ECW Cyberslam 1999 4/3/1999

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Cyberslam
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.) Jerry Lynn defeated Tajiri
2.) Nova & Chris Chetti defeated Rod Price & Skull Von Krush
3.) Super Crazy defeated El Mosco
4.) Taka Michinoku defeated Papi Chulo
5.) ECW Television Champion Rob Van Dam defeated 2 Cold Scorpio to retain the title
6.) ECW World Champion Taz defeated Chris Candido in a falls count anywhere match to retain the title
7.) Shane Douglas defeated Justin Credible
8.) Dudley Boys & Mustafa defeated Balls Mahoney, Axl Rotten & New Jack in a steel cage match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. The show started off with a really good match between Lynn and Tajiri. Among some of the highlights were Tajiri suplexing Lynn over the railing into the crowd and hit a springboard moonsault into the crowd. Lynn hit Tajiri with a running sit down power bomb but Tajiri kicked out at two. Moments later, Lynn connected with the cradle pile driver to earn a hard fought win. It was a really good fast paced match.

2. Lance Storm came out to cut a promo. Storm said that Tommy Dreamer was ruining his character by saying that he was using steroids. So, Storm has come out and agreed to take a drug test to prove that he is clean. Storm even has urine in a bottle with him. However, he wants Dreamer to do the same. Dreamer comes out to the ring to the ring but is attacked by Storm. Dreamer plants Storm with a DDT and pours Storm’s urine on his face to embarrass Storm!

3. The next match as really just a filler. Chris Chetti and Von Krush came out to help out their respective partners and Nova ended up benefiting from it. Nova and Chetti hit the top rope splash/leg leg drop combo on Price to allow Nova to get the win. After the match, Von Krush attacks Price by hitting a swinging DDT.

4. Super Crazy was in action against El Mosco, who is making his ECW debut. Mosco takes Crazy out with a springboard somersault dive on the floor in the early moments of the match. Crazy battled back by hitting the incredible Crazy Special and gets a two count after two moonsault. Mosco connected with a slingshot senton splash from the ring onto the floor. They trade power bombs but Crazy is able to put Mosco away with a frog splash after delivering a back breaker.

5. Papi Chulo is actually Essa Rios. Rios controlled Taka early on by hitting a top rope hurricanrana but Taka quickly came back with a tornado DDT. Rios avoids a second tornado DDT and drops Taka with a missile dropkick. Rios also takes Taka out with a somersault dive over the top on the floor. Taka misses a top rope moonsault but power bombs Rios. Taka is able to get the three count after hitting the Michinoku Driver. This match would’ve been good head we not seen the previous match and the opener on the same card. A lot of the same moves were used and that hurt the match greatly.

6. Scorpio made his return to ECW and looked to regain the ECW Television Championship when he faced RVD. Honestly, this was a rather disappointing match as they two didn’t really click well. Scorpio had the early advantage with a DDT and a split legged moonsault followed by a big super kick. RVD fought back with a cross body off the top onto the floor. Scorpio nearly won following a somersault leg drop off the middle rope. Scorpio put RVD on a table on the floor but RVD simply rolled off. Scorpio delivers a few weak chair shots and leg drops the chair on RVD for a near fall. Sabu runs out to attack Scorpio and leg drops him through the table on the floor. RVD is able to overcome a late power bomb by Scorpio and kicks a chair into his face before hitting the Five Star Frog Splash for the win.

7. Chris Candido makes his surprise return and cuts a shoot promo on the Kliq. He says that he has never used steroids, somas and never had to wear a baby outfit. He proceeded to challenge Taz to a falls count anywhere match. Taz quickly accepts the challenge.

8. They brawled into the crowd early on with Candido diving off the top onto Taz. Taz backdrops Candido on the bleachers. Taz hit’s a t-bone suplex on the balcony. Candido leaps off the balcony to elbow drop Taz for a two count. Candido drops Taz with a vertical suplex in the ring and nearly wins the title following a diving head butt off the top. Taz connects with an overhead suplex off the middle rope but Tammy gives Candido a chair. Candido uses it and gets a two count. Taz ends up suplexing Candido through a table set up in the corner and the referee calls for the bell. After the match, Taz attacks Candido some more before walking away from the ring and fans not approving of his actions.

9. Shane Douglas tells a story about Terry Funk coming to ECW to make him the Franchise of ECW. Douglas tells Credible that he has another thing coming if he thinks he is going to beat Douglas tonight. Douglas slaps Credible once he crosses the line and Credible tells Douglas he isn’t going to back down.

10. Douglas works on Credible early on with a vertical suplex and drops Credible gut first across the top rope. Credible is able to slam Douglas off the top rope through a table that Douglas had set up in the ring. Credible gets a couple of near falls after a super kick and a middle rope fist drop. Credible busts Douglas open after ramming him head first into to a steel beam. Douglas fights back by press slamming Credible through a table set up in the corner! We get a cat fight after Jazz breaks up the figure four Douglas had locked on Credible. Credible connects with the Stunner before heading to the top rope. Douglas stops Credible and drives Credible down to the mat with the Pittsburgh Plunge for the win! After the match, Lance Storm and Credible attack Douglas with a kendo stick. Tommy Dreamer comes out but he is hit with the stick as well to end the segment.

11. The cage match is up next, which has War Games like rules but the match doesn’t have to end with a submission. Balls rams D-Von head first into the cage a few times before hitting a super kick. Balls also hit a top rope frog splash. Bubba enters the cage and accidentally hit’s a bloody D-Von with a trash can lid. Axl comes into the ring and carves D-Von’s forehead with scissors. That is really gross. Bubba senton splashes a trash can lid onto Brown. Mustafa enters the cage and moments later New Jack comes out. Jack uses various weapons on his opponents. Balls spit’s a fireball into Mustafa’s face but the Dudley Boys are able to 3-D Balls for the win. After the match, New Jack leaps off the top of the cage to splash onto Mustafa through a table in the ring to end the show.

Final Thoughts:
This is a really good show. I’d say six out of the eight matches had entertaining qualities. The show had fast paced contests and a good battle between Douglas/Credible. Also, the segment with Storm and Dreamer was nicely done and advances their feud. This is probably one of the better ECW shows I’ve ever watched and it only took me almost thirteen years to watch. Cyber slam ‘99 gets a thumbs up from me.

Thanks for reading.

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