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ROH SoCal Showdown 1/29/2010

ROH 248 – SoCal Showdown – 29th January 2010

Hopefully this show goes better than the last time ROH came to the West Coast as part of a wrestling convention. Ring Of Honor makes their LA debut as part of the Wrestle Reunion convention and, in a way, goes head to head with PWG. In truth ROH and PWG rarely compete against each other, given that geographically they’re miles apart, they don’t run the same dates and as such actually share a lot of talent. But tonight ROH is coming to PWG’s California turf and although the shows are on back to back evenings, both promotions will be looking to top the other and produce the best show of the whole convention. To that end PWG spent BIG and got a whole host of talent in for their Kurt RussellMania show. They have Rob Van Dam, Great Muta, Jushin Liger, Super Crazy, Brian Kendrick and Paul London on TOP of all the best guys on the ROH roster and the pick of fun loving guys on the PWG undercard. Although ROH is using Liger too, they’ve mostly opted to bring their regular roster to run a regular ROH event in the hope that consistency and match quality will out-shine the big names. The only stop they’ve really done differently is giving guys like Scorpio Sky and Scott Lost a booking since they’re not on the super-stacked PWG line-up. So amidst all the big names PWG have pulled out, the fact that ROH are bringing a pretty strong line-up for their first DVD taping of the year has gone a little under the radar. The main event is a HUGE 8-Man Tag as the American Wolves and the Kings Of Wrestling team up to face the Briscoes and the Young Bucks (making their final ROH appearance as part of the regular roster). Austin Aries faces Jushin Liger in non-title action, Necro Butcher and Jerry Lynn are looking for revenge on Erick Stevens and Kenny King respectively and there’s a bunch of Pick 6 Matches too. We’re in Los Angeles, CA with Dave Prazak and the debuting Joe Dumbrowski (who’s a minor step up from Eric Santamaria at least…although he sounds like a stoned Owen Wilson) on commentary.

SIDENOTE – Everyone watch Zbyszko/Scotty in the bonus section. It’s not good, nor is it supposed to be. However, the red hot ‘sh*tting on it’ crowd, combined with sarcastic commentary make it absolutely hilarious from start to finish. And Scotty deserves lots of credit for going out there when he knew he was going to get shat on by the ROH fans…and agreeing to put Colt Cabana over at the end…as Cabana comes out, hits ‘The Slug’ (his Worm variant) on Scotty before delivering the Stinkface to Johnny Fairplay before leaving to a huge ovation.

Scott Lost/Scorpio Sky vs Colt Cabana/El Generico
This is the first time we’ve seen the team of Cabana and Generico in ROH. Colt is friends with both Generico and Steen, and is trying to help the masked man get his head back in the game after being attacked by Mr Wrestling last month. It’s also a debut for Cali-scene stalwarts Lost and Scorpio. Don’t expect them to be in ROH long term, but it’s nice to see ROH bringing them in whilst they’re in LA to put a different match on a DVD

Cabana demands that Generico start with Sky…and start he does, although he still looks completely subdued and distracted. Scorpio piefaces him in the corner and El Generico immediately tags out and demands Colt get in there. Cabana comes in and dishes out multiple slaps to both opponents, holding Lost open for Generico to return with a flying tomahawk chop. But it doesn’t take long for Generico to make a mistake and subsequently get stomped in the corner by Scott Lost. Colt comes in to help out again, and manages to draw a begrudging high five out of his sulking partner. But AGAIN Generico makes an error, getting distracted by Scorpio Sky on the apron and eating Lost’s fist as a result. The West Coast guys cut the ring in half and look to isolate the masked man from his partner now…until Generico makes like a movie star and somersaults all over the place to evade them and make the hot tag to Cabana. Sky pastes Colt with a jumping enzi kick so an angry Generico clotheslines him to the floor for a SOMERSAULT SENTON! Flying Asshole on Scott, but Lost retorts with a corkscrew enzi for 2. Generico returns with Sky to hit a Michinoku Driver but takes too much time lining up the Yakuza Kick and EATS a bicycle knee strike from Scorpio. Flatliner/Cutter combo from the SoCal guys gets a close nearfall. Sky to the top…to MISS a frog splash. YAKUZA KICK! COLT 45! The Cabana/Generico duo pick up a popular win at 09:29

Rating – *** – Nothing fancy, but it was a fun way to start the show, provided some neat wrestling and continued the intriguing character development of El Generico. Throwing Cabana into the mix of the Steen/Generico issue a great idea as it gives Colt some creative direction…and in this context Colt goofing off makes PERFECT sense as he’s trying to cheer Generico up and get his confidence back. It’s a little soap opera, but that’s not an issue for me. Lost and Sky are very experienced, and they knew what their role was here – and understandably played it to perfection. They’re not going to be regulars on the roster but it was good to see them on an ROH show and, even as enhancement talent, they did well.

