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WCW Saturday Night 4/29/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.)The Nasty Boys defeated Ricky Santana & Romeo Valentino
2.)Vader defeated Al Phillips
3.)Johnny B. Badd defeated George South
4.)The Butcher defeated Mark Starr
5.)Meng defeated Marcus Alexander Bagwell to advance in the WCW US Title Tournament
6.)Brian Pillman defeated Dino Casanova
7.)Kevin Sullivan defeated John Taylor
8.)Alex Wright defeated Chris Nelson
9.)Ric Flair & WCW Television Champion Arn Anderson defeated Brad Armstrong & Tim Horner

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.Tonight, Ric Flair returns to action when he teams with WCW Television Champion Arn Anderson to take on Tim Horner and Brad Armstrong. I’m kind of surprised that they are having Flair wrestle so soon on television.

2.The Nasty Boys are getting yet another tag team title shot at Slamboree in a few weeks. Knobbs slams Valentino and Saggs hits a top rope elbow drop to win the bout. After the match, Tony Schiavone conducted an interview with the Nasty Boys. Saggs says that there is no last chance because they live in Nastyville. They are going to win the tag team titles at Slamboree. It’s really just the same old promo by these two.

3.Vader destroyed Phillips and won the squash after delivering a power bomb. After the match, Vader tosses Phillips to the floor. Vader power bombs Phillips on the floor!

4.A video hyping up the Great Muta is aired. He will be competing at Slamboree. It will be the Great Muta squaring off against Paul Orndorff.

5.Johnny B. Badd knocked George South out with a left hook to win his squash match this week.

6.I’m not entirely sure if Butcher is a babyface now. I’m assuming that he isn’t. The finish of the match is cut off for some reason, but Butcher obviously won this.

7.Bagwell avoids a few kicks and dropkicks Meng into the corner. Meng stops Bagwell with a throat thrust and just chokes Bagwell. The referee actually pulls Meng’s hair and he stalks the referee on the floor. Bagwell takes Meng out with a cross body over the top onto the floor. Meng avoids a scoop slam and ends up nailing Bagwell with a savant kick to win the match. That was easily Meng’s longest match to date.

8.A video promoting the feud between Sting and Big Bubba Rogers is aired. Rogers cuts a promo with Tony Schiavone. Rogers says that the fans have been telling him that Sting has a lot of heart and will not back down. He doesn’t think there is a man who can beat him. Rogers is going to get rid of Sting at Slamboree.

9.A video of Diamond Dallas Page going on a shopping spree is shown. Remember, DDP has recently won over thirteen million dollars at a casino in Las Vegas, apparently.

10. Brian Pillman competed in singles action this week. Pillman wins the squash after a top rope big splash. After the match, Tony Schiavone interviews Brian Pillman. He talks about surviving thirty three surgeries. He isn’t going to promise a win against Meng. Instead, he is going to give Meng everything he has got to advance in the US Title Tournament.

11.A video highlighting Dave Sullivan’s rehab from injury is shown. It’s similar to what you would see in Rocky. It even has the rip off music.

12.Kevin Sullivan returned to television to destroy a poor jobber this week. Sullivan won the match after a double stomp. After the match, Tony Schiavone interviewed Kevin Sullivan. Kevin is talking about the black cloud that Butcher had around him. He is giving Butcher a warning. Sullivan suggests that Butcher not show up to Slamboree.

13.Alex Wright continued his undefeated streak in WCW after hitting a twisting top rope cross body. After the match, Tony Schiavone interviews Alex Wright. Wright is apparently looking to get another shot at Arn Anderson and WCW TV Championship. He says he is young and he is ready for Anderson. Wright is going to watch his back at Slamboree and believes that no one will interfere.

14.Anderson and Armstrong kick off the match with Anderson punching Horner off the apron. Horner punches Anderson after he rolls to the floor and Armstrong nearly got a roll up win. Armstrong hits a cross body off the middle rope for a two count. Flair tags into the bout. Flair slaps Armstrong and they lock up. Armstrong shoulder blocks Flair to get the early upper hand. Armstrong follows up with a nice dropkick. Anderson returns to the match to square off with Horner. Horner works on Anderson in the corner with right hands. The Horsemen have failed to get much of any offense in. Flair tags in to chop and punch Horner a few times. Horner drops Flair with a backdrop but he misses a dropkick attempt. Flair tosses Horner over the top to the floor, but the referee was distracted by Armstrong. They are just controlling Horner know like it is nothing to them. Horner atomic drops Anderson but they collide heads. Armstrong gets the hot tag and hammers away on Flair. Armstrong backdrops and dropkicks Flair. Anderson plants Armstrong with a spine buster and gets the win. Even wasn’t the legal man. After the match, Vader power bombs Horner on the floor! Randy Savage runs out to the ring and attacks Flair until Vader clubs him in the head. Hulk Hogan runs down to the ring and hammers away on Anderson and Flair! Flair chop blocks Hogan’s leg! Anderson has grabbed a chair. Anderson goes to the middle rope but here comes the Renegade! Renegade knocks Anderson off the middle rope to the floor. Renegade saves the day!

15.To close the show, Tony Schiavone interviews Hogan, Savage and Renegade. Hogan wants to thank the Horsemen for the wake up call. Savage says that Slamboree things are going to get crazy. Hogan believes that their biggest problem at Slamboree is being able to contain Renegade! Hogan wants Savage to save a piece of Vader for him. It’s only the beginning.

Final Thoughts:
The big deal here was the return of Ric Flair competing to the ring. I didn’t find the show to be all that entertaining. I actually thought it was rather bland and not all that interesting to me. Yeah, it’s cool that Flair is back in the ring, but I feel like they rushed his return to the ring. I would’ve just held off his return until Slamboree. So, this show gets a thumbs down for me. It just didn’t entertain me.

Thank for reading.

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