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ECW on TNN 4/21/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling on TNN
From: St. Charles, MO

1.)ECW World Tag Team Champions The Impact Players defeated Raven & Mikey Whipwreck
2.)Rhino wrestled Scotty Anton to a no contest
3.)Tommy Dreamer, Sandman & New Jack defeated Steve Corino, Jack Victory and ECW Television Champion Tajiri

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.The show opens up with the Sinister Minster talking. He tells Mikey Whipwreck to shut up and go start a fire. He reminds us that Mike Awesome lost to Tazz and thus lost the ECW World Championship. Well, he doesn’t actually name the people involved. He proceeds to also promote CyberSlam ’00.

2.We go to the ring where Mikey Whipwreck has made a fire on the announcers table. Joey Styles and Joel Gertner welcome us to the program. The Impact Players come out to be part of an interview. Styles believes the only reason they are champions is because Dawn Marie gets involved when the titles look like they are in trouble. Dawn Marie tells us that she isn’t afraid of Jazz. Raven’s music hits and Francine runs out but Justin Credible has his kendo stick ready. Raven enters the ring and is attacked by Credible. I’m guessing this is the start of the match, there is no referee though.

3.Raven sends Credible into a corner and delivers a head butt to his groin. Raven rubs his snot rag into Storm’s face. Whipwreck tagged in and cleaned house with hip tosses. Whipwreck even hip tosses the referee! Whipwreck takes the champs out with a somersault dive on the floor as we go to commercial. Credible power bombs Whipwreck out of the corner onto a chair for a near fall. Storm enters to hit a dropkick to keep the upper hand. Credible rams Whipwreck face first into a chair but Raven breaks up the pin attempt. Whipwreck boots a chair into Credible’s face as he leaped off the top rope. Raven tags in and hits a running bulldog on Credible for a two count. Whipwreck and Storm fall to the floor. Raven hits a drop toe hold on Credible but only gets a two count when Dawn Marie entered the ring. We get the expected cat fight between Marie and Francine. Credible nails Francine with a kendo stick! Whipwreck with the Whippersnapper but Storm saves the titles. Whipwreck hits one on Storm but Credible hits the That’s Incredible for the win. Storm was holding Raven to prevent him from making the save. That was a decent match.

4.Cyrus is in the ring with CW Anderson. He asks how many people came to see the Network. They boo, but they cheer when Electra takes off her coat to show some cleavage. Cyrus insults her when Lou E. Dangerously comes out to get them out of the ring. He has reviewed all the contracts of the guys competing in ECW. He says that Scotty Anton isn’t under contract and can not be on their television program any longer. Cyrus is trying to convince fans that RVD is no good for them, but it isn’t working. Scotty Anton makes his way down to the ring. Cyrus tells Anton that he is going to take care of Anton himself. Anton grabs him when he says he kisses RVD’s ass. Rhino runs down to the ring and attacks Anton.

5.Anton dropkicks Rhino several times as the bell sounds. Rhino drops Anton throat first across the top rope and delivers a power bomb for a two count. Jack Victory and Steve Corino have come out to set up a table. The table is set up in the corner. Anton nails Rhino with a row of chairs on the floor! Anton knocks Corino and Victory off their feet. Anton gets a near fall after a top rope cross body. Corino hits Anton with a cow bell and Rhino gores Anton. Rhino gores Anton and the referee through the table! Rob Van Dam comes out and nails Rhino with a step over heel kick. Several security guys enter along with other wrestlers to break them up.

6.The main event was supposed to be Corino vs. Dreamer in a bull rope match. They actually start off with that match as scheduled Corino nails Dreamer with a bull rope shot to the face but Dreamer knocks Corino to the floor with a right hand. Corino is sent into the ring post face first as well. Dreamer is now working on Corino with the cow bell. Corino has been busted open after several shots. Victory enters the ring to hammer away on Dreamer. Here comes the Sandman to make the save. Sandman eventually enters the ring and takes care of Corino and Victory. Dreamer is up and hits Corino with a superplex. Sandman and Dreamer splash onto Corino as he lays on the ladder. Tajiri runs out and kicks Sandman several times. Corino suplexs Sandman onto the ladder! New Jack’s music and he makes his way down to the ring. Jack obviously hits the heels with a bunch of random weapons. Victory gets a staple gun shot to the head while Dreamer brawls with Tajiri in the crowd. Sandman whacks Corino with a kendo stick back in the ring. Sandman hits a swanton bomb off the top rope on a ladder, which was on top of Corino. Tajiri comes off the top to double stomp Dreamer through a table. Sandman avoids the mist and Tajiri ends up hitting Corino with it. New Jack hits the 187 chair shot on Corino to win the match. After the match, Rhino enters the ring and attacks the babyfaces. Rhino destroys Sandman with a kendo stick until Dusty Rhodes comes out! Rhodes delivers a few biotic elbows and Sandman drops Rhino with a kendo stick shot! The babyfaces celebrate to close the show.

Final Thoughts:
This was one of the weaker shows in recent memory. The last segment was enjoyable as it was just a wild brawl and whatnot. But, aside from that there wasn’t anything that I was to big on. Next weeks episode looks to be one of the better ones just on paper alone. So, maybe there wasn’t a lot of thought put into this one. I’ll give this a thumbs in the middle, though, only because the ending segment was enjoyable.

Thanks for reading.

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