WCW Saturday Night 3/4/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.)The Nasty Boys defeated Tracy Benton & Bob Starr
2.)Meng defeated Steve Neely
3.)Lord Steven Regal defeated Mike Davis
4.)WCW Television Champion Arn Anderson defeated John Crystal
5.)WCW United States Champion Vader defeated the Patriot by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.After Tony and Bobby talk about what happened between Hogan and Vader last week, we go to the ring to see the Nasty Boys in action for the forth time in five weeks. They are really overexposing the Nasty Boys in my opinion. Anyway, they obviously win the squash match when Saggs leaps off the top rope to hit an elbow drop. After the match, they are interviewed by Mean Gene. Nasty Boys will be meeting Harlem Heat in a Texas Tornado match at Uncensored. Saggs says they are going use a lot of weapons and the champs will be going down. Knobbs doesn’t think Harlem Heat can handle them in a Texas Tornado match.

2.This is the in-ring debut for Meng, who now has long hair. Meng knocks Neely out in maybe ten seconds with a savant kick to win the match. That might be the quickest debut ever. After the match, Col. Robert Parker goes over to Mean Gene to be interviewed. Parker says that Jim Duggan needs to be worried. He will be wrestling Meng at Uncensored in a marital arts match.

3.Regal continues his winning ways by forcing Davis to submit to the Regal Stretch. After the match, Regal talks to Mean Gene. Regal says he new years resolution is to get here an hour earlier to hate Mean Gene longer! He can’t find a tag partner to go for the tag team titles. His quest will continue. Bobby Eaton comes over and volunteers to be Regal’s partner. Eaton is chewing gum and acting king of silly, which Regal doesn’t like. So, Regal declines the offer and rips on him once Eaton leaves.

4.WCW Television Champion Arn Anderson planted the jobber with a DDT to pick up the easy victory.

5.The Patriot squares off against the number one contender, and WCW US Champion, Vader. I don’t see Marcus Alexander Bagwell at ringside, but Ric Flair is by Vader’s side. That just shows you how bad of a partner Bagwell is. Vader worked on Patriot early on with several punches but Patriot fought back with a few lefts. Patriot comes off the ropes to drop Vader with a cross body. Vader misses a sit down splash and Patriot has some momentum. Vader uses his big chest to stop a charging Patriot. Vader drives Patriot down to the canvas with a choke slam. Flair attacks Patriot on the floor while the referee is distracted. Vader hits a middle rope splash and follows up with a big splash but doesn’t want the cover. Vader hits the power bomb and here comes Hulk Hogan who attacks Vader with his strap and clotheslines Vader to the floor! Hogan is choking Vader with the strap. Jimmy Hart prevents Ric Flair from entering the ring! The Nasty Boys and Jim Duggan come out to pull Hogan off of Vader.

6.Tony Schiavone interviews WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan who says that was only a small sample of what will happen at Uncensored. Hogan is going to be the maniac he needs to be and he will have a surprise for Vader.

Final Thoughts:
I thought this was a good episode. Considering it was only an hour long, WCW didn’t have to repeat anything and kept it simple by just having wrestling matches. Honestly, I think if Saturday Night was just an hour long every week, it would be a lot better. I liked how they debuted Meng here as he knocked out the jobber with one strike. If they continue to do that then he could rise up the rankings pretty quickly I would think.

Thanks for reading.

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