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WWE Hell In A Cell Predictions

Wrestling Thoughts
Eighth Edition
Written by:
Bob Colling


Just two weeks ago WWE had their last pay per view, Night of Champions. Tonight they are back on pay per view with Hell In A Cell. As of 11:46am I’m only aware of five matches being actually promoted for the show. The last time I checked the shows ran for nearly three hours. I’d hope that one or two more matches will be announced to fill up the time instead of the Hell In A Cell matches taking forty minutes each. Anyway, here are my predictions for the event.

WWE World Tag Team Championships
(champions) Air Boom vs. Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger

This match must have been added just recently because when I first wrote this I wasn’t aware of it. Since Ziggler and Swagger are sure to be feuding over the WWE United States Championship, I believe Swagger ends up costing himself and Ziggler to win the titles. It seems rather predictable that will happen.

WWE Divas Championship
(champion) Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix

I’ve picked Phoenix the first two times, if I remember correctly and I was wrong both times. So, I’m going to pick her a third time because the third time is the charm, right? She really needs to win this match.

Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara

I don’t think this is going on pass this event, and it really shouldn’t. I’m going with the original Sin Cara to win.

Sheamus vs. Christian

Surprisingly to me, Sheamus has been playing the babyface role very well on Smackdown. I’ve also liked Christian campaigning to get one more match. He is doing a great job of being annoying. This is tough but I think Sheamus wins this one.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Hell In A Cell
(champion) Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton

Henry has been dominate for several months now, and I see that trend continuing. Henry moves on to wrestle Sheamus while Orton and Cody Rhodes can get in a lengthy feud as well. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

WWE World Championship
Hell In A Cell
(champion) John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk

I wouldn’t understand the reasoning of putting the title on Cena for two weeks, but logically I think that is what is going to be the case. I’m guessing that Del Rio will regain the championship and start a singles feud with Punk over the championship and hopefully get an actual run with it. Do I expect to see Kevin Nash there? Nope. Del Rio wins this one clean.

As you can tell I didn’t put much effort into this one. I figure it’s not a big deal because the WWE didn’t put much thought into it with five freaking matches on the card. For those of you watching the show (legally or not) enjoy it.

Thanks for reading.


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