WCW Saturday Night 3/25/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.)Sgt. Craig Pittman defeated Mike Davis
2.)Stars & Stripes defeated Sonny Trout & Rick Thames
3.)Big Bubba defeated Mark Starr
4.)Brian Pillman defeated the Terrorist
5.)Meng defeated Mike Khoury
6.)Steve Austin defeated Kenny Kendall
7.)Sting defeated Lt. James Earl Wright
8.)Kevin Sullivan & the Butcher defeated Dave Abee & Leroy Howard
9.)WCW Television Champion Arn Anderson defeated John Crystal
10.)Randy Savage defeated Avalanche

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.Nick Bockwinkel opens the show talking to the announcers. Bockwinkel had a meeting with Hogan and Savage which will be aired later on in the show. He is going to strip the WCW United States Championship from Vader for not listening to him. It makes sense, who realistically could beat Vader on the under-card?

2.Sgt. Craig Pittman won his squash match by submission with a cross arm breaker.

3.Stars & Stripes competed in tag action and won their squash match over the team named Southern Posse after they hit a vertical suplex/cross body combo move.

4.Big Bubba withstood an early offense flurry from Starr to win the squash match following a side slam. After the match, Mean Gene interviews Big Bubba. Bubba says there isn’t anyone can do when they meet in the ring, he is going to beat them.

5.Brian Pillman continued his winning streak when he beat the Terrorist following a top rope cross body. During the match, Pillman actually leaped off a balcony and dove onto the Terrorist on the floor. After the match, Mean Gene interviews Pillman. Pillman says that life is too short to focus on the negative. He promises to crack up the intensity every time he competes.

6.We go to footage of Nick Bockwinkel meeting with Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan. They had a startling request, which Bockwinkel wants everyone to see for themselves. They think that Ric Flair is completely out of line and they want Flair reinstated. Bockwinkel promises them there will be a vote to see if Flair is reinstated into the company.

7.Meng was in action, which means he won in less than a minute after delivering a savant kick. After the match, Col. Robert Parker is interviewed by Mean Gene. Parker doesn’t believe there is anyone who can beat Meng. Parker considers Meng to be the most dangerous man in WCW. Parker predicts that Meng is the next WCW World Heavyweight Champion.

8.Footage of Lord Steven Regal trying to change Bobby Eaton into what he wants it shown. They are in England as Regal takes Eaton to dinner in hopes to changing his attitude. Eaton looks like a homeless guy compared to Regal in this. Regal says “this is far worse than I ever imagined.”

9.Hey, look, it’s Steve Austin! It’s been three months and this is Austin’s first appearance on Saturday Night in 1995. That’s just awful. Austin won the squash match following a top rope senton splash, which he kind of missed. After the match, Tony Schiavone interviews Steve Austin. Austin says he has always looked awesome, it’s nothing new. He knows a lot of people didn’t expect him to be back. He was gone for fourth months and he is still the number one talent in WCW today. It looks like he is focused on getting the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.

10.Sting competed in a squash match against one half of the State Patrol, Lt. James Earl Wright. Sting forced Wright to tap out to the Scorpion death lock. After the match, Tony interviews Sting. Sting tells Big Bubba that his cloud is turning gray and black. He is the thunder and tells Bubba to not come out on TV and act cocky about having Sting’s number. He pretty much says that if he gets knocked up he will pop right back up and get in his face.

11.Footage from WCW Pro is shown, which saw Jim Duggan and Stars & Stripes beat the Faces of Fear because Butcher screwed up and accidentally hit Sullivan. There might be some tension within the group.

12.Butcher and Sullivan competed in tag action this week. They won their squash match when Butcher locked in a sleeper hold on Abee. After the match, Mean Gene interviews Butcher and Sullivan. Gene wants to know if there is tension between them. Butcher assures Gene that everything is fine with them. Sullivan agrees saying they are back on track. Butcher thanks Sullivan for waking him up from the Hulkamania stuff and he wants Gene to wake up as well.

13.WCW Television Champion Arn Anderson refuses to lose on TV because he won yet again this week after delivering a DDT to John Crystal. After the match, Anderson is interviewed by Tony Schiavone. Parker says that Anderson gives him confidence every time he wrestles. Parker declares Anderson to be the greatest WCW TV Champion ever. Anderson chimes in to say that he is just warming up. If he ever has a day off he stretches his neighbors just for fun. He rips on Hogan for defending the title maybe three times a month while he has that many defenses in a weekend. Anderson wants Hogan to face him one time.

14.Savage runs into the ring and trades blows with Avalanche. Savage knee lifts Avalanche into a corner and tries a roll up but only gets a one count. Avalanche works on Savage with a clothesline and a belly to belly suplex. What in the world, Avalanche just drop kicked Savage to the floor. Avalanche sends Savage shoulder first into the ring post. Savage avoids a splash back in the ring and leaps off the top to hit a double ax handle for a two count. Avalanche stops Savage with a big clothesline. Avalanche maintains control with a leg drop and steps on Savage’s chest. Avalanche has been working on Savage for several minutes with Savage only getting in a few right hands to the midsection. Savage knocks the big man off his feet with a running clothesline. Savage avoids a splash in the corner and an elbow drop. Avalanche stops Savage with a big power slam. Avalanche leaps off the middle rope but misses a big splash. Savage goes up top but Butcher and Sullivan come out. Savage kicks Butcher away and hits a top rope elbow drop to win the match. After the match, Sting comes out to celebrate and protect Savage. Tony Schiavone interviews Savage and Sting. Savage says that Sting is cool and Sting just says “Oh yeah, dig it.” He also tells Savage he has his back no matter what. Savage wants Flair to be reinstated so he, Sting and Hogan can drive Flair out the company themselves. That’s a wrap.

Final Thoughts:
An average episode this week. The feature match wasn’t bad but there just wasn’t anything all that exciting. It’s good to see Steve Austin back on television and the segment with Regal and Eaton shows some promising things from a comical side. The thought of Flair being reinstated is goofy to me. They wanted Flair out and now that he is back screwing with the babyfaces, they want him back in the ring. I don’t really get the whole mindset behind that booking decision. I would have think of a better way to bring Flair back than that way.

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