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OVW Wrestling 1/1/2005

Written by: Bob Colling

January 1st, 2005: Ohio Valley Wrestling 
From: Louisville, KY

This is a repeat from a OVW show in 2004. This was shown so that OVW members could enjoy the holidays.

The show quickly opens up with Danny Inferno taking on Chris Cage. A rather slow start the contest with mat wrestling on Cage’s part. Cage really controls Inferno and dropkicks Inferno to the floor, who attempts to leave the ringside area. Inferno gains control following a distraction from his valet Trudy and drops Cage’s left arm across the top rope. Inferno proceeds to work on Cage’s left arm. Mid ring collision takes both men down. Cage with a flurry of offense with a arm trap neck breaker. Inferno with a single arm DDT to Cage’s bad left arm. Cage finishes Inferno off with a forward DDT drop.

Jim Cornette introduces stills from last week where MNM defeated Mac Johnson and Seth Skyfire to win the OVW Southern Tag Team Championships. For the highlights shown, it appears to be a rather good contest. In a hilarious turn of events, Matthews gets brass knuckles from FROSTY the SNOWMAN and nails Mac Johnson. MNM end up winning. Also, it was Melina dressed up as Frosty, so that makes sense.

After a break, MNM come out for a interview segment. Melina looks really good compared to nowadays in my opinion. Cornette brings up the usage of Frosty the Snowman and how dastardly that is. Nitro makes zero sense when he gets the microphone. Matthews mentions that MNM quarter hour is the highest hour in WB history. Melina puts his guys over and Nitro says they will be champions for as long as they want. Matthews says they don’t care who they are going to face. Matthews brings up their thirty day clause where they have to defend the straps only once every thirty days. Melina and Nitro proceed to make out as Matthews takes “snap shots”.

Time for some Womens action. Passion and Alexis Laree (Mickie James) take on Jillian Hall and her bodyguard Melissa Coats. Laree controls Hall early on and this causes Hall to tag out. Coates has a clear problem running the ropes as she goes very slowly. Coates uses her size to control Laree and Hall enters to actually deliver wrestling moves. Laree takes Hall down with a hurricanrana and tags in Passion. Passion spikes Hall with a DDT but only gets a near fall. Passion is shoved off the top rope by Coats. Hall connects with a cartwheel splash on Passion to pick up the win.

Kenny Bolin
, and Mike Mondo bring out Blaster Lashley. Cornette interviews Kenny Bolin. Bolin puts over all of Lashley’s awards. Bolin says that he has signed Lashley to the biggest contract in Bolin Services history. Mondo cuts a promo and says that Lashley is by far the biggest man he has worked with. You could really call him Sgt. Mondo. His gimmick is as a drill instructor. Bolin says Lashley is undefeated. Bolin says he will be issuing a open challenge to any man. Bolin will offer any wrestler who can last a minute or longer will get one hundred dollars per minute. Lashley never utters a word.

Jim Cornette shows OVW’s article in the local newspaper. We also see footage from last week where OVW Heavyweight Champion Chris Cage took on Chad Tolland. Blueprint Matt Morgan viciously attacks Cage before the match by slamming Cage on the floor. Morgan places Cage’s left arm between a chair and stomps on the arm. Cage was able to have his match with Chad Tolland for the OVW Heavyweight Championship. Tank Tolland is on the floor in a wheelchair as if he is crippled and it looks quite funny. Cage clotheslines a wheelchair confined Tank on the floor. Tank manages to kick out of a pin attempt and sends Cage shoulder first into the turnbuckle and rolls cage up with a handful of tights for the win.

Back to the show, Chad Tolland defends the OVW Heavyweight Championship against Elijah Burke. Tank is with Chad again and he now has his legs in casts from the attack last week. Burke gets a really good reception from the crowd. Burke with several pin attempts early on but Chad kicks out every time. Burke misses a cross body coming off the ropes which allows Chad to send Burke to the floor where Tank Tolland is trying to kick Burke on the floor, but is unable to because of the casts on his legs. Burke battles back and connects with a DDT on Chad. Burke with a few clotheslines and forearm smash. Burke nearly wins with a sit out spine buster. Tank gives Chad a chain and Chad nails Burke with the chain, but Burke still kicks out. Burke dropkicks Chad into the referee. Blueprint Matt Morgan plants Burke with a Death Valley Driver. Chris Cage runs down and brawls with Morgan. Chad goes for the cover, but Burke again kicks out. Tank Tolland gets out of his wheelchair and is going crazy, proving he was lying. Chad baseballs slides Tank down and Elijah rolls Chad up for the win and title. Several baby faces come down to celebrate with Burke.

Quick Results

Chris Cage defeated Danny Inferno
Jillian Hall/Melissa Coats defeated Passion/Alexis Laree
Elijah Burke defeated Chad Tolland to win the OVW Heavyweight Championship

Final Thoughts: Cage/Inferno wasn’t too bad, actually. For this being the first time I have ever watched OVW, there is something about Danny Inferno that is entertaining. He certainly has a wrestlers look. Matthews needs to be the promo guy for MNM at this point. Jillian Hall clearly got a boob job, for the record. The women’s tag team match wasn’t awful or anything but it wasn’t that great either. Coats was clearly the one who couldn’t work all that well. She kind of reminded me of Nicole Bass, but she isn’t as tall as Bass. The whole Bolin Service segment kind of dragged on for a little while. Clearly Lashley wasn’t able to talk back then as he just stood their flexing, really. Burke isn’t ready to the champion, based on his skills at this point. The crowd does seem to love him, though. Pretty solid show


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