Erick Stevens vs Necro Butcher – Anything Goes Match
It was only a couple of weeks ago on HDNet that we finally saw Erick Stevens actually turn on Necro Butcher – saving him from an attack at the hands of The Embassy only to assault him with a chair and join Prince Nana’s group himself.

Wisely Stevens attacks Necro as he tries to get into the ring carrying a few weapons with him. It doesn’t long for Butcher to use the weapons though, knocking Erick into the crowd with a crutch. They brawl through the crowd, if only to get a nice look at the LAX Hilton’s super ugly carpeting. Necro tries to suffocate him with a plastic bag then hits a modified DVD over the guardrail and back to ringside. Stevens is a powerful guy though, and has had his fair share of violent brawls…and recovers impressively to hit a powerslam into the barriers. Wisely he brings it back into the ring, getting a 2 with the Embassy Elbow. He starts battering Necro with a street sign then targets the back with a series of backbreakers. Bear Hug locked in, and when Butcher breaks it Erick drops him again with a knee to the gut. Awesome Bomb to the floor blocked though…and Necro rallies with chops and punches in the corner. Stevens cuts him down again with a lariat, and in comes Joey Ryan to help his fellow Embassy member. Except he accidentally plasters Stevens with a Stop sign, allowing Necro to win at 09:43

Rating – ** – The crowd was on fire which definitely helped this match…but in truth the action was nothing more than average Necro brawling fare. Credit to Stevens for trying to make it interesting, but this was still pretty bland. The finish was disappointing on two levels, in that it was cheap…and that it indicates that this Necro vs Embassy feud isn’t over yet

Ryan and Stevens assault Necro after the bell, sending a clear message to their fallen adversary. Dumbrowski points out that Butcher will need some allies if he is to combat The Embassy.

Roderick Strong (6) vs Delirious – Pick 6 Series Match
This is a rematch from Boiling Point where Delirious pushed Roddy to the limit but ultimately came up short in what was a really competitive match. As we saw on HDNet this week, Strong is going to be Tyler Black’s judge in the forthcoming Aries/Black World Title match…on the condition that he gets the first shot at Tyler after he wins. In order to do that, he’ll need to cling onto his Pick 6 spot.

Delirious angrily shoves Strong…so the Floridian delivers a resounding chop. Delirious amusingly sells that by leaving the ring. When he returns he wisely tries to make it more of a wrestling match than a striking contest. Roderick gets the better of him there, and that allows him to dish out more chops and strikes to hand him a noticeable advantage. Rolling sentons from Delirious to fight that with more unorthodox offence quickly following to force Strong onto the back foot for the first time. To the floor where Roddy hits a TORTURE RACK BACKBREAKER ON THE APRON! Back in the ring with a camel clutch, softening up the back and utilising the signature hold of recent Delirious rival Sonjay Dutt to do it. CHOP DUEL in the corner, with credit going to Delirious as he doesn’t back down an inch from the big-hitting Floridian. Leaping Lariats from the lizard man, into a German suplex for 2. Too soon for Shadows Over Hell though, and Roderick hits back with a big dropkick then a cradle backbreaker. Both are injured now, and start wearily get to their feet to unload wild offensive strikes on their opponent. Back to the apron…BACK SUPLEX TO THE APRON BY RODERICK! Super ugly landing by Delirious, and that’s a SUPER CLOSE nearfall. SICK KICK! GIBSON DRIVER! This time it is over and Roderick retains his spot in the Pick 6 at 13:12

Rating – *** – I’d put this on the same level as the Boiling Point match. It was shorter and maybe didn’t have the same gruelling battle feel, but the action was a lot more aggressive and frenetic here. The match also did a great job of elevating Delirious. Nobody is saying he needs to be World Champion, but he’s stepped up his in-ring game in recent months, and the departures of the likes of Danielson, Nigel and the Young Bucks (along with the rumoured imminent departure of Davey Richards too) means ROH needs name talent like Delirious to be reliable and deliver solid good/great matches every show to sell DVD’s. Here he was presented as a credible athlete, a talented wrestler and NOT someone the main event guys should expect to squash in minutes. And in turn, presenting him as a tough wrestler makes Roderick look even better in beating him.

