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ROH Epic Encounter III 3/20/2010

ROH 251 – Epic Encounter 3 – 20th March 2010

I’ve seen some call Gold Rush the worst ROH show ever…but to be honest they are way off the mark. The main event alone salvaged that event from that dubious honour. I will, however, admit that tonight’s show is where the money is for this weekend. ROH returns to the Toronto area, now set as a key market for the promotion, looking to deliver an A-card level night of action, as opposed to the B-show we saw last night in Michigan. To that end, they’ve not been helped by the Canadian border police with both Roderick Strong and Mark Briscoe denied entrance to the country for some reason. I don’t know what the Briscoes were booked for, but Roddy being turned away from Canada strips the show of one of it’s scheduled main events – that being Aries/King vs Tyler/Strong in a tag match where fans got to pick the stipulations. But much as with the first Epic Encounter where Gabe booked Danielson/London on the fly after his initial plans fell through, ROH will use the chance to pump the big Richards/Omega rematch to top billing. They had a total classic at Clash Of The Contenders last year and tonight we get a much anticipated rematch. Steve Corino taking on Colt Cabana is another high stakes clash, whilst El Generico challenges Chris Hero for his Pick 6 Spot and Eddie Edwards makes the first defence of his TV Title against Petey Williams. Lets join Dave Prazak and Joe Dumbrowksi in Mississauga, ONT.

Tyler Black comes to the ring as Bobby Cruise makes the announcement that both Mark Briscoe and Roderick Strong will not be on the show. He doesn’t want Roddy’s issues to prevent him from getting his hands on Austin Aries and Kenny King tonight and gets us started hot by calling them out. Aries provides a distraction and allows King to run in through the crowd and take Tyler down…2-on-1 beat down ensues until Jay Briscoe makes a save. That in turn brings Aries’ other protégé Rhett Titus out…then Tyson Dux runs in for no real reason at all. He’s popular in Canada though, so we’ll let it slide. Eventually Rasche Brown comes out and sends the heels fleeing to higher ground. Aries has a mystery fourth partner in mind and challenges them to an 8-Man later tonight…

Josh Raymond/Christin Able vs The Flatliners
It’s a second outing in ROH for The Flatliners, who last appeared at The Omega Effect where they lost to the Young Bucks but looked fairly decent. Tonight they have the House Of Truth, another team who have produced a string of ‘fairly decent’ performances without a favourite win/loss record to match.

Flatliners get a surprisingly huge pop for their entrance. Raymond is sporting a nasty shiner after the HoT’s match with Cabana and Generico yesterday. Burns easily throws him to the ground, much to the annoyance of Truth Martini who starts arguing with the referee. Indeed, Burns’ strength is far too much for Josh, and after the hometown favourite delivers an effortless press slam, the House Of Truth convene in the aisle for a team talk. They have better luck after the intermission with Able landing a few shots on Asylum…until he too struggles with the strength disadvantage he faces and succumbs to the power of his adversary. The Flatliners isolate Able, delivering a nice spear/neckbreaker combo for the first significant nearfall of the match. Eventually Burns misses spear attempt in the corner, leaving himself exposed for a dropkick against the ringpost by Josh. Sandwich Dropkick combo by HoT sends Burns tumbling to the floor as Martini’s men quickly turn the tide of their match in their favour. Truth himself gets involved as he sweeps Burns’ legs, leaving him in position for the powerbomb senton double team for 2. The HoT dominance continues until Burns manages to drop Christin with a…well, a flatliner and get the hot tag to Asylum. He gets 2 with a double underhook suplex on Able, before getting kicked in the mouth by Raymond. Elevated quebrada nailed and HoT get a nearfall right back. The crowd rally behind The Flatliners as they get another 2 with a LUNGBLOWER/GERMAN SUPLEX COMBO! They look set to win it until Martini gets involved again and levels Burns with a foreign object. Double team facecrusher wins it for the House Of Truth at 11:48

Rating – ** – Competitive opening match which I enjoyed. It was lacking a little spark to take it to that next level though – both teams are pretty good, but neither seem to have that x-factor or magical ability to draw fans into their performances.

Kevin Steen vs Player Dos
This is a grudge match of sorts. It was back at Death Before Dishonor 7 Night 2 that the Super Smash Bros. were able to defeat Steen and Generico in a major upset. It was particularly distressing for Steen considering it was him who brought him to ROH back at Tag Title Classic in 2009 as a replacement partner for El Generico. Can he get a revenge victory here tonight?

