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OVW Wrestling 1/15/2005

Written by: Bob Colling

January 15th, 2005: Ohio Valley Wrestling 
From: Louisville, KY

The show quickly opens with Danny Inferno taking on Steve Lewington. Inferno starts the match with a popsicle stick in his mouth. Evenly contested contest early on but Inferno controls Lewington after Trudy distracts Lewington. Inferno drops Lewington with a big clothesline after a brief comeback from Lewington. Inferno misses a top rope elbow drop and Lewington finishes Inferno off with a arm trap neck breaker.

Jim Cornette introduces the final moments of the OVW Southern Tag Team Championship match from last week between MNM and the Thrill Seekers. After the video, Cornette introduces MNM for a interview. MNM now have people holding up pictures of MNM during the promo. Matthews puts themselves over as being fighting champions compared to Skyfire and Johnson. Nitro says that next week they will give a rematch to Seth and Mac. Melina with a rather terrible promo putting over her men, the microphone didn’t help the cause as it was cutting out it seemed.

Morris is in the ring and he introduces the Heartbreakers who will be facing Seth Skyfire and Mac Johnson. Skyfire controls Romeo with a standing moonsault a few minutes into the match. MNM come down to ringside and ram Johnson ribs first into the ring post. Heartbreakers finish Skyfire with a reverse leg sweep for a huge win.

Video of the confrontation between OVW Heavyweight Champion Elijah Burke and Blueprint Matt Morgan. Basically the whole segment is shown all over again.

The first of two main events is next when The Tolland’s take on Chris Cage in a handicap match. Tank Tolland continues to sell a rib injury. Chris Cage comes out wearing street clothes. Cage hurt himself during a WWE house show. Cage isn’t able to wrestle tonight. Cage introduces…. Mark Henry who gets a pretty good reception. Chad attempts a German suplex on Henry but that obviously doesn’t work. Tank refuses to tag in. Henry slams Chad off the top rope to the canvas. Tank distracts Henry and Chad low blows Chad. Cage nails Chad with a crutch and Henry splashes Chad for the win.

The Bolin Service come down to the ring for another open challenge. Blaster Lashley takes on Robbie Dawber. Lashley finishes Robbie off in forty six seconds with a running power slam.

Time for the main event with Elijah Burke defending the OVW Heavyweight Championship taking on the Blueprint Matt Morgan. Burke uses his speed advantage by dropkicking Morgan to the floor. Burke slams Morgan head first against the announcers table. Morgan nails Burke with a big boot on the floor. Morgan works on Burke for a few moments but Burke battles back and takes Morgan down with a forearm smash. Morgan connects with a side walk slam and nearly wins the belt. Burke connects with a elbow drop off the top and only gets a two count. Burke plants Morgan with a X-Factor on the championship, that Morgan brought into the ring, and picks up the win.

Quick Results: 
Steve Lewington defeated Danny Inferno
The Heartbreakers defeated Mac Johnson/Seth Skyfire
Mark Henry defeated The Tolland’s in a handicap match
Blaster Lashley defeated Robbie Dawber in a open challenge match
Elijah Burke defeated Blueprint Matt Morgan to retain the OVW Heavyweight Championship

Final Thoughts:
 Not a fan of Lewington, he just seems really bland. While, Danny Inferno is one entertaining man. MNM costing Johnson/Skyfire their match makes a lot of sense and was carried out well. there is no way that the Heartbreakers are going to lose so early in their OVW careers. To say I was shocked at how big a reception Mark Henry got would be a under statement. Chris Cage needs to avoid a microphone. Burke/Morgan was a pretty good contest, Morgan works very well in OVW.


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