WCW Saturday Night 4/22/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

NOTE: The first hour of this program is missing from the tape I have. Luckily, the matches were all squash matches and there doesn’t appear to be anything significant missing from the show.

1.)Brian Pillman defeated Dino Casanova
2.)Alex Wright defeated Chris Nelson
3.)Marcus Alexander Bagwell defeated Frankie Lancaster
4.)Meng defeated Mike Corey
5.)Paul Orndorff defeated Al Phillips
6.)Brian Pillman defeated Bunkhouse Buck to advance in the WCW United States Championship Tournament
7.)Brad Armstrong & Tim Horner defeated Len Denton & Jim Rogers
8.)Kevin Sullivan defeated Kip Abee
9.)Sgt. Craig Pittman defeated Ian Weston
10.)Sting defeated WCW Television Champion Arn Anderson to advance in the WCW United States Championship Tournament

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.Paul Orndroff won his squash match after a pile driver. After the match, Tony Schiavone interviewed Orndorff, who will be wrestling at Slamboree against the Great Muta. Orndorff says they could talk about Muta for hours, but they can talk about him for weeks. He puts over everything he has done in Tampa and isn’t going to let those people down.

2.Brian Pillman grabs a microphone and says he has a search for the truth. Pillman was wrong for attacking Parker. He is apologizing for what happened a long time ago. He puts over Parker as the best manager in the business. Pillman wants to shake Parker’s hand. Well, Parker does shake his hand but he sends Parker into Buck! Pillman quickly rolls Buck up and wins the match in three seconds!

3.Eric Bischoff is with Diamond Dallas Page and Diamond Doll at a restaurant. DDP has apparently won thirteen million dollars in Las Vegas. DDP doesn’t want to talk about the video of him selling his jewelry. He is happy to be back on the top floor. He won the money after one hundred and twenty seven roles at the craps table.

4.Hey, Brad Armstrong compete in a squash match! Good for that guy. Armstrong and Horner won their squash match when Armstrong pinned Rogers following a side Russian leg sweep. That was a very long squash match.

5.We see footage from WCW Worldwide where Kevin Sullivan flipped out on Butcher. Sullivan wants him to get his head together. Sullivan attacks Butcher and hits a pile driver on the floor!

6.Kevin Sullivan competed in a squash match this week. Sullivan picked up the win following a double stomp. After the match, Tony Schiavone talked to Sullivan. He says that Butcher had a dream about Hulkamania, which drove him away from the Faces of Fear. Sullivan has a dream of total destruction of the Butcher. His dream is going to our nightmare.
7.Sgt. Craig Pittman continued to make people submit to the Code Red on this weeks edition of Saturday Night.

8.The main event is a rather big one with Arn Anderson meeting Sting in singles action. It’s a rather slow start to the contest with neither man getting a consistent amount of offense. Sting hits a running face buster, which sends Anderson rolling to the floor to recover. Anderson is punched as he jumps off the middle rope and is knocked to the floor by Sting. Sting is backed into the corner and Anderson hammers away on Sting in the corner. Sting hammers away on Anderson’s leg and locks in a single leg Boston Crab. Sting drops Anderson to the mat with a knee breaker. Anderson stops Sting with the picture perfect spine buster! Sting gets out of a chin lock with a jaw breaker, but Anderson maintained control anyway. Anderson has a half Boston Crab locked in now. Anderson avoids a clothesline and plants Sting with a DDT! Anderson struggles to go for the cover and that allows Sting to put his foot on the bottom rope. They are on the floor when Sting counters a pile driver with a back drop! Sting hits a top rope big splash back in the ring but only gets a two count. Sting hits the Stinger Splash but on the second attempt Anderson back elbows Sting in midair! Sting slams Anderson off the top rope and locks in the Scorpion Death Lock to win the match! Honestly, that was a rather underwhelming match for the majority of the time they competed. Perhaps my expectations were to high for it, though.

9.To close the show, Tony Schiavone talks to Sting about his match at Slamboree against Big Bubba. Sting knows that anything goes when he meets Big Bubba at Slamboree. He is going to knock Bubba out at the pay per view. Sting puts over Anderson as a good wrestler and he is looking for victory number two in the tournament.

Final Thoughts:
Obviously since the first hour I missing for this I don’t know how that went. I didn’t find what I saw to be all that great, really. It’s hard to judge these shows when they are mainly just squashes. The main event was really just average, but again, I might have had my expectations a little to high. I’ll consider this an average week for Saturday Night.

Thanks for reading.

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