The mind games continue as Steen comes out wearing a ‘Cabanaramma’ headband. Once again he goes after the injured Player Uno as the match begins, but this time Dos is on hand to take advantage. RANA OFF THE APRON TO THE FLOOR! SPINNING BACKBREAKER from Steen in response which draws an even bigger pop from the crowd. Dos goes for an optimistic dragon suplex but has no chance of getting Steen’s bulk up for that…and eats an elbow to the kisser as a result. Dude Love strikes next, then a somersault leg drop, unprotected to the back of the head for 2. Dos tries a desperate slingshot move but finds it blocked, before Steen hangs him in the corner for a DOUBLE KNEE DROP across the ribs. But speaking of double knees, Steen misses the cannonball and it allows Player Dos to come off the top rope with a flying double knee of his own. Quebrada into a swinging DDT gets 2 for P2…THEN THE NECK DROP DRAGON SUPLEX! Mr Wrestling still finds a way to kick out though. Package Piledriver attempted, but Dos counters with a hurricanrana. MATRIX DUCK…but Steen superkicks him anyway. Kevin in turn thinks about a moonsault but is caught climbing the ropes. DRAGON SUPERPLEX BY DOS! STEEN KICKS OUT! PHOENIX SENTON MISSES! PACKAGE PILEDRIVER SCORES! DOS KICKS OUT AT 2! JUMPING PACKAGE PILEDRIVER! This time Steen does get a win in 10:33

Rating – *** – That was unexpectedly great. I knew both men were talented enough to make this interesting but I genuinely didn’t expect it to be this good. Steen is a total colossus in his new heel role. He’s menacing, intimidating, a violent jerk…everything a good heel should be. Equally, Dos was brilliant in his role as the underdog. He sold Steen’s offence like death, and made well-timed, well-executed, totally believable comebacks that really popped he crowd. I didn’t like the Package Piledriver false finish (in my mind that’s a move that nobody should ever kick out of) but it shouldn’t take a way from what was a real hidden gem of a match.

Player Dos has to be helped to the back, but still gets a standing ovation for his efforts. His applause is interrupted by Steen’s return, as he storms back to the ring to give Dos a third Package Piledriver for good measure

Eddie Edwards vs Petey Williams – ROH TV Title Match
We know the new TV Champion is taking this one seriously – he watched Petey’s match with Austin Aries last night closely, scouting his opponent for tonight. Eddie held the Tag Championship for the majority of 2009, but will now have to adjust his approach to being a singles champion, and get used to having a target permanently etched on his back. His task tonight is far from easy, as he faces a man with as much ‘TV’ experience as anyone on the ROH roster in Petey Williams.

This was originally set to be non-title, but after Edwards pisses the fans off with an anti-Canadian rant, hometown hero Petey Williams manages to goad him into accepting his challenge of a title match. Williams starts hot, with Eddie having to roll to the floor to avoid becoming a very early victim to the Canadian Destroyer. He returns to the ring, but Petey lands a flying headscissors and nearly picks up the win that way instead. Edwards retaliates with a hanging lungblower but has taken such a beating in the early minutes it takes him a while to recover and follow up. When he does he inflicts swift and severe damage – delivering a body slam on the floor then a punt to the spine. Petey tries a spear but misses and eats ringpost instead. That does damage to the arm and Edwards is on that in a flash with a couple of armbar submissions. Williams manages to counter free with a DDT, but goes down clutching the injured limb and can’t capitalise. Eddie is sent to the outside…SLINGSHOT RANA TO THE FLOOR! You know it’s coming but it’s still an incredible spot. More slingshot action as Petey returns to the ring with a slingshot Codebreaker into the Canadian Legsweep for 2. He starts thinking about the Destroyer only for Edwards to counter with a climbing knee. Doi 555 COUNTERED to the Sharpshooter, meaning the title is in real jeopardy here. He makes the ropes and runs through Petey with a knee strike. Superplex is blocked, as is the super Destroyer. Williams blocks the Backpack Stunner with a German suplex…but it’s NO SOLD! BACKPACK STUNNER! Eddie comes off the top with a double stomp to the back and goes to the ACHILLES LOCK! Williams escapes with a roll-up. CANADIAN DESTROYER! SHANE HAGADORN SAVES THE MATCH! Edwards has to save Hagadorn from the Destroyer, and puts Williams in the Achilles Lock again. Petey is out at 15:22

Rating – *** – Possibly Petey’s best singles match in this run with ROH. It still wasn’t perfect, and he still has major issues selling anything, but put in there with a sound technician like Edwards, he was clearly busting his ass to put on a good match for the first ever defence of the ROH TV Title. Edwards holding that belt is a good thing as it will give us a lot more opportunity to see him as a singles wrestler. Carrying Petey to a match this good is a promising sign of things to come from him.

