ECW Hardcore TV 1/14/1998

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.)Al Snow defeated Roadkill
2.)Jerry Lynn defeated ECW World Tag Team Champion Chris Candido
3.)Justin Credible defeated Great Sasuke

Angle Development/Notes:
1.The show starts off with Al Snow competing in singles action. A lot of the fans have foam mannequin heads. That makes for a rather cool visual. Roadkill attacked Snow before the bell and hits a backdrop. He gets a two count after a side slam. Snow ducked a clothesline to hit a sit out spine buster. Paul Diamond missed a top rope splash and hit Roadkill. Snow plants Diamond with the Snow Plow! Roadkill accidentally hits Chastity. Snow whacks Roadkill with Head. Snow plants Chastity with a Snow Plow as well. Snow leaps off the top to hit Roadkill with Head and he wins the match.

2.Lynn sends Candido to the floor after a dropkick. That allows Candido to stall for a few moments. Lynn continues to control with a standing hurricanrana for a two count. Candido gains the advantage after a swinging neck breaker and hits a middle rope leg drop for a near fall. Lynn hits a middle rope missile dropkick but Candido stops him with a power bomb. Lynn drives Candido down to the mat with a wheelbarrow face buster. Lynn runs right into a clothesline after a roll up. Lynn takes Candido down with a head scissors and a backdrop. Lynn follows up with a dropkick. Candido shoulder blocks Lynn off the apron and he crashes to the floor. Lynn sends Candido to the floor and takes him out with a dive in the front row! Lynn runs off the apron but ends up missing a rolling dive and lands gut first on the railing. That had to hurt. Lynn delivers a leg drop to Candido’s injured arm and gets a submission victory with an arm bar. After the match, Candido’s arm is put in a air cast rather quickly.

3.Joey Styles talks about how Justin Credible took advantage of an injured Mikey Whipwreck, unlike what Lynn just did to Candido. We see footage from a show in Buffalo, NY between Credible and Whipwreck. Whipwreck’s knee gave out on him on a leapfrog attempt. Credible locks in a leg lock and Whipwreck screams that he broke his leg. Credible refuses to let go of the hold. Credible also hits the That’s Incredible two times.

4.Before the next match, Nicole Bass kisses Jason. I try to not vomit, but come one. Sasuke knocks Credible off the apron and hits a somersault dive on the floor! Sasuke now has an arm bar on Credible, but he won’t give in. Sasuke hits Credible with a spinning heel kick but Jason trips him as he looked to dive to the floor. Sasuke gets up and still hits a handspring dive over the top onto Credible on the floor! Jason trips Sasuke for a second time. Sasuke misses a dive on the floor and he is holding his right knee. Credible delivers a chair shot to Sasuke’s knee. Credible now has a figure four locked in around the ring post! Credible traps Sasuke’s leg in a chair and proceeds to smash his leg with another chair! Credible misses a splash and lands on the chair. Sasuke misses a twisting 450 splash off the top and Credible finishes him off with the That’s Incredible for the win. After the match, Sasuke is beaten down by Jason and Credible. Gran Hamada comes out to make the save but he is beaten up by Credible as well.

Final Thoughts:
Two out of the three matches had some entertaining qualities to them. I wouldn’t say the matches were great, but they were solid bouts. I’m liking the development of Justin Credible and Al snow is incredibly popular. There wasn’t any real feud advancements, but rather just some matches to enjoy. I’ll give this episode a mild thumbs up.

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