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ROH on HDNET 5/24/2010

ROH on HDNet – Episode 059 – 24th May 2010

Tonight, 59 shows into ROH’s 100-episode run on HDNet, we have our first ROH TV Title defence. I’ll leave that to you guys to decide whether you think that’s good enough or not. Anyway, tonight Eddie Edwards defends against Colt Cabana in a rematch of their great first round clash in the tournament which Edwards eventually one. Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak are in Philadelphia, PA

Joey Ryan tells Eddie Kingston he’s going for a Moustache Ride tonight. Elsewhere Eddie wants payback for going through a table in New York

Joey Ryan vs Eddie Kingston
Eddie has had problems with The Embassy going back to the first HDNet show of 2010 when they were revealed as the guys who attacked him in the locker room. Last time we saw then was in the Pick 6 Battle Royal two weeks ago when, such is the animosity between them, they ended up eliminating each other from the match.

No wasted time from Kingston, who marches straight to the ring and dominates Ryan from the outset with big strikes and suplexes. Back Fist misses though and Joey turns him into a swinging neckbreaker. He looks to keep Eddie on the canvas, repeatedly stomping and punching at head every time he tries to get up. Prince Nana then rakes Kingston’s eyes meaning even when he does get up he can’t see Ryan to land any offence on him. Joey quickly takes him down for a camel clutch with added face raking and mouth grabbing as we approach 5 minutes. Eventually Eddie does mount a comeback, landing a head and arm suplex and a few elbow smashes. Back Drop Driver blocked, only for King to block the Superkick and land a big lariat. Shawn Daivari runs in to force a DQ at 05:47

Rating – * – I sort of liked the story they were going for but it was fought in slow motion and really tedious to watch. Both these two are SO much better in their ‘home’ promotions where they’re treated like much bigger deals and showcased in a more effective way. I’d criticise the lousy finish more but it’s not like it ruined anything special…

The Embassy put a beatdown on Kingston until Necro Butcher, armed with a garbage can, runs out to make a save. Jim Cornette is here too and he quickly sends Ryan and Daivari back to the ring to fight a ‘Butcher’s Rules’ tag match…

Necro Butcher/Eddie Kingston vs Joey Ryan/Shawn Daivari
Daivari is The Embassy’s newest recruit – news we saw develop on a recent HDNet episode. That means he’s immediately cast into the never-ending Butcher/Embassy feud. Necro has also made a recent return to ROH having sat out a few HDNet episodes through suspension. Along with that suspension being lifted, Cornette has also announced that all his matches are now fought under Butcher’s Rules…meaning he can basically do what he wants.

Necro batters Daivari senseless with the trash can in the aisle as Ryan and Kingston continue to go at it. They’re soon separated as Butcher arrives on the scene to start suffocating Joey with a plastic bag. Then he powerslams Ryan into the crowd, once again breaking his promise to Jim Cornette that he’d keep his matches within the confines of the ringside area. In the ring Eddie hits a urinage suplex on Daivari and floors Ernesto Osiris with a headbutt for good measure. Ernie’s interference turns out to be a good thing though as Daivari punts Eddie in the balls to win at 02:51

Rating – * – About as good/bad as the first match – except it was a little shorter and a little more stiff headbutt to Ernesto Osiris’ stupid face.

There’s more gang assault as The Embassy use the numbers to their advantage again, swarming on Necro like a pack of animals to beat him down. Rasche Brown comes down after weeks of being courted by Prince Nana as a future Embassy representative. He gets a big pop for turning down Nana’s deal and beating the snot out of every Embassy member he can get his hands on.

Steve Corino has requested some interview time…apparently to call Colt Cabana a loser. He’s going to make Colt’s life miserable.

They air an extended highlights package of Supercard Of Honor 5, complete with exclusive camera angles and bonus reaction/interviews. Prince Nana’s response to Ballz Mahoney’s ROH arrival is absolutely hilarious: ‘I didn’t come to New York for balls’.

