase also gives Macho a gift of a solid golden scepter.

—Disc Three—
1) Nothing But Garbage (2:02)
This is from Prime Time Wrestling 10/29/85. Gene interviews Macho Man about an upcoming card he will be on. Savage brings a garbage can to show Tito Santana that he’s just a piece of garbage.

2) Yesterday’s Newspaper (1:55)
This is from Prime Time Wrestling 12/03/85. Tito and Hogan are yesterday’s news and Macho is going to be the man of the 80’s, into the 90’s into 2000 into the Twilight Zone. He brings out Liz as well.

3) A Champion’s Prerogative (1:48)
This is from All-Star Wrestling airing on March 1st, 1986. Jesse Ventura, host of the Body Shop, brings out Macho Man the new Intercontinental Champion. He brings out Liz and then shoos her away.

4) The Most Important Man In the World (1:47)
This is from Prime Time Wrestling 04/21/86 and is following Wrestlemania II. Savage brings out a broom and says he cleaned the WWE. He calls out Tito and Hogan. Liz comes out and Okerlund chats with her and Macho gets a bit pissed that’s being ignored. The most important man in the world shouldn’t be ignored.

5) Talkin’ About History (2:41)
This is from Prime Time Wrestling 05/05/86. Randy brings up the date he won the IC title from Tito. He won at the Boston Garden and he says he would even overshadow Larry Bird. Okerlund says that Macho Man is a friend of Rod Stewart. Macho brings out Liz and asks Okerlund if he’d like to ask Liz a question.

6) Free Word Association (3:28)
This is from Tuesday Night Titans 07/02/86 and a shrink delves into Macho’s sub-conscious and we do some free-word association. This is really funny. I can watch these early Macho promo’s all the time.

7) Cuppa’ Coffee (1:02)
This is from Prime Time Wrestling 03/23/87 and is part of the build-up to Wrestlemania III. Savage says that WM III is Steamboat’s cuppa coffee in the big-time. Savage will retain, of course.

8) The Cream of the Crop (2:28)
This is from Prime Time Wrestling 05/11/87 and Macho is now the FORMER IC title holder. Macho says he will just rise to the top now. He even has a little cup of cream to show he’s the cream of the crop. Love the props, Macho.

9) The Beat Goes On (2:46)
This is from Superstars 09/19/87 and was during the turn for Macho from heel to face. Macho is on a roll now, too.

10) Bow To the Macho King (1:41)
This if from Madison Square Garden 11/25/89 and we skip Macho’s whole title reign and any promo’s he cut during that time. Macho recently beat Hacksaw Jim Duggan for the crown and everyone must bow to the Macho King. As for the lack of face Macho promo’s, I think he was just better as a heel when talking.

11) Macho King Rules The Peasants (1:31)
This is from This is from Saturday Night’s Main Event 01/27/90 and the cheering fans are just peasants to Macho Man. Sherri also says that she is Macho’s to control.

12) You Don’t Say No To the Macho King (1:46)
This is from Madison Square Garden 01/21/91 and is shortly after costing Warrior the WWE title and he says that you just don’t say no to the Macho King. This was prior to a Warrior steel cage match, too.

13) A Little Bit Insane (1:20)
This is from Saturday Night’s Main Event 02/08/92. Macho discusses his upcoming match with Jake Roberts and makes mention of the This Tuesday in Texas match with him. Randy promises to do some bad things to Jake. He mentions that he may be a bit insane, too. No argument here!

14) Whatever It Takes (3:04)
This is from Superstars airing on 06/13/92. Macho Man is in an empty arena with Gene Okerlund as he prepares to defend the title. Okerlund wants to talk about his bending of the rules to win the title. Savage says he did whatever he had to do against the dirtiest player in the game.

15) The Ultimate Maniacs (3:46)
This is from an episode of Superstars from 10/24/92. Macho Man has a grotesque yellow and red outfit which is trumped by Warrior’s spandex outfit and terrible glasses. At least Macho always wore glasses. His say Ultimate and Macho’s say Madness. It probably should’ve been switched. Macho and Warrior talk about their upcoming Survivor Series match and they will survive at Survivor Series against Razor Ramon and Ric Flair and NOTHING (save maybe a contract dispute) will stop them. Both guys were trying to out-do each other with over-the-top promos. The Ultimate Maniacs was Vince’s idea to recreate the Mega Powers using the top two faces in the company. It didn’t work too well, especially when Warrior was fired a few weeks before Survivor Series and Mr. Perfect was inserted into the main event slot.

16) One Cool Dude (1:39)
This is from Monday Nitro 06/17/96. Macho has a plan for Ric Flair. Macho Man will stay in WCW forever, or until the company folds less than 5 years later, whichever comes first. Macho says he say a psychiatrist who said he had OCD, or One Cool Dude.

17) nWo Madness (1:46)
This is from Monday Nitro 04/28/97. Macho (with Elizabeth) record a black and white New World Order commercial about Macho Madness being totally out of control. Macho will beat DDP, too.

B) Audio/Video
This is the standard Fullscreen/Dolby Digital 5.1 offering WWE usually puts out. It sounds great and it looks great, especially the early stuff. WWE always gets high marks here.

C) Packaging / Liner Notes
This is a big fold-open DVD case. It’s actually very glossy with some very nice photos of Randy Savage and Elizabeth. Of course, the liner notes include the match dates as well as what event the matches took place in.

D) Easter Eggs
None on this collection. Dig it!

Overall Review
The usual WWE promos start off this collection (WWE 24/7, WWE Home Video, Greatest Stars of the 90’s DVD, Best of Saturday Night’s Main Event DVD, and the Don’t Try This At Home spot). He’s the Macho Man. He was my favorite wrestler growing up and I am not ashamed to admit there’s some bias here. But bias or no, this is an awesome DVD. There’s a five-star match and a handful of ***+ matches, too. Discs one and two are just awesome and honestly almost everything that’s on here from the WWE is nothing short of great. Just an awesome collection and I can’t even really nitpick some of these selections. All these matches for one reason or another deserved to be on here. We won’t be getting any more Macho stuff from the WWE so this is it, and this is just fantastic.

Overall Rating

10.0      Perfect
9.0-9.5  Near Perfect, Highly Recommended
8.0-8.5  Really good disc, Recommended
7.0-7.5  Good DVD, Mildly recommended
6.0-6.5  Above Average DVD. Mildest of mild recommendations
5.0-5.5  Decent all around disc, but catch it on TV
4.0-4.5  Great Movie but horrible DVD
3.0-3.5  Horrible movie but great DVD
2.0-2.5  There’s at least some merit to this DVD, but not much.
1.0-1.5  Horrible DVD, don’t even bother
0.0-0.5  Worst DVD ever


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