Tyler Black (5) vs Joey Ryan – Pick 6 Series Match
With his World Title rematch already signed for the 8th Anniversary Show, this match isn’t so much about earning a championship opportunity for Tyler as it is about getting some momentum going to take into New York. Last week on HDNet Jim Cornette called him a disappointment, and not the potential ROH franchise player he should be. That’s reflective of all the doubts surrounding Black after so many failed title shots over the past 18 months. He’ll want to prove his critics wrong in a couple of weeks, and picking up a few wins between now and then will certainly help him.

We’re in California so Joey Ryan is very popular with the crowd here. Tyler tries to set him up for a big dive spot but Ryan blocks it with a big forearm smash…and draws another big pop from the fans. Did Joey pick his trunks tonight to match the carpet of this building? Black lands his first offensive strike with a slingshot rolling heel kick. He tries to quicken the pace, allowing him to punt Ryan in the back and his big Stomp spot for 2. F-5 blocked though, and Joey arm wrenches Black across the ropes opening up an injury on that left shoulder. Northern lights suplex with additional hammerlock scores. Black tries the Buckle Bomb, but struggles now his arm is injured and Ryan counters with an ARMBLOWER (lungblower on the arm) for 2. Tyler manages the Springboard Lariat but is slow to cover thanks to the arm…and it’s the same story seconds later as he lands the quebrada. Ryan sent to the floor and the somersault plancha SCORES this time. Third time of asking he’s able to hit the F-5, but still not enough to put Joey down. God’s Last Gift attempted, but that’s another move that is going to hurt his shoulder. SUPERKICK counters it and gets a close nearfall before Joey goes into a KIMURA ON THE BAD ARM! Black frees himself with a running knee strike and both men are struggling to get back to their feet now. SECOND ROPE ARMDRAG! INVERTED ARMBREAKER! COUNTERED WITH THE BUCKLE BOMB! But Joey ducks the Superkick and positions him in the corner. MOUSTACHE RIDE COUNTERED WITH GOD’S LAST GIFT! Black wins in 14:08

Rating – *** – Had that been a free HDNet match I might have been a little more generous and snuck it into 4* territory…this was really fun. The opening was a little low key and paint by numbers, but once Ryan started working the arm it just got better and better – with the final couple of minutes being absolutely awesome. The fans going crazy when it looked like Ryan was going to hit the Moustache Ride, then collectively putting their heads in their hands in despair as Black hit God’s Last Gift for the win is what watching pro-wrestling is all about. Surely Joey did enough in this match to prove he’s capable of being more than just Prince Nana’s lackey in ROH…

In the back Human Tornado says he’s going to beat Kevin Steen tonight and get some retribution for what he did to El Generico

Kenny King vs Jerry Lynn
This is the first time Lynn has been in ROH in months. The last time we saw him he was injured and put out of action by the All Night Express and their spike piledriver which I lovingly crowd the ‘Jerry Lynn Driver’. Tonight the former ECW Champion comes for payback

Kenny gets some pre-match heat by running down LA. Were ROH really that worried that Lynn would be boo’d again? Jerry sprints to the ring with fists flying and looks to dish out a hellacious beating. Kenny likes in the foetal position in the corner, cradling the ropes and desperately looking for an enforced break…but Lynn isn’t willing to give him one. The fight spills to the floor where King is at last able to force some distance with a jumping enzi against the guardrails. They go back to the ring where Jerry starts choking on King again though. Until Kenny is able to use his speed to his advantage, diving aside from another Jerry Lynn charge and turning it into an assault on the back. Kenny into the crowd but Jerry counters him again with a guillotine over the guardrails. GUARDRAIL HURDLING FLYING CLOTHESLINE BY LYNN! But King attacks the back again by shunting Jerry against the railings then hitting a suplex on the hard floor. SLINGSHOT LEGDROP from the crowd to ringside and for the first time in the match, Kenny has put Lynn down for a sustained period of time. Maybe Pearce was right to book that pre-match promo from Kenny as there’s now an audible minority of fans loudly chanting ‘He Ain’t Got It’ as King continues to attack. Thesz Press by Jerry who angrily starts whipping King into the railings again…so Kenny crotches him against the middle rope. CRADLE PILEDRIVER ON LYNN! But Jerry gets his foot on the ropes! King is angry, but controls that to start mocking Jerry…then sets up for another Cradle Piledriver. Except this time Lynn counters to a small package…and that’s the three count at 09:52