Jim Cornette announces that Roderick Strong has lodged a formal complaint about the officiating during his match at Supercard Of Honor. Regardless, Cornette announces that it will be Tyler Black defending against Davey Richards at Death Before Dishonor.

SIDENOTE – At this point they run the Aries/Delirious injury angle footage AGAIN. This is approaching the 10th time they’ve run this video package since the event, which was only four episodes ago. By now I’m sick of it, it’s plain lazy and it is wasting precious television time.

Following the announcement that next time ROH is on HDNet it’ll be a non-title Black/Aries main event, Kyle Durden catches up with A-Double in his interview spot. He doesn’t care that it’s non-title, and only wants to beat Tyler to bruise his ego, and enjoy his own satisfaction that while Tyler and Roddy are feuding over the World Title, everyone will know he’s better than both of them.

Eddie Edwards vs Colt Cabana – ROH TV Title Match
This is the first HDNet defence of this belt (it’s already been defended on a DVD show). Eddie beat Cabana in the first round of the tournament, although it was a tainted win thanks to the interventions and distractions of Steve Corino. Colt, who many consider as the ideal TV Champion due to his charisma, entertainment value and ring skills, is compensated for that loss with a shot tonight.

Colt starts well, using his wrestling skills to get the better of the champion and apply a couple of arm submission holds – significant as we all know Eddie has a problem elbow going back to last year. Thankfully for Edwards, most of the offence seems to be focused on his OTHER arm, but the damage is still a key point in the early going as he hangs it limply by his side as Cabana continues to dominate. But things can change quickly, and as Colt lines up the Flying Asshole Eddie sidesteps and assists Cabana in flying head/neck first into the turnbuckles. He makes it worse moments later with a suplex on the floor meaning Cabana is really feeling his neck now. They battle on the turnbuckles and it’s Colt that is able to land a big superplex. Edwards sends him out of the ring again, this time for a TOPE SUICIDA which sandwiches his sore back against the barrier. Double stomp attempted, only for Colt to get a boot up with such effectiveness that the champion falls all the way of the ring. Cabana wraps arm around the ringpost then hits a BIG DADDY SPLASH OFF THE APRON! In the ring again where he is able to nail the Flying Asshole second time around and gets a nearfall. Colt 45 blocked and Edwards delivers a flying knee to the face which leaves both men down. He boots him in the corner too, before dragging him out for the Backpack Stunner which gets a 2. Achilles Lock blocked, then Colt COUNTERS A MISSILE DROPKICK TO THE BILLY GOAT’S CURSE! Steve Corino is out and distracting Colt again…but this time the ensuing Eddie Edwards opportunistic roll up doesn’t get a three. Corino is still getting involved though, and in the melee Eddie is passes his title belt. Colt is totally distracted and is easy prey for a SHINBREAKER ON THE TV TITLE! ACHILLES LOCK! He has to tap, meaning Edwards retains at 12:33

Rating – *** – A fun main event. Personally I’d rather have seen this match get another 5 minutes at the expense of one of the multiple video packages (or two Embassy matches) we got on this episode. I’m not, however, going to sh*t on the finish because I thought it was awesome. I loved how they referenced the finish from their last match, didn’t do it, then still had the Corino interference cost Cabana, except this time in much more brutal fashion thanks to that title belt spot. These last two matches (the Last Man Standing Match with Steen in New York, and this one) have been Cabana’s best singles matches since he returned to ROH last year.

Steve Corino starts pounding on Cabana only for Colt to fight back. Kevin Steen arrives to save his friend before Cabana can hit the Flying Asshole…show ends.

Tape Rating – ** – Most of the show was pretty lousy. Way too much Embassy, Necro Butcher and pre-taped packages for my liking. I award my rating for another amusing Austin Aries promo and a fun TV Title main event. Everything else was completely skippable.

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