ECW on TNN 3/24/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents ECW on TNN
From: Salem, NH

1.)ECW Television Champion Super Crazy defeated Tajiri in a Japanese death match to retain the title.
2.)Tommy Dreamer defeated Grimes

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.Joey Styles and Joel Gertner open the show in the ring doing their normal routine. Gertner says that Cyrus is his personal bitch! After the ECW on TNN opening, the new ECW Television Champion Super Crazy makes his way down to the ring. Crazy says something in Spanish. He will be defending the championship against Tajiri tonight. Cyrus makes his way out to the ring to taunt the crowd with the fact he is network. Cyrus announces the match will be a match that Tajiri has never lost at. It will be a Japanese death match! Joey Styles tells Cyrus that he can’t do that, but Cyrus tells him to shut his mouth. Cyrus threatens to get Gertner arrested. Gertner backs off and leaves. But, Styles takes off his jacket after being shoved and gets in Cyrus face. Cyrus threatens Styles with the same threat he said to Gertner. Cyrus reminds Styles that if he is arrested the show will be off the network due to not having any announcers. Styles backs off against and leaves the ring.

2.Tajiri quickly tossed Crazy over the railing into the crowd to start the title match. Tajiri hit a handspring back elbow back in the ring but they quickly go back to the floor. Crazy hit a springboard moonsault off the middle rope onto Tajiri in the crowd! Crazy hit another springboard moonsault back in the ring but Tajiri kicked out. They exchange a few roll ups but neither man is able to keep their opponent down for a three count. Tajiri gains the advantage with a stiff kick to Crazy’s head. Crazy dropkicks a chair into Tajiri’s face but Tajiri whacks Crazy in the head with the chair. Tajiri puts Crazy on a table and double stomps Crazy through the table but only got a near fall! Crazy power slams Tajiri through another table set up in the corner. Crazy connects with a top rope moonsault on Tajiri who was on another table but it didn’t work. So, Crazy power bombs Tajiri through the table and wins the match. After the match, Steve Corino comes into the ring and attacks Crazy. Rhino enters the ring to GORE Crazy! The Sandman’s music hits and he appears in the crowd. Tajiri ends up spitting mist into Sandman’s eyes and Rhino gores him. Rhino spikes both Sandman and Crazy with a pile driver.

3.Cyrus gets the microphone and says no one stands up to the Network. Cyrus wants anyone who is man enough to stand up to them to come to the ring. Well, Balls Mahoney is man enough. Cyrus is the only guy in the ring because everyone else bailed to the floor. Cyrus notices this too late and begs for mercy. Corino grabs the chair and Rhino enters to GORE Mahoney.

4.Backstage, Da Baldies run into Tommy Dreamer who is trying to get a drink. Angel wants Dreamer to give him respect for being the king on the street. Angel tells Dreamer that Raven had a hit on him and they are here to collect on it. Dreamer is attacked by all three men and left laying. They tell him its just business and nothing personal. I’m pretty sure Dreamer will not accept that excuse. This happened earlier in the day, so he will wrestle Grimes next.

5.Dreamer tosses Grimes into the crowd where he has the advantage by sending Grimes over a railing to the floor. Dreamer has Grimes in the penalty box when he whacks him with a steel chair. Grimes is able to power slam Dreamer on the concrete floor. DeVito and Angel are attacking Dreamer in the crowd and Grimes leaps off a structure to deliver an elbow drop on the concrete floor! They get back to the ring and Grimes hits a top rope big splash but Dreamer got the shoulder up at two. Grimes misses a splash on Dreamer on the floor and lands on a chair. Dreamer clotheslines DeVito and Angel to get the upper hand. Dreamer takes care of DeVito and Angel in the corner. Dreamer catapults a ladder into their faces as they tried to get to their feet. Dreamer plants them both with a DDT and sends Grimes back into the crowd. Dreamer puts Grimes on a table and leaps off the same structure from earlier to crash through the table. Grimes slams Dreamer onto a ladder back in the ring to counter a DDT but misses a top rope senton splash. Dreamer covers Grimes and gets the three count. That was surprisingly an entertaining match.

6.Sinister Minster is in the ring with Judge Jeff Jones. He takes all the credit for making Mike Awesome and Raven a tag team. It was his plan that allowed them to win the ECW World Tag Team Championships. Oh, Awesome, Raven and Francine are in the ring as well. Francine says that no one knows what the guys name is in ECW. She is the Queen of Extreme and lists the champions she has managed. She doesn’t want him to take credit for what she did. She demands respect and credit. “What about me, what about Francine?” Here comes the Impact Players but the show comes to an end.

Final Thoughts:
It wasn’t a bad episode this week. Sure, the Tajiri/Crazy match is something we’ve seen about a million times but they continue to put on a good showing. The opening segment was a really good segment as well with Cyrus getting under the announcers skin. All that being said, the show was a solid edition with some good action and the promos advanced the angles nicely.

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