Rating – ** – I liked the energy, and it was a noticeable change of pace from both men’s usual match clearly placing this into grudge match territory. However, a lot of the action was chaotic and slightly uncontrolled. Whilst that added to the whole ‘grudge match’ feel, it did make it a little hard to follow or enjoy. I’m not sure people were particularly clamouring for Jerry to make a comeback here, and I think most ROH fans were happy with Lynn leaving ROH by putting the ANX over. As such there’s not a whole lot of emotional investment in his quest for revenge now. I will admit the roll-up finish made perfect sense though as it proves that for all his youth and ability, Kenny couldn’t overcome the experience Jerry Lynn brings into every match.

King angrily attacks Jerry after the bell…only to get a chair dropkicked into his face ECW style. CRADLE PILEDRIVER ON THE CHAIR! ‘He killed Kenny’ – LA. Todd Sinclair reverses the match decision and awards the match to King as a result of that, but I don’t think Jerry cares. Austin Aries comes out to check on his protégé…

Earlier tonight Kevin Steen bitterly complains about people taking El Generico’s side. Apparently he just wants to be left alone to concentrate on his own goals…and as such he’s going to hurt Tornado tonight for taking Generico’s side.

Kevin Steen (2) vs Human Tornado – Pick 6 Series Match
This is a fitting match for ROH to put on in LA given that Generico and Tornado used to team together in PWG. Human Tornado is looking to get revenge on Steen tonight for his former partner…and as a result, Kevin Steen is coming to hurt H-Tizzle for picking sides. Basic premise, but it adds nice context to something which could otherwise be considered a throwaway exhibition match.

I love Steen’s new music. And he’s such a dick that he nearly attacks a fan in the crowd wearing an El Generico mask. SOMERSAULT PLANCHA BY TORNADO! That’s a hot way to get the ball rolling and HT chases Steen around the ring dishing out chops and right hands. Roundhouse kick, then an El Generico style Yakuza Kick in the corner…setting Kevin up for the House Party. Finally he misses a facewash, leaving himself set up in the corner for a BRUTAL cannonball senton across the ribs. Steen then steal HT’s gum and throws it into the crowd. FLIPPING BACKBREAKER by Steen as he counters a crossbody attempt from the smaller man. To the floor where Steen uses a fans phone to take pictures of a suffering Human Tornado (then of his own crotch). FALLAWAY SLAM INTO THE GUARDRAILS! Such is the ferocity of Steen’s attack on Tornado they actually break the bottom rope. Stalling vertical suplex scores…but when he attempts the same hold for a second time Tornado counters to a front choke. He then transitions to a neckbreaker and leaves both men down. Running uppercut from Tornado for 2. Pumphandle cradlebreaker puts HT on the deck again though. STEEN-TON GETS KNEES! TORNADO DDT FOR 2! But he misses a dropkick and gets viciously powerbombed. PACKAGE PILEDRIVER! Steen wins at 11:59

Rating – *** – Heated match that the live crowd were absolutely eating up. On DVD it wasn’t quite such an intense experience, but there was still plenty to enjoy – particularly Kevin Steen’s superb new heel persona. This heel turn is actually a smart idea because it allows him to deliberately work a much slower pace (therefore preserving his body)…and Tornado in California was just the perfect guy for him to debut that style against.

Steen adds insult to injury with a Crippler Crossface on Tornado until Colt Cabana comes out for the save. Once again Steen refuses to give Cabana any answers and leaves through the crowd.

Jushin Liger vs Austin Aries
Want an idea how much ROH has grown since 2004 when Liger was last here? Back then Liger in ROH was a HUGE event with a whole weekend dedicated to his appearances. This time around he’s almost been slipped in under the radar in this non-title bout with Aries taking on international competition to prove he really is the ‘Greatest Man That Ever Lived’.

Aries cuts an absolutely AMAZING (although totally racist) pre-match promo…after which Liger grabs the mic for an equally amazing two word retort…’you asshole’. Aries starts the match in equally hilarious fashion by working a full nelson on the HORNS of Liger’s mask. But one Shotei from Liger floors the World Champion. BRAINBUSTER ON THE FLOOR NAILED! Aries is busted open with that and the puro legend shows no mercy by going after the cut as he struggles back to the ring. Mexican Surfboard applied next, until Austin bites Liger’s hand to free himself. More surfboard action follows (this time with Liger modifying the hold to keep his hands away from Aries’ mouth), then an abdominal stretch. Jushin takes it to the corner but Aries blocks the super Brainbuster and manages to toss his opponent to the floor. Randy Save Axehandle nailed seconds later, then he returns to dickhead mode by grabbing the horns of the mask again and using them to throw Liger into the rails. Back on the ring with an IED attempt but Liger gets a boot up then grounds him again with a tilta-whirl backbreaker. The New Japan athlete lines up a frog splash but winds up sailing into the ROH Champion’s knees. Liger thrown to the floor…HEAT SEEKING MISSILE MISSES! ARIES EATS GUARDRAIL! That looked sickening! Aries is out of it, and barely escapes victory as Jushin manages to hit the frog splash second time around. Courageously Austin manages to block the Ligerbomb and get him to the outside again…and this time the Heat Seeking Missile connects. LAST CHANCERY USING THE HORNS! He doesn’t tap so Aries uses the mask again to drag him to his knees and deliver a flurry of knee strikes. LIGER FROM NOWHERE WITH A BRAINBUSTER! LIGERBOMB! ARIES KICKS OUT! So once again he tries the super Brainbuster out of the corner, only for Aries to counter again – this time with a sunset flip for 2. Last Chancery again, into the shinbreak back suplex when Liger refuses to tap. IED NAILED…BRAINBUSTER! This time it’s Liger kicking out at 2. Aries goes for a rare 450 Splash but it misses. Liger with a Shotei, but the Aries drags the ref into it’s path. LOW BLOW! BRAINBUSTER! The groggy ref counts the three for A-Double. Liger is beaten at 15:26

Rating – **** – My thoughts are that even with a lousy finish, and even with Liger looking pretty old and a little sloppy these two were comfortably good enough to push this match into 4* territory. The pre-match mic work from Aries riled Liger up, to the extent that he flew out of the blocks with Shotei’s and that Brainbuster on the floor and making the champ bleed from the early minutes of the match. Indeed, whenever Liger was on offence, he was pretty ruthless in his desire to hurt Austin. And in return, Aries was a total prick whenever he took the advantage – constantly using the mask to gain an edge That Last Chancery using the horns of Liger’s mask was total genius. This isn’t as good as Liger’s previous ROH matches from the Weekend Of Thunder, but then again, they were 5 years ago and Liger has understandably slowed down even more since then. They made up for the slow pace by telling a great story and, for my money, pulled off one of ROH’s best matches of the year thus far.

American Wolves/Kings Of Wrestling vs Jay Briscoe/Mark Briscoe/Young Bucks
This is an absolutely loaded main event, with ROH coming to LA and using their top match slot to showcase their critically acclaimed tag team division. Sure the Young Bucks are leaving after this show (having signed with TNA), but the Briscoes are now 6-time Tag Champions – and now have two sets of former title holders in the American Wolves and the newly reunited Kings Of Wrestling chasing.

Davey demands to start with Nick Jackson (drawing big ‘F*ck TNA’ chants), but gets trapped in the babyface corner where they all take turns laying in shots on him. Claudio and Mark trade pleasantries next, with the face guy once again coming out on top. Eddie Edwards tries to seize some initiative back by slapping Jay in the face, but quickly succumbs to some trademark Briscoe double teams…then some trademark Young Buck stuff too. Hero tags and puts up more of a fight, but even he can’t overcome the tag team prowess of the Jackons and the Briscoes…meaning that his team have taken a five minute beating to start this match. Finally he manages to drag Nick towards his corner where Claudio and Richards are waiting to take a few shots of their own. The Bucks line up the backflip dropkick combo on Eddie, but the KOW save with STEREO BICYCLE KICKS!

That changes the tide of the match allowing the Kings/Wolves team to isolate Nick from his partners and start to wear him down. Dumbrowski points out that you need to keep the Bucks grounded as they can come from anywhere if you don’t…and that’s what the heel team do for a period of several minutes. Nick tries to come from anywhere with a lucha-style rope run…only for Claudio to CATCH him in mid-air and hold him in position for a sliding kick from Hero for 2. Things get worse for Nick as Richards hits a dragon screw in the ropes then clamps on the Texas Cloverleaf. But Jackson escapes, then DUCKS the Superkick German combo meaning Eddie catches his own partner’s jaw. Hot tag to Matt who takes it to the Wolves whilst the Kings and the Briscoes brawl on the floor. Tumbleweed cutter gets 2 on Davey, as does an Asai DDT. KICK DUEL between Richards and Matt…until Hero and Claudio attack Jackson from behind. Hero drops him with a Flash Kick then rattles his skull with a Roaring Elbow for 2. DEATH BLOW SCORES…but Nick makes the save. Flash Kick/Dominator combo by the Kings once they’ve got Nick out of the ring again.

Slightly contrived, ugly double teams from Hero, into an even uglier counter from Matt…and that allows him to make a crucial tag to crazy Mark. He gets 2 on Hero with an Iconoclasm as we approach 20 minutes. Castagnoli wipes Mark out with a Bicycle Kick then hoists him up for the Big Swing Dropkick double team. All eight men are in the ring going at it now. MOONSAULT TO THE FLOOR BY RICHARDS! Claudio and Mark are still legal, and in the ring Double C hits the UFO for 2. Jay tags and goes shot for shot with the European, dropping him on his neck with the DVD. Too soon for the Jay Driller though…POP-UP EUROPEAN! Edwards tagged, but has his Backpack Stunner blocked. MAFIA KICK DUEL BETWEEN JAY AND EDWARDS! LARIAT BY JAY…BOTH MEN DOWN! The Bucks return but can’t get More Bang For Your Buck with Richards and Claudio bundling in to block it. STEREO DRIVES BY THE BRISCOES! SOMERSAULT PLANCHA BY NICK! Springboard splash/standing moonsault combo gets a 2-count on Edwards…but again Richards is on hand to counter More Bang For Your Buck. DOUBLE ALARM CLOCK! SUPERKICK GERMAN FOR 2! DIE HARD from Edwards to Nick, then the powerbomb lungblower for another nearfall. ACHILLES LOCK! NICK TAPS! Wolves/Kings win it at 27:33

Rating – **** – There’s no denying this was an awesome match, and a stunning exhibition between four of the best tag teams to come from the independent scene in the past decade. But truthfully, to take this match from a GREAT match to an out and out MOTYC, this needed to go longer, or they needed to work the first half at a quicker pace. Whilst the first half was all solid, engaging stuff, when 8 guys are only getting less than 30 minutes to work with, it just wasn’t quite enough. Like I said, it’s an awesome match, but to make it an all time classic it needed to be snappier – with the first half feeling like the first 20 minutes of a 45-50 minute match (which I would have loved), but then it felt like we skipped a big middle portion and ended up going right to the stretch. Both parts were great, but having worked the start slow and skipped to a offensive splurge finish, all of a sudden Eddie’s victory felt very anticlimactic and rushed. I sound like I’m being negative, which I genuinely am not. I really enjoyed this, and it’s a match which should shift a whole bunch of SoCal Showdown DVD’s. Indeed, it was better than ANYTHING on the PWG show the next night. I’m just being hyper-critical to explain why I didn’t push my rating into MOTYC territory.

Tape Rating – *** – Make no mistake, this is very much a B-show. Nothing of long term significance really happened here, so this is by no means a ‘must own’. However, as far as B-shows go, it’s really really good. The two main events are great (how many B-shows have Jushin Liger and a 30-minute 8-Man featuring four of the best teams around?), whilst everything else gets a decent time allowance and delivers solid, watchable matches. The opener did it’s job perfectly, the character metamorphosis of Kevin Steen and El Generico was really well done whilst in the midcard Black/Ryan and Strong/Delirious continued the trend of fun, physical Pick 6 Series Matches. You know what else? VQ and sound quality was MUCH better for this show. Joe Dumbrowski is much better than Eric Santamaria too. If you can get your hands on this in a sale or from an auction site it’s money well spent.

Top 3 Matches
3) Tyler Black vs Joey Ryan (***)
2) Austin Aries vs Jushin Liger (****)
1) American Wolves/Kings Of Wrestling vs Jay Briscoe/Mark Briscoe/Young Bucks (****)

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