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UPDATED 10/15/2011:
ROH Wrestling 10/15/2011 (Edwards/Elgin)

WWE Royal Rumble 2008
WWE WrestleMania XXIV

WWF RAW 4/3/1995 (Holly/Hakushi)
WWF RAW 4/10/1995 (Bomb/Tatanka)
WWF House Show 6/9/1995 (Ramon/Jarrett, Ladder)

WCW Saturday Night 1/1/1994 (Austin/Sting)
WCW Saturday Night 1/8/1994 (Pillman & Sting/Rude & Austin)

WCW Saturday Night 1/7/1995 (Badd/Roma)
WCW Saturday Night 1/14/1995 (Harlem Heat/Stars & Stripes)
WCW Saturday Night 1/21/1995 (Nasty Boys/Studd Stable)
WCW Saturday Night 1/28/1995 (Savage/Anderson)

WWE The Monday Night War
WWE The Rise & Fall Of ECW
WWE The Self Destruction Of The Ultimate Warrior
WWE The Rise & Fall Of WCW

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