WCW Saturday Night 5/27/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA & Charlotte, NC

1.)WCW World Tag Team Champions The Nasty Boys defeated George South & Mike McKeefer
2.)WCW Television Champion Arn Anderson defeated Tim Horner
3.)Paul Orndorff defeated Jim Duggan in a Slim Jim Challenge Tournament Match
4.)Meng defeated Mark Starr
5.)Randy Savage defeated Steve Austin in a WCW United States Title Tournament Match
6.)Brian Pillman defeated Big Bubba in a Slim Jim Challenge Tournament Match
7.)Diamond Dallas Page defeated Kip Abee
8.)Paul Orndorff defeated Brian Pillman in a Slim Jim Challenge Tournament Match
9.)Ric Flair defeated Alex Wright by disqualification in a WCW United States Title Tournament Match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.Yes, this show took place from two different locations. The portion of the show that took place in North Carolina saw the wrestlers compete in rainy weather. It’s safe to say that there could’ve been some serious injuries due to that.

2.There will be a Slim Jim challenge where the winner of the tournament will meet WCW Television Champion Arn Anderson the Bash at the Beach pay per view in July.

3.Yes, the Nasty Boys have finally won the tag team titles after six months of chasing Harlem Heat for them. The champions continued to be on the winning side of things when Saggs got the pin after a top rope elbow drop. After the match, Eric Bischoff interviews. They talk about how they promised to win the titles and they did. They issue a challenge to the Blue Bloods for the Great American Bash. The Blue Bloods had attacked them before their match, which they won anyway at Slamboree.

4.We see stills from Slamboree. Angelo Poffo was attacked by Ric Flair and Arn Anderson!

5.Arn Anderson had no problem with Tim Horner as he plants him with the DDT to easily win their match. After the match, Mean Gene interviews Arn Anderson to talk about who Anderson will wrestle after the tournament tonight. Anderson says the championship is his manhood and he feels like he is the greatest champion going today. He says the winner is going to have to rip into his soul to take the title away from him.

6.Ric Flair shares some comments about the Great American Bash. He says he was at the first one and he will be at the last one. Flair tells Savage that he came into his domain and tried to impose his will on the great one. He will see Savage at the Great American Bash.

7.They accidentally play Orndorff’s theme music during Duggan’s entrance as well. It is rather humorous to me. Orndorff attacks Duggan from behind and stomps away on him in the corner. Duggan rams Orndorff face first into the corner and battles back with a series of right hands. Orndorff delivers a forearm shot on the apron but on the floor Duggan sends Orndorff onto the hood of a race car. Orndorff has the 2×4 but the referee tosses that out of the ring. Orndorff avoids a splash in the corner and rolls Duggan up using the tights for extra leverage to win the match.

8.As per usual, Meng won his squash match following a savant kick. After the match, Col. Robert Parker talks about Road Warrior Hawk who may have surprised Meng by appearing. Also, Meng will be wrestle Sting in the WCW United States Championship Tournament.

9.Huh, Col. Robert Parker sure did travel quickly to get to Georgia after just being in North Carolina with Meng. Austin slaps Savage in the face to open the bout, and Savage quickly knocks him down with a back elbow. Austin tosses Savage to the floor and continues to pound away on Savage. Austin misses a top rope splash back in the ring. They go to the floor again where Savage sends Austin into the ring post and guard railing. Savage slams Austin and hits a top rope elbow drop to win the match. Well, that was disappointing. They just completely jobbed Austin out there, really.

10.Pillman drives Bubba down to the mat face first but Bubba quickly slams Pillman down to the mat with a choke slam of sorts. Bubba clotheslines Pillman in the corner to keep the advantage. Pillman knocks Bubba down, who tripped over the referee and Pillman gets the win.

11.DDP won his squash match with the Diamond Cutter. After the match, Eric Bischoff looks to interview the new millionaire. Bischoff wants to know what the card said, but Diamond Doll can’t answer the card she gave to Dave Sullivan, I think. DDP says he is rolling through all the competition. Bischoff wants to know how DDP truly won the money. DDP sticks to his story.

12.Pillman hits a cross body on Orndorff for a near fall in the opening seconds of the contest. Orndorff kicks out of a sunset flip attempt by Pillman. Pillman begins to work on Orndorff’s left leg. Pillman is stopped by Orndorff after he hit a back suplex. Pillman ends up hammering away on Orndorff in the corner but Orndorff is able to pull him down and rolls Pillman up using the tights for extra leverage to win the match.

13.Wright is chopped by Flair in the corner but he knocks Flair off his feet with an upper cut. Flair returns but trades blows with Wright a few times. Wright back drops Flair and monkey flips Flair out of the corner! Flair stomps away on Wright in the corner. Wright flips out of the corner and dropkicks Flair a couple of times sending Flair over the top to the floor. Flair returns to the ring but Wright continues to have control after hitting a back drop. Wright leaps off the top to hit a missile dropkick! Wright looks to backslide Flair and gets a two count. They both go down after they collide. Flair heads to the top rope but Wright cuts him off and slams Flair off the top down to the canvas! Wright sends Flair to the floor and dropkicks Flair on the floor. Flair pokes Wright in the eyes and returns to the ring. Wright attempted a sunset flip but Flair prevented himself from going down with a right hand. Wright drops Flair with a kick to the head and has a single leg Boston Crab locked in! Wright gets a two count after a spinning heel kick. Wright hits a top rope cross body but Savage prevents the pin and sends Wright to the floor! Savage wants to get his hands on Flair! Several wrestlers and officials come out to prevent Savage from getting at Flair.

14.Tony Schiavone conducted an interview with Randy Savage and Alex Wright. Savage tells Wright tonight was not his night because he is going take out Flair. Savage tells Wright that he messed with his father. Wright appears to understand why Savage screwed him over. Wow. Next week, Savage will wrestle Flair in a singles match.

Final Thoughts:
From a wrestling standpoint this show was loaded. I mean, just on paper this would probably have to be considered a must see show. Well, it isn’t a must-see program. Flair/Wright was the only good match while the other ones were short and didn’t consist of much. I have to think that if it wasn’t raining in North Carolina the matches would’ve gone differently as they probably would’ve been entertaining. Anyway, I didn’t like Austin jobbing out so quickly to Savage. He clearly isn’t a priority. I’m going to consider this an average week for Saturday Night. It could have been a much better episode.

Thanks for reading.

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