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WCW Saturday Night 3/11/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.)Randy Savage defeated Bob Starr
2.)Blacktop Bully defeated Tim Horner
3.)Alex Wright defeated WCW Television Champion Arn Anderson by count-out
4.)WCW United States Champion Vader defeated Bobby Knight

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.Nick Bockwinkel announces that Hulk Hogan has been banned from appearing on any WCW programming until after Uncensored. I guess because of what Hogan did to Vader last week.

2.Randy Savage won his squash match following a top rope elbow drop. After the match, Savage is interviewed by Mean Gene. Savage says that it was his wake up call when Avalanche attacked him a few weeks ago. Savage will do whatever it takes to bring Avalanche all the way down. He will do whatever it takes at Uncensored to win.

3.I should note that Hulk Hogan appears on the program during the Control Center segment. So, that announcement by Bockwinkel was ridiculous.

4.Lord Steven Regal talks to Mean Gene and is in a very serious mood. Regal says he doesn’t care if he offended anyone for insulting Bobby Eaton last week. Regal calls Eaton a moron who struggles to put a sentence together. Eaton walks over and asks if he still wants a partner. Eaton gets fed up when Regal looks to grab his neck and they end up agreeing to a match for next week on Saturday Night.

5.Blacktop Bully had no problem against Tim Horner this week. Bully won by submission with the Breaker 1-9. Bully screams that he is going to break Dustin Rhodes arm. After the match, Mean Gene talks to Col. Robert Parker and Blacktop Bully. Bully says he does whatever he wants in his life and wants Rhodes to be ready for their match taking place inside the back of a moving truck. Parker hypes up Meng as being the greatest marital arts expert ever.

6.Alex Wright looks to extend his undefeated streak and win championship gold when he meets WCW TV Champion Arn Anderson. Anderson controls Wright with a shoulder block and scoop slam. Wright dropkicks Anderson off the top to the floor and follows up with a cross body over the top rope onto the floor where he delivers a second dropkick! Wright drops Anderson with a couple of upper cuts. Anderson is struggling to get any kind of momentum as he bails to the floor after a head scissors by Wright. Anderson drops Wright throat first across the top rope to get the cheap advantage. Wright misses a missile dropkick off the top and crashes to the canvas. Anderson catapults Wright throat first into the bottom rope to maintain the advantage. Wright nails Anderson with a spinning heel kick and a gets near fall after a belly to belly suplex. Wright leaps off the middle rope to hit Anderson with a cross body! Johnny B. Badd comes out when Anderson bails to the floor and Badd knocks him out with a left hook while wearing boxing gloves. The referee was distracted by Parker and ends up counting Anderson out to give Wright the count-out victory. That was actually a really fun match.

7.Vader finishes off the show winning his squash match following a power bomb. After the match, Mean Gene talks to Vader and Flair with the jobber at their feet. Vader says that Hogan is responsible for what he just did to the jobber. Vader claims he is the uncrowned WCW World Heavyweight Champion. Flair talks about Uncensored having no rules and that it will mark the end of Hogan!

Final Thoughts:
I thought it was a good episode this week, again. It was short and the Anderson/Wright match actually surprised me since they went all out for it. The whole Hogan being banned from television for maybe eight days is ridiculous, especially when less than a minute later he appears with a promo. That’s just bad planning by WCW. Nonetheless, it was a solid show.

Thanks for reading.

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