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OVW Wrestling 1/8/2005

Written by: Bob Colling

January 8th, 2005: Ohio Valley Wrestling 
From: Louisville, KY

To start off the show, Ken Doane takes on Aaron Stevens. Stevens is one egotistical fellow. Doane with the early advantage until Stevens cheap shots Doane was the referee tried to break them up in the corner. Doane takes Stevens down with a couple of clotheslines followed by a spinning leg lariat for a near fall. Doane nearly wins with a kick to Stevens head. Doane misses the “Doanation” reverse bulldog. Stevens with a swinging neck breaker for the win.

Cornette introduces the closing moments of Elijah Burke winning the OVW Heavyweight Championship. We also get some footage after the match that wasn’t seen last week. Burke puts over that winning the belt was his dream. Burke says that the belt is not only his, but all of the fans as well. Burke puts over OVW and everyone involved with the company.

After a break, OVW Heavyweight Champion Elijah Burke makes his way down to the ring for an interview. Cornette is going to ask Burke who he would like to face first, and before he can say anything Blueprint Matt Morgan comes down to the ring. Morgan calls Burke a “chump”. Morgan says he is the most dominant champion of all time. Morgan puts over the fact he has beaten Chris Benoit. Morgan believes Burke can not beat him. Chris Cage heads down to the ring to confront Morgan. Cage reminds Morgan than he beat Morgan. Cage says it wasn’t a fluke when he beat Morgan. Cage says that he deserves a title shot. Here comes Chad and Tank Tolland. Tank is still in a wheelchair even though he clearly is not injured. Tank brings up that he was the number one contender before Cage attacked him. Cage has enough and chases Tank to the backstage area. Morgan proceeds to drop Burke with the Death Valley Driver. Cage heads down to the ring with a chair to protect Burke.

Cornette announces that next week, Elijah Burke will defend the OVW Heavyweight Championship against Blueprint Matt Morgan. Also, Chris Cage will take on Chad and Tank Tolland in a handicap match. This is when Morris heads over and is clearly trying to be the Godfather. Morris says that he is rich. Morris introduces the Heartbreakers. The Heartbreakers are Antonio Thomas and Romeo Roselli. They are clearly a teasing homosexual tag team. The women in attendance love them.

The debuting Heartbreakers will take on Steve Lewington and Nick Nemeth. Lewington is DJ Gabriel. This is a really bad match about three minutes in. It comes across as if Lewington is still trying to learn moves and whatnot. The pace to the match is awful. Nemeth nearly wins following a super kick on Thomas. Romeo pins Nemeth following a double inverted leg sweep.

Jim Cornette introduces the Bolin Service which consists of Kenny Bolin, Mike Mondo and Blaster Lashley. Bolin says that he can’t find anyone to accept the open challenge. Bolin goes explains the “dollar a minute challenge.” Someone has accepted the challenge. That man is Clift Compton.

Blaster Lashley
 takes on Clift Compton in the challenge. Lashley finishes Compton off with a running power slam in thirty six seconds.

This editions main event is for the OVW Southern Tag Team Championships. MNM defend against the Thrill Seekers (Johnny Jeter and Matt Cappotelli). Jeter and Cappotelli control the early portion of the match controlling Matthews with a series of moves including a hurricanrana. MNM decide to bail from the ring and head to the backstage area, but are stopped by the Seekers. Matthews shoves Jeter off the top and Jeter falls to the floor. Jeter is controlled with a double team backbreaker by MNM. Jeter takes MNM down with a cross body and Cappotelli gets the hot tag. Jeter prevents MNM from delivering the snap shot on Cappotelli by super kicking Matthews. Matthews rolls back into the ring and sends Cappotelli over the top rope causing the disqualification. Mac Johnson and Seth Skyfire run down and help Jeter and Cappotelli

Quick Results

Aaron “Idol” Stevens defeated Ken Doane
The Heartbreakers defeated Steve Lewington/Nick Nemeth
Blaster Lashley defeated Clift Compton
The Thrill Seekers defeated MNM via disqualification. MNM retain the OVW Southern Tag Team Championships

Final Thoughts: Stevens/Doane wasn’t that great. Though, I can see that Stevens is a very good heel. Within the first twenty minutes of the show, Burke had to have been seen at least half of those minutes. The whole segment with Burke, Morgan, Cage and the Tolland’s was nicely done. However, it proved that neither Morgan or Cage are good promo guys. The Heartbreakers appear to be a entertaining tag team, and the crowd instantly liked them, even thought I believe they are suppose to be heels. That match just was awful. Lashley’s match was obviously just a easy way to get him over, so it made sense. Main event was a solid match that I feel should be given some more time down the road.


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