WWE RAW 10/15/2007

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Monday Night Raw
United Kingdom
O2 Arena
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

Raw starts off with a recap from last week’s stunning return of Shawn Michaels.

Goes to Regal’s office. Randy Orton is saying that he believes Regal should decide his opponent not the fans. Then suggests that he make a triple threat match tonight between the 3 choices fans have for his opponent at Cyber Sunday. Regal tells him to step aside so he can go make an announcement.

Regal comes out to open Raw staying on the stage. Regal says its great to be home. Announces Randy Orton will face all three possible opponents in single matches. Jeff Hardy, Mr. Kennedy, and Shawn Michaels.

Randy Orton defeated Jeff Hardy by pinfall (RKO)

At the beginning of the match JR states that Hardy is currently leading the votes on WWE.com. After a cross body over the top rope to the outside we go to commercial break. We are back and Orton is control after they show what happened during the break where Hardy missed a high-flying maneuver. Kennedy interferes forcing Hardy to get distracted and recieve an RKO for the pin. Grade: 2

Santino Marella def. Val Venis by pinfall with a grip on the rope.

Santino Marella heads to the ring with Maria. Gets on the mic says how its good to be in Europe and then goes into The Condemned speech.. Val Venis interrupts. Santino goes for the cheap shot right off the bat. Starts off fast, until Venis botches a move and Santino starts back on the leg. Grade: 1

We go to the Diva Search Update….

Coach and Carlito are talking in the back about a small apple. Talk goes to Hornswoggle and how he beat Coach with his own cane. Says he has a plan for Hornswoggle tonight and that all he needs to do is find him. Hornswoggle is right behind him and takes the apple from Coach and runs off. Coach then proceeds to run after him.

Back from commercial Coach is chasing Hornswoggle through the backstage area into the cafeteria where he nails coach onto a dining table.

They do a recap of last week’s beating of Triple H by Randy Orton and Umaga.

Vince is in Regal’s office. Vince asks how old the queen is. He is questioning where Triple H is. Regal says after the beating by Umanga, Triple H is in no condition to wrestle. Vince corrects Regals mispronunciation of Umaga, and that Umaga will put on a demonstration tonight, and Triple H will not like it, but Regal would.

Mr. Kennedy def. Randy Orton by DQ after Jeff Hardy interferes.

Time for Orton’s second match, Kennedy comes to the ring and does his usual spiel. Orton has a scrape on his face under his right eye from his earlier match. JR continues to promote Cyber Sunday to get people to vote. Very slow match, more head locks and arm locks. Fans seem disinterested in the match with the two heels. After Kennedy nails his rolling slam, Jeff Hardy intereferes and gets Kennedy the DQ win. Jeff nails the Swanton on Kennedy, and as Orton charges Hardy ducks and grabs the top rope and Orton goes sailing to the outside. Grade: .5

Umaga def. Andy Simmons by pinfall after a Samoan Drop onto a chair.

Back from commercial break Vince McMahon struts to the ring. Vince talks about his genius in creating Cyber Sunday (even though it was orginally Taboo Tuesday). Vince then announces that Triple H will face Umaga at Cyber Sunday. Already in the ring is a no name jobber and Vince calls for a referee. One of the stipulations the fans can choose is a Street Fight. We are having a demonstration of a Street Fight with Umaga taking on a jobber. Umaga does a Samoan Drop onto a chair for the pinfall.

Next Stipulation is a First Blood Match, here comes another demonstration. They throw the lifeless body of Simmons back into the ring. After repeated Samoan Spikes to the throat, Simmons bleeds from the mouth. End of second demonstration.

Vince stops them from bringing him to the back and we have a third stipulation a Steel Cage Match. We have a third demonstration. Umaga send Simmons back into the ring. Before the third demonstration they show a recap of the first two demonstrations. Time for the third demonstration Umaga throws Simmons into the cage several times and walks out of the cage. Vince declares the winner at Cyber Sunday, Umaga.

The chase continues this time with Hornswoggle on a tricylcle and Coach on a bike. They ride right by Ron Simmons, who gives his damn.

Jillian Hall comes out and tell Lillian that her performance last week was pathetic and that she was obviously lip synching. They recap Lillian’s performance. Jillian says no one undertstands Spanish, so Jillian decides to sing accapella for everyone, in a language everyone can understand British, and starts to sing a Spice Girls song.

Candice Michelle def. Jillian Hall by pinfall after the Unprettier

Jillian attacks Candace before she gets into the ring. But to no avail as Candace quickly nails her version of the Unprettier. Beth Pheonix comes on screen and announces that Candice Michelle invoked her rematch next week. Grade: .5

We are in the locker room with Cody Rhodes and in comes Hardcore Holly, questioning why Rhode wants another rematch. He tells Rhodes better be motivated because this could be his last shot. Holly slaps Rhodes and we have a classic staredown.

In the ring when we get back from break are Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch.

Rory McAlister def. Brian Kendrick with a reverse suplex.

Face past match up from the get go. Kendrick getting the better of Rory. Rory finally gets advantage and starts to slow the match down. Cade and Murdoch are doing commentary. Commenting on the toughess of Kendrick. Grade: 1

We go to a recap from No Mercy on how Orton won the title.

Interview with Shawn Michaels, he tells Randy Orton that if he turns around he will be there, and that at Cyber Sunday when the fans vote him in he will be the next WWE Champion.

Hornswoggle chase continues goes into the Diva’s locker room.

Save Us promo intterupts JR and Jerry.

Hornswoggle comes into the arena and goes under the ring and Coach goes around the ring and brings out a detonator. He then tries to blow up Hornswoggle who is still under the ring. Coach tries twice to detonate it but nothing happens. Coach goes to investigate by going under the ring. Hornswoggle appears on the other side of the ring and see the detonator. Goes into the ring and tries it and it works. Smoke rises from under the ring. Hornswoggle runs up the ramp as a burnt Coach appears from under the ring.

Hardcore Holly def. Cody Rhodes by pinfall after Alabama Slam

Match is a stiff one between Rhodes and Holly, like you would expect from a Holly match. Does his usual no selling for rookies. Several pin attempts after a reversal of the Alabama Slam. Fast paced match with pinfall attempts until a dropkick from Holly. Alabama Slam and the nightmare continues for Rhodes. Holly walks up the ramp nodding at Rhodes. Grade: 1.5

Shawn Michaels def. Randy Orton by DQ after Mr. Kennedy interferes.

Shawn Michaels comes to the ring, gets a huge ovation from the crowd. Match starts quickly with Michaels going right after Orton. Michaels is focused on beating Orton. Until an elbow from Orton slows down HBK. Tide changes and HBK nails the elbow off the top rope. But before HBK can set up the Sweet Chin Music, Mr. Kennedy interferes. Starting a double team on Michaels. Jeff Hardy comes to the ring to make the save, startys beating on Kennedy. Orton grabs Hardy from behind and throws him over the top rope. With HBK still down, Orton sets up for the RKO. When HBK gets up Orton goes for the RKO, but Michaels pushes him off right into Kennedy, who falls to the outside. When Orton turns around he gets nailed with the Sweet Chin Music. Raw ends with Shawn Michaels looking down on Randy Orton. Grade: .5

Final Analysis:

An ok show, nothing really special happened. Personally would of loved to have seen 3 staright up matches with Randy Orton instead of the 3 matches having interferences. I can see the last match, ending in DQ but having 2 of them end in DQ is unnecessary. I liked the continuing comedy of Coach and Hornswoggle. Thought the Umaga segment was really well laid out.

MVP: Umaga
Runner-Up: Coach and Hornswoggle
Non-MVP: Mr. Kennedy (for the constant run-ins)
Runner-Up: Randy Orton

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