WCW Worldwide 2/1/1992

Written by: Matt Peddycord

WCW Worldwide
February 1, 1992
Atlanta, GA
Center Stage Theatre

The current WCW Champs were as follows:
World Champion: Lex Luger (7/14/1991)
U.S. Champion: Rick Rude (11/19/1991)
World Television Champion: Steve Austin (6/3/1991)
World Light Heavyweight Champion: Jushin Liger (12/25/1991)
World Tag Team Champions: Arn Anderson & Bobby Eaton (1/16/1992)
U.S. Tag Team Champions: Ron Simmons & Big Josh (1/14/1992)

Oh my gosh! Ricky Steamboat is getting beat up again by the Dangerous Alliance! Wait, no, that’s just a clip from last week.

Your host is Tony Schiavone!

Tony kicks off the show with the announcement of the Paul E Awards. What is that supposed to be exactly? We’ll find out during this program. Next up, Ricky Steamboat is standing by for an interview. He’s sick and tired of the DA and tells Rude he better get some eyes to go in the back of his head, because he’s coming after him, from behind.

We now go over to Eric Bischoff for an interview with the Taylor Made Man, Big Van Vader and Harley Race. These guys will in the main event taking on El Gigante, Van Hammer and Ron Simmons. Race says Simmons is nutso for wanting to tangle with this threesome. Taylor puts over Jack’s insanity before Vader shoves Bischoff out of the way to get to the mic. IT’S VADER TIME!

  • Sting vs. The Medic

I think I’m going to have to put this on YouTube. The Medic? What the heck. Does anybody want to clue me in on who this is? Medic gets some shots in early and applies an abdominal stretch, but Sting hiptosses out and sets Medic up in the corner for some Shattered Dreams. Ref won’t let that happen though. Medic goes up top where Sting still manages to give the Medic’s balls a hard time. Sting delivers the jumping DDT, the Stinger Splash and the SCORPION DEATHLOCK to send the Medic to the ER. (2:47) That was probably the worst gimmick I’ve seen in at least three months of shows.

  • Rick & Scott Steiner vs. Chris Sullivan & John Peterson

Peterson gets mauled with a Doomsday Device, so Scott drags him over to Sullivan for a tag. Sullivan wants Rick and takes a Steinerline for it. Scott tags in for a tilt-a-whirl slam and the STEINER BULLDOG gets the win. (2:38) The Steiners were basically wrestling the same squash match back then.

Hey! Gordon Solie is hanging out in the WNN newsroom for a report. Let’s see what he has to say. Oh, more of the same about the DA attacking Bagwell, but now they are using steel chairs! As for the Luger/Sting match at Superbrawl, it’s the most anticipated match in the history of WCW since the last most anticipated match in the history of WCW. But there’s more to Superbrawl than just Luger/Sting – Rick Rude will defend the US title against Ricky Steamboat. There’s talk of a special stipulation, but no word on that just yet. Jushin Liger will return from Japan to defend the Light Heavyweight title against the former champ Brian Pillman. Also, Jesse “The Body” Ventura” will join Jim Ross for color commentary for the entire show. Let’s go to Jesse for a comment. He makes an old man joke on Solie and then reminds us that he will “tell it like it is” at Superbrawl. Superbrawl II! Superbrawl II! Superbrawl II! Don’t forget about it!

It’s time for the Paul E Awards! These awards are the most prestigious in HUMAN HISTORY, says Paul E. The first recipient for a Paul E Award goes to the Wrestler of the Year, the WCW TV Champ Steve Austin! The champ comes out in a tux to receive the award. Next award is the “Sickest Individual in WCW”. I’m going with “The Cruncher” Larry Zbyszko! *fingers crossed* Yes! It’s Larry Zbyszko! He doesn’t look too happy about this though. Anyways, the next award goes to “Tag Team of the Year”. Paul E says Dustin Rhodes and Ricky Steamboat came close and the Steiners ALMOST won it, but sorry – the winners are the current World tag champs Bobby Eaton and Arn Anderson. Tony wonders what the point of all this is. The final award is the “Wrestler of the Quarter”. What? That’s the most creative name he could come up with? Well, there’s only one DA member left and that’s the current US champ Rick Rude. The Dangerous Alliance make a clean sweep! What a coincidence! Paul E nominates himself to fill the vacant spot on the WCW board of directors. Crowd chants “We Want Sting”, but the heels aren’t even doing anything bad. If Bagwell is somewhere being beaten up, then that’s his problem. That segment leads right into this…

  • WCW U.S. Heavyweight Champion Rick Rude (w/Madusa) vs. Brad Armstrong

Armstrong works an armbar early on in the match. Rude punches out and delivers a clothesline, but sells the hurt arm. Psychology is such a lost art. Armstrong returns to the armbar, but Rude goes low to escape. Rude comes off the top with a forearm for two. Armstrong powers out of a chinlock and then catches Rude coming the top. Armstrong heads up and gives Rude a crossbody block, but Madusa has the ref distracted, so he only gets a two-count. Armstrong comes off the ropes, but Madusa trips him up so Rude can deliver the RUDE AWAKENING. See ya later, B-Rad. (5:47) Rude gives Armstrong another Rude Awakening, which signals Ricky Steamboat to run in for the save. He chops away on Rude until Madusa jumps on his back. That gives Rude just enough time to grab his Paul E Award and SMASH it in Steamboat’s lower back. Some jobbers try to help Steamboat out, but jobbers can only do so much. In comes Rhodes, Windham and Simmons to finally send Rude running to the showers. *

  • Cactus Jack, Taylor Made Man & Vader (w/Harley Race) vs. Van Hammer, El Gigante & Ron Simmons

Well, this is random. Vader and Simmons kick things off. Oddly enough, these two would go at it for the WCW World title six months from here. Vader gets a cheapshot in after he suckers Simmons into a three-point stance-off and takes control. He gets in a corner splash, but Simmons gets the knees up on a second one to block. Simmons delivers a standing powerslam and then tags in Hammer. He’s punched in the face as Taylor gets a tag. Hammer grabs a headlock, but Cactus receives a blind tag. Cactus talks some trash, so Hammer goes over and tags in Gigante. He splashes Cactus in the corner and then grabs the CLAW. Taylor climbs up top, but Gigante sees him and catches him coming down and throws him into Jack. Simmons tags and works a headlock on Cactus. He shoves Simmons off as Taylor tries a cheapshot from the apron, but Simmons NO-SELLS and then takes a Cactus clothesline from behind! Nice. Taylor sneaks in a slam on the concrete for good measure. Back in, Vader hits a clothesline and splashes Simmons for 1-2-NO! Taylor tags in, but Simmons reverses a suplex and makes the HOT TAG TO HAMMER! The whole thing breaks down and during the craziness, Hammer hits his finisher (slingshot suplex) on Taylor, but Cactus breaks up the pin attempt with a flying double-ax handle and covers Hammer for the 1-2-3. (8:27) Harmless fun. **¼

Eric Bischoff is standing by with the Steiner Brothers. He mentions the Young Pistols have been saying they must go through the Steiners to earn some respect. Ok well, maybe Rick isn’t the best person to give advice on how to earn respect, so what does Scott have to say? He says the only way the Pistols can beat them is if there is a sniper in the crowd. WOW. That’s confidence. Oh yeah by the way, they will get their belts back at Superbrawl. Well, at least they should have, right?

Final Thoughts: Sure, there were more old fashioned squashes this week than the past two shows, but the Rude/Steamboat angle was advanced quite nicely, which was the focal point this week. How about those Paul E awards, huh? “Wrestler of the Quarter” – man, that’s one REAL specific category.

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