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OVW Wrestling 1/22/2005

Written by: Bob Colling

Ohio Valley Wrestling TV
From: Louisville, KY

1.) Brent Albright defeated Mike Taylor
2.) Blaster Lashley defeated Bamm-Bamm Penders
3.) The Heartbreakers defeated Ken Doane & Steve Lewington
4.) The Thrillseekers defeated OVW Southern Tag Team Champions MNM to win the titles

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. The show kicks off with Brent Albright making his return to OVW competing in singles action against Mike Taylor. Taylor opened up with a few clotheslines and a middle rope double axe handle. Albright drops Taylor arm first over the top rope and begins to weaken Taylor’s arm. Taylor battles back with an Angle Slam and hit’s a middle rope elbow drop with his bad arm but only gets a two count. Albright ends up locking in the Crowbar to win the match.

2. Jim Cornette shows us footage of the Burke/Morgan match from last week. The controversy centers around Matt Morgan accidentally poking the referee in the eyes and Burke using the title to pin Morgan to retain the strap. Morgan comes out for an interview. Morgan has been fined $3,000for attacking officials last week. He says Cornette made him who he is. Morgan believes the championship should be around his waist. Morgan goes to choke slam Cornette but Elijah Burke comes out and hits Morgan with a chair. Cornette ends up suspending Morgan indefinitely!

3. Kenny Bolin leads Blaster Lashley and Mike Mondo out to the ring for the weekly challenge. Bamm-Bamm Penders is the opponent. Lashley destroys Penders in fifty three seconds following a power slam.

4. Footage of Mark Henry wrestling Chad Toland last week is shown. Chris Cage hit Chad with a crutch to allow Henry to earn the win. Cornette announces that the Toland’s are suing OVW and Chris Cage. Cage and the Toland’s will not be appearing on the program now.

5. Jim Cornette introduces Aaron “The Idol” Stevens for an interview. Stevens says for fifteen months he carried dirtballs but now he looks out for himself only. Stevens asks if he looks like a dirtball, which he doesn’t think he does. Stevens says he is the best looking passion on the planet. Stevens says without him Danny Inferno would still be selling pillows. He calls Trudy a whore, literally. Here comes Danny Inferno who is not happy. Inferno thought the breakup was mutual and was going to be kept in the backstage. Inferno reminds Stevens that he fought Stevens battles for him. Inferno talks about wrestling since the age of fifteen while Stevens was being spoiled. Inferno thinks Trudy could beat Stevens in fifteen seconds. Stevens ends up attacking Inferno with a cheap shot.

6. Mo Green is in the ring to introduce the Heartbreaker, Antonio and Romeo! They will be wrestling against Steve Lewington and Ken Doane. Antonio is worked on early until he tags out to Romeo after being arm dragged by Doane. Greene distracts Lewington so that Romeo can chop block his knee. Doane gets the to tag hitting several clotheslines and nearly pins Romeo after a split legged moonsault. The referee is distracted long enough for Antonio and Romeo to hit the Erectile Dysfunction on Doane for the win.

7. The main sees MNM defend the OVW Southern Tag Team Championships. Cornette comes out to announce they were supposed to wrestle Skyfire and Johnson but Johnson can’t compete due to injury. However, he has found a replacement team to compete for the titles. That team ends up being the Thrillseekers! MNM is clotheslined over the top to the floor early on. Nitro is worked on by the Seekers but backs Cappotelli into their corner. Cappotelli fights out of the corner and is able to flapjack Nitro onto Matthews. Nitro yanks Cappotelli off the top rope to give the champs the advantage. Cappotelli has been tied up ino the ropes and is being beaten down by MNM. Matthews spears Cappotelli to floor to allow Melina to get a few cheap shots in. Cappotelli breaks free and tags in Jeter! Jeter cleans house and nearly pins Matthews following a spinning heel kick. Cappotelli connects with a cross body on MNM and Jeter almost pins Matthews. Jeter nails Matthews with a top rope spinning heel kick but Melina distracts the referee. Seth Skyfire comes out and carries Melina to the backstage area. Nitro is sent over the top to the floor and the Thrillseekers hit Matthews with a double super kick to win the titles!

Final Thoughts:
I like Brent Albright and think his style is entertaining. He comes across as a real wrestler to me and a tough guy. The Heartbreakers are comedy relief, and due to that it kind of hurts their heel role. Clearly Blaster Lashley is really green thus he continues to get short matches. It could be an effective way to use him. The main event was really good as MNM and the Thrillseekers continue to put on fast pace contests with some good action. I’m figuring that MNM, Morgan and the Tolands are being called up the main roster soon so they are being written off OVW television. Anyway, it was a solid show with the main event being the best part of the program to me. But, every segment served a purpose as well, which is always a good thing.

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