In the back Truth Martini laments the fact that his guys didn’t get to face the Briscoes tonight. Able shouts and screams about Mark being scared of the HoT.

Austin Aries/Kenny King/Rhett Titus/Adam Pearce vs Tyler Black/Jay Briscoe/Rasche Brown/Tyson Dux
The good thing about being a worker as well as a booker? Sometimes if you’re in a crisis situation you can book yourself into a match to work yourself out of a hole. Pearce dons his tights in ROH for the first time since December and is Austin’s ‘mystery’ partner in this 8-man. Tyler Black wants this to happen since he was already scheduled to get his hands on Kenny King and one of his opponents at The Big Bang next month – A-Double. With Roddy out of the way Jay Briscoe steps in as his partner after forming an effective alliance with Black at Gold Rush yesterday. Elsewhere Rhett has made an undesirable enemy in Rasche Brown after mocking him at the end of last night’s Detroit event…and Tyson Dux, like Pearce, is here to make the numbers up.

Those crafty babyfaces run through the crowd, in a reversal of what we saw earlier, and get the jump on their opponents. Pearce amusingly tries to work Skullkrusher and gets totally floored and scurries away. Aries has a try too, and also fails miserably so tags in poor Rhett Titus, who we know Brown is looking to hurt. Team Tyler opens up a clear advantage by isolating Rhett for a couple of minutes. Eventually he does get a tag, first to King, and then to Pearce who executes a textbook poke to the eyes of Jay Briscoe. Interestingly, A-Double continues working the face with eye rakes, bootscrapes and fist drops. I assume it won’t go anywhere but I thought that was a subtle piece of heel continuity. Titus proves to be the weak link again though, allowing Briscoe to plant him in the corner with a flatliner then tag out to Black. He hits a Samoan drop/neckbreaker combo with Rasche to get a nearfall. Credit to Rhett, he sticks at it – finally distracting Tyson Dux to allow Aries to knock him off the apron. The heels work over Dux next, which makes sense as it gains a lot of heat being that this is Tyson’s home market. There’s a great moment in there with Dux nearly making it to his corner for a tag only to be cut off by a perfectly timed corkscrew enzi kick by Kenny King. Tyson manages to get a foot up to block the IED and gets a hot tag to Rasche…who makes a beeline for Titus. Aries and King try to save their friend, only for Brown to use him as a WEAPON against them. Pearce in…DOUBLE Sexy Suplex countered to a SINGLE MAN double suplex by Rasche. Black in with a Springboard Lariat and everyone goes to the floor. STEREO SOMERSAULT PLANCHAS by Tyler and Jay. There’s someone else on the babyface team who likes a dive spot…RUNNING SUICIDE DIVE BY RASCHE! But he gets over-confident and tries to go upstairs again, taking too long and getting caught by the boot of King. In the ring Dux blocks an Aries Brainbuster with a sliding DDT. SUPERKICK from Tyler to Pearce, then a BUCKLE BOMB SANDWICH for Scrap Iron and Titus. GOD’S LAST GIFT! Black pins Rhett Titus to score the win at 16:18

Rating – *** – Not an all time classic, but considering the rushed circumstances under which they booked this, I found it hugely entertaining. Rasche Brown looked like a total star any time he entered the match, the heels did a good job when they were getting heat beating up the hometown guy, whilst the seasoned pros like Tyler, Aries and Jay held the spot-laden finish together well too.

Steve Corino vs Colt Cabana
For weeks Kevin Steen and Steve Corino have been warning Cabana to be careful who he sides with. Colt was friends with both Steen and El Generico, so when the big split between those two went down at Final Battle, he found himself awkwardly stuck in the middle. He took Generico under his wing and looked to lift him out of his post-Final Battle funk, and in doing so has raised the ire of both Corino and Steen. Here the former ECW Champion will be looking to physically teach Cabana a lesson and remove him from their affairs permanently.

Colt stomps to the ring and clearly isn’t in the mood for silly games and shenanigans tonight. The match starts with some intense lock-ups and staredowns. When Cabana does break out the European stuff, it’s to trap Corino on the mat and allow him to slap him around and talk smack. Steve leaves the ring as the Chicago-native lines up the Flying Asshole…and when Colt tries to give chase with an Asai Moonsault Corino is able to block with a punch to the mouth. Undeterred, Colt recovers by throwing him through two rows of fans. The wily veteran does get an advantage in the end by kicking the ropes into Cabana’s crotch. He rakes the eyes and the face next. Running STO scores for 2, as does the hammerlock flatliner variant. Colt tries to Hulk up, powering to his feet to trade punches with Corino. He gets his first close nearfall with a quebrada, but in response Steve tries to wrap a chain around his fist to beat him. Cabana blocks…Billy Goat’s Curse. He has the match won, only for Kevin Steen to hit the ring and attack Cabana, causing a disqualification at 11:08

Rating – ** – The work was solid and intelligent, but it was at such a slow pace that it was hard to get into. This match felt like a LONG 11+ minutes, and when you sit through all that for a non-finish it’s a bit frustrating…but as a small part in the much bigger Steen/Generico/Corino/Cabana picture this did the job just fine.

El Generico sprints out with a chair to save Cabana from a 2-on-1 assault…and once everyone has gone he may as well stay out there since he’s in the next match

Chris Hero (3) vs El Generico – Pick 6 Series Match
Last time we were in the Toronto area Chris Hero lost a Pick 6 match to Kevin Steen, so this part of the world doesn’t necessarily hold the happiest of Pick 6 memories for him – although it is the same region where we saw him beat Lance Storm last summer. Tonight he defends his #3 spot in the Pick 6 Standings against El Generico, about whom everyone is concerned, and everyone has doubts as to whether he’ll actually be able to focus on this match and a potential ROH Title match in the future.

Hero is very over here, getting tons of streamers and a large ‘Chris is Awesome’ chant even competing against Generico in Canada. Despite Generico being all fired up after his altercation with Steen and Corino, Chris quickly takes him to the mat and dominates him with his power advantage. He goes for an early Roaring Elbow but the luchador blocks…so it’s a sliding kick again and the masked man eats canvas again. The troubled Generico does start to work himself into the match at the 5 minute mark, increasing the pace to a level where he’s able to overwhelm Hero with the speed of his offensive flurries. Another sliding kick puts Generico down again though, and immediately the pace slows again with Chris methodically stalking him and taking his time to deliver various assortments of chops, elbows and boots. And as if that’s not enough, he then pitches Generico to the floor where Shane Hagadorn is waiting to lay in some cheap shots. Hero tumbles off the guardrail but misses. Generico is shot to the apron…ARABIAN PRESS TO THE FLOOR CAUGHT! RUNNING POWERSLAM AGAINST THE GUARDRAILS! Generico barely beats the count back into the ring, and as he puts his head back in Hero is waiting to deliver another devastating dropkick to the face. But he shows resilience, taking more punishment before knocking Hero to the floor for a SOMERSAULT PLANCHA FROM THE TOP! Flying headscissors from him to re-enter the ring and that gets a close nearfall. Hero tries another elbow but it’s countered with a Blue Thunder driver for a second nearfall in succession. Brainbuster attempted, but it’s countered with Hero’s release suplex. Dislocator scores again and once again El Generico is a lifeless heap on a mat. Death Blow lined up…COUNTERED TO AN EXPLODER INTO THE TURNBUCKLES! YAKUZA…COUNTERED WITH THE FLASH KICK FROM HERO! Check out the guts of Generico, he actually stands up to a volley of chops from the powerful Chris Hero, before finally going down after a Roaring Elbow from the blind side. REPEATED MAFIA KICKS! Generico is bumping on his damn neck off everyone of those. ROLLING ELBOW…GENERICO NO SELLS! ELBOW FLURRY…GENERICO NO SELLS! ROARING ELBOW…GENERICO KICKS OUT! RIPCORD ELBOW…STILL 2! DEATH BLOW! HE KICKS OUT AGAIN! A furious Chris Hero locks in the Stretch Plum and, after being knocked silly with that massive elbow assault, Generico is basically out cold anyway. The referee has no choice but to stop it and award the match to Hero in 20:06

Rating – **** – This was the best match of the weekend thus far, and after a double shot of fairly mediocre action, seeing something of this quality was actually a bit of a surprise. El Generico has always been a fantastic, sympathetic babyface worker who fans love to route for…but that meshed SO well with the ruthless, strike-based arsenal of Hero. Fans actually seemed to like Hero at the start, but within minutes he’d killed his babyface heat and was getting the stinging heel response from the crowd he was looking for. The pattern of Hero beating the tar out of the masked man, Generico making courageous comebacks before getting beaten down again was continued throughout – but the key was that they kept stepping things up every time. Each Generico comeback would be more spectacular than the one before, but each subsequent Hero beatdown was more violent in response. That finishing sequence with Hero unloading his different elbow strikes and Generico still getting up was awesome pay-off for a great 20 minutes of build up.

As Generico struggles to get back to his feet, Kevin Steen comes back out with a microphone. Before he says what he has to say he calls Cabana out as well. He decides to give Generico an explanation as to why he split their team up – which in essence boils down to blaming him for losing the Tag Titles, then blaming HIMSELF for losing Ladder War 2 and almost quitting the business. Teaming with Generico had taken him to such a dark place that he wanted to retire…and attacking him at Final Battle was the best moment of his life. He dares Generico to hit him but he can’t do it, even when Colt fetches a chair. Corino then attacks from behind…and when the two teams separate Colt is left to pick up the pieces after another damaging psychological assault on El Generico.

Kenny Omega rambles in his usual bizarre fashion. The Canadian fans will ‘lift his spirits’ and make his chances of victory tonight 100% apparently…

Davey Richards vs Kenny Omega
These two had a spectacular match at Clash Of The Contenders in the St Louis region late last year. I had it down as an ROH MOTYC and people have been clamouring for a rematch. In truth, with Omega on his way out of the company thanks to his Japanese commitments, and Davey’s future still unclear thanks to his close ties with Gabe Sapolsky’s promotions, this is a fairly harmless, inconsequential main event with very few storyline connotations. But in many ways that’s a good thing. This isn’t about a storyline or furthering a feud. This is about two great athletes looking to go out, tear the house down and score a win. Last time it was Kenny barely escaping with the victory – can Richards even it?

No wasted time from Richards, he sprints across the ring and BOOTS Omega in the mouth. TOPE CON DEATH WISH…NAILED! He shunted Kenny back into the rails with that before bouncing off him and taking out several members of the audience too. Omega tries to come off the ropes but gets pulled out of the corner into a big kick before having to scramble to the ropes to avoid a very early Texas Cloverleaf. Davey goes for one kick too many and finds his leg caught in a dragon screw to hand Omega the initiative for the first time. To the floor where he sends Davey into the guardrails a couple of times before Richards hits back with a boot to the mouth. The American Wolf maintains control for another couple of minutes, blocking a trademark Omega hurricanrana with a powerbomb and locking in the Cloverleaf briefly. A roundhouse kick connects with the Canadian’s skull and fells him like a tree, nearly giving Richards a knock-out win. HAMMERLOCK Cloverleaf (basically Konnan’s old finisher)meaning Davey can work his regular finisher as well as the arm in case he wants to go to the Kimura later. Handspring Enzi COUNTERED in mid-air with a spinning heel kick from Omega to leave both men down. Kenny tries the Leapfrog Bulldog but that’s countered too! Rana and a urinage suplex instead get Omega nearfall at 10 minutes. Dragon Suplex scores for another close 2. These guys are going at 100mph at the moment – how long can they keep this relentless pace? Stop Sign Enzi attempted, so Davey KICKS THE STOP SIGN! Cross Armbreaker from there has Omega in real pain.
Davey then manages to get most of the way across the ring with a missile dropkick right to his opponent’s face.

Kenny gets Richards out of the ring and kicks him into the crowd, where Hagadorn tries to resuscitate him. SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT INTO THE FRONT ROW WIPES OUT BOTH OF THEM! Naturally a move like that takes it out of both men, and when they finally recover they battle to the apron and start teeing off with big kicks. LEAPFROG BULLDOG OFF THE APRON ONTO THE TIMEKEEPING TABLE! It doesn’t break which made that look even more brutal than it otherwise would have done. Davey is covered in bruises after that last exchange on the floor but beats the 20-count to keep the match alive. STRIKE EXCHANGE! ALARM CLOCK BLOCKED. ENZI INSTEAD! GERMAN SUPLEX BLOCKED…REVERSE RANA! DAVEY NO SELLS FOR A LARIATOOOOO! Both men go down and the crowd are going wild for this. We’re nearly 20 minutes deep and neither man seems to have a lot left to give. Alarm Clock…kick combo…SUPLEX ALARM CLOCK FOR 2! Getting desperate now Davey thinks about the Shooting Star Press and is caught taking too long getting to the top. Omega tries a moonsault instead and now he’s caught on top. ROPE RUN GERMAN SUPERPLEX…OMEGA LANDS ON HIS FEET! HADOUKEN BLOCKED WITH A KICK. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADOUKEN ANYWAY! BLUE DESTINY GETS 2! Davey blocks Croyt’s Wrath and scrambles to the turnbuckles. DR DRIVER NAILED! Two count, so he goes STRAIGHT into the Kimura. Omega counters that, so it’s a cross armbreaker instead. OMEGA STANDS UP…CROYT’S WRATH INTO THE F*CKING TURNBUCKLES! REVERSE RANA! CROYT’S WRATH AGAIN! DAVEY LOCKS IN THE KIMURA FROM THE PIN! KENNY TAPS! Richards, using the last energy he had in the tank, scores the win at 23:54

Rating – ****1/2 – Basically an elongated version of the excellence that was their first match – with a hint more overkill on the finish and a touch more brutality in the middle with crowd dives and table spots. By calling this show Epic Encounter 3 we’re clearly trying to draw comparisons between this match and Danielson/London from 2003 or Danielson/Nigel from 2006…but personally I felt this was hugely reminiscent of the super-exciting 2003 battle between AJ Styles and Paul London at Night Of The Grudges. These two guys weren’t shooting for an overly clever story, they didn’t waste time with a feeling out process, they didn’t slow the pace down with elaborate ‘heat segments’ or body part work. They knew fans wanted to see: balls to the wall, non-stop athleticism and cutting edge 21st century junior heavyweight American indy wrestling…and that’s exactly what Davey and Kenny delivered. Richards laid down a marker by sprinting across the ring to attack in the first five seconds, and that’s the pace they continued at for nearly 25 minutes. We only have a few shows left before ROH is a quarter of the way through 2010, and this may well be my favourite match of the year thus far. I definitely have it ahead of Aries/Tyler, Richards/Generico and Wolves/Bucks which immediately spring to mind as it’s main rivals so far.

Davey takes the mic to show his respect to Omega and offer him a rematch anytime he likes…then he puts Tyler Black on notice – he’s coming for the ROH Championship.

Tape Rating – *** – With all storylines focused on building to The Big Bang ippv at the start of next month, and all the talent looking to stay fresh ahead of next week’s big WrestleMania shows in Phoenix, it’s easy to see that this weekend wasn’t a top priority for Ring Of Honor. Both Gold Rush and Epic Encounter 3 were clear B-shows. I know the Toronto market is important, but this time around the focus wasn’t here. And as such, there was very little difference between this show tonight and Dearborn yesterday. The undercard was packed with filler, and B-show matches with two big main events left to carry the show. However, the key distinguishing feature was that tonight all the B-show matches actually delivered. Nobody is saying Kevin Steen vs Player Dos is a marquee match for ROH – but it was a really fun little undercard match. I don’t think anyone thought Petey Williams was going to dethrone Eddie Edwards tonight – but they still had a really physical, heated battle. This should be the template for all B-shows – just throw out one top main event that will shift DVD’s and an undercard of solid, well-executed little matches that are actually fun to watch. The good news about ROH running less shows is that hopefully ROH fans are able to buy a greater proportion of the DVD’s and won’t have to miss out on fun little events like this one. I’ll admit this is a B-show, and it’s significance is limited compared to next weekend in Phoenix or The Big Bang next month. But the double main event of Hero/Generico and Richards/Omega are worth your money here…

Top 3 Matches
3) Eddie Edwards vs Petey Williams (***)
2) Chris Hero vs El Generico (****)
1) Davey Richards vs Kenny Omega (****1/2)

Top 5 Gold Rush/Epic Encounter 3 Matches
5) Eddie Edwards vs Petey Williams (*** – Epic Encounter 3)
4) Roderick Strong vs Kenny Omega (*** – Gold Rush)
3) Tyler Black/Jay Briscoe/Mark Briscoe vs Chris Hero/American Wolves (**** – Gold Rush)
2) Chris Hero vs El Generico (**** – Epic Encounter 3)
1) Davey Richards vs Kenny Omega (****1/2 – Epic Encounter 3)

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