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WWE Smackdown 1/25/2008

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Entertainment presents Smackdown
From: Charlottesville, VA

1.)Rey Mysterio defeated Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder by disqualification
2.)Jimmy Yang Wang defeated Domino
3.)WWE Tag Team Champions Miz & John Morrison & Layla wrestled Chuck Palumbo, Jamie Noble & Michelle McCool to a no contest
4.)The Great Khali fought Finlay to a draw
5.)The Undertaker defeated Big Daddy V
6.)WWE World Heavyweight Champion Edge defeated CM Punk in a non-title match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.The show opens up with Rey Mysterio competing in a handicap match against the Edgeheads. Rey is driven down to the canvas following a double face team face buster. Rey avoids a Ryder splash before hitting a head scissors. Rey hits a senton splash on Hawkins and soon goes for the 619 on Ryder. However, Hawkins comes in and hits Rey with a chair. After the match, Rey is able to gain possession of the chair and runs them away.

2.Backstage, Jesse tells us that he and Festus have been off of television so that Festus can see a doctor.

3.Jimmy Yang Wang was able to pick up another win over Domino after hitting a top rope moonsault. It looks like he and Shannon Moore are in line for a big push in the tag division.

4.The next match didn’t really happen because Palumbo simply destroyed Jamie Noble. He was clearly still upset for Noble’s interactions with McCool as of late.

5.MVP comes out to talk about what happened last week with Flair. He believes that he is the better than the best to ever wrestle. MVP doesn’t like that Flair had to hit him with a cheap shot. MVP believes that Flair is afraid of him because come Sunday, Flair will be retired. MVP proceeds to show several pictures that included him winning the heavyweight championship and Flair doing several activities while in retirement. Flair actually comes out and says he is not ready to go home and will not lose at Rumble.

6.Khali hits Finlay several times with a shilileagh but Finlay returns the favor with several chair shots to the head of Khali. There isn’t an actual finish to the match as Finlay and Hornswoggle leave the ring.

7.Backstage, Vince McMahon tells Hornswoggle to not trust Finlay at the Royal Rumble.

8.V sends Taker head first into the ring steps early on after being planted by a DDT. Taker fought back to hit a choke slam, but wasn’t able to get a three count. V is able to splash Taker in the corner but wasn’t able to avoid a triangle choke. Taker locked that in and forced V to tap out.

9.It’s been a rough week for CM Punk. On the last ECW show, he lost the ECW World Championship to Chavo Guerrero. This week on Smackdown he competed against Edge. Edhr blocks the Go To Sleep and hits the Edge-o-matic but couldn’t put Punk away. Punk blocks the spear by kicking Edge in the face. Punk attempts to hit a top rope Go To Sleep, but Edge broke free and hit the spear to pick up the clean victory to end the show.

Final Thoughts:
I thought this weeks episode was a lot better than last weeks edition. It still wasn’t all great, but it was moving in the right direction. I did have an issue with how they booked Big Daddy V. I felt like last week they were perhaps giving him the chance to be a big time heel for Smackdown, and then the next week they completely job him out to the Undertaker. That just seemed really rushed to me. Anyway, the main event was a decent match with a big clean victory for Edge. I’ll still give this a mild thumbs down, but it was better than last week.

Thanks for